tagBDSMPick 3 Day 03

Pick 3 Day 03


After 2 days of anal training and fucking, Janice's bottom was a tiny bit tender, but her attitude had indeed improved a great deal. Of course, the multiple orgasms she'd enjoyed not to mention the sexiness of her now stricter husband also helped. Something in her nature, though drove her to push Clark's limits. She wanted, needed him to be a strict dominant who pushed her limits and held her accountable.

"Open the box, Janice."

Janice did as she was told. when she saw the three balled anal bead plug, she grinned with relief. It was much smaller than the plugs she'd had to wear the last 2 days. Plus, it too was made of silicone, so it was flexible.

Just as he had the last two mornings, Clark inserted the beads. Because of her training over the last 2 days, Janice's body relaxed the moment Clark had inserted his lube covered fingers into her anus. Rather than fearing this third day if intrusion, both her mind and body yearned for it.

"Whose ass is this?"


"When will this come out?"

"When you decide."

"Does it hurt?"


"Is it comfortable?"

Janice hesitated. "Actually, it is."

Clark laughed a bit and said, "Good. Are you ready for your morning spanking?"

"As you wish, sir," she said quietly. She wasn't sure if her nipples hardened from being pressed into the soft sheets or from the anticipation of the spanking.

At first she bit her lip, then she began to cry. Clark hadn't spanked her in over a week and she needed this. She needed the tears. Tears were cathartic for her. She needed to cry to release anxiety, tension, and fear. When she heard his words, soft and quiet, telling her to cry all she wanted, she understood. He was turned on by her tears almost as much as she was. She allowed her tears to flow unrestricted. She felt her body soften. Clark had stopped spanking her and was running a finger up and down her dripping slit.

"Whose ass? Who decides what happens to it?"

"You. You do!"

"Is this what you want? What you need?"

"God, Clark. Yes. Yes, it is," she answered quickly, knowing she wasn't just giving him a quick, easy answer. She was saying the truth. She DID need this. She WANTED the training, the fucking, the spanking, the tears. She WANTED to relinquish her power to him. She NEEDED him to take control. He sat on the bed and pulled her into his arms, kissing her, calming her, soothing her.

Ten minutes later, Clark pulled down her dress and helped her to stand. It was time to open the store. Despite the smaller plug, Janice was very aware of the beads moving inside of her. Each step caused a slight shift, a constant reminder that Clark controlled her ass and brought a smile to her face. Even the slight burn on her ass from the morning's spanking gave her a feeling of being loved and cared for. She wasn't sure how she would get through the day without falling on her knees before him and beggin for him to make love to her. Finally, the day ended. Janice locked the front door of the shop and went into the back room where Clark waited for her. A slow smile spread over his face. He pointed to the table.

"Right here. Bend over." Janice did so without hesitation.

"Ready for this to come out?"

"It's your choice, sir."

He rubbed her ass. "Now that's a perfect answer, Janice. So perfect, you deserve a reward."

Then, he fucked her. Fucked her wet, lonely pussy. She came the moment the tip of his cock touched her eager hole. He laughed when she came so quickly. She didn't care that the beads were still in her ass. His cock was inside of her pussy. Nothing. Absolutely nothing else in the world matter. Then, he gave the beads a tug. She gasped. In one quick movement, he yanked the beads out and thrust his cock in. She exploded.

"Please. Please, Clark. Come. Come in my pussy. Please," she begged He leaned over her and whispered.

"But I promised you three days of cum in your ass, Janice. You know I keep my promises."

Janice whispered, "I know. But please. Come inside of me."

Suddenly, he stopped all movement. "Are you questioning my judgement?"

shit! "No, sir." She answered quickly. "Where you come is your choice. I just want it, so very much, anywhere in my body. Please, please come in my pussy, my ass, my mouth. It doesn't matter, so long as I have you inside of me!"

"Ah, Janice. I do believe you have learned your lesson. Stay in position," he ordered then pulled out of her. Janice cried out, desperate for the feel of his cock inside of her. "Now, reach back and spread your cheeks."

Janice obeyed, no thought of argument entering her mind. She felt Clark's cock slide easily into her bottom and she moaned with pleasure. Her pussy leaked tears of joy as he again began to fuck her.

"Whose ass is this?"

"Yours!" she said with conviction. "Yours, sir. Please, use it as you see fit."

"Now that, my love, is the perfect way to beg."

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Weak Finish

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