tagIncest/TabooPick Me Up From School Dad Ch. 01

Pick Me Up From School Dad Ch. 01


This is a story about two teenage girls, a daughter and a friend. It's a true story of a friend I met online. I have added some graphic details which I think you will really like. Enjoy.


I hang up the phone with my dad and smile at my friend Kim. Dad was going to come pick us up from JC. It was Friday and there was to be no homework for the whole weekend. Kim had made a comment about my dad being a hottie so I thought it would be nice to introduce her to dad in person.

I am Melissa, 19. Kim is also 19. we went to the same high school and decided to go for 2 years to a JC to make some money for college in Europe. I am 5.6 115 lb. 34DD, very tight round bubble butt. Kim is a tennis player, she is 5.7, 125 lb., sexy thighs, 34D, has a very round sexy ass. In our senior year, we both decided that we were always gonna shave everything completely. (evil grin)

Anyway, a week or so ago we were talking about hot guys and somehow the conversation went in the direction of older men. She said "Oh God, older men are so much better," and caught herself before she would reveal too much. However I made her tell. It turned out that she fantasizes about older men 'cause she knows a girl or two who have dated older men in the past and know how well they treat girls. That's when she said "well yeah you have a sexy older man right at home Melissa. Your dad is a hottie. If he was my dad I would sit in his lap everyday." We both laughed. Since then I have been checking him out and thinking about sitting in his lap (smile)

Dad pulled up in his car and we both got in. I asked dad if he'd mind if Kim came along 'cause her parents were out of town for the weekend. Dad said "no problem sweetie she is welcome. I wouldn't mind baby-sitting two gorgeous ladies this weekend." And then I remembered mom was visiting her brother.

The car drove away. I was in the front seat. Kim in the back. After a few minutes of driving, I said "its hot today" and I took off my shirt. I was now in a tank top and my shorts. No bra mind you. "Kim aren't you hot?" I winked and then laughed. "You should strip too." She hesitated but then took off her shirt. She was wearing a half-cut short tee shirt and no bra (smile) she looked hot. I teased her about not wearing a bra and she came back with "well look who's talking. You flop those 34DDs in my face all day." We all laughed.

We reached a stop light and I noticed that Jessica (my friend from class) was in the car next to us. I immediately leaned across my dad's lap, rolled down the window and started making short talk. On purpose I had placed one hand in my dad's lap very very close to his thing. I started feeling it getting hard and big. My daddy is such a pervert. Getting hard for his babygurl like that. hehehe We drove off and I gave my dad a big kiss on his lips and cheek. Kim said "oh god you kissed your daddy on the lips" and I said "I love him he is my daddy why not. Don't you?" and she said "No never. My dad won't be into it" and then i said "Well you are welcome to kiss my dad on his lips if you like" and laughed. My dad got nervous and Kim almost choked (smile)

We got home and Kim and I went upstairs to change. I told what i did and she said "oh Gawd you did not, you are a bad girl" Then we talked about how it felt close to my hand and it getting hard and stuff. She asked if i actually touched it and I said no just brushed against it a few times and that it was very bulgy. We both giggled and said it would be awesome to touch it or see it. We didn't say much then and went down to grab dinner.

We both were wearing shorts and tank top with no panties or bra. I walked up and kissed dad on his cheeks and then hugged him tight and kissed him on his lips. We have done that before but my dad was feeling a bit uncomfy because Kim was there. I smiled at him and he calmed down. I looked at Kim and said "well its your turn. You have to kiss the cook too" Kim hesitated a bit then came up to my dad and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and she looked dazed. I said "No no no silly just like I did. You have to do it that way or no food." She looked at me as if she was gonna kill me. I smiled and said, "Hurry up the food is getting cold" So hesitantly Kim hugged my dad and placed a kiss on his lips which lasted 3 seconds. Mine has lasted a good 15 seconds and my daddy had his hands around my waist. I complained. I said to do it properly and my dad frowned and said "what's the matter with you" I pouted and said "daddy never gets appreciated for all the hard work he does so he should be kissed and hugged." I winked at her and she got my point. She hugged him again and placed her lips onto his. As soon as she did that I placed a hand on her lower back and pushed her into my dad so they were tightly hugging and their crotches were touching. I quickly took my dad's hands and placed it around the small of Kim's back. I stood there and watched as my pussy started to get moist. Her ass was sticking out and looked gorgeous so I lightly smacked it a few times and rubbed it and then placed my hand across her crack and pushed her more into my dad. Their kiss went on for 20 seconds. I said "Okay stop leave some of my daddy for me too," Giggle! We all smiled and giggled and sat down to dinner.

I kept teasing daddy by showing him my cleavage every 10 minutes. I also winked at Kim and she did the same thing a few times. At one time I got up to bring some napkins and dropped them in front of my dad, bent over facing him to pick up some then turned around showing him my butt picking up the others. Kim almost choked 'cause my shorts were getting shoved up my crack as I had no panties on. After dinner when we went up to my room she asked me what I was up to and I told her that this weekend I intend to sit in my daddy's lap and see him naked. I asked if she would be interested in helping me. She was game. We both changed in our long tee shirts and panties and went down to watch TV.

Daddy was already in his boxers and tee shirt watching something on TV. We both went down and sat next to him. "Well hello again girls. I thought you two would be going to bed." I could tell he wasn't sure if he should be in his boxers in front of us. I said "daddy do you remember I used to sit in your lap at nights watching TV before I went to bed?" He looked at me and smiled and said "yes baby I remember. That was a long time ago." I pouted and said "well so how come we don't do that anymore" and he said "well you are a grown woman now." I said "yes but aren't I still your babygurl?" and he said "you sure are princess." For a moment he forgot Kim was there. Happily I got up and slid in his lap. I could feel it with my butt in his lap. I could feel he was getting hard and I started wiggling. Dad was surprised by such a quick move he said, "Ah ummm baby in front of the guest?" and I said "why not. May be she would wanna sit in your lap too uh Kim?" Kim looked at me so nervous but she knew the game now so she said "Ah err .. yeah I would like to. This looks like fun." Dad looked at her dumbfounded.

Well I put my arms around daddy and sat in his lap wiggling and squirming for a few minutes and winked at Kim a few times. I said "okay we will have to take turns so its your turn now Kim." Hesitantly Kim slid in my daddy's lap. Her round gorgeous butt sticking out as she slid in. she moaned softly a bit as I bet she felt daddy's fatness against her butt. I told her to wiggle and get comfy so he won't hurt and she did making my dad moan a bit this time. I kissed his cheeks and sat next to them watching Kim wiggle slowly. I noticed that Kim's tee shirt had ridden up over her thighs and her panties were exposed. I could also see how her panties were getting snug against her crack as my daddy's boxers tent pole kinda snuck in her crack. I got wet and hot I could not just sit there so I said "Kim you can have the lap for a few more minutes I have to go to the bathroom. Why don't you wrap your hands around his arms like I did. It's more comfy that way."

She did. I ran upstairs to my room removed my panties rubbed my clitty for a few minutes and then came down. On my way down Kim could see me if I moved a bit to the side since she had her arms around my dad's neck. I moved in her view stood there to get her attention. As soon as I did I lifted my tee shirt to show her that I had taken off my panties. Her jaw dropped but she did not say anything just moaned as she felt something twitch under her butt probably. Or was she thinking how much better it would feel without the panties? She smiled at me. I pretended to come down the stairs and said "okay Kim my turn now. No hogging my daddy' s lap." She got off his lap by sliding off not "getting up" hehehe. She kissed his cheek and thanked him and sat next to him rubbing his bare thighs with hers. While I climbed his lap riding my shirt over my waist I was buck naked in his lap. I could feel his hardness and thickness in the crack of my ass better. I started wiggling and squirming. Dad did not realize until I got wet and wet his boxers that I had no panties on.

He could not say a thing. "Aah err honey are you okay" I said "moan moan - oh yeah daddy I am fine." I continue to wiggle and squirm. Kim had gotten the hint. She asked "Melissa, do you think I will get a 2nd round in his lap? " I looked at daddy and asked "Daddy please can she have a 2nd round?" He looked flustered. He looked at Kim she was smiling and looking sexy and looked at me and I was pouting and batting my eye lashes. He said "sure sweetie." We both smiled. Kim excused herself to go up. I wrapped my arms around his neck. 5 minutes later Kim walks down the stairs standing where I did earlier and lifted her shirt. She was bare naked underneath. I smiled. She came running down and sat next to us her shirt riding a bit and her thighs rubbing against my dad's bare thigh.

While Kim was gone I had completely wiggled and squirmed and lifted myself in daddy's lap and managed to rest his FAT thickness in the crack of my ass. He was unable to speak moaning a bit and breathing heavy. I was unable to talk as well feeling very hot and wet I had drenched his boxers with my pussy juices. He had oozed some pre-cum I am sure of it. I could feel his thing against my cunny and my butt. It was very very hot. I did not wanna get up but I could not take it anymore I was gonna scream and cum if I didn't get up. Well I got off slowly sliding off of his lap feeling the thing grind in my crack one last time. Breathing heavy I said "okay Kim its your turn now" We both looked over at dad and he had lost interest in TV. He was breathing heavy, sweating, and looked flustered and dazed. We gazed down in his lap and his thing was tent pole and his boxers had a dark patch from my pussy cream. I smiled and winked at Kim. She immediately slid herself in his lap. Now very obvious, she slid while holding her crack a bit open and as soon as she rested it down into his lap she started to squirm and wiggle making sure that his FAT thing was resting in her gorgeous hot crack. She started to move sideways and front and back pretending to talk to me and such. She was literally fucking my daddy in his boxers.

After a few minutes of moaning and breathing heavy and Kim's literally grinding her crack in my daddy's lap, she drenched his lap. She stopped breathing for a second and I realized that she was cumming. I could tell that my daddy was cumming too he had thrown his head back on the couch and had his hands slid around Kim's waist, eyes closed and was shooting his cum. 10 minutes later Kim got up and sat next to him. I noticed that her wetness was dripping down from her thighs. We both looked at daddy's lap and it was drenched with sticky cock and pussy cream. The whole front of his boxers was drenched and his thick cock was started to grow soft. His cock had peeped out of his boxers and the thick fat thing was laying against his stomach. As if nothing had happened we both kissed his cheek, grabbed and stroked his cock for a second and then said goodnight and took off. He was still in shock when we left him.

As Kim was walking up I noticed her ass wiggle and cum dripping down her thighs. I rubbed my two fingers off of her inner thighs and put the wet fingers in my mouth. She stopped, looked at me scared, nervous, and dazed and then kissed my lips, smiled and ran up. I liked how she tasted. I also couldn' take the strong sexy smell of my dad's cock out of my mind. So I walked over to my dad real quick noticed that his cock has cum cream coat on it. Dad's eyes were closed and he was passed out so I kneeled in front of him and touched his cock and then licked cum and cream off of it. Nervous as hell I got up and noticed that Kim was standing right there rubbing her pussy. She replaced me between my dad's legs and licked and sucked his cock for a few minutes then we both ran up stairs nervous and scared.

Once we got to our room we shut the door and looked at each other. Nervous and scared and not knowing what to say. I finally said "you taste good. I had to taste more of you and wanted to taste my dad so I had to lick it." She looked at me and said "I wanted to taste you but could not cause you didn't follow me so I came looking for you and when I saw you lick your dads cock I had to taste it too." We both looked at each other and said at the same time "please taste me." We looked at each other's crotches. We smiled and held hands and walked over to the bed. I laid down on my back and invited her to get on top facing my pussy.

Kim slid her tongue over my clitty and started sucking on my pussy as I did the same to her. She tasted very sweet. I put my tongue inside her pussy and scooped all the cum. Then sucked her clitty hard and chewed on her puffy pussy lips until she started cumming. My face was drenched with her pussy. she had shoved a finger in my pussy and was sucking my cunny lips hard and licking my pussy. I didn't know how much cum I had dripped in her mouth. God we fucked each other for an hour and finally had to get off and wipe our mouths, kiss each other, arms in arms and fall asleep. My pussy was throbbing and still cumming while I slept.

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