tagIncest/TabooPick Me Up From School Dad Ch. 03

Pick Me Up From School Dad Ch. 03


It was the best morning for Kim me and daddy. The first thing I saw when I woke up was Kim's tiny hands wrapped around daddy's enormous flaccid thick cock laying against his belly. We winked at each other and smiled. She let me hold his cock for a few minutes. I had something else on my mind and she knew what that was.

I smiled at her and got up and went to take a shower. While the water was running and getting warm Kim came in all naked and sexy.

"Can I join you?"

she asked in a very innocent voice and giving me those naughty puppy-dog-eye looks. I nodded and held her hand into the tub. We kissed and caressed each other and fingered fucked each other's pussies and licked each other until our knees got weak and we had came a few times. During the last 10 minutes of playing Kim was grinding her pussy against my thighs as she probed my tight little anus with her finger.

"I saw you liked it when your dad was fingering your asshole - how did it feel?"

"You should find out for yourself"

I pushed a finger up her tight little gorgeous anus as I said those words. She whimpered and screamed as she kissed my lips and slid her tongue in my mouth. We finger fucked each other's ass holes while grinding our cunts against each other. I admitted to her my ass fetish. I told her how I dream about playing with ass holes and having my asshole played with.

"Oh God your finger feels so good back there I wonder what your dad's cock will feel like in my ass hole"

When I heard her say that I came in gushes just thinking about what it would look and feel like to watch a huge fat cock as my daddy's sliding inside a very very tight little anus. A little-gurl anus.

We finished up the shower dried ourselves and went down to fix some late lunch. We giggled and talked for a while until dad came down to eat. He was wearing his boxers and tee shirt. Kim and I were both wearing our panties and tank tops. We got a good whack on our butts we giggled and wiggled our tushies in front of daddy.

"Daddy - Kim and I were talking about something you did to me this morning that was very very nasty. can we ask you a question about that?"

"Sure honey anything - what is it?"

"Daddy, did you like sliding your finger in my asshole daddy? How did it feel? Do you like tight butts Daddy?"

Dad's eyes lit up and he kinda shifted. I noticed that he adjusted his huge bulge. Hearing me say those dirty things made him hard.

"Well daddy you know how you put your thick finger in my butt hole this morning while you were fucking me doggie style? She was wondering what your cock must feel like inside her anus."

Daddy's eyes opened wide and he looked me then Kim. He smiled and said:

"Well if you young ladies behave yourself today you might just get a nice big fat daddycock in your anuses"

That was enough to get his cock really hard and our pussies get wet and juices dripped down my thighs.

After lunch we went to sit in the TV room. I sat next to my daddy and Kim climbed on top of him. For the next few minutes I noticed how Kim was wiggling her little butt in his lap. I could see her tank top hiked up over her waist and her panties were getting bunched up inside her crack. Daddy's cock seemed larger today. I guess he has ass fetish too :)

Very quickie Kim got up and took off her panties. She looked back at daddy, smiled and holding her ass cheeks wide, sat down into daddy's lap making his fat hard thick daddycock in the crack of her ass. Daddy started dry fucking Kim in the crack of her ass but it was obvious that something needed to be done. I jumped up and grabbed some Petroleum Jelly from the downstairs bathroom. I came back with a big smile on my face. I stood in front of Kim, helped her up and moved her a couple steps forward. I then walked up behind her bent her over and got down on my knees. Now daddy could see her open ass hole and what I was going to do to it. I took a big chunk of Petroleum Jelly into the crack of her ass and inside her ass hole. Once I knew there was enough lube into her ass hole I slowly lowered her onto my daddy's cock holding onto his cock as it slides inside her anus. One inch at a time. Next inch after she got used to the thickness in her anus.

"Oh God oh God oh God - holly shit! this is fucking tearing my ass hole in two. Your dad's cock is so fucking huge. I love how its stuffing my tight anus. Oh please please slow go slow. Fuck me please don't stop don't stop please"

Just watching Kim getting fucked up her anus made me suck her nipples while I finger fucked my pussy and my ass hole in front of my daddy. I came in two minutes. I could not take it anymore. I sat there rubbing my clitty watching my super daddy fuck Kim's horny little anus. After about half an hour my dad started screaming that Kim's anal ring is grabbing tightly onto his cock. Right then I noticed thick hot gooey liquid seeped out of Kim's asshole and onto daddy's balls and all over their legs. I licked up daddy's cum and kissed Kim so she can taste some of daddy's cum.

After we all calmed down I put my arms around my daddy and said:

"ummm daddy that was hot. I can't wait to feel your thick daddy cock in my anus. Would you like to fuck your babygurl's anus daddy?"

And all he did was nod with a big smile on his face and we all dozed off.

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