Pickin' an' Grinnin'


"You're awesome."

She smiled, and leaned back in. "As much as I love..." She kissed the tip. "That cock in my mouth..." She licked the twitching shaft. "My pussy is aching..." Her tongue tickled the rim of his cock head. "So bad."

Her eyes lit up, and that sexy, crooked grin spread across her face again. She stood up, nodding toward the barn, and walked in.

Justin followed, his eyes locked on the sexy sway of her ass. She looked back over her shoulder at his bobbing erection and shivered, licking her lips. She stopped next to the exam table, sliding her hand over one of the stirrups.

"How about you give me something nice to think about the next time I'm stuck in one of these?"

Without waiting for an answer, she slid up onto the table. She put her feet in the stirrups, parting her legs wide. Justin didn't hesitate to accept the invitation, leaning over the table and between her thighs. The scent of her arousal filled his lungs, making him throb. A quick swipe of the tongue awakened his taste buds.

"Ooo! Not exactly what I expected, but don't stop."

He pressed his tongue deep, gathering up her juices, and moaned into her folds. "Ah, your pussy tastes good."

"Mmm, and that feels so good."

Intoxicated by the heady scent and her tangy juices, he devoured her with the gusto of a starving man. He lapped, probed, and tickled with the tip of his tongue, taking advantage of every trick he'd ever learned. Denise moaned and cooed, caressing her pendulous breasts as she watched him. He looked up every so often, enjoying the show.

Running as an undercurrent to his desire, a sense of pride swelled up inside him. A sexy, experienced woman was writhing and moaning from the touch of his tongue. He'd never had any complaints, but he'd never had such enthusiastic indications that he was pushing a woman's buttons, either.

"Mmm. Oh yeah. Faster," she pleaded as her breathing quickened.

Centering his attention on her clit, he did exactly that. Pressing hard against the swollen bud, he rolled and wriggled it with his tongue, causing her to gasp and whimper.

"Oh! Oh baby! Oh, you're gonna make me come!"

Justin growled into her folds, increasing the pressure and sucking her clit. She let out a yelp, her toes curling in his peripheral vision. Almost desperate to make her come, his whole world narrowed to her sweet pussy, and his tongue dancing over it.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Yeah!" She cried, growing louder by the moment. "Oh god! Yes!"

Her back arched, lifting her hips toward his eager tongue. Justin latched onto her clit, sucking it hard. She yelped and squealed through the climax, her taut body trembling. Finally, a weary-sounding cry escaped her, and her butt sank to the padded vinyl table once more. She continued to twitch, letting out sharp sounds of pleasure, and pushed his face away from her quivering sex.

Justin licked his lips, admiring his handiwork. Her face was flushed, and still tight with ecstasy. One hand caressed her breasts, while the other cupped her sex. Her eyes fluttered open, and focused on him.

"Oh god, yeah." She let out a sexy growl, and a powerful shiver passed through her, curling her toes once more. "Oh, that was good."

"Loved it," he said, and squeezed his cock, which was once again demanding attention.

Denise laid her head back, and several noisy pants escaped her. Then she looked back up and said, "More. I want you inside me."

The height and design of the table presented a problem, but a crate sitting at the foot provided a solution. He stepped up on it, and his hard organ twitched only inches from her moist folds.

"Oh, fuck me. Now."

Pushing down on his cock, he pressed it against her folds. She gasped as he made contact, and moaned when he grabbed her thigh with the other hand. As soaked as she was, he slipped easily into her hot embrace.

They both groaned as his cock settled in her depths, and her canal tightened around him. "Oh, that cock feels good."

Justin gripped her other thigh and thrust again, jolting her and making her breasts jiggle. She felt like pure heaven, and it was all he could do to keep himself under control, measuring his thrusts rather than simply pounding her, as his instincts were screaming.

"Yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me, baby."

She was too sexy, and felt too good. Justin clenched his teeth and growled, closing his eyes as he focused his will on holding back the itch building in the tip of his cock. His forehead was beading with sweat, and a droplet clung to his nose for a moment before dropping away. A warbling whimper accompanied her fingers slipping between her legs.

She pressed her clit against him, rubbing it at the same time. Erupting in a squeal, her head thumped hard into the inclined back of the table. "Harder. Faster. Fuck me!"

Beyond the point of holding back, Justin obliged her. Fingers digging into her thighs, he pounded his cock home. Their bodies collided with loud smacks, and the table creaked in protest. She cried out with every breath, the pitch steadily increasing.

On the verge of an eruption, Justin opened his eyes again. He was dripping with sweat, and so was she. Her breasts bounced erratically from his thrusts. Her fingers moved fast over her clit, and she yelped.

"Gonna come," he growled, knowing he couldn't hold out much longer.

Her voice an exciting mixture of pleading and demand, she screamed, "Almost there. Give it to me!"

A pair of thrusts later, he reached the point of no return. Slamming his cock hard into her depths and growling, he exploded inside her. He came so hard that it almost felt like peeing, shooting deep into her clenched pussy.

Denise's fingers suddenly froze over her clit, and she screamed, head popping up from the table. "Ah, yeah! Fuck!"

She squeezed even tighter as she came, screaming to the rafters above. He continued to grunt and growl, hips twitching as spurt after spurt pooled inside her. His eyes opened wide in shock as he just kept coming.

She went limp at the same time his head fell forward, chin thumping into his chest. She moaned, her body twitching and trembling. Her walls continued to rhythmically contract around him, making him grunt and growl as she milked his sensitive organ. After a few seconds, he couldn't take it any longer. He stumbled back off the crate, grabbing the edge of the table to support his weak knees.

A disappointed-sounding moan accompanied his cock jerking free to twitch, dribbling their mingled cream onto the dusty floor. A far different, satiated moan followed. "Oh yeah."

Justin leaned over her body, panting for breath. His softening cock continued to throb, making him grunt. She chuckled and moaned, caressing her pussy. His cream welled up from inside her, dribbling down onto the table.

"Oh wow. You came a lot. Mmm."

"So fucking hot," he managed to say between pants for breath.

She gathered up some of the cum leaking from her, bringing it to her lips. Justin gripped the table harder and stiffened as the sexy sight of her sucking his cum from her fingers set off an aftershock.

"Yummy," she moaned. "Your cock felt so good, baby. Especially when you were filling me full of cum. I loved it."

"You're incredible."

"Thank you." She swallowed and made a face. "I could really use a drink of that tea right now. Pretty please?"

He nodded, but it took several deep breaths and a lot of willpower to lurch away from the table. She giggled as he walked outside with all the grace of a newborn fawn to where the cup stood sweating in the sun.

It took several minutes for them to catch their breath, though the warming tea didn't last anywhere near that long. Denise looked down at the cum still dribbling from her onto the table, and the ground below. "How do you think that affects the value?"

"Priceless," he answered, and twitched his eyebrows.

She moaned and said, "Uh huh," before hopping down from the table to brush her fingertips over his softened cock and lick her lips.

Much to both of their surprise, it twitched with life.

"Oh my. Are you getting hard again?" She shivered, rubbing the head of his cock and drawing yet another twitch. "I think I need a shower. Why don't you join me?"

Clothes and any sense of shame forgotten, he followed her as she sauntered naked back to the house. The van didn't get loaded until well after dark, but Denise didn't have to wait nearly that long for a couple of hot loads.


Justin woke up and groaned at the sun streaming in his bedroom window. A second ring followed the one that had awakened him, and he answered the phone to hear his father's voice.

"Hey, rise and shine."

"I'm up. Barely."

"Well, get your butt in gear. I've sold a thousand dollars worth of the stuff you brought back yesterday, with two more clients on the way in. I have people interested in half a dozen items from the pictures, too."

"Cool." As far as he was concerned, the commission from the pieces he'd brought back was just gravy. His plan for the day involved going over to Denise's regardless of whether it was with a pocket full of bucks. The real treasure wouldn't be going in the van.

"Nothing like the feeling of stumbling into a gold mine of vintage pieces on a cold call, huh? I want you to get back out there while the pick is still hot."

His cell chimed while his father was talking, and he picked it up to find a text message from Denise.

Dreamed about you doing me bent over the back of the van. Interested?

Grinning from ear to ear and already throbbing in anticipation, he told his father, "Ready and raring to go."

Apparently, his hot vintage piece would be going — or rather coming — in the van after all.


Hope you enjoyed this little romp born of too much History Channel, and that it got you heated up. That's what I'm aiming for, after all.

Take a moment to vote, and perhaps comment. It's the feedback that inspires me to keep writing, so if you want more, that's the best way to go about it. Some of the emails I've gotten are as hot as the stories. Those have certainly been inspirational LOL

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I sometimes read mature, but only younger men 25 yr old helps and child bearing age older females definitely helps. Why? Because a lot of mature story's are romances my favorite type of story. Oldermore...

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