tagInterracial LovePicking My Son Up at School.

Picking My Son Up at School.


It was 20 past 2:00, and Timmy would be out at 2:30. As I sat at the curb in my Mazda, I watched the front door of the school.There was a stunning black man who kept groping the front of his slacks standing on the steps, and he caught my eye. I decided to have some fun and got out of the car to stretch. And to tease him.

I had on my sheer summer knit top with no bra, and coming from the air conditioned car to the hot outdoors made my nipples harden right up. My tits are nice and big. ( About a 38 D.) My top definitely showcased them well.

I was also wearing my tight denim shorts, which rode very high in the crotch. If you looked close enough you could see my pussy hairs.

I smiled at the gentleman on the steps, and seductively licked my lips.I turned and bent down as if checking a tire, and pointed my tight little ass right at him. He headed my way.

As he approached, he called out, " You're Timmy's mom, ain't ya'? I said, " Yeah, that's right." He said , " You got a good boy there, ya' know?" I just smiled.

He extended his hand and introduced himself as Dexter, and he looked me over quite admiringly. He explained that he was outside the door to keep an eye on the kids as they left. (Sort of a guard out of uniform.)

He said, " I was noticin' how you got a tire low on air, ma'am." He bent down and looked closer.He said,"Gee, you got a little paint peelin' right here too."

Considering my car was pretty new, I got upset. He told me some touch-up paint was all I needed, and he could "fix 'er up for me tomorrow."

I thought it was very nice of him and asked if he could come to my house. He said, " Not a problem, ma'am, not a problem." So I gave him my address and we set the time: 11:00 AM, right before lunch.

Soon the bell rang, and Timmy came running out. We headed for home, and I began to think about tomorrow.

All that evening, I kept thinking naughty thoughts about Dexter, and found myself aroused and wet. I wanted to rub my clit and have a good orgasm or two, but Timmy was still up and it would have to wait awhile.

We had the air on low, so the house was very cool and my nipples were on end. I always kept the house cool like this so that my nipples stood out. And as for wearing a bra; it's been years. When your tits are as big as mine are, it's just more comfortable to let them flop around at will.

I masturbated that night in bed, first sucking my hard nipples, and then sliding my fingertips back and forth over my wet clit. At some point I inserted my butt plug, and I came shortly after that while continuing to rub the clitty.

The next morning I had breakfast with Tim, and after he left for school, I showered and got ready for Dexter.

What I was mostly fantacising about was Dexter's pointy pink tongue down there between my legs poking at my hot clit. I had never been intimate with a black man, but had heard they are good at eating pussy. Well, I'd soon find out.

I chose a very sheer T shirt, no bra of course, and wore the same shorts from yesterday. As 11:00 approached, I kept tweaking my thick nipples so they would be nice and hard. It was helping to make my pussy wet too.

At about 11:05, Dexter knocked on the door, and showed me the paint he had picked out to touch up the car.I really didn't care, but thanked him. He was outside the door, and down one step, which put him level with my budding tits. He took immediate notice and accepted my offer to come in before working.

Dexter liked to lick his lips a lot, and it really turned me on. I found myself smiling and hiking my shorts up as I sat down. This exposed anout a 1 inch patch of my pussy hair, and now I really had Dexter's attention. He couldn't take his eyes off my crotch, and his cock was growing.

He had on a loose fitting pair of pants and his hardening dick looked just like a tent pole. I couldn't stop looking.

I got up at some point and stood next to wear he was sitting, and he reached his arm around my butt and cupped one cheek in his huge palm. I said, " Let me get you some coffee." When I came back with the coffee Dexter asked me if I was up for some fun. I said, : Well, I see you are!" He gave me that toothy grin and pulled me onto his lap.

Once I was in his lap, he pulled my shirt up and started to suck my nipples.He said, " Lordy, lordy, my dear, these are a gorgeous set of titties you have." I just giggled and he continued sucking.

As he sucked my nipples, my pussy was getting nice and wet, and I took his big hand and made him slide a finger in the bottom of my shorts. He let out a groan, and reached to unfasten his pants.

Dear God, what a huge, black cock he had! I was sure it would never fit inside me. I was also wrong.

Dexter knew what he was doing, and he got me out of my shorts and lay me on my back on the sofa where he proceeded to lick my wet cunt. As he tongued my pussy, his two hands were reaching up to tweak my nipples and carress my fat tits.Aaah, I'd never had it this good.

He brought me off twice, and then sat back and motioned for me to take his slimy black dick in my mouth. He said, " just do your best, darlin." I was very doubtful, but managed to suck on the head like a giant lollipop. Then he pulled me up and put me on my back so he could fuck me. My pussy had never been that wet, and he slowly slid himself into me. Just an inch at a time; he was that gentle.

Dexter fucked me slowly and gently, and I even sat on his belly , impaled by his giant prick and rode him like a hot whore. When Dexter came, he oozed out of me. He shot a wad that was bigger than any I'd ever had.It ran down between my butt cheeks.

Once we were washed and dressed, we talked about getting together again sometime. He has promised to call, but I won't count on it.

Timmy is taking the bus both ways to and from school now, so I don't get by there very often. I do, however, enjoy the memory of that morning with Dexter, and sometimes I hope he'll call.

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