tagFetishPicking the Right Rebound

Picking the Right Rebound


Jake and I had been together for three years -- then he got a new receptionist. He was doing her on his desk after everyone else had gone, then coming home to do it with me. It took me a while to realise, since I was busy enough with my own job. He never went unsatisfied, and we were still at it like rabbits.

I threw his cheating, lying ass onto the street pretty quick smart once I was wised up.

Four long and lonely months later, I finally realised that he was having way too much of an affect on me, and I needed a rebound. It was time to go out, get laid, and have a good old fashioned fuck fest.

I think I dolled myself up pretty well. A first for me for a while, and while I'm no angel, I've also never been much of a slut. That said, it is relatively easy at the moment with hookerwear type clothing being fashionable. A flimsy blouse, short skirt, patterned thigh-high stockings, stilettos and a thick vinyl belt to emphasise my little waist and I was set. No panties required.

Ten'o'clock, I settled myself in the lounge of a respectable looking establishment. Cherry martini in hand I perused the music selection on the jukebox, made a selection, and planted myself at a nearby table.

'Nice choice.' rasped a voice from behind me. I turned around.

He looked like your average Joe but at this point, I didn't care. My martini was nearly empty.

'Thanks! You like the Beatles too? Most people make fun of me when I pick them.' I giggled.

'It's sensible music. None of that prancy teeny stuff.'

'Sensibilities? Bah!' I retorted with a devilish grin. He laughed.

'Not one for sensibilities? That's a shame. I was just having sensible thoughts.'

'Oh really? Such as?'

'Such as, um, you coming and sitting here next to me, rather than over there.'

I giggled and sided up next to him. His hand was on my knee straight away. My pussy tingled at the knowledge that I had this guy hook and line. Now, for the sinker.

'You're wrong. That was way non-sensible.' I said, putting my hand on his and inspecting my now empty martini glass.

He took the hint and minutes later I had another martini. It was extra strong too, but I pretended to not notice.

It was a quiet night, and there were not many people in the bar area. The place was practically dead. We chatted a bit, I mentioned the breakup and how I was just getting over it. Soon, the extra-strong martini was also empty, and I decided to mention the lack of atmosphere.

'Yeah, you're right.' Stu agreed. 'Let's find somewhere a little more personal.'

I knew he didn't mean another bar.

We left the bar and walked along slowly for a bit. I stumbled a little under the strength of the last martini, which gave him an excuse to put his arm around me. I kissed him on the cheek in thanks, and he responded with a deep kiss on my mouth.

His hands moved from my waist to my butt. I didn't complain at all, and in fact, responded by kissing him even deeper.

I broke the embrace and noticed we were right near an alleyway. There was nobody else on the particular street.

'Want to do something very non-sensible?' I asked.

The mere suggestion put a tent in his pants, and he led me into the dark alley looking for an appropriate spot. He soon found one and I was pressed between him and the rough brick wall in deep embrace.

He eventually broke away, unzipped his fly and released his eager beast.

I was relieved when he pulled out a condom and slipped it on. My rebound plans had been made rather rashly, and I'd only just realised at this moment that it was a bit over a week since my period ended, and I hadn't been on the pill for a while.

The mild panic had provided inspiration to my cunt though, which was now as hot and wet as it had been in a while.

Stu's rough hands fondled my outer lips then slid up and down my valley a few times. I moaned in pleasure. He wasted no time moving onto the next stage.

He grabbed me by the hips and propped me up to the right height before placing the tip of his tool at my entrance.

'Fuck me.' I whispered into his ear, and in one swift movement, he was inside me.

He pounded me hard for a few moments, and just as I could feel myself rising, he exploded into his rubber.

He pulled out of me, looking quite pleased with himself, pulled the rubber off, threw it on the ground and tidied himself up.

I must say, I was a bit disappointed. He certainly wasn't worth wasting time on, so I simply shrugged and headed back to the street. There was another bar a block away.


Half an hour later I was settled at the second bar of the night with a fresh cherry martini.

This place was much better and it was only minutes before I had company. His name was Rob.

'So, you're a CEO?' I asked.

He nodded.

'What exactly do CEOs do?'

'Oh, lots of things.' He replied. I dont recall hearing the answer though. Rob managed to churned me through quite a few drinks.

Before long it was approaching closing time and I was plastered. With Rob's arm around me, I staggered towards the exit. The taxi took us to my place.

We were through the door and straight to my bed. He stripped me down in record time and began kneading my tits and fingering at my now dripping cunt.

'Mmm...' I moaned

'You like that, do you?' He asked.

'Yeah, feels good'

He kissed me all over until I was begging him for release.

'Fucking hell Rob, just fuck me. Please.' I pleaded, and rolled over onto all fours.

He grinned and rubbed the glans of his cock up and down my flooding valley before pushing into my aching passage.

'Oh gawd...' I moaned, thrusting myself backwards onto his thick stick.

'Yes, girls do tend to mistake me for him...' boasted Rob, as he skillfully pistoned me.

I was in heaven. After four months of manual release, I finally had a hard piece of man meat in me again. I climaxed an earthquake to make up for it all.

Rob was still going. He'd not cum yet, but I could feel he was getting close.

He flipped me over onto my back and slid back into me again. Within minutes, he thrust deep into me, bottoming against my cervix and shot spurt after spurt of hot, thick sperm into my waiting, willing womb.

It must have been all the drinks, but the thought of pregnancy didn't cross my mind. The flooding sensation sent me to my second orgasm.

I was in heaven.

We fucked until dawn, then collapsed. Every load of Rob's potent cum had been deposited in my fertile field.

I woke shortly after 2pm. My head ached and my crotch felt all gluey.

Then it hit me.

I looked around for Rob, but he was nowhere to be seen.


It's now eight months since that night, and I decided to visit Rob's company today.

I had wondered for quite some time if he would remember me. He did. He recognised me, and broke to a smile -- no doubt remembering that night.

Then I stood up, and he noticed my stomach. It is very swollen with his child.

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