tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPicking up Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 12

Picking up Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 12


An even dozen chapters. In honor of this, I've decided to give you a real treat! During the last eleven chapters, I've completely avoided saying much about my wife, Lori. After several years of marriage, we've had lots of exciting sexual moments, because she's no slouch in the rack, and she loves sex. Plus, she's always catered to most of my sexual whims. But a recent turn of events has finally given me reason to write about her.

I'll start by giving you some history concerning Lori. This chapter is kind of long, since I have so much time to cover, but bear with me. I think you'll find it will be worth the wait.

We met at Lori's workplace, a ladies clothing store where she was the manager. We started running around together, and maintained a good friendship for nearly two years before romance entered into the picture. I'd always held more serious feelings for her, but she didn't feel the same way, since I'm several years older than her.

She's a very sexy woman; 5-6, about 135 lbs, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Oh, yeah. GREAT legs. That's what caught my eye in the first place at her store. Short dress, sheer nylons, and spiky 3" stiletto heels with little bows on the back above the heels. I spent many a day just thinking about those legs, and getting between them.

She's no dummy either, and with my eyes drawn to her legs whenever she was in a dress or skirt, it didn't take her long to figure out that I'm a devout "leg" man. So, in a friendly way, she teased me unmercifully. Lots of times, she'd let her skirt ride up, giving me ample views of her sexy, nylon-clad thighs. A spiked heel dangling from her sexy foot. All the "usual" things.

The romance part kind of took us both by surprise. We were at my house after a motorcycle ride, watching a Stallone movie (he's her favorite). After a couple of wine coolers, she leaned back against me, and I kissed her. Now, we'd kissed a few times in the past, but they were just little pecks. This time, it was a KISS! Before I knew it, she'd turned to face me, and was kissing me deeply, with lots of tongue action.

My hand went to her breast, and stroked her nipple through her blouse. In a few seconds, I had her blouse unbuttoned, and her bra flipped up, pinching her hard, bare nipples. Her hands weren't idle either, as she stroked my cock through my jeans.

I pushed her back to where she was sitting on the couch, and slid her blouse and bra off. Then I unzipped her jeans ans pushed them down off her hips. Under her jeans, just sheer pantyhose. No panties! I stood in front of her and she unzipped my jeans, pulling them down roughly, my underwear going with them.

My dick flipped out at her, and she grabbed it and opened her mouth. We both leaned forward, closing the distance between the head of my cock and her open mouth. Finally, what I'd dreamed about for almost two years, happened. Her lips closed around the head of my hard cock.

I watched as she worked it in and out, her tongue probing, tasting, licking. I knew it wouldn't be long, so I put my hands on her head, and worked it back and forth. Not that she needed help, but I was about to cum, and I didn't know if she swallowed, so I wasn't gonna give her a chance to back off.

I needn't have worried. As the first jet of cream spurted out, she started stroking the shaft of my cock, her lips locked tightly around the head. Her tongue played at the tip, trying to block each spurt. The whole experience nearly caused my knees to buckle! She actually milked my cock, taking every drop of my cum, and then she looked me in the eye and swallowed it all.

I sat next to her and held her for a few minutes, neither of us saying a word, except for her telling me that I had the biggest cock she'd ever seen, let alone sucked! Then, I slid down to the floor and spread her nyloned legs, kissing my way up from her knees, past her thighs, to her pussy. I lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders, reveling in the feel of the nylon against my skin. I tore the crotch of her pantyhose open, and glanced up to see that her eyes were closed tight.

Then, I just speared her pussy with my tongue. I licked, sucked, and ate to my heart's delight, and obviously hers, too. I worked on her clit, and the lips of her pussy, occasionally letting my tongue go down to the rosebud of her ass, tasting her there. That really got to her, causing her to clinch her thighs tight around my neck.

She came very quickly, groaning loudly, grinding her pussy against my face. As soon as she was done, I slid up and kissed her, and my now-hard cock slid between her legs. She felt it, and hooked her legs behind me, pulling me in. Even though it's nearly nine inches long, my cock slid in easily, due to the wetness of her recent orgasm.

"Fuck me, Rick!" she moaned. "Fuck me hard!"

So, I did. It was probably the best pussy I'd ever had, due to me wanting it for so long before I finally got it. We fucked for what seemed to be an eternity, in nearly every position. My favorite, was with me leaning back on the couch, and her sitting on top of me, facing me. Her tits in front of my face to lick and suck, and her nylon-clad legs straddling me, for me to stroke and touch.

She liked it too, because that way, she controlled the action. The speed, the depth of penetration, all of it. And, she liked to talk to me as she was fucking me.

"Do you like it, Rick? Do you like my nylons? Do you like my pussy? Did you like my mouth on your cock?" She drove me totally wild!

Finally, we were both ready to cum. I shoved up into her and she wrapped her arms around my head, driving down on me. It was an unbelieveable thing, without a doubt, the best sexual experience I'd ever had. It drained both of us, and she actually fell asleep with my cock still inside her.

That was the first of hundreds of great sexual experiences with my wife. During the next few months, we explored each other completely, finding out what we liked, didn't like (not much in that area!), just enjoyed each other.

One thing my wife didn't agree with me on, was my desire to watch her having sex with another man. She understood voyeurism, but didn't want any part of it. She didn't mind fooling around is semi-public places, though. I've enjoyed many great blow jobs in places where we might be seen, and one time stands out.

She was giving me head while I was driving. We were approaching a construction zone with workers in the road, and I had to slow way down. I didn't say anything to her, so she just thought I was slowing down so I could cum. At a crawl, we passed a worker in the road that was holding a sign, and he looked into the car to see her mouth on my cock and her skirt up around her waist, showing all of her nyloned thighs.

When she saw him, she tried to pull back, but I held her down, my cum pumping into her mouth. We sped up, and in the mirror, I saw the guy just looking at us driving away! She was pretty pissed off, but she got over it, and finally admitted that after the shock of seeing him, she kind of liked blowing me with the guy watching!

After that, she was a lot more daring, and I constantly tried to talk her into letting me watch her with another man. Although she steadily refused, she did compromise. She told me about all of her past sexual experiences with the ten men she'd been with before me. Every detail, usually when we were fucking or she was sucking me off. Except for nylons, those stories became the best part of our sex lives. Nylons were and still are, the absolute, most exciting thing to me.

And, my favorite stories were about when she was wearing nylons when she had sex. Although she never wore a garter belt and stockings before she met me, she did wear pantyhose a lot. One of her boyfriends was a car salesman named Bart, who loved for her to wear pantyhose. I loved to hear her talk about fucking him in her pantyhose with the crotch cut out, or sucking him off while wearing them. Usually, I was fucking her or she was blowing me in pantyhose and heels at the time.

We got married a few months after that fateful first fuck, and we were very happy and satisfied with our sex life. For a time. Then, her sisters started spending more time with us, and my mind started to wander. But our sex life didn't slow down any.

In fact, it was better. In addition to telling me stories about her past sex life, we'd also tell each other our fantasies when we were fucking. Lori knew I had the hots for her sisters (believing also that I'd never act on my feelings!) and once in awhile, she'd use them in her stories. That was pretty cool! I would cum a bucketful when she did that.

Lots of times when we were fucking, I'd go into great detail about me watching her fucking or sucking another guy, and she would cum hard and long, usually her best orgasms. Still, she refused to let me set up a situation where I could watch her. Talk about it, yes. Do it, no.

When I started "playing" with her female family members, our own sex life took a serious down-slide. We made love much less frequently, a fact that was not lost on my wife. She thought it was her, and I tried to reassure her that it wasn't her fault, that I was just "tired."

She kicked her own contributions to our sex life "up a notch" by trying harder. Sexy clothing and lingerie a lot more often, more imagination in her stories during sex, and more. When we'd go out, she was an animal. All over me in semi-public places, trying to get me to let her suck me off and fuck me in places where we might get caught, and so on.

She even went into some night spots by herself, and let guys hit on her while I watched from a distance. Short dresses or skirts, sheer nylons and spiky stilettos were always required. Sometimes pantyhose, sometimes, when she was really daring, a garter belt and stockings, and those were the best! The looks on a guy's face as he slid his hand up her thigh and encountered a stocking top and garter tab were "priceless!"

Let me tell ya, when a sexy lady wears sexy clothing into a night club by herself, guys notice! As before, her boundaries were always "no actual sex of any kind!" Also, she was not to let a guy get her to a location where I wasn't able to watch (and protect) her. Dancing, kissing, and touching were allowed, though, and she did plenty of that.

This went on for several months, and she sent dozens of guys home, or elsewhere, hard and unsatisfied. On a few occasions, she actually jacked a guy off (usually right in the bar!) and once, a guy came in his pants as soon as she touched his cock in his pants. On all of those times, our sex afterwards was "unforgettable."

Lori enjoyed it as much, or sometimes more, than I did. Even though she wouldn't admit it, she loved playing around, and driving guys crazy!

After awhile, I got the idea to put a small tape recorder in her purse, so we could listen to the conversations later. They were great, too! Much better than her trying to tell me what was said from memory. Guys were really ingenious in their efforts to try to get her to have sex with them.

"Come on, baby, you've got me so hot! Pleeease!" or, "Just let me eat your pussy, Honey, you won't regret it!"

She'd play right along with them, too. "So, Lisa, (she never used her real name) do you suck?"

"Yes, I suck... and I swallow too, but I'm just not ready for that. I mean, I just met you. But... you have a nice dick, and I'd love to take it in my mouth, I mean after we know each other a little better.... " as she stroked the guy's cock under the table!

Once, after three wine coolers, she agreed to go to a guy's car with him, and I thought she was finally gonna go through with it. It was a warm night, and they walked out to the parking lot, with her glancing over her shoulder at me to be sure I was there. I followed them, staying far enough back not be noticed. When they got to his car in the back of the lot, he took her into his arms and kissed her hard.

His hands were all over her, on her tits, and pulling her skirt up. I was close enough to see and hear them. I was glad she had a garter belt and stockings on, and he got to her pussy easily. He actually finger-fucked her, and she was loving it. My cock was out as I watched and stroked myself, hoping she would go further.

She came fast and hard with his finger inside her, and then he demanded that she give him some relief. "Come on Honey, suck my cock!" he said as he unzipped his pants and pulled it out. I couldn't believe it. This was finally the moment of truth. She squatted down and took his cock in her hand and started stroking it. Would she suck it? Would she take his load in her mouth? Would she swallow it?

No! She never got the chance. He came all over the front of her blouse, and she escaped again without actually doing it! After a few minutes, they split up with him going back into the bar, and her going to our car. I met her there, and even though I had just cum while watching her, my cock was still hard. She straddled it in the front seat and we fucked for several minutes, her cum-stained blouse right in my face!

We both had a mind-shattering orgasm, and afterwards, I held her close as I drove home. "I can't believe I almost did it. I almost sucked his dick...." she moaned into my shoulder.

"Yeah, you did," I responded. "You were fabulous, Honey," I reassured her.

"Do you still want me to do it? Suck or fuck another guy?" she questioned.

"Honey, I was so turned on, and if you're honest, so were you!" I challenged.

"Yeah, I was," she admitted. " I was gonna do it, Rick. I was gonna suck him off. I was gonna swallow his cum."

"I know."

She looked up at me. "No more wine coolers, Rick. I need to have more control over what happens!" she joked. I just smiled at her.

You know, fate has a funny way of entering into the equation. "You'll never guess who I ran into at the mall today, Honey." she said nonchalantly, avoiding looking at me.

"Who?" I asked.

"Bart." My dick started getting hard at the mention of his name. She looked away as I checked out what she was wearing more closely, and saw that she was dressed in a blouse, short skirt, very sheer nylons, and black patent leather 3" stilettos. The top two buttons on her blouse were undone. And, she was very flushed.

"Hmmmm," I needed more information. "So, what happened?"

"Well, he just came up to me and said 'Hi,' and he hugged me. We talked a little, and then we went to Starbucks and had coffee."

She still wouldn't look me in the eye. "Is that all?"

"Well..... no."

I walked over to her and sat her down on the couch, sitting next to her. Then I continued my probing. "What else happened?" Knowing how much Bart loved nylons, I asked, "Did he do this?" and ran my hand up her nyloned leg.

"Yes....!" she hissed.

"What else?" I slid my hand further up her thigh, close to her crotch. "Did he get this high?"


I leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips, my tongue probing every corner of her mouth. The starchy taste was unmistakeable. "What else?" I asked.

"I went to his car with him.... "

I slid my hand all the way up to her nylon covered pussy. She was sopping wet. "What else?"

"Please don't be mad, Honey!"

"I won't be mad! Just tell me...."

"I.... sucked him off, Rick. I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum!" She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. She kissed me hard, and I again tasted the remnants of the load of cum he'd pumped into my wife's mouth.

"Now, I'm gonna suck yours," she panted as her head went to my lap. She sucked and talked, sucked and talked. "Oh, Honey, his dick is almost as big as yours, and it tasted soooooo good! It was just like I remembered, only better!"

I continued to question her "Did you like sucking it?"

Her lips left the head of my cock only momentarily. "I loved it!" Back down on my cock.

"Will you do it again when I can watch?" I asked.

"Yessssss! Whenever you want me to!" Back down on my cock.

Then, "Honey?" A question appeared on her face.


"Can I fuck him, too?"

"Oh, yeah, Babe..... you can fuck him!" My cock spurted stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth and down her thoat.

As I held her, she related the whole story, adding that he'd given her his cel-phone number, and begged her to call him. But, he was married, so she'd have to be careful.

The next day was Saturday, and I coaxed her into calling him as I listened in. "Hi, Bart," she said.

"Hey, Lori, how's it goin'?" Obviously, he was able to talk.

"Just sittin' here by myself, thinkin' about yesterday...."

"Yeah, me too," he responded. "Man, you haven't lost your touch, Babe. You still give the best head I've ever had!"

"You haven't changed a bit!" she bantered. "You got your dick sucked, and left me high and dry!"

"Well, I definately owe you one.... what do you want? Do you want me to eat you? Or, fuck you?" he challenged.

"How 'bout both?" she asked, getting turned on by the conversation.

"Okay.... what will you wear for me?" he asked.

"Well," she answered, " I have some very sheer pantyhose, sheer-to-waist, just like you like them, or.... " She reached over to me and slid her hand around the shaft of my now rock-hard cock.

"Or what?" he asked, obviously getting turned on by the conversation.

"Well.... Rick likes me to wear a garter belt and stockings with my stiletto high heels. Would you like that too?" Her hand picked up speed, sliding up and down on my dick.

"Oh, Man, would I ever!" he panted. "Would you wear them for me?"

"Yesssss... " she hissed. "When?"

"My dick is hard just thinkin' about it! How 'bout tonight? Is your husband home?"

She looked at me and I just nodded. "No, he's away for the weekend, Bart." They set a time: 8:00 PM, and she gave him directions to our house. He explained that he only had about an hour, and she told him that would be enough!

After she hung up, I wanted to fuck her, but she wouldn't let me. "No way! Not 'til he's been here and gone! I want my pussy to be fresh for Bart!"

"Honey," I moaned, "I'm goin' crazy for you. Please!"

"Nope!" she dropped my cock and stood up. "You're gonna have to wait 'til tonight!"

We spent the day getting ready for Bart's visit. We live in the country, so privacy wasn't a problem. I'd be able to watch through the windows, and we decided that the family room would provide the best observation points. Besides, she didn't want Bart in our bed.

The family room was to the rear of the house, which was not visible from the road or any of the neighbor's homes. I set up my video camera on a tripod outside the window, and used a remote microphone for sound. I had a perfect view into the room, and the pit group where Lori would make sure all of the action took place.

Then, we went to the bedroom, and selected her outfit. Black garter belt - the old-fashioned kind with four wide straps on each leg. Very sheer, black stockings, black 4" spiked stiletto high heels, a red scoop necked, medium length dress so the tops of her stockings wouldn't show when she stood up, but with a with a side slit just to give an occasional peek. A simple necklace finished it up. No bra. No panties (just in the way).

Then, I helped her bathe. Candles around the tub, fragrant bubble bath soap, tub all the way full. I made sure that every little part was squeaky clean!

At 7:00, I helped her dress. After doing her hair and make-up, she stood naked in front of me. I held the garter belt so she could step into it. Then, she sat at her dressing table, and I slid her nylons on and fastened them to the clips. I helped her into her high heels and buckled the straps around her ankles. She stood up in front of me and turned slowly around. At that point, I was ready to cum just looking at her!

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