tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPicking up Sis (in-law) Ch. 14

Picking up Sis (in-law) Ch. 14


The sex has never been better! Since involving my wife in my fun with the rest of her family, our sex life has really gone to the next level. Lori (my wife) still doesn't know everything (like, she doesn't know I fucked her mom!), but she does know a lot. And now, she will do absolutely anything to please me, because it pleases her, too.

Recently, she gave my friend Ted a great blow job at my promotion party while I watched, and it was a huge turn-on for both of us. Since then, Ted has been calling and e-mailing Lori, asking for a repeat. Well, 'begging' would be a more accurate term. She'd let me listen in to their phone conversations, and we would work together to send answers to his e-mails.

The most fun was "Instant Messaging." We'd say that I wasn't home, giving Ted a green light to say anything he wanted to. Like..... "Lori, you have the absolute BEST mouth I've ever cum in!" And.... "I just LOVE your legs in those sexy, sheer pantyhose.... do you ever wear stockings?"

Of course, Lori plays right up to his little hints. "Yes Ted, I have a black garter belt - the old-fashioned kind with six wide garter tabs - not the delicate little things at Victoria's Secret, and the longest, sheerest stockings - the kind with the reinforced heel and toe, and they go all the way up, almost to my pussy lips!

Finally, with my approval, she agreed to another session with him. He wanted her to meet him at a motel, but she nixxed that, instead talking him into drinks and dancing on a night I was "busy". A few nights later,

I helped her dress for the evening. We chose a knee-length dress with a full skirt, kind of low cut in front, no bra, her sexy black garter belt, sheerest opera-length RHT stockings, and black, patent leather 4" stiletto heels, her highest. A black thong completed the outfit, but she promised that it wouldn't be on very long!

I kissed her goodbye, stroking her nylon clad legs in the process. She promised to call me via cel-phone as soon as she had an idea where they would end up. I got dressed also, and headed for the city about 40 miles away, where I knew they would go, so no one would see them.

As I ate dinner in a little cafe, my cel-phone rang. "Honey, it's me." (I already knew that-caller ID!) We're at "The Flamingo," and we're sitting close to the fountain - you can watch from the alcove by the dance floor - okay?" "Okay, Babe - how are things going?" I asked as I paid my bill.

"Wow! Is all I can say, Honey. Ted is all over me! My thong was gone before we got to dinner, and he's been finger-fucking me at every opportunity!" My dick was rock hard as I slid into my truck. "What else?" I probed.

"Well, he absolutely LOVES my stockings - can't get enough of them! Honey, I already gave him head - I hope you aren't mad...."

"No, I'm not. Did you swallow?" I asked.

"Yeah.... I did. He came a lot, too. Please don't be mad.... I know I was supposed to wait 'til you could watch, but he was crazy with lust, and...."

"Honey, don't worry about it. I'll let you make it up to me, okay?"

"Okay! How about if I let you eat Ted's cum from my pus.... gotta go, he's coming. Bye!" I was driving like a maniac to get to the Flamingo, a few miles away. I pulled into the parking lot, parking my truck next to my wife's SUV towards the rear of the crowded lot. I counted on my wife being able to distract Ted enough so he wouldn't notice it.

I went into the club, and waited until my eyes adjusted to the semi-dark night club. Then, I worked my way through the crowded club toward the dance floor, and I immediately spotted Lori and Ted dancing. It was a semi-fast number, and Lori's dress swirled as she moved to the music.

I sat down at an out-of-the-way table, where I could watch them. Luckily, when they sat down, I was close enough to their table to see everything, but was behind Ted so he couldn't see me.

As soon as they sat down, Ted's hand went to Lori's thigh, sliding her dress up past the tops of her nylons. He seemed fascinated by her stocking tops and garter belt, and she didn't stop his caresses. Then, she saw me, and immediately uncrossed her legs, spreading them about six inches. Ted's hand went right to her crotch, and I could tell from his movements, and the smoldering look on Lori's face, that his fingers were inside her pussy, finger-fucking her.

After just a few minutes, she came to a mini-orgasm, trembling slightly. Then, she pushed his hand away and got up, heading toward the ladies room. I quickly followed, and after she checked it, we both went in. "Oh, Honey!" she panted. My hand was already under her dress, stroking her nyloned thigh, moving north quickly. I found the wettest pussy I ever felt, and stroked it roughly.

"Last chance to back down, Honey," she said, kissing me, her tongue sliding in my mouth. The slight taste of cum was still there. I told her she had a green light to do whatever she wanted.

"Okay then, get out to your truck!" and she was gone. I quickly headed for my truck and got in, sliding down in the seat. I cracked the window so I could hear, just as they approached Lori's Durango.

Ted leaned Lori back against the side of her SUV, and kissed her. It was kind of dark, but I could see very clearly, and I could hear every word. Ted slid his hands under her dress, caressing her stockings, and moving up. Lori spread her legs wide apart, and he was soon at the juncture of her thighs, his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. "Oh, Teddy.... please FUCK ME!" she begged.

"Let's go to a motel.... please!" he asked again, and again she refused.

"No Ted, we don't have time - I need to be home in about an hour!" As she talked, she was unzipping his pants, and sliding his hard seven incher out into the night air. She squatted down and took it in her mouth, and I almost came right there! Her dress was up around her waist, all of her nylons and garter belt on display as she fellated my friend.

She stopped well before he was ready to cum, and stood up. "Come on, Teddy..." she said as she opened the back door of her SUV. She quickly folded the back seat down and climbed in, showing the back of her legs all the way up to her naked ass. Ted followed her as she flipped her dress up and over her head. She was naked in the back of her truck, except for her garter belt, stockings and high heels.

Now, she was working on Ted's pants, and they were soon off, along with his shoes and socks. His shorts followed, and he was naked from the waist down, and she was again on his dick, sucking it. After pleasuring him for a few minutes, she leaned back and spread her legs, and Ted crawled between those beautiful, nylon clad thighs and went down on her.

After enjoying his tongue and mouth for several minutes, Lori pulled his head up and gave the order. "FUCK ME, TED!" He did. He slid up on his knees and fed his raging hardon into her. It was quite a sight, let me tell ya. Lori wrapped her legs around him and helped him develop a good rhythm in the uncomfortable SUV.

They fucked for quite awhile, - it seemed like hours, but was actually just about 15 minutes. Ted stroked her nylons, put her legs up on his shoulders, spread them as wide as the back of the truck would allow, and obviously just enjoyed her.

She loved it too, and so did I. It was very hard to keep from cumming in my truck, but somehow I managed. Then, I heard Ted tell Lori he was about to cum, and She again wrapped her nyloned legs around him. She'd lost one of her high heels, and I was able to see the reinforced heel and toe of that stocking, all the way up to the darker band at the top, and the garter tab that led up to her waist. "Unbelievable!" is all I can say.

Ted started cumming in my wife then, slamming down hard on her, driving his cock into her as far as it would go. That started her orgasm as well, and she came right alng with him. He held her legs against him, prolonging the effect of her stockings against his sides. When they were done, he just fell forward onto her chest, and they just lay there, heaving against each other.

A few minutes later, she was pushing him out the door of her truck as he slid his clothes on. I watched him go to his car, start it up and drive out of the lot, and couldn't get into her truck fast enough. "Did you like it, Rick? Did you like watching Ted fuck me?"

"Oh, Baby - it was wild!" I said as I slid between her stocking clad legs.

"Come on, Honey," she prompted me. "Lick me. Eat me! Suck Ted's cum out of me!" I started at the top of her stocking, kissing her leg through the sheer nylon fabric. Up, to the garter tab, up to bare skin, up.... up. I found a few drips of Ted's cum as I went, licking them away.

The scent was overwhelming. Again, I almost came without a single touch from my wife.I breathed it in, and moved up to her pussy lips, kissing and then, licking them. My tongue finally entered her, and tasted the product of their lovemaking. I knew immediately, that I was forever hooked on that experience.

My wife, growing impatient, flipped me over onto my back, and crawled up on my chest. Sliding forward, she brought her cum-drenched pussy in contact with my mouth, and before I had a chance to think about it, I was drinking and truly enjoying the flow of creamy liquid that poured out of her.

After several minutes of this, Lori started stroking her clit as I ate her, and she quickly started cumming again. When she was done, she turned around so that her back was to me, and went down on me, taking my cock all the way in.

This lasted about 30 seconds, and as soon as she started stroking the shaft while she sucked the head, I started pumping an unbelieveable load down her throat. After swallowing every drop, she again flipped around and lay beside me in the back of the truck.

"Well?" she asked. "Yeah," I responded.

"That was the absolute best ever," I added. "Me, too," she said. We talked for several minutes, kissing each other, stroking each other. She kept talking.

"I don't want it to replace our lovemaking," she said, "but once in awhile, just to add some spice...."

"Yeah, I agree. You know, I have no desire to suck a cock.... although I might think about it in conjunction with the cock fucking you, but although I can't explain it, I really love the thought of eating a guy's cum out of you," I told my sweet wife.

"I love it, too. It's the most erotic thing that's ever been done to me," she said. Knowing we would have to be careful in today's world, we both knew that we would be repeating tonight's activities.

We dressed and headed for home, and by the time we got there, we were at again. She dropped her dress on the way into the house, and once inside the front door, I jumped her. We made it to the couch, and she leaned back and spread those unbelievable legs.

For the first time that night, my cock slid into my wife's well-used pussy. She talked me into another great orgasm.... "Did you like the way Ted fucked me, Rick? Did you like the taste of his cum dripping out of my pussy, Rick? Would you lick his cock as he fucks me, Rick?" That did it. I came again, like a fire hydrant, drenching her pussy.

Then, I ate her again, licking her clit as she had another orgasm. Un-be-lieveable.

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