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Pickup Game At The Bar


She Got More Than She Asked For

Chapter 1

My wife and I had a fun idea to go to a local bar and she'd act like she was alone and I would come in and act like I didn't know her and pick her up and make out in the bar.

She put on a black shelf bra that held her big 38-D titties up and make the nipples really stick out. A black garter belt and stockings went on and then a pair of crotchless panties. A silky black button up blouse and short skirt that just covered the tops of her nylons completed the outfit. Watching her getting dressed in that outfit and imagining the men at the bar looking at her got me hard as a rock.

She had me drive to a small hotel by the airport named the Airport Inn. "Kay had me meet him here a couple of times when you were out of town," she told me. "They have a quite bar with not too many people and it's fairly dark. We'd have a few drinks and he liked to take me out to his van in the parking lot and fuck. It was kind of exciting worrying that somebody would see us."

With that picture in mind I dropped her off at the back door of the hotel and went to park the car. As she walked into the hotel I thought she didn't look half bad for a 42 year old woman. I decided to wait about ten minutes before I went in, so it would look more legitimate. When I found the bar it was a U shaped affair with tables on the far side. Meg was sitting on a bar stool on the far side engaged in conversation with a younger dark haired guy who was laughing at what she said.

"Damn," I thought, "somebody has already hit on her" and wondered what I should do.

I sat down at the far end across from them and ordered a beer and decided to wait and see what was happening. He called over the bartender and she looked across the bar and saw me, raising her eyebrows as he whispered something in her ear. She nodded and got off the barstool showing a lot of leg and followed him to a table. In a minute the bartender brought new drinks to their table and my wife gulped the last of hers and gave the glass to him.

The guy had his arm around her and she was laughing at what he had said. They visited that way for about a quarter of an hour with him nuzzling her and looking down the front of her blouse which was showing lots of cleavage. I ordered another beer wondering what was going on. Rubbing her back he got a puzzled look on his face and whispered something to her whereupon she pulled her blouse out a little letting him have a better look at her tits and they both laughed. They had more drinks and he was sitting on her right and under the table which faced me his hand was slowly rubbing up and down her thigh toying with the top of her nylon. I could see by the look on her face she was getting turned on and she leaned over and kissed him. He returned it with a deeper kiss and I could see his hand move up farther under her skirt. She didn't protest and in fact moved her legs a little further apart. Later she told me that he had been puzzled when he felt her bra in the back and told her he was surprised because she looked like she didn't have a bra on. She had showed him down her blouse so that he could see the bra below her nipples. He told her that was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen and that her tits were magnificent. He worked at the airport and the bartender was a friend of his. When she had come in he asked the bartender about her and he said she had been in a few times but usually with a bald guy. He decided to take a chance and came over and sat beside her. She was about ten years older than him but he told her that she was the nicest lady he had ever seen there. He'd had a terrible week at work and his girl had left him a few weeks ago and he was feeling really low and getting to talk with her had made his day. My wife's a sucker for a sad story and a little flattery really turns her on and she said she was having a great time. The bartender brought more drinks, and I was starting to get worried because that was her fourth Cape Cod. The guy got up and excused himself to go to the bathroom, leaning over and kissing her on the mouth as he left. He had a noticeable bulge in his jeans. I caught her eye and made a "what's up" gesture and she held up one finger for me to wait a minute. He came back and she excused herself and headed for the bathroom which was outside the bar and down the hotel corridor. I followed her and when we were out of sight she said, "This is going really faster than I expected, I'm not sure what to do. His name's Matt and he's really nice and has had a hard time. I don't know how to tell him we've just been fooling with him. He asked if I'd go somewhere where we could talk. I really feel sorry for him and he's a lot nicer than anybody I've ever met in a bar."

I told her, "I noticed, it looks like he's got his hand up your pussy from where I'm sitting and you look like you're trying to suck his tonsils out."

"Don't be rude, I'm just trying to be nice, and he is a great kisser. If you hadn't been so long coming in, this wouldn't be a problem."
I had waited to see if someone would try to hit on her so I guess it was kind of my fault. The thought had turned me on. "When he gets ready to leave and you get to the parking lot, tell him you had a good time but you better go home. I'll meet you in the parking lot after he's left." I advised her.

"That sounds good, and his hand wasn't quite to my pussy yet," she said as she headed back to the table.

I waited a few nervous minutes and went back to my seat at the bar. They were holding hands in conversation and kissing now and then and he would rest his hand against her breast as they kissed. There were few people in the bar and nobody seemed to notice. I got more nervous when she downed the next drink and saw her hand rubbing the inside of his thigh. He called for his check and she got up somewhat unsteadily with her skirt pulling up to where you could almost see her panties, what little there was of them. I was going nuts. That was supposed to be my hand up under her skirt. He followed her out and I trailed at a discreet distance going out a side door and heading slowly toward our car. I saw them come around the corner heading my way with his arm around her back. They stopped by a black Chevy pickup and she was talking to him. He put his arms around her in a long deep kiss with his hands cupping her ass and her arms tight around his neck. Now she'll come to the car and we can go home I thought in relief, but instead he opened the door and she climbed in and he climbed in beside her starting the truck. Flabbergasted I ran to our car and followed them out of the parking lot. He drove fast and turned onto the road going into the airport and I got stopped by the light.

I hurried to try to catch them but there were a dozen roads turning off into various areas of the airport and I couldn't see them anywhere. I drove around crazily for fifteen minutes but couldn't see them anywhere. I was really scared and didn't know what was going on and didn't know what to do. This was before everybody had cell phones and so all I could think to do was go home and wait to hear from her. The following is her account of what happened as I can best remember it.

Chapter 2

My mind was in an alcohol fogged turmoil as we left the bar and I wasn't sure what I was going to say. I wasn't self conscious of my short skirt any more at least and Matt's arm felt good around me. I wasn't sure where my husband was and when we stopped by Matt's truck I told him it had been a really fun night but I should probably go home. He put his lips on mine and when I felt his tongue and my mouth and his hand pressing me against him I got all week in the knees. He asked if we couldn't go somewhere and talk for a little while, and to my surprise I heard myself saying OK. I couldn't think as I climbed up into the truck and slid across the seat giving him a good view of my ass. He got in started the truck and drove away fast as if I'd try to leave again if he didn't hurry. He drove to the airport to one of the air freight terminals where he said he worked and the parking lot was deserted at night.

He parked behind some big delivery trucks in the back of the lot where we were out of sight. As soon as he had turned off the engine he took me in his arms again smothering me with a passionate kiss and fumbling at the buttons of my blouse. Then his hand was cupping my tit and his fingers were gently caressing my hard nipples and the world spun around and I couldn't think of anything but how good his hands and lips felt. He was panting hard and my pussy was so wet that when he put his hand between my legs his fingers slipped right up inside me. It was like electricity going clear thru me and "Oh God" came from my lips in a groan. That cleared my head a little and I gasped, "Oh slow down, I can't breathe."

He held still breathing heavily but didn't take his fingers out of my sopping pussy. We just sat there for a few minutes catching our breath with him mumbling how incredible I was. When I got my wits about me tears started to flow and I had to tell him what my husband and I had been doing that night. When I told him my husband was sitting in the bar watching us he let go of me and exploded.

"You rotten whore. I knew you were to good to be true. Am I supposed to pay you now? So you're just another lousy cock tease, I bet you think this is really funny," and started crying.

I was begging him that I was sorry, but he was just to nice to not let him know what was going on and I had really fucked up. I was hysterical about how worried my husband must be.

"I'm so sorry I cried, I didn't mean to hurt you, you were so nice that I didn't know what to do after we got started. Please forgive me, I'll do anything to make you not hate me, I didn't mean to hurt you. Please, oh please, I'm so sorry", I sobbed.

"I ought to beat the shit out of you, you slut. I can't believe I thought you were for real," he raged.

All I could do was cry and say I was sorry. I was really afraid he was going to hurt me. I was sitting there with my blouse off and my skirt up around my waist and tears streaming down my face and must have looked a sight. "Oh Matt, what can I do? I'm so sorry that I've made such a fucking mess of everything."

He got control of himself and reached over and unhooked my bra and then unzipping his fly pulled his hard cock out and said, "Well if you want to be a slut let's see if you're a good one."

I was still really turned on and at the sight of that huge beautiful cock I had to have him in my mouth. I undid his belt and sucked his cock as far as I could into my mouth trying to give him the best blow job I'd ever done. His prick tasted so good that I licked and kissed it ravenously, saying "I'm so sorry for hurting you" over and over. With his cock half way down my throat I could hardly breathe, he must have been over eight inches long.

Pulling my mouth off his swollen cock he said, "OK, get out of the truck, whore."

I was sure he was going to leave me standing with my tits hanging out in a deserted parking lot and drive off. But he got out of the truck to and pulled me around back and lowered the tailgate, telling me to lean over it. I was too drunk and upset to do anything but what he said.

"If you want to be a whore for your husband, Meg, I'll be happy to oblige you. Take you're panties off, slut and bend over for me," he commanded.

I pulled off the little split crotch panties I was wearing and handed them to him and leaned down on the tailgate which was really cold on my bare boobs. My skirt had a high slit in the back and he tore it up the rest of the way to the waistband exposing my bare ass and shoved his huge cock into my pussy and started fucking me doggy style like crazy. His big cock inside me set me on fire and I went crazy.

"Do you like my cock inside you slut. Is this what you wanted? Tell me you like my cock better than your husbands, you cunt!" he groaned as he pumped in and out of my dripping pussy hole.

Carried away with this pounding fuck, I gasped, "Oh God Matt, you fuck better than my husband does. Fuck me harder, I love your beautiful cock in me. I really want you to shoot my teasing pussy full of your hot cum. Oh please, I want your sperm inside me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard, you're wonderful, I'm so sorry, Please forgive me."

He groaned again and exploded inside me. He ground his hips into my ass and spurt after spurt of his hot sticky cum filled my insides. He pulled out of me and pulled up his pants and went to the glove box, telling me to stay in that position. It took me several minutes to catch my breath and he came back with a felt tip pin and my blouse and started writing on my back and my ass. It seemed like it took a long time but it was probably only a minute. Then he pulled down my skirt and helped me put on my blouse.

He held me for a minute and kissed me gently saying he hoped he hadn't been too rough and then helped me up into the truck.

I tried to make myself look presentable as he drove me back to the hotel. He handed me a mobile phone and said I could call my husband to come to the hotel and pick me up. He pulled into the parking lot and I told him to drop me in back as I couldn't go in dressed like I was. He told me I needed to be a lot more careful if I wanted to tease because I could have gotten a lot more than a good fucking. Smiling he said, "You really are a good fuck, your pussy's as good as those big beautiful tits."

He drove away leaving me standing there. I stood with my back to the wall because with my skirt torn my whole ass, which is pretty good sized, was hanging out. The top two buttons were gone off my shirt and you could just about see all my bare tits. He kept my bra and panties for a souvenir and I was grateful that that was all my silliness had cost me. So I just stood there with my back against the wall and my arms folded across my chest and waited for my husband.

Chapter 3

I had been home for a half hour frantically worrying about what my wife was doing when the phone rang. In a clipped voice my wife said, "Can you pick me up at the hotel?"

"Sure, Sweetheart, are you OK?"

"I'm fine", she replied, "I'll tell you about it when you get here. Hurry."

With relief I jumped in the car and raced the 3 miles back to the hotel where I found her leaning up against the wall by the back door. When she ran out and climbed in her bare tit flopped out of the front of her blouse. "Are you sure you're all right", I queried.

"I am now," she said leaning over and kissing me. "I don't think we should try this again for a while. I'm worn out."

As we drove home she told me what had happened. "What did he write?" I asked after she had finished.

"I have no idea. I was just grateful to get my clothes back. I was horrified that somebody would come and find me standing naked in the parking lot with cum running down my legs," was her reply.

I followed her into the house relieved but also getting turned on by the sight of her bare ass showing through the split in the back of her skirt. Inside after taking off her clothes I read the note he had written on her back and ass with an indelible marker pen.

In handwriting it said:







The writing was still visible on her ass as a reminder for two weeks. When I fucked my sweet little 'whore' that night her pussy was swollen, tight and slippery with his cum and we made love on the living room floor for an hour before falling asleep.

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I think you should have

fallen asleep first and never woke up, that's what your wife and Matt said as well

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