I want to fuck you outside. Enough away that it's private, but a chance of being seen. Of someone standing behind a tree and watching how incredibly sexy we are. Pulling out his big cock and stroking it as he watches you fucking me hard and fast, bent over a picnic table.

We look and sound so sexy he can't not jerk off. You can tell someone is watching us. You lean down and whisper in my ear, telling me you know someone is near. Asking if I want to give him/her a show. Of course I agree.

You flip me around, so I'm laying on the table at the edge. You hold my legs up and spread wide to give yourself, and our watcher, a great view of my open, wet, swollen pussy. Then you bend down and slowly start to tease me with the tip of your tongue. Up my inner thigh, across my belly, down the other thigh.

Our fan starts stroking a little faster. Just like me, he's practically holding his breath in anticipation of what's coming.

You continue to tease me until I beg you to lick my clit. Please. Please. I'm dying without it. You're not gonna do it until you're good and ready. But you take pity and let one leg go so you have a hand. You use your finger to trace a trail closer to my center than your tongue had gone, but still not where I want it.

I'm moaning and begging. Suddenly you plunge two fingers into my cunt, hard and fast. You move them around inside of me, stroking every wall and hot spot. Oh yes. To feel you fill me again, but with all that movement. I'm writhing in the table, breathing hard.

When I'm so worked up I don't even know what's up or down, you finally bend down and gently lick my clit. Oh god. Oh god. Finally. It's exquisite. You use your other hand to spread me wide, because you know that's how I like it.

You use the tip to lick all around my pussy. Then the flat of your tongue to lick me over and over and over. I'm screaming, not caring who is watching or what they see. I can feel the orgasm approaching. Bubbling up from within. I tell you I'm close. You know exactly what I want.

You start moving your fingers in and out, fucking my pussy so good while you focus your tongue on licking me, especially my clit. It's so amazing I never ever want it to end, and you're so hard seeing what reactions I'm having to your fingers and tongue. You know you're the only person in the world who gets me so wet, so wild, so willing to abandon all self consciousness.

As as much as we both want it to continue on and on, you know I'm so close and need relief. You whisper how sexy I look and sound, and how hard I'm making you. Then you increase the speed of your finger fucking and your licking until it's a frenzy of movements. I'm squirming so much it's actually hard to keep hitting your target, so you take my clit into your mouth and suck. That's it. That's it.

In a moment I'm screaming your name and bucking all over the table, my already tight pussy clenching your fingers so hard you can't move them in and out anymore. You leave them inside, and wiggle the little bit you can to keep driving my orgasm on. It lasts for what seems like forever. Finally, I start to still, my breathing slows a bit, and I lay there in that sweet sweet afterglow of one of the best orgasms of my life.

You lean over and kiss me. I can taste my own juices on your tongue. And I whisper that I need five minutes, and then our mystery visitor and I are gonna take care of that hard, throbbing cock of yours real real good.

You groan in anticipation. You know it will be so hot with me, and even more so with whoever is now just watching.

The story continues when I am revived enough to switch places, you leaning on the table and me in front of you.

I take your huge, steel cock in my mouth, just as we hear the stranger approach. You signal him to come closer.

I'm already on my knees, so I just lean a bit more toward you and he gets the hint. In one quick push, he's fucking me from behind while I continue to give you the blow job of your life. He thrusts into me so hard, it causes you to go even further down my throat. You are moaning. You've never been so deep in my mouth. And while I'm sucking, I'm playing with your balls. Then, without warning, I insert a finger in your ass. You cry out when I start massaging your sensitive gland.

Between watching this stranger fuck me, and my deep throating and prostate massage, you can't hold back. You cum explosively in my mouth, screaming my name as you do. God I love that. You cum so hard and so much I can't swallow it all fast enough. Some dribbles out of my mouth. I go to wipe it away but you shout "no, don't" as you lean over and kiss me, hard and deep.

Just as you do, our stranger, who has been eyeing our every motion as he fucks me, begins to shake. Seeing you kiss away your cum from my mouth clearly turns him on as much as it does you. He lets out a yelp as he pulls out and cums all over my ass. Not as much as you did, but impressive nonetheless. He falls against me, totally spent from his incredible orgasm, just as you are from yours.

I'm between the two of you and I love the feeling. I am supported by your body with the weight of his against me. It's an amazing feeling, two sexy bodies surrounding me. I still have never seen the stranger's face. But I'm too blissful to move, or to ask him to.


She knew it was a practice night but she couldn't help herself. She HAD to see him, touch him tonight. He'd be hot and sweaty from time on the ice. But soon they'd both be, so who cares? She leaned against the parking lot wall, careful not to be in the glow of any lights. Surprising him when he was surrounded by people, and ensuring she wasn't seen, wouldn't be easy. She was counting on him noticing, and understanding, the small slash of lipstick on his driver's side window. She was desperate for him to catch on.

She watched them file out of the rink in clumps of two and three. Then they each went to their cars. She saw him! He was with another tall, built guy. But she really only watched him. Would the plan work? She held her breath and chanted in her head, "Please see it, please see it."

He was almost at his car. He stopped and chatted with the other dude for what felt like hours. But finally, other cute guy turned and left. Hmmmmm...would a threesome with them be a possibility? But just as the thought entered her head, it left as she watched him pull out his keys, pop the trunk and stow all his gear. Finally, he slammed the hatch and moved to the driver's door. His movements were as fluid and deliberate as ever, until she saw it. The slight hesitation. He sees it! Not until a wide, sexy, naughty grin broke out across his face was she sure he understood. He briefly looked around for her, but then did exactly as she hoped.

He slid into the seat, started his car and took off. She had no doubt she'd find him at their spot in the park as she intended. She'd wait until everyone was gone and then hightail it there herself. She vibrated with desire. Soon she'd be in his arms, nearly suffocating from their devouring of each other's mouths. Soon she'd be watching him toss around the hockey equipment to make room in the back. Soon they'd look at the nearby picnic table and remember so many incredibly hot times spent on it, against it, under it. And soon he'd slam that big gorgeous hard cock into her again and again, as she screamed with pleasure into his shoulder to muffle the sound. She stepped harder on the accelerator and raced to her rendezvous with the man who drove her wild.

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