tagGroup SexPicnic Ch. 01

Picnic Ch. 01


Marjorie rested her head on her hand, watching a single grasshopper hop onto the red plaid blanket the group had placed on the ground for their "picnic." Johan and Andrew had planned the afternoon, winking their eyes at each other each time they mentioned picnic, giggling when anyone mentioned hunger or eating. Edie and Marjorie knew what was happening, actually goaded the guys into the trip. They weren't surprised to find there was no picnic basket and definitely no food. If fact they were the first to begin removing their clothing as the two guys pretended to have forgotten the food. Edie found their antics cute, Marjorie thought them unoriginal, perhaps even boring.

What was original and really quite rude was when, instead of paring up, both guys began running their hands over Edie's breasts, and as she freed them from her bra, they each took a nipple into their mouths, leaving Marjorie to undress alone. Initially she figured one of the guys would move over to her, but as the two of them talked about a sandwich, one kissing Edie down her back and the other kissing her from the front, Marjorie settled back onto the blanket.

Edie noticed Marjorie's consternation and whispered, "When they finish with me, they'll move over to you, that way we both can feel what it's like with two guys."

Marjorie should have expected something like this when they started out, Edie was the slim, pretty one, and Marjorie was always the plump friend. Plump was the polite word, what they meant was fat. She guessed she could settle for Edie's left-overs, she really didn't have much of a choice, so she was simply left to watch and wait. It was quite a unique experience for her as Edie had a way of bringing out the best in the guys, so Marjorie slipped a hand between her legs and slowly caressed herself as the watched the group writhe in front of her.

She was tempted to join in, when Edie decided to try and suck both guys cocks at the same time. Marjorie watched in fascination as the two guys leaned onto their backs and spread their legs while facing each other. Scooting together and entwining their legs until their cocks were touching each other, the guys made a few cracks about not being gay as Edie got on her hands and knees and leaned over them.

Johan's cock was a bit longer than Andrew's, but Edie had Johan move back a bit until both the large, purple heads of their cocks were together. Slowly grasping them in her outstretched fingers, she moved her hand up and down. The tip of Andrew's cock was pooled with pre-cum, and the clear liquid ran down over Edie's hand and onto Johan's cock. There was a single droplet of pre-cum glistening in Johan's tiny hole, but Edie quickly dropped her head and lapped it up.

Opening her mouth wide, Edie slipped her mouth over just the heads of both cocks and slipped her tongue around, dipping into the tiny holes, tasting the different flavors of the pre-cum from each guy. She began stroking their shafts with both hands as she tried to suck on their cocks, moving her head up and down and side to side. The guys were simply mesmerized by what Edie was doing to them, staring at her as their cocks slipped in and out of her mouth.

Meanwhile, Marjorie had a magnificent view of Edie's pussy and ass and decided to try something she had never tried before. Moving onto her back, she slid in beneath Edie and ran her tongue down her slit and dipped it into her wet opening. While masturbating, Marjorie had tasted herself before, but this was the first time she had tasted another woman. The flavor was familiar, but distinctly different than herself. Pushing her tongue deeper into Edie, she drank in the tangy, earthy flavor and then moved up to Edie's clit.

Thinking of the things she always wanted someone to do to her own clit, Marjorie flicked her tongue quickly over Edie's clit, barely touching it, teasing her until the smaller woman began pushing herself onto Marjorie's face. Marjorie then sucked the clit in between her lips, catching her tongue under one edge and pinching it up against her upper lip.

Watching Marjorie down between Edie's legs, the guys were about to come in spite of Edie's clumsy dual blow job, but as she came, she suddenly pulled her head and hands away, leaving both guys on the edge, their cocks twitching and banging against each other. Edie raised up, moaning loudly and ground her pussy onto Marjorie's face, her juices covering her lips and mouth. Edie sighed loudly and climbed off of Marjorie.

Immediately both guys moved back to Edie, needing to be finished off, but she held up her hands and said, "Oh no guys, it's Marjorie's turn now."

They turned to Marjorie with pure lust in their eyes.

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