tagGroup SexPicnic Ch. 02

Picnic Ch. 02


Marjorie smiled as the two boys looked at her with such desire. Suddenly, what was an embarrassment for her had turned into something with marvelous possibilities. She tried to act casual, actually savoring the iridescent joy of watching the bright green grasshopper mindlessly hop around the quivering, flowing flesh coming delightfully closer and closer to landing on one of the four lovers. The guys quickly worked out what they wanted to try; Marjorie was to kneel over top of one of them, while the other did her doggie style. They had considered fucking her in the ass, but no one had any lubricant and Marjorie wasn't about to try that without lube.

Wanting to avoid any comments about her weight, Marjorie kneeled above Johan and carefully lowered herself onto his cock, supporting most of her weight on her hands and knees. She began sliding up and down on Johan as Andrew moved behind her and tried to ease his cock into her too. The sensation for Marjorie was a bit odd, feeling herself stretched some, but the guys just weren't coordinated enough to really get anything going. Andrew finally gave up and turned to Edie who shook her head and said, "No, it's her turn."

"Look Johan, let's get her on her back and take turns," Andrew said, wanting to at least get a better view of the action. Johan pulled out of Marjorie and they eased her onto her back. She rolled over and opened her legs, giggling a bit at Johan as he frantically dove back on her, shoving his cock into her sopping wet pussy. What was really nice was Edie eased herself over Marjorie's face, so she began eating her friend's pussy while hers was pumped wildly by Johan.

Wanting a bit of the action, Andrew rubbed his cock over Marjorie's enormous breasts, wetting them with his pre-cum. Seeing Marjorie eating Edie's pussy, watching her tongue slide over the glistening clit, seeing Edie's juices wetting Marjorie's face was driving Andrew crazy. He looked down and could see his pre-cum all over the two enormous breasts and the huge nipples, and then, further down he could see Johan's cock disappearing and reappearing in and out of Marjorie's pussy. The folds of her skin seemed to move with him, yielding with each thrust and trying to desperately hold on to his shaft as he withdrew.

Johan watched as his friends cock oozed pre-cum all over the huge nipples, and then seeing Marjorie eating Edie's pussy he simply couldn't hold off any more. He moaned loudly, arched his back and shot his wad into Marjorie's pussy. He felt his cock spurt again and again as he shoved himself against her pliant flesh, trying to get deeper, so deep inside the woman.

By the time Johan finished and was pulled from between her legs by Andrew, Marjorie felt herself getting closer and closet to coming. Andrew's cock wasn't as long as Johan's, but it was much thicker so it was a bit of a different sensation for Marjorie as he thrust deep inside her. After waiting and watching Johan fuck Marjorie, after running his cock all over her breasts and after watching Marjorie eat Edie, he needed to fuck badly, so it was urgent.

Marjorie lifted her ass off the ground as she and Andrew crashed together, both moaning loudly, Marjorie's ample flesh quivering wildly with each thrust. With her attention focused on Andrew's cock plunging into her body, Marjorie had stopped licking Edie's pussy, so the smaller woman began toying with her own clit watching the frantic fucking going on in front of her.

Marjorie suddenly rose up, arching her back actually lifting Andrew off his knees as she came, her pussy squeezing his cock in wild pulsations. Grabbing her hips for leverage, Andrew started thrusting wildly, plunging in and out of Marjorie until he came, filling her with his cum. They collapsed in a wet, quivering mass of flesh, cum and sweat as Edie brought herself off, amazed at what she had witnessed.

The four of them untangled their bodies and then their clothes and got dressed. It seemed odd, the guys behavior toward the two women seemed to change. As they talked of doing it again, it all seemed directed toward Marjorie, the guys even saying they'd like get together again, even if Edie couldn't make it they'd like to give it a try.

"Oh no boys, Edie and I are a team, if you want us together we can talk," she said.

Edie smiled and clasped Marjorie's hand and said, "Yes, we are a team. Now if both of you two can't make it, we might try it with one of you."

"You'd do one of us?"

"Of course we would," Marjorie said, and then continued, in unison with Edie, "Not!"

The four of them walked back to the car as Edie whispered to Marjorie, "Marjie why don't we give it a try without the boys."

"That might be nice," she replied, recalling the taste of her friend's pussy. "Yes that would be nice. Perhaps we'll have another picnic, with just you and me."

They climbed into the back seat together, making plans for their next picnic.

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