tagRomancePicnic with Karen Ch. 2

Picnic with Karen Ch. 2


We phoned each other during the week, of course, just the usual chit-chat, but each time we talked I visioned her on that day, and imagined that she was next to me, very much in my arms. The week dragged by, I knew it would! Saturday came….Hooray!… but the weather? ….the summer seemed to have disapeared, a light rain was falling but the temperature was still carrying over, being more warm and humid, rather than cool. Nip around to the local Deli, pick up ready-made sandwiches, fill up a Thermos, get drinks out of fridge, pack it all in picnic basket…(just in case!), and head off to Karen's home.

As usual, She is ready to go..'(why is that)'? I ask myself, all other Girl's seem to take forever to get ready!. Karen was, well, dressed alright, but the Slacks and Shirt I expected Her to wear had given way to a very tight top thing and a long Skirt that sat snugly on her hips..hipsters, I believe they are known as, leaving her midrif bare. She looked a million dollars, her very slim waistline accentuated by the apparel. Walking towards me from the Veranda she seemed to glide like a Swan..almost surrelistic. We kissed each other, her lips sooo soft and sweet, her eyes dancing with amusement as I gave my usual blush. "Do you do that all over, David"?, she asked with some amusement. "Really cannot help it, Karen, every time I either see, touch or kiss you, I feel like melting inside and wan't to hold and protect you ooooh soooo much"! "Now,now', Karen admonished me, "Behave yourself!, now, where are we going"?. "Well, I thought we might go back up to the clifftops, but since it's raining perhaps a trip to the local bowling alley and then the movies", I said. "OH DAVID", the disappointment showed in her voice "it's not raining THAT bad, and it's too warm to go to the movies, I was SOOO looking forward to where we went last weekend, I even done my hair different, see"? Seeing wasn't the word I had exactly in mind, she had done her hair different. It was suttle, but there again, I'm a fella and woudn't recognize a brick wall until I walked into it!, yes her hair WAS different, framing her lovely face like a picture frame, soft, and lifting slightly in the breeze, revealing a long, slender neck. I didn't say anything, just gulping a making, I hoped, an appropiate manly noise, as I couldn't speak for the lump in my throat.

Clearing my throat I said 'Super', and opened the car door for her. Upon assisting her in it was then I realized that the long skirt was, in fact, one of those wrap-around things, falling open to reveal the best pair of legs in New York State, long, slim legs, flashing soft round, creamy thighs and a quick glimpse of a white, lacy g-string affair. Pretending to be nonchalent and not noticing somehow I got the door shut and behind the wheel. Driving VERY carefully, after all, who would want to damage Her!, we made our way back to the farmhouse, arriving just as the light rain stopped and the sun came out. 'about right', thought I, even He-Up-There would be watching Karen, after all, who woudn't?!!!

I knocked at the farmhouse door, expecting the kindly old farmer. It was opened by a fella about my age. "Yeah"?..he said. "Umm, hoping to see the farmer, ask permission to picnic on the clifftop". I said. "He's dead"..he said flatly. "Good Lord, I had no idea"!, I exclaimed, "What did he die of"?. "Search me", the young man said,"coroner said something about over-exertion, found him in bed with a photo of a Girl taped to his kness, his dick was still in his hand." "Oh, I'm sorry", I said as gently as possible, "any idea who the girl was"? "Dunno", never seen her around these parts, probably a model or something, boy, that was some photo though, looks as though it was taken here in the farmhouse but the old man never knew anybody, let alone a Girl like that, funny….", he said, as if thinking about his words "wonder how he managed to get her into that shirt, she was really something, one thing though, according to the coroner, he went quick with a smile on his face". It struck me like a thunderbolt that the old kindly farmer had somehow managed to get a photo of Karen with my shirt on, it would be interesting to see that photo!, and had well, wanked himself to death, poor bugger!. "Anyway', the young man said, "You wanna picnic up there", pointing up towards the cliffs. "If you don't mind", I said, "Must introduce myself, Karen, she's in the car, and me, David", holding out my hand, which he firmly shook. "Yeah, no problem", he said and, for the first time, looked towards the car….and that was a biiiiig mistake! Karen had the car door open as it was now getting quite warm, and had one foot on the ground, her skirt had fallen open again, revealing a long leg and thigh. She was looking the other way, towards the ocean, and hadn't noticed. "I'TS HER", the young man practically choked himself trying to say that!."I'ts the Girl in the photo, shit, she's lovely"! "Please, don't swear, she may hear you", I admonished him.

"Yeah, sorry, man, hang on a tick".He rushed into the farmhouse and re-appeared with a dog-eared photo. He showed it to me. Dog-eared, more like been through a washing machine but clearly showed my Karen in the overstuffed armchair with her knees about level with her chest. I would, under normal circumstances,have considered it funny but somehow the old farmer had taken her photo from a position that reavealed exactly what Karen had under her lacy g-string!. To say that she was lovely to date was an under-statement, she was absolutley perfect! Her clean-shaven pussy was, well,?!!, how does one describe it?. The old farmer had seen a lot more of Karen than I had!. I felt a pang of momentary rage, then jealousy, believe it or not!, as he had seen much, much more than I had, no wonder the bugger had gone that way!, couldn't think of anything better myself, if I chose to go to..well, you know!

Still stunned looking, I took the young man by the arm and stumbled him across to Karen. Introducing him as the new farm owner as the old man had retired and moved on, the young man wiped his hand on his trousers and offered it to Karen, who gracefully took it and shook his hand. Getting a pitchfork I pried his hand away from her…no, not really!, but it took a bit of surgery to get him to let go!. Putting her safely back into the car we drove up to the nearby gate. For someone who could hardly stand a few seconds ago he was already there!, swinging the gate open and waving us/Karen? through. We drove up towards the cliff, looking for the same spot as last week to picnic. "Is he alright, Dave"?, Karen enquired, "he looked, well, flushed and shakey" "Yeah, he's ohkay", I replied, "just getting used to the new surrounds and scenery is all". The Sun was now shining brilliantly, the day was warming up well. We spread our picnic on the clifftops and whilst Karen admired the view, I admired Karen ??? To be continued . . . . . . . . . .

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