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Picture Day


(Author's note: This story is based on an actual event in my life. My husband (at the time) had some "special" photos taken of me. The relationship between "Dani" and "Brad" is also based on an attraction I had for one of my cousins. Enjoy!)

Nicole thought it was a rather bizarre request, at first anyway. It had come from her husband of 9 months, and 6 of those months they had been separated, as he was deployed to Afghanistan. He was a 27 year old Sergeant, she was his adoring 22 year old newlywed, eager to please him in all ways, because she loved him so much. The lonely nights she had experienced since he left were practically unendurable. She knew she had to fulfill his favor to keep them both from going crazy with need and desire. What he wanted were some professionally done photos, but with a little twist.

She had called around to some local boudoir photo places, but with no luck. When she explained exactly what she needed, they all declined. This left her no choice but to put an ad on craigslist seeking a photographer. She figured the tagline( Young wife looking for 'special' photos for deployed hubby) would draw a lot of respondents, but she had no idea that she would literally get hundreds. Some were legit, some were definitely shady, and some were downright creepy (will provide bed and alcohol!). She narrowed it down to about five. When she explained what was involved and how she needed certain 'props', all but one was flummoxed.

Her husband had requested very specific photos to be taken. The first would be her in several different poses wearing bikinis, nighties, and lingerie. Then they would progress to her in various states of undress. Topless, flashing, and peek-a-boo ( her sitting in a schoolgirl outfit, with no panties on, for example). Then it would be fully nude, with poses ranging from shy and demure to wanton and aching. They would progress to her touching herself, getting herself more and more worked up. She would then finish herself off on film with her favorite vibe.

As dirty as these were, they would get even more crazy. Her husband specifically requested pictures of her with large muscular hands on her breasts, ass, and inner thighs. He also wanted her on her knees, with a fully erect cock just inches from her mouth. He also wanted her in various positions on the verge of being penetrated. Finally, he wanted a picture her with simulated cum all over her face. He suggested she use coconut syrup, which was a dead ringer. He also requested that whoever would be posing with her was her choice, but that his face would not be visible in any of the pictures.

The request really through her for a loop at first. Her husband was a normal, macho military man. They had never been swingers or swappers or anything like that. But the more she thought about it, the more sense it made. He had always been really proud of the way she looked, the way she walked, and her generally sexy aura. She didn't think she was all that , but she had been told her whole life how hot she looked. She was small, 5'4", 115 lbs, dark brown hair, well shaped hips and legs. She always wished she had bigger tits than her modest c-cups, but it was her ass that got the most compliments from bold men (and some women), and furtive stares from the less bold ones. Her Hispanic/Irish heritage gave her a faintly exotic look, and some people told her she had the eyes of a minx. Her husband loved showing her off.

Before they were married, he had hosted a super-bowl party for some of the guys in his unit. Before they showed up, he asked if she would be willing to wear just her panties and a t-shirt " Are you serious? Panties and that tiny t-shirt?"

"It's just that you're so hot! I want to show you off She was hesitant, but after a lot of sweet-talking, and some strategic kisses on that sweet spot on her neck that made it impossible to refuse him, she acquiesced. She felt totally exposed as the guys started to show up. She could see their surprise and feel their eyes appraising her. She went about her business the best she could, serving chips and beers to the guys. Some even complimented her on how sexy she looked, and her husband seemed proud to hear it. Eventually, she relaxed, and even began to enjoy the looks and comments. If this is really what he wants, I can play the part of a slut, she thought to herself.

She made a point to bend over right in front of the guys when picking up the empties, giving them all an eyeful of her barely covered ass. She could even feel herself getting wet. February in WA was always cold, so her nipples her straining against the thin cotton t, and were clearly visible to everyone's enjoyment. One of the guys even commented.

"Wow, guess its colder in here than I thought! You could poke someone's eye out with those things!"

"Well, I cant help it, and the fact that you are all staring doesn't make it any easier."

" Oh, I don't think you mind. In fact, that damp spot on the front of your panties says something else entirely!"

They all laughed, especially her fiancé. She wanted to strangle all of them. After the game, she practically raped him, she was so worked up by her escapade. He would do other things to her, like make her go dancing with him while wearing a short skirt and no panties. She knew several strangers got a peek of her neatly trimmed landing strip. He even let her dance with other guys. He didn't even seem to mind when they put their hands on her ass. "Did you see that guy? He had his hand all over my ass? I thought you would've kicked his ass!"

" He couldn't help it! You have that effect on guys. Especially that butt of yours. Besides, you sure were smiling an awful lot. I think all three of us enjoyed it!"

The photographers that she spoke to were all willing to do the pictures she described. The problem was her co-model. She couldn't ask any of her or her husband's friends to do it, it would be just too weird. She needed it to be a stranger, but how to find one? It's not something you put an ad in the paper for. She asked her best friend about it.

" Are you kidding me? Dave really wants you to do that? That is sooo hot. Oh my God, I wish my husband would ask me to do that. There about five guys I know who would be perfect. Want me to ask one for you?"

"No, you forget, we all know the same people. It has to be a stranger. But how do I find one?"

"Well, you could ask the photographer to set someone up for it."

Some of the respondents had suggestions, all of which seemed dubious at best. One even volunteered to pose himself, which left the question of who would take the pictures. Only one of the photographers, a young lady, had a viable suggestion. They discussed it on the phone.

" As far as a co-model, my brother Brad would be perfect."

"Well, my husband was specific, he wants someone with muscular hands and arms."

"Oh, Brad is perfect, he lives in the gym, and as for the one shot you talked about, well..... lets just say he's pretty impressive down there. Ok, basically, he's hung like a horse!"

"You've seen your brother naked? As a grown man?"

"Well, we grew up in pretty much of a hippy household. It was in the desert outside of Tuscon, so it was always hot. My parents weren't too concerned if we were clothed or not. No, not a lot of shyness in my family!"

Nicole talked for a long time with Dani, the photographer. She liked her, and felt comfortable with her. They agreed to a fee and a date, two weeks from today. While she felt comfortable now, she could feel tiny flutters of butterflies in her tummy. What would it be like in two weeks? But along with the nervousness, she felt a thrill of anticipation.

After the call, Dani remembered scenes from her adolescence which were indelibly etched in her mind. She had told Nicole the truth. As teenagers, she and her brother would go skinny dipping nearly everyday in the family swimming pool. It had seemed natural, with no sexual implications. But that changed one evening. She and her brother had shared a large loft on the second story of their parent's home. It was partitioned down the middle with a five foot high cubicle divider. They had grown up close to each other, with little of the normal animosity between brothers and sisters, probably due to the liberal upbringing their parents gave them.

They were home-schooled, and due to the isolation of the desert home, had little outside influences. She was a year older, though her brother , with his athletic body and handsome face, looked like he was eldest. They both continued to live at their parents house while attending college. One night, while laying awake with her light off, she heard a strange noise coming from her brother's side of the loft. She quietly crept around the partition to see what was happening. She saw her brother kneeling in front of his bed, naked. He was rubbing back and forth on his penis. She had seen it many times before, but never like this. It was huge and throbbing, like some kind of angry snake. He had a nudie magazine open on the floor.

She watched, entranced, as he stroked himself. She knew about sex, but had never gone further than first base on the few dates she had gone on. This was something new and very exciting. Soon his pumping became more frenzied and then he shot cum all over the magazine. Unknowingly, she found that her hand was rubbing herself as she had been watching him. He heard her and looked up startled.

"What are you doing in here?"

"Watching you jack off. Did it feel good? It looked like it did."

Making no effort to hide himself, he noticed what her hand was doing.

"Yes, it did. Does it feel good to rub your pussy?"

She felt her body temperature go up as a quiver began to go through her entire body.

"Ohh, yess....it feels unghh....."

She came for the first time in her life.

After that night, she and her brother would watch each other masturbate nearly every night. Eventually, they would begin to jack each other off. She loved the feel of her brother's hard cock in her hand as he ejaculated, and was mesmerized by the spasms of his orgasms She also loved the way her brothers two, and sometimes three fingers felt going in and out of her, never failing to make her cum.After a month, he got a construction job and moved out. It was like a hole had been torn open in her heart.

She would go on to have sex with several different guys, but it was always her brothers face that she saw when she looked at her lovers. They never mentioned their adventures they had experienced, but she treasured the times they shared. After her conversation with Nicole, she was eager to see her brothers hard, naked body again. She just had to figure out how to ask him.

Two weeks passed very quickly, and the day of the shoot arrived. They had agreed to meet at a local hotel. Dave and Nicole had stayed there before, and she remembered the large 4-poster bed and classy décor, and felt that they would be very good for the session. Dani arrived first and hauled all her equipment in. She had several different screens for backgrounds, and a myriad of lighting equipment.

Her brother arrived soon after. He had been surprisingly eager to assist his sister's project. She was surprised, and maybe a little jealous as well. Nicole had spent the day getting her hair and nails done. When she got home, she trimmed her landing strip, showered, and picked out the various skimpy outfits and her favorite toy that she would use at the shoot. By the time she was standing in front of the hotel door, she was a bundle of nerves. Am I really about to do this? Taking a deep breath, she knocked.

Introductions were given. Brad and Nicole's eyes met and lingered as they shook hands. Each was secretly relieved, not knowing what the other would look like, and pleased that expectations were met and exceeded. A bottle of wine that Dani brought was opened, and courage was lubricated. After her second glass, Nicole was ready to begin. She excused herself to the bathroom to change into her bikini.

She sat on a stool as Dani shot. Her first poses were modest and shy. Eventually, at Dani's urging, she loosened up. Brad helped with the lighting.

"Ok, now spread your legs a little bit more and lick your lips."

"Now, look naughty while you put a hand down your panties."

"For, the next shot, I want just a hint of nipple peeking out from your top."

Nicole was really nervous now that she was about to expose herself in front of two strangers. Finally, Dani asked her to remove her top. Without thinking, she did it. As the shoot continued, she became less nervous. They did some poses with her panties halfway down, showing most of her bum. She noticed Brad was smiling. They decided to change to lingerie, with the same sequence of exposure. She soon found herself in just a thong, and felt great about it.

"Ok, now its time to get naked."

Nicole slowly slid the thong off, feeling two sets of eyes on her.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Actually, it feels great!"

"Well, girl, if you're ever in need of work, you could definitely find a lucrative career as an exotic dancer!" Brad blurted.

They did several poses, ranging from demure shots of her sitting on the stool with legs closed and hands covering tits, to wanton slut poses of her on all fours on the bed with head low and ass high. The more they shot, the more turned on Nicole became. Several times, her hands unconsciously began to stoke her clit. By now she was wet.

"Sorry, guess I was just getting caught up in moment."

"No, that's great, keep it going! Let get some of you in that recliner. One leg up high with one hand on your kitty and another playing with your nipple."

Now Nicole was extremely horny and needed to get off, but had never played with herself in front of anybody. Dani reassured her.

"Don't think about anybody else in here. Think of the greatest sex you ever had and focus on that. Let your body take control now."

She complied, and soon forgot about the flash, the people, the room. She lost track of everything and brought herself to multiple orgasms. When she drifted back, she found herself on all fours on the bed, with her vibrator deep in her snatch. Through half-closed eyes, she saw Brad rubbing a huge bulge in his pants as Dani continued to shoot, as she came again. When she was finished, she lay naked on the bed in a sheen of sweat as she caught her breath.

"That was amazing." Dani said.

"Yeah, I think I may have blacked out!" Nicole laughed, completely comfortable, with no urge whatsoever to cover herself."

"Do you realize we've been shooting for over two hours?"

"Oh my God, no, it all seems like a haze!"

"Well, whenever you are ready, we can take this to the next level."

She had not noticed that Brad had taken off all his clothes and was standing there next to the bed. She looked up at him from head to toe as she lay sprawled across the bed. He was everything his sister had described, and more. Chiseled muscles under tan skin, beautiful smile, piercing eyes, she felt like melting. And his cock, even at only quarter erect, was impressive. She felt herself get wet looking at someone besides her husband for the first time in two years.

"Oh Brad....I guess I look like a mess...all sweaty and everything..."

"No, you look amazing, I think this was the best idea my sis ever had."

"Ok, break it up you two, remember Brad, this is strictly simulated sex scenes we're doing here, so let's stop ogling each other and get down to business!" Dani interrupted, feeling jealous and horny at the same time upon seeing her brother's magnificent cock again after all this time.

They started with Nicole standing spread eagle with hands against the wall, butt towards the camera. Brad stood off to the side with his hand grasping Nicole's right left butt cheek. Dani told her to look shocked. It was almost more than she could stand. His hand felt so strong. She noticed his cock was now half erect. Next shot was Nicole standing and Brad on the floor, reaching up with his hand on Her inner thigh. His fingers lightly touched her sex, and she felt electric.

Dani was careful to keep his face out of all the frames. They then took one with Brad kneeling behind Nicole, with his hands cupping both her breasts. Her nipples sprang up between his fingers. She looked down and saw his cock was fully erect and throbbing. When he stood back up, she felt it against her naked butt.

"Ok how you doing?" Dani asked, slightly perturbed."

"Oh....ok, little dizzy maybe..."

"Well, I think were ready to do the simulated head scene. Remember, its SIMULATED!"

Nicole dropped to her knees as Brad stood in front of her. His cock throbbed two inches away from her face as Dani shot away. A mix of awe and sheer lust was on Nicole's face. With her mouth slightly open and her hand around the shaft, it did indeed look like she was ready to suck him off.

"Ok, I'm going to have Brad rub some baby oil on his cock to make it look like it just came out of your wet mouth." Dani explained.

Nicole finally lost control," No need to do that..". She took his cock in her mouth and began to make love to it with her tongue. Dani was irate, but nevertheless, continued to shoot. For years she had longed to feel her brother's cock in her mouth, but now had to watch someone else get the honors. Nicole could not believe how large he felt in her mouth. She worked circles around the head with her tongue, then worked the shaft. She was determined to take his entire length. She relaxed her throat, and went all the way down till her lips touched his balls. When she came off, his pole was slick with her saliva. She looked into his eyes.

"Fuck my mouth." She commanded.

His hips moved slowly back and forth as he pumped her mouth. With one hand she cupped his balls as she played with her pussy with the other. She could taste precum on her tongue, and he seemed ready to blow. She wanted him to fill her mouth with his seed. Dani had had enough. She physically pulled her brother back out of this whore's mouth. This fucking bitch, she thought.

"OK, ENOUGH!! We've got more pics to take, which is what I'm going to do. Now, Nicole, get on the bed, get on your back, and spread your legs. Brad, get on top, and act like you're about to enter. Do NOT enter her though! This is a professional shoot, I'm a professional, and I don't think her husband wants her sucking and fucking some stranger. "

They both did as they were told, but once he leaned in between her legs, they were both filled with an overwhelming urge. Dani got pictures with his cock just a breath away from her twitching hole. After she got her pictures, he lowered himself and moved the head back and forth against her clit. A sudden spam of orgasm shot through her. She shifted and raised her hips in order to devour his cock with her pussy. She let out a moan as he slowly slid his full length into her.

"Ohhh my God......."she purred.

Despite her anger, Dani kept shooting because, despite her anger, the scene was incredibly hot. She realized that even though it should be her underneath her brother with her legs spread wide, she had had her chance, and it was probably gone forever. Brad had had several experiences with several girls before, including fondling with his sister, but he had never felt anything this intense. She was the hottest girl he had ever touched, and he knew that this would only be a one-time thing.

His tempo increased, and his thrusts became harder as Nicole spread her legs as far as she could in order to feel every ridge, every vein of his manhood. When she put her feet on his shoulders, Nicole could feel his cock begin to constrict. This time she stopped him, not wanting this ecstasy to end so soon.

"Stop. Let me get on top."

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