tagIncest/TabooPicture Perfect Ch. 10: Birthday

Picture Perfect Ch. 10: Birthday


Chapter 10 – Happy Birthday

The is the final chapter of Picture Perfect! Hope you guys enjoyed the series. Look out for my next three original stories I'll be posting soon called, Freeloader, Eager Beaver, and A Really Long Nap.


Two months passed since Brandon started having sex with all his three girls, and things were going pretty well. They never outwardly mentioned that each was sleeping with him, so they all interacted as though nothing had changed. Today was his forty-second birthday and he and the girls were out at their favorite restaurant to celebrate, like every year.

"So, how's it feel to be another year closer to death?" Sasha elbowed him from, sitting in the booth beside him.

"It's my birthday." His lips melted into a frown. "You're not allowed to be an ass to me."

She laughed. "It's a joke!"

"I happen to think getting older just makes you more distinguished." Paris eyes him, smiling seductively from across the table; Miracle sat next to her.

A second later, he felt a foot on his crotch. His own eyes doubling in surprise, he focused on the twenty-two-year-old.

"M-Me too." Miracle smiled shyly at him.

"Thank you, sweetheart." His hand went up and down Paris' smooth and soft leg. But when he did, he could see Miracle open her mouth in pleasure. Wait... This is Miracle's leg? She gazed into his eyes with a mischievous smile now. She's been getting a lot bolder recently.

"Oh sure, I'm the bad guy." Sasha rolled her eyes.

"You said it, not me." Brandon smiled teasingly.

"So, how's the first week off college been for you, Miracle?" He massaged her tender calf.

"Really good, Daddy..." She breathed.

"Uh... you alright there, dude?" Sasha's expression turned confused.

"Huh?" The teen girl's eyes pooped open. "Y-Yeah! I'm okay."

Paris glanced at Brandon, then her before a ghost of a smile formed on her lips.

Fuck. Did she figure out already?

"Paris walks me to class, s-so I don't get as nervous when there are people around..." Miracle continued, smiling at her sibling.

"I'm just glad I could help my cute, little sister." She lovingly placed a hand on the side of her face.

"How come you're never that nice to me?" Sasha's eyebrow shot up.

"I would be if you weren't such a little gremlin, but believe it or not, I do happen to give at least one shit about you."

Sasha chuckled. "Just one? I guess I'll take it."


The three girls put their attention on him.

"W-What's wrong, Dad?" Miracle was the first to speak.

"That's just the nicest exchange you've two had since... damn, I don't know."

"Whatever. You make us sound like two caged-beasts." Sasha released an amused laugh from her throat.

"Rawr." Paris made a paw with one hand.

The four enjoyed their meal before heading home. But as Brandon was untying his tie in his bedroom, a knock sounded on his door, and Paris stepped through a second later, still dressed in the dark green, tight-fitting dress from earlier, all her busty curves on display.

"Hi, Daddy." She softly shut the door again and walked over to hug and look up into his eyes.

He gained an erection straight away at her fat tits pressed against him. "Hi..." He distractedly greeted her back as his eyes strayed to her deep and impressive cleavage. She gave me a boobjob just yesterday with those melons, but I'm already up for round two!

"Geez..." She giggled and rubbed the growing bulge. "I'm really starting to think you're a robot or something. No matter how much you fuck me, you're never satisfied..." She smirked. "You're lucky your little girl can take a pounding."

Fuck! I can't wait anymore! He reached for one of her breasts, but she grabbed his wrist and pushed him back, so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed. "W-What are you doing?"

"I've got a little birthday surprise that I think you're really gonna like." The blonde took the tie hanging on his neck and wrapped it around his eyes.

"I don't know how I feel about this, Paris..." His voice shook in nervousness. Just what could this surprise be? I'm kinda scared and excited at the same time.

"Trust me, you'll be thanking me in just a moment. And no peeking, I'm serious!" She laughed through her nose and began removing all his clothes until he was completely naked.

"Alright..." What now?

"Okay. I'll be right back. I'm gonna change into something more... comfortable." She giggled.

"What? Paris?" He reached out, but she was already gone. Great. I'm kinda to see what lingerie she's gonna be wearing though... Shit, I'm excited again!

The door opened again a couple minutes later.

"Okay. You can take the tie off." Paris informed him.

Hurriedly doing so, his eyes opened up to his three naked girls who stood beside each other in front of the door - well, not totally nude. His twenty-two-year-old as promised was now dressed in a truly sexy outfit that consisted of a plaid skirt and white stockings, along with a buttoned shirt that barely contained her perfect Double D's. I was against her getting a boobjob at first... How foolish and naïve man I was. And I know the schoolgirl outfit is cliche, but fuck does she pull it off.

"I'm ready to learn, Dad..." Paris hungrily licked her lips, staring down at his standing cock.

To the right of her was his eighteen-year-old, Miracle. She had on a hairband that give her dog ears, and also wore a pink collar. On her hands were dog paws and a tail hung behind her.

I have no idea why she's wearing that, but my dick could not be any harder... I'm so fucked up. "Miracle, sweetie... Not that I'm even complaining for a second, but why are you wearing that?"

She blushed heavily, her cheeks bright red as she looked to her older sister. "W-Well, Paris said you might like something like this..."

"No thanks needed, Brandon." The older girl winked at him, then nudged Miracle. "Say your line!"

"O-Oh yeah!" She timidly smiled at him. "T-Today I'm your bitch, so you can fuck me in any hole you want." She swiped a paw. "Woof."

Paris laughed out loud. "That was pretty good."

Oh god. I'm ready to jump them all right now.

Last but not least was his middle girl, Sasha. She wasn't dressed in any fancy getups like her sisters though, being completely naked. "Were you expecting more?" She gave him an annoyed look. "You're lucky I even agreed to this shit at all. I'm only doing this cause it's your birthday." A frown was also on her lips.

"I-I understand. Thank you, sweetheart..." He gave her a warm smile, forcing her to look away. But they had to be planning this before today. Paris was no doubt the mastermind behind it all... Thank you!

"Well, girls. Our poor Daddy looks like he's about to burst, so let's not make him wait any longer." Paris led her younger sisters to kneel in front of his cock; she was in the middle, while Miracle and Sasha were on her sides. Grabbing his pulsating and veiny rod, Paris stroked it up and down, her softs and tender hand sending waves of pleasure throughout his whole length. "Lick his balls Miracle."

"O-Okay!" The teen brunette hopped to the task and lowered her head sideways to flick her warm, wet tongue all over his left nut and sack. Then, she began sucking on it like it was a pacifier.

Fuck... She's doing that really well...

"Here, Sasha." Paris angled his cock to the half-blonde, half-brunette; she hesitated at first, but soon swallowed Brandon's entire cock and let it slide in and out the stickiness of her saliva-filled mouth.

Sasha's mouth is always moist, so her blowjobs actually feel the best.

At the same time that Sasha was blowing him and Miracle was rolling both his balls in her mouth now, Paris leaned her head sideways and slid her entire tongue along his shaft and gingerly gave it numerous kisses. They weren't powerful at all, but still put him close to the edge.

"Girls, wait..." I need to save my nut if I'm gonna fuck them all. He put a hand on Sasha's and Paris' head.

"W-What's wrong, Dad? Are we doing bad...?" Miracle's worried face popped out from his ballsack.

Paris giggled, giving him a knowing look. "No, sweetie. We're doing the opposite of that."

I'm glad Paris understands.

"Well, I guess it's time we move to the main course, huh?" Paris grinned and stood up; the others did too. "Scoot back, Dad."

He did at once and sat up in the middle of the bed. I'm not sure who to do first or what position to do them in! So many options!

The trio of sisters climbed onto the bed afterwards and stood up beside one another on their knees.

And once again, Paris took control. "Miracle here has been real interested in trying anal. Isn't that, right, sweetheart?" She pushed her younger sister forward a bit.

"Really?" Brandon's eyes grew a bit. I guess she does like her ass being played with from time to time, but anal is a whole other beast.

"Y-Yeah..." She had a small and scared smile. "Paris said that it feels really good when you and her do it, so I want to try it too..."

"Man. The quiet ones really are the freaks." Sasha snorted out a skeptical laugh.

It made Miracle's shy face even redder.

"Hm? You like to do anal too, Sasha." Brandon turned his head to her.

"S-Shut up, you idiot! Don't say that in front of them!" Her expression became embarrassed in an instant as she glared at him.

He chuckled. "Sorry, sorry! I swear I wasn't trying to embarrass you."

She frowned. "I think that's exactly what you were trying to do."

Maybe a little.

"Enough chitchat, people. Let's bone!" Paris forcefully grabbed Miracle and spun her around so that her slender and fit backside was showing to Brandon.

His eyebrows shot up as he noticed the dog tail that extended from her butt crack was embedded in her asshole. "Is that an anal plug?"

"Of course. I made sure to loosen her up for you since this morning." Paris threw a thumbs up and winked at him.

So, she had it in even at dinner? "Thanks..."

"Sasha. Pull it out." Paris ordered.

"Why me?" Her frown went even deeper.

The older girl sighed. "We talked about this, remember? Just play nice for Dad's special day."

She glanced at him and exhaled. "I can't believe I'm seriously doing this..." She grumbled and took ahold of the tail attached to Miracle. "Bend over, Miracle."

The eighteen-year-old let out a reluctant groan but did as told. With her in position, Sasha slowly pulled the beaded toy from her sister's puckered hole until each small ball was out.

"Wow. Your ass is really open now, Miracle." Paris leaned over her to spread both buttcheeks apart.

"D-Don't say that! That's so embarrassing, Paris..." The college girl whimpered.

"Well, it'll make her first time easier since that guy's cock over there is gonna spread her open plenty." Sasha jerked a thumb to him, speaking to Paris.

Don't talk about me like I'm not here...

"You're right, but a little bit more lube won't hurt." Paris gathered spit in her mouth and let it drop to the skinny girl's reddened anus, then rubbed it in, earning a sigh of pleasure. "Okay, Pops. She's good to go."

You make her sound like a car or something...

"And take it easy, eh, Brandon? Don't pound her like you do us." Sasha eyed him close.

"I-I'm not a beast. Of course I'll make sure to go slow." He moved behind and grabbed onto her hips.

"Yeah right... This coming from the guy who drilled me when he took my anal virginity..." Paris muttered to herself.

"Here. Let me do it." Despite her previous hesitation, Sasha gripped his dick and helped guide it to the open hole.

When his thick cockhead was placed against the sticky, hot entrance, Sasha rubbed it all around to get him wet before he pushed his whole rod in a bit at a time. Miracle inhaled sharply the second he did, her back arching up. "Oh...! My butt..." Her voice shook. "You're too big, Daddy..."

"Relax, baby." Paris reached down to rub her pussy. "You'll only make it tighter if you tense up like that."

Miracle began to moan at her older sister playing and pinching her protruding clit. The choking hold the teen's asshole had on his throbbing dick loosened, allowing Brandon to slide further into her narrow tunnel. This is... fucking... amazing... He gazed down at Paris who was still fondling her, then at Sasha who stared intently at his package stabbing into her younger sister's balloon knot.

Putting his arm around her, he pulled her closer and stuck out his tongue. She chewed her bottom lip in contemplation before opening her mouth and wrapping her own tongue around his to slurp on it. For the next several minutes, he pumped softly into the moaning Miracle, made out with Sasha who took breaks to rub the teen's modest tits, while Paris kept fingering at her small pussy.

"Oh, Daddy... I love you in my ass..." Miracle let her torso and head fall into the bed so that she could reached back with both hands and open up her ass more. "I love your penis in me so much...! Fuck me harder!" She started to bump her tight ass into his pelvis.

"Shit..." Paris studied her closer, then chuckled. "You don't mess around, do ya?" She chuckled. "Not that I can really blame you sense I kinda lose my head too... Fuck her harder, Dad!"

Listening to the two girls' request, he held onto her slender waist more and hammered his meaty pole into her bunghole, the tiny knot swallowing all his length easily.

"Fuck, dude... I'm pretty sure screwing like this is illegal in some countries." Sasha stopped rubbing the girl's breasts to watch the violent sex as she reached up to feel up her own. "I'm going next..."

"Oh...! Oh! I'm cumminggggg!" Miracle's face twisted in sheer ecstasy, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she shuddered and collapsed sideways.

"I think she's out for the count..." Paris put a hand to her mouth and laughed out loud.

Shit. That was stronger than usual for her. I guess she was made for anal sex... Shit, what am I saying about my own daughter? Well, to be fair, I AM fucking her. "Seems that way..."

"I can't wait anymore! I want your cock!" Paris started towards him.

"Hey, I called dibs already." Sasha held out her arm between the two.

"Hey." Brandon pulled them close to his sides to give a soft kiss. "There's no need to fight. Sasha, you lay down and Paris lay on her." She moved out of the way to let them. "Remember what I taught you girls? Sharing is caring."

Sasha huffed out a rough laugh. "I thought you meant our toys, not your cock."

"What a dirty father we have." Paris giggled, then grabbed Sasha's arm. "Come on. I seriously can't wait anymore."

"Alright, alright. Stop rushing me." Sasha laid back and spread her legs while the twenty-two-year-old settled on top of her, sticking her ass up.

Wasting no more time, Brandon positioned himself behind and punched his shaft into Paris first.

"Fuck, yes... I just can't get enough of your fat cock..." She leaned forward and wiggled her plump ass, then peered down at Sasha. "Play with my nipples, Sash..." She whispered the nickname.

She did so without protest and latched her mouth onto her siblings' giant, perfect tit while she grabbed onto the other to knead it.

"That's what I call teamwork..." Brandon didn't stop thrusting his rock-hard package into her slopping pussy, it getting wetter and slicker each time he jammed into the narrow opening. Oh. I can't forget about Sasha. He pulled out and grabbed his greasy member to stick it into the other girl's opened legs.

Her vagina was just as hot and drenched, making obscene slurping noises as the pink hole greedily engulfed every inch of him. Back from orgasm heaven, Miracle appeared to the side and lowered her to place it under Brandon's cock to where she gobbled up and slurped on his nutsack like earlier. Sasha and Miracle are so wrapped up in the sex that they don't even notice her.

He tried his best to stifle the orgasm that was building, but the tight grip of Sasha and Paris' cunts as he took turns plunging his growing erection into them was just too much. "I'm gonna cum...! Come here, girls!"

They hurriedly scrambled on their knees to gather before him as he stood up. Taking his twitching dick, he stroked it a bit up and shot his gooey load all over his daughters. That was amazing... "I love you girls."

"We love you too, Daddy." They all smiled happily up at him, their faces all covered in white, bubbly liquid.

The End!

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Sorry for leaving out that detail, but yes, she did indeed get the audition. And thanks for reading!

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I was disappointed with the ending. All that build up to Sasha's audition and you never said whether she got the part. I thought it was building up to some really big finish but it just kind of fellmore...

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