tagGroup SexPicture This Ch. 02

Picture This Ch. 02


Meet Todd, he is a large man with a six foot frame, piercing blue eyes, and a distinguished beard. He is one of Amanda's closest friends. He is a long haul trucker and they had a chance to meet once when he took her on a three-day rendezvous. After getting to their destination he told her at the last minute, "You have just been kidnapped. I am not taking you home until I make you feel like a woman again."

All she had to say after weekend was, "WOW! If that was a kidnapping, he can do that again." To this day they still email each other, chat online and by phone. Because of his job, she has not seen him for almost a year.

Amanda is a full figured sexy woman in her fifties. She has shoulder length red hair, green eyes and lips the color of roses. She considers herself bi-curious and has a insatiable sexy appetite. She lives with the love of her life in Western Tennessee. She often wonders what a threesome with Todd, Roger and herself would be like.

She calls the man in her life a "huggable sexy teddy bear." His name is Roger. He is six-one, with a heart of gold. His has a firm hand but gentle attitude. The size of his dick would be the envy of any man and makes her drool just thinking about it. His kiss makes her weak in the knees causing a spark between them goes clear down to the center of her womanhood.

They have been talking about enhancing there sex life for awhile now. They cannot wait to try, threesomes (MFM- FMF), foursomes, swinging with other couples and singles as well.

Amanda picked up the phone and dialed Todd's number. She could not wait to hear his voice. It been awhile since she heard from Todd and she wanted to make sure he was ok.

As Todd picked up the phone and she said, "Hello, how's my Blue Eyed Devil tonight?"

He replied, "Well hello Doll. I was asleep and having this great sexy dream about you. Honey, I just read your last email. Are you doing okay? I read where you are having a bit of bad luck. But I am so glad you have a new man in your life. I can tell by your voice you are very happy. It's about time is all I'm going to say."

She blushed as she usually does when talking to him and replied, "Yes, I am okay.. For the first time in a long time, I am indeed in love and very happy. How are things with you baby?"

He chuckled and said, "If I was any better, I'd be a fucking catastrophe. I am just kidding, things are finally working out for me too.

She replied, "Good, are you still driving a truck?"

Todd stated, "Oh yeah, I have a new job and a new truck.

Amanda exclaimed, "Oh good. Do you ever get down western Tennessee way? I would sure like you to meet my boyfriend Roger. By the way, he has heard all about you. "

He replied, "Sometimes I do. Let me talk to Roger. I want to tell him how lucky he is to find a real sweetheart like you."

Amanda handed Roger the phone and the two men conversed for a few moments. She turned red when she heard Roger mention how sexy, hot and kinky she was.

When he was done Roger handed her the phone and said, "You can talk to him now. Honey, he seems like he is a great friend. "

She returned her attention to the phone, "Todd, I am glad you got to talk to Roger. He is a great guy."

Todd replied, "As long as you love him that is all that counts. Hey, Doll, I need to get some sleep, tomorrow is another long day for this tired trucker."

Amanda bid Todd goodnight and hung up the phone. She then turned her attention to Roger and said, "I wish the two of you could meet."

Roger smiled and said, "You do? Well you must be reading my mind because I am one step ahead of you. I took the liberty and invited him to dinner the weekend after next."

Amanda eyes lit up as held her breath for a moment then said, "Oh honey, you did. I was going to email him tonight and ask when he could come visit. Do you have anything special in mind?"

Roger replied, "I sure do. When I was talking to Todd I asked him if he would help me update your x-rated photo album. He thought that was a hot idea and cannot wait to get here.

After we all get naked I want Todd to caress you and turn up your heat a bit. Then we want to see you to play with your hot pussy while I take close up pictures. Oh honey, you always make me so hot when you play with your pussy. I'm getting a woody just thinking about it!"

Amanda exclaimed, "I like your idea darling! They make so fucking hot, my nipples are hard and my clit is throbbing! I can envision you snapping shots with a delicious hard on. Ooooooh, Mmmmm, yummy! And you know how much I love sucking dick. I cannot wait to wrap my warm mouth around Todd's dick."

Amanda then said, "Oh baby, you know that after a few snap-shots I am going to yell, To hell with the camera I want you to join us. Roger, I want to feel your lips lapping every inch of my pussy and your fingers fucking my hole. As Todd shoves his dick between my lips. Then I want to lead you both into the bedroom where you can drive your dick deep into my pussy as I suck Todd's dick. Then I also want to sit on your dick as Todd fucks my asshole."

Amanda reached down and slid her hand into her panties and ran two fingers across her swollen clit then brought it to her mouth and licked them.

Roger's mouth gasps open. He rushed over picked her clean up off the couch and kissed her hard. He then looked into her seductive green eyes and asked, "Think Todd will go for that honey?"

Amanda smiled and said, "Agree, hell he would say you name the place and time, lets get these balls rolling!



On this particular summer evening Amanda was home alone, because her husband Roger was gone on a three day business trip. It was just too hot to sit outside and gaze at the stars and she really did not feel like reading. So, she sat down at her computer to surf the net.

Oh how boring to be alone on a Friday night, bored and horny as hell. As her mind wanders, she thinks about the conversation her and Roger had a week ago concerning a threesome with Todd. Oh God, the thought of what those two men could do to her kept her pussy well primed.

Amanda has a sexy full figure from her sassy red hair, emerald green eyes to her sexy long legs. Her stats are, 44DD 36 46. She loved all kinds of sex and was bi-curious. Lately she was introduced to swinging by her husband Roger and had done some awesome threesomes and foursomes.

She was sitting there daydreaming when the doorbell rang, she nearly fell out of her chair. She grumbled and said to herself, "Now who in the hell could that be at this hour?"

When she opened the door, their stood Todd grinning like the cat that ate the canary. Beside him was a full figured redhead. She opened the door greeted him with a kiss and told him to come on in that she just brewed some fresh coffee and they could visit.

Todd kissed her back and then introduced her to the woman he was with. Her name was Janice and she was his fiancé.

She told them to sit down and gave Todd a questioning look. She was not sure whether to bring up the subject they talked about last week or not. Instead she asked,, "What brings you to this neck of the woods Todd? You must have a scheduled truck run near here."

Todd replied, "Oh not exactly, I wanted you to meet Janice. I also want you to know that she knows all about our devious plan for a hot threesome and insisted on coming to meet you and joining in on the fun."

Amanda looked at them and said, "Well Roger is away on business, and I know he would like to be in on this kind of fun."

Todd took her hand in his and asked, "Do you think he would mind that we start without him? I know you are bi-curious and Janice wants to help you experience sex with another female."

Amanda's senses were elevated and her pussy was wet and throbbing, and she had not even got undressed yet.

She swallowed hard and said, "Well Janice I do not think Roger would mind a bit. I really want to know what a woman's pussy tastes and feels like.

She led them to her bedroom where the three of them stripped as they continued to talk about their likes and dislikes.

Janice stopped for a moment and said, "Amanda, honey you have a gorgeous body and I cannot wait to kiss and caress you."

Todd finished stripping and sat on the bed watching the two women. The women stepped closer to each other and kissed as their fingers caressed each others hardening nipples.

Janice asked her if she had any sex toys in the room. Amanda purred with delight and replied, "In the night stand drawer on the left side of the bed I have an 8 inch vibrator."

Janice got the vibrator from the drawer and told Amanda to lie down on the bed. Amanda parted her legs and allowed Janice to get between then. A soft moan escaped Amanda's lips when she heard the toy buzzing. Janice ran the toy from Amanda's swollen clit to her puckered asshole and back.

Ooooh, Amanda was in heaven and almost came right then. As Janice began to tease her hot hole with the toy as she ran her tongue the full length of Amanda's pussy. Then she parted her lips and encircled Amanda's clit with her tongue and slid the toy inside Amanda's hot-box. Amanda grabbed the sheet and purred with excitement. She had never felt this good before.

Todd sat on the bed watching all the action. He could see that Janice was not only fucking Amanda's vagina, but sucking and biting Amanda's clit. He began slowly stroking his hard dick. After a few minutes he decided to join in the fun. He told Janice to continue eating Amanda and spread her legs as he wanted some of her hot pussy.

As Todd got behind Janice and rubbed his dick the length of her wet slit she gasped and stopped eating Amanda long enough to scream. "Fuck my cunt Todd!"

Amanda was glued to the action and when she heard Janice's quivering voice she exclaimed, "Oh fuck yes! Fuck her good Todd!"

Todd had always loved watching two women get it on. The more he watched the more it pushed him over the brink. He thrust his dick in as far as it would go into Janice and shouted, "Fuck, I'm cumming!!!"

Janice bit down on Amanda's clit as she shoved the toy deep and hard into her hot-box. Amanda moved her head from side to side and thrust her hips about wildly. She loved what Janice was doing to her pussy and soon screamed, "I am cumming! Ooooh God it feels so damn good!"

Both of then sat up and cleaned Todd's dick off. Then Janice winked at Amanda and said, "Time for your lesson on how to eat pussy honey."

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