It all started so innocently with a few flirty emails. Then, somehow, we found those emails getting less and less innocent. I remember talk of a webcam and just how much fun we might have with one of those and my disappointment when I realized you didn't own one. Though I must say you certainly piqued my interest when you told me that you had gotten rid of your webcam because you had gotten in some trouble with one before. I wanted you to get in trouble with me.

The flirty emails continued and I joked that we didn't need a webcam as I knew you had a digital camera. I knew that would mean I wouldn't be able to see what you were doing in real time, to participate in your fun, or to watch how you would respond to the dirty things I was saying. But still, I was hoping that you would take the suggestion and send me some naughty pictures of yourself. I didn't have high hopes as in the 6 or 7 years we had known each other we had never done more than make out a few times.

The emails continued and I was so surprised to receive an email from you over the weekend that said "Pic for you" in the subject. My heart began racing when I realized that the email had an attachment. The disappointment was crushing when I realized that you had simply sent me a picture of a flower. It was your way of being funny, though I didn't see the humor.

I found out just how much of a tease you can be the next day when I received another email from you with a different picture attached. This time one of you completely topless, but with your arms folded across your chest, denying me any view of the breasts I was craving to see. I was turned on though, as I realized that you had responded to my request, and had taken at least this picture of yourself with no clothes on. I can't tell you how much I wanted more.

As we emailed the next day you talked of how turned on you had become taking pictures of yourself, knowing they were for me. You said that there were more where that came from, but that you weren't sure how much of your body you were comfortable sharing with me. While trying not to seem to eager, I was practically begging for you to share more of these pictures as I realized that I had yet to really see anything and that the ones I really wanted to see did exist. I was so turned on just thinking about it.

A few days later I received another email with another picture. This one showed me a little more of what I wanted to see. It was taken from a different angle, down your body. In the foreground was a breast, nipple sticking up, begging to be kissed and sucked. In the background, your thumb was inside your cute striped thong, pulling them down slightly, while it looked like your other fingers were pressing against your pussy through the fabric. A detail that I would have missed had the picture not been zoomed as I opened it, was a little bit of neatly trimmed pubic hair that became exposed as you pulled down the top of your underwear. I masturbated that night, thoughts of you pulling your thong all the way down and pushing your fingers deep inside.

A few days later, I received another picture, this one apparently taken holding the camera with your outstretched arm. I could see both of your naked breasts, nipples hard, and the piercing in your belly button. This picture certainly showed more than the others, as the full frontal shot of you was perfectly in focus, clearly showing those breasts that I for a long time had longed to see. The only disappointment being that it was clear in the picture that you were wearing pants. I was thrilled about the unhindered view from the waist up, but it renewed my craving to see and experience the pleasures between your legs that were hidden in this picture by your pants.

As I expressed my enjoyment of this newest picture and my slight disappointment that so much was covered it became clear that the pictures I really wanted to see might exist. The tone of our emails changed as it became clear that you wanted me to see them, but that you were enjoying being a tease, making me work for it.

A few days later my persistence would pay off when I received another email with another picture. This one had been taken in a mirror. You were laying back on your bed, legs spread wide. In one hand, the camera. Your other hand was rested at the top of your slit, pressed against your clit. I could see all of your neatly trimmed pussy. Shoved deep inside was a toy that was causing you obvious pleasure. I had to be careful as I looked at this picture of you massaging your clit as you enjoyed the vibrator that was deep inside you. I came so close to cumming as I rubbed my erection through my pants. I was turned on by the picture and also by the fact that you were willing to share it with me. I headed into the bedroom and had an incredible orgasm as I fantasized about you shaking with pleasure as the vibrations from the toy and the sensation of your rubbing your clit had surely sent you over the edge. I hoped that you were thinking of me as that moment overtook you.

As I headed to bed that night, I fell asleep thinking of that picture, and thinking about the fun we could have taking pictures together...

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