She was nervous as they drove. She didn't know exactly where they were going and that was mostly what was making her nervous. Oh yes, she trusted him, really she did. But he was so cryptic about this trip. He just told her that he loved her and that he had an erotic surprise for her. She desperately wanted to quiz him about his plans, but she bit her tongue rather than question him.

He watched her squirming in her seat as he drove and he smiled to himself. He knew she was dying to ask where they were going and what the surprise was, but he was proud of her for not asking. She was becoming more obedient and submissive day by day. He had to admit that he was a bit nervous about this trip, too. He had certainly never done anything like this before. He hoped that he would be able to carry off his part.

He felt his cock twitch and grow as he thought over all the plans he had made. It had taken several telephone calls to get things arranged exactly the way he wanted. It wasn't going to be cheap, either. However, it was going to be his most daring and erotic adventure with her yet. At least, he hoped so.

She frowned trying to figure out exactly where they were in the city. She didn't know the city very well. This was obviously a trendy part of town. There were coffee shops and chic little boutiques. The area was entirely small businesses catering to a young, hip, urban crowd. That definitely didn't describe her...or her lover and master.

Still, he pulled in and parked at a small lot at the end of a long row of shops. She craned her neck trying to see the signs of all the shops in the row. He parked the car and came around to open her door. She was so pleased by the way that he insisted that she wait for him like that. She felt so loved and protected by him.

He put on a confident smile for her and was rewarded by her smile in return. Granted, it was tentative, but he felt her trust. He led her down the row of shops and smiled as she ogled the fashions in the windows. He stopped in front of his destination and gripped her hand a little more tightly. He watched her eyes widen as she read the lettering on the window, "Sassy Body Art: Original Tattoos and Exotic Piercings."

She looked at him with real fear in her eyes. He leaned over and kissed her softly. He hated to see her fearful. "Baby, it will be okay. I promise. I promise that you will be happy, baby. Don't be afraid, just trust me." She swallowed hard and managed to smile weakly at him. More than anything else, she just wanted to please him. And she was desperately curious about what he had in mind.

He led her into the shop. She was pleased to see that it was well-kept and attractive. She had worried when she read the sign that it would be seedy. There was a glass case of jewelry under a counter and framed artwork on the walls. Behind the glass counter, a long hallway led straight back past several doors on either side.

There were no other customers in the store. A rather burly, broad-shouldered man was behind the counter. Another man was mounting new artwork into frames. Another man was moving some boxes in the hallway. Her lover went up to the counter confidently and gave his name to the man, adding, "I have an appointment."

The man smiled and shook his hand, "Oh yes, we were expecting you." He introduced himself as Ron.

Ron looked her over from top to bottom as if undressing her with his eyes. She felt uncomfortable and moved closer to her lover. She was wearing a very short skirt with no panties, a little baby tee, and sandals. She wished her lover had let her wear a bra or panties. She knew that her nipples were standing out prominently. She didn't meet the man's gaze. She knew that her place was to be demure and submissive.

"Let's get started." said Ron. He gestured the way down the hallway. "Right into room 3, please." He called to one of his coworkers and told him he was going to the back to do a "procedure." She clung tightly to her lover's hand as he led her down the hall. Her lover was very nervous himself as he opened the door to room 3 and led her inside.

The room was clean and sterile like a doctor's examining room. In fact there was an exam table. To her it looked like the exam room at her gynecologist's office, except the table was tilted and curved, more like a chair. There were 2 rolling armless desk chairs, a rolling stool, a counter, a sink, and some cabinets.

Ron entered behind them and talked about her instead of to her. "Okay, get her undressed and in the exam chair so I can see what we are working with."

Startled, she looked at her lover, but he just smiled and winked at her. With sure hands, he pulled her shirt over her head and her skirt down, whisking it all away with her sandals. She stood naked in the middle of the room.

She was rather embarrassed to be naked in public with this man Ron looking at her. But as she lowered her eyes, she could see her lover's pants tented out with a hard erection. That calmed her fears. She knew that she was pleasing him greatly. She stood up a little taller and straighter and smiled at him.

Her lover had held his breath as he undressed her, afraid that she might cry or scream when he exposed her in front of this strange man. He was so aroused at showing her off in public, her nipples hard and erect, her pussy neatly shaven, and her dazzling smile. He was so proud of her and felt the urge to throw her down and fuck her brains out right then and there.

He glanced over at Ron. The man's tongue was nearly hanging out as he looked at his baby. Ron had this grin on his face. At first, her lover just wanted to punch the man's light's out, so fierce was his jealousy. But then he remembered that this man could only look and envy him. He was the only one who was going to fuck her. His cock grew even harder realizing that another man was lusting after what only HE could have.

Ron broke into his thoughts, "Okay, get her up into the chair." She smiled at her lover as he led her to the exam chair. She scooted her ass up onto the end and leaned back. Her lover picked up one leg at a time and placed her feet into the stirrups. She knew her face was red at having her pussy exposed. He took his place beside her and held her hand.

Ron sat on the rolling stool between her legs and pushed the stirrups farther apart until her pussy was spread lewdly in front of him. He didn't touch her, but leaned in close to examine her folds. Her face burned with embarrassment. Her lover squeezed her hand to reassure her. Despite her embarrassment, she was highly aroused. She harbored secret exhibitionist tendencies and having her pussy spread wide in front of a stranger was titillating. She would be terrified if not for having her lover here to protect her. She knew he would let no harm come to her.

For a moment she felt Ron's warm breath on her pussy as he leaned in close. Her heart raced in fear. Was her lover actually going to let his man have his way with her??? She looked up at him fearfully and saw him scowl. She was afraid that he was going to hit Ron for a minute, but then Ron leaned back and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Okay, Mr. Barry, I have the notes from our phone conversation. I wrote down exactly what you want done. Physically, I see no problems. All we have to do is negotiate a price."

Her lover raised his eyebrows, "But you already quoted me a price on the phone."

Ron smiled, "Well, yes, but that price is negotiable."

"Oh? How so?" said her lover.

"Well," said Ron, "This is a nice piece of ass. Let me keep her overnight and play with her. You can pick her up tomorrow and the procedure will be absolutely free." She gasped in horror and looked up at her lover. She was even more terrified when he looked as if he were considering the offer.

In actuality, he was horrified at the thought of leaving his baby with this hulking leering man. Still, he was enjoying her discomfort and testing her trust. After a moment's hesitation he replied, "No, I can't do that, Ron."

Ron counter-offered, "Okay, just let me fuck her now and the procedure will be free. All you have to pay for is the materials."

Once again he hesitated, then replied, "No, sorry Ron, she is all mine to fuck."

Ron shook his head. "Okay, okay, but how about a 50% discount on labor if she sucks my cock."

Her lover still shook his head, "No...sorry."

Ron sighed and seemed to give up. "Okay, let me tell what has to be done and we can get started. You realize that she has to be fully aroused for this procedure. I need her clit swollen to its fullest. However, you can't let her reach orgasm because the swelling will subside too soon. So, you have to arouse her and keep her on the edge of orgasm while I do the piercing."

The words roared in her ears, PIERCING! What was her lover going to have pierced! Surely not her clit! And yet, why else would she need to have her clit swollen before "the procedure." She bit her lip and felt hot tears flood her eyes. She knew that her lover had admired other women's piercings in porn pictures. She knew that he was obsessed with making her completely his. She was afraid of the pain. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

He leaned over and kissed away her tears as Ron watched. He crooned to her, "It's okay, baby, just trust me. This will be all right. You know that I am only going to do what is best for you, right?" She nodded her head. "No tears then, baby." He straightened up and told Ron that he understood.

Ron went on. "And you will have to arouse her with your fingers or a toy. I can't have any semen or saliva on her genitals."

Again her lover nodded. He had a plan that would guarantee her arousal without saliva or semen. He had discussed all of this with Ron ahead of time, but he had asked Ron to repeat it for her benefit.

Ron continued, "And you know that she has to be completely still during the procedure. You have requested that we not use any local anesthesia during the procedure. I have no problem with that. We'll go with the plan we discussed for keeping her still." Ron grinned. "I have one last offer for you, Mr. Barry. Let my staff and I watch you arouse her and let my assistants watch the piercing and I'll give you a 10% discount. I have an assistant who has never done one of these and he needs to watch. Usually, we give the couple privacy for the arousal, but you indicated that it wasn't necessary."

Her lover nodded, "Now THAT I will agree to, everyone can watch, no problem." In spite of her embarrassment, she was extremely aroused at the thought of everyone watching.

Ron called to his staff to put out the "Gone to Lunch" sign, lock the door, and come on back to watch and learn. Within 2 minutes, both other guys were in the small room. Ron rolled back up to her crotch and snapped on latex gloves.

The two new guys leaned over her as Ron's fingers gently handled her pussy. "Okay, guys, this lady is here to have her clitoral hood pierced." Instantly, a bit of relief washed over her as she realized that her lover didn't intend to have her actual clit pierced.

Ron was going on, "She has rather long inner labia that will also be pierced with small gold rings. Mr. Barry will arouse her before we begin so that her clit is fully swollen. That will insure that the piercing does not interfere with her arousal in the future. If I pierced the hood while she was not aroused, then the piercing might interfere with her clit swelling later and cause her pain. Now, some guys want that, but not this time. Mr. Barry will also be the one to hold her while I do the piercing. Remember, I told you about the 'technique' that he plans to use."

She raised her head and looked at the men around the room and saw all of their trousers tented out. She felt her arousal already growing. Ron ran a gloved finger down her wet open slit. "Shouldn't be any problem to get her aroused. I think she likes all of this attention." Ron grinned lewdly. "Okay, Mr. Barry, we'll wait right here until you have her ready and still."

Her lover pulled her up and pulled her feet out of the stirrups. She sat up straight and he helped her off the table. He sat down in an armless chair across from their audience. He guided her to stand in-between his legs. He buried his face into her soft flat belly, slid his hands up to cup her breasts. He lingered there for a minute fingering her hard tight nipples. Then he let his hands slide up to her shoulders and push down slightly.

She knew that signal well. She quickly knelt between his legs. He cupped her chin and looked into her eyes. "Baby, you know you have been a naughty girl today."

She barely whispered, "Yes sir."

He went on, "Baby, I am going to have to spank you for letting your trust in me slip. Those were tears of fear, even though you knew that I was here with you. I also saw you blush in embarrassment when I let other men look at your body. Baby, you know that I plan to show you off, that I am proud of your body. I want you to be proud, too. But most of all, Baby, I want your entire focus to be on pleasing me. Instead of thinking about what would please me, you were selfishly focused on yourself. You let me down a little today."

Tears welled up in her eyes. She was ashamed of disappointing him.

He hastened on, "Now Baby, I AM proud of you for not trying to stop me and for not saying anything. So, your spanking won't be too bad." Her eyes tried not to betray her shock at his intention to spank her in front of an audience. "Baby, take out my cock." She hurried to unzip his pants. Without any underwear, his cock sprang up, thick and hard and oozing at the tip. She looked at it longingly. He chuckled, "Yes baby, you may have a taste."

She dove in licking and sucking his cock, one hand grasping it by the base. Her other hand scooped under his balls to caress them. He leaned back to enjoy the sight and feel. His heart swelled with pride as he watched the other men in the room rubbing the bulges in their pants. One by one, they opened their trousers to let their hard swollen cocks free. Each man stroked his own stiff cock.

He dared not let her go on too long. Cumming was not in his plan...not just yet. He gave himself up to the pleasure for a moment longer before he pulled her reluctantly off of his cock. She left her task equally reluctantly, her tongue trying to reach for one more drop of precum. "Baby, it's time for your spanking now. Lay across my lap." She lay across his lap and he swiveled his chair so that her shapely ass was facing their audience. "Spread your legs, Baby." He nudged her legs far apart and ran his hands slowly over her cool white asscheeks.

One of the men in the room spoke up, "Damn, that's a fine ass."

Her lover smiled and spoke without taking his eyes off of her ass. "Wait until you see it red and glowing. It's even prettier then." He let his fingers trail down the crack of her ass to her dripping pussy. "Oh Baby, that clit is already swollen, isn't it? Let's just make sure it swells ALL the way."

He brought his hand up and began to pat her ass, alternating with rubbing. She looked back and for the first time realized that the other 3 men in the room where stroking their cocks. She moaned in her arousal. Slowly, he began to spank her harder. Her ass began to turn pink. It happened so gradually that she didn't feel any real pain, just intense arousal. The sting of his smacks intensified her desire, the tingle in her pussy, and the swelling of her clit.

Between smacks he caressed her wet pussy lips and let his index finger slide down to her clit, it was hard and throbbing and so swollen. He decided it was time to get more serious and began to rain harder slaps down on her ass. Then he let a blow strike her sensitive pussy.

She raised her head and yelped, then let her head drop and moaned. The youngest guy in the room could no longer hold back. Seeing her pussy slapped drove him over the edge. Cum spurted from his cock and he slumped against the wall as it flowed down over the shaft. The other guys were pumping their cock furiously and staring at his baby's ass and pussy.

His blows became harder with one landing on her pussy every now and then. He paused to feel of her clit and found it more swollen than he could ever remember. He was desperately trying to ignore his stiff cock pushing into her soft belly. He could feel the slippery tip smearing precum all over her. He drove that thought from his head and went back to the task at hand. Harder blows rained down on her hot ass which had begun to glow red. He let every third blow land on her pussy.

She was moaning now, her ass rising up to meet every blow. He spanked her like a man possessed. The second assistant across the room began to spurt cum and staggered back into a chair, panting, eyes still transfixed on the red ass in front of him. Her lover didn't know how much longer he could ignore the ache in his balls. He desperately needed to be buried inside his baby.

She was moaning louder now, tears flowing. For quite a few blows he didn't let up. She began to babble, "Darling, darling, darling..."

Without stopping his smacking, he asked, "What baby? What do you need?"

She went limp on his lap and burst out "RED!"

He knew that he had given her all that she could take. He rubbed his hand over her ass, so hot and red. He leaned over and looked between her widely spread legs. Her pussy was cherry red and her clit was protruding from its hood. He could see it pulse with every beat of her heart.

She raised her head and looked over her shoulder at him, "Fuck me, please, fuck me, darling! Please fuck me! I NEED to be fucked! Please put your stiff dick in me and fuck me!"

He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. Her words had finally put Ron over the edge. He briefly watched Ron's cum shoot into the air, then turned back to her. "Oh yes, baby, I intend to fuck you."

He reached to the counter beside him and picked up a bottle of lubricant. She hadn't seen him put it there and briefly wondered where it came from. But all other thoughts were driven from her head as she felt the cold lubricant dripped onto her tightly clenched asshole. She moaned.

His finger probed her asshole, spreading the lubricant and loosening her up. "Baby, relax that ass for me. I need to feel my cock inside that hot ass. C'mon baby, let me in, let me make your ass slippery for my thick cock." He slowly twisted his finger in her asshole to spread the lubricant all the way around. With his other hand, he dribbled a few more drops onto her.

He began to fuck his finger in and out of her tight asshole. He dribbled a bit more lubricant and let a second finger slide inside. He was mesmerized by the sight of his fingers sliding in and out of her ass. He watched the sphincter stretch to accommodate his fingers, but it was as tight as a vice. He fucked his two fingers in and out a few times. His cock was throbbing intensely. He realized that she was mumbling something. "What did you say, baby?"

She lifted her head, "PLEASE fuck me, darling!"

He grinned and let a last couple of drops of lubricant drip onto her asshole. He was pleased to see when he removed his fingers that her ass didn't clench back shut as tightly.

He urged her up and as she was getting to her feet, he quickly rubbed a gob of lubricant down the shaft of his cock. He hastily wiped his hand on a paper towel from a dispenser on the wall, fortunately within easy reach. His baby was practically in a trance, her arousal at an all-time high. He knew that the spanking would do this to her. At this point she would do absolutely anything he wanted without question or embarrassment. He grasped her hips and turned her around with her back to him, her face to the three guys a few feet away across the small room.

His cock pointed straight up in his lap. He slowly lowered her red ass down until the tip of his cock was touching it. He put one hand on her hip and adjusted her stance until his cock was perfectly aligned with her asshole. He grasped the shaft of his cock with one hand and urged her down with his other hand on her hip.

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