I was well past the "experimental" part of life when I learned how sensitive my nipples are. I had been married several times. My daughters from my second marriage were grown and in college. So one would think that I had pretty well reached fulfillment as far as general thrills (and sexual thrills in particular) went.

Nevertheless, when I met Cindie I found out how wrong I was. For one thing, she let me know early in our relationship that she liked -- that was how she said it, but the truth was more like 'needed' -- to be spanked. It soon became apparent that she loved it as a part of foreplay. Not that it had to happen every time, but the sex was definitely hotter if she was working with a stinging, red, paddled butt.

That was just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. As we continued to explore and open up to each other, we found that both of us enjoyed ass play. I had already known that about me, though my experience with other women had left me feeling somewhat frustrated in that department. Cindie was more than happy to help me live my fantasies.

To start with, we both indulged a long held fantasy of having anal sex. I had always wondered what it would feel like to be up a woman's ass. She was eager to feel a cock up her butt. She even took me into her mouth afterwards. I learned that I enjoyed spanking her soft butt and turning her into a sexual puddle. When she gets her ass paddled well she is up for virtually anything.

The day that she reached up and pinched my nipples while my cock was in her mouth gave me such a thrill that I acquired an immediate nipple fetish. I sent off for some clamps and used them on myself. I gradually made them tighter and tighter until I could take the full pressure of the clamps without using the adjusting screws. I reveled in the stinging nip of the clamps as the weights dangled from my chest.

She bought me some vibrating clamps for my birthday. In a very short time my normally small nubs had enlarged so that they stood out permanently, as if it was constantly cold. What fascinated me the most was that there seemed to be a connection between my nipples and my dick. Whenever my nipples were being clamped, pinched, or bitten, my cock got hard. During sex, if Cindie sucked a nipple into her mouth, I would spill myself inside her very soon afterward.

All this led up to my 56th birthday. Due to our economic situation, Cindie was living in another town. We only got to see each other when one of us traveled the hundred miles for a visit. Absence, in this case, while painful for us both, did serve to keep our sex life exciting. Anticipation made it all the more sweet when we did get together.

At any rate, I went to visit her the week of my birthday. She had planned ahead. When we rolled out of bed that morning she told me that I had an appointment at 11:00 that morning.

"What kind of an appointment?" I asked, assuming that she had bought me a massage or something. She wouldn't say. We ate breakfast and she kept smiling at me.

At 10:45 we got into the car and drove downtown. The winter I was 51, I decided I wanted a tattoo. I found a photo of a colorful lizard and had it etched into the back of my shoulder. My reasoning was that it would be unseen there unless I wanted it to be seen. I also reasoned that the flesh under it would go through little change, no matter how I aged or how much weight I gained or lost. Unfortunately, it was also generally invisible to me.

Wanting another tattoo, I'd told Cindie that I was considering it. So when she led me to the tattoo studio I was only a little surprised. "But I haven't decided what I want yet," I objected as she pushed me through the door.

"Let's go in anyway," she said. So I was willing to look at their collection of "flash" (as the drawings of tattoos are called). My lizard was unique. I had taken a photo I had found on the internet to a different tattooist. I didn't want something that anybody else had. He used the photograph to create my lizard. So as we walked into the small outer lobby of the place I figured my birthday present was doomed.

When the much decorated guy with the graying ponytail came out of the curtained doorway he greeted Cindie as if they were acquainted. "Ah," he said. "So this is the husband?"

"Yep," Cindie said. "This is Dan. It's his birthday today."

"Well, happy birthday, Dan. I'm Bill. Come on back." He went back through the curtains and I frowned at my wife. I had the thought that she had presumed to pick out something to have tattooed on me. I would have to hurt her feelings by turning her down. I didn't like the situation.

Nevertheless, I decided to go at least until the point of no return. Cindie propelled me through the curtains and I found myself in a slightly larger room. There were two barber chairs there and a stainless steel table covered with a sheet. I didn't see any paper outline of any kind of tattoo.

The artist was standing next to one of the chairs expectantly. "Wait a second," I finally objected. He seemed ready to go to work and I hadn't even seen what she had picked out. A tattoo is something that is with you for life. I wanted to make sure it was something I wanted to wear for eternity. "I want to see what she picked out."

"Oh, that will be up to you later. To start with we just put in a small stud," the tattooist said. I didn't understand. Then Cindie reached around me and pinched one of my nipples through my shirt. The bulb went on in my mind. We weren't there for a tattoo! She had paid to get my nipples pierced!

We had discussed it. I hadn't decided if I really wanted it done yet. I mean, I did but I didn't. Even though it wasn't as obvious as a tattoo, it was a body modification. I had read some accounts written by people who had gone through it. There were both pro and con tales. In my mind I vacillated from being eager for it and deciding that I definitely didn't want to do it.

I sat in the chair and Cindie helped me out of my shirt. I felt a shiver wash over me and my already alert nipples stood out even more. I leaned back in the chair. Bill had been doing something at the work bench. He came to stand next to the chair. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"I guess so," I replied, looking at Cindie. She was grinning. At that very second, I knew I wanted this. "Yeah," I said. "Let's do it."

Bill swabbed my left nipple with alcohol. It got colder with the evaporation. I reached for Cindie's hands. She took mine and squeezed. Bill picked up a pair of forceps from the tray and, in a businesslike manner clamped my nipple.

I flinched a little but the forceps weren't as tight as my clamps so I relaxed a bit. Looking down I saw that the tips of the instrument were formed so that there was a hole through each side. Bill reached to the tray and I had to look away. I looked at my wife and she was paying close attention to Bill's hands. Then she looked up at me and grinned lasciviously.

I felt him pull the clamp tight and readied myself for the pain. He pushed the needle through my flesh. The pain was so intense that I inhaled with a loud hiss. My God, but it hurt! The pain started bad enough but as he worked the thing through it climbed to a plateau and steadied. I let my breath out and drew in another ragged lungful. I felt my nipple being moved and tugged.

Glancing down I saw that he had already inserted the bar into the hollow tube that ran right through me. There was a little trickle of blood, but surprisingly little. He pulled the far end of the tube and the bar was in. Setting the tube aside he screwed the ball on the outside of the bar and it was done. He swabbed me with the alcohol pad and THAT stung worse!

Cindie made me let go of her hands because, as she said, she needed to get some circulation going again. I kept looking at my new decoration and realized that my cock was like an iron rod in my pants. That made me decide.

"Do the other one, too," I said. Bill chuckled and moved around to the right side of the chair. I looked up at Cindie and she had an expression of surprise on her face. I didn't care whether Bill was there or not. I took her hand and placed it on my erection and her eyes widened before she grinned at me again.

As Bill swabbed my unadorned nipple, Cindie unzipped my pants. When Bill placed the clamp on, Cindie leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. When the needle pierced my nipple I shot my load into my wife's mouth. It was just that quick!

When Bill was finished he walked to the curtained doorway. Turning, he winked at us and said, "I don't have another appointment for a half hour. I'm gonna go get a cup of coffee across the street." The curtain swayed as he walked out.

Cindie pulled me to my feet and unbuckled my belt. After some eager fumbling we both stood there naked. I was still hard as a rock. My nipples were screaming at me, but I was brand new. She turned and knelt in the chair, resting her hands on the back. I moved in behind her. I pushed the head of my cock between her thighs and was not surprised to find her wet and dripping. I slipped back and forth across her dripping lips.

Then I positioned my cock for insertion and took hold of her hips. I thrust forward and buried my length into her completely. She gave a grunt and a wail as I pulled all the way out. She wiggled her butt. I slapped it hard and pushed forward again. My cock found its way without any help from my hand.

The chair was bolted to the floor. Otherwise we'd have likely injured ourselves as we fucked. My belly slapped against her wonderfully round ass with each stroke. The sting of my nipples added to the sheer pleasure of fucking my wife. Every few strokes I gave her a loud swat.

After a few minutes she began her "orgasm chorus". She is very vocal when she climaxes. I pounded into her harder yet. She went over the top and I kept going. Having already come, I was ready to take her where she needed to go. Her flesh contracted around my hot cock time after time.

She finally raised up and collapsed back against me. I knew she was satisfied. I let my cock slip out of her juicy pussy. Her legs shook as she turned around and sat in the chair. She grabbed my still hard cock and pulled me toward her. She took me into her mouth again, sucking me and licking until I reached another orgasm.

We cleaned up as well as we could in the little rest room and got dressed. I still don't know if Bill just had great timing or if he had returned earlier and watched us. I don't care. In fact, I had been so turned on at the start I wouldn't have cared if he had stood there in the room with us as we made love. He came through the curtain as I was buckling my belt. He handed me a little printed sheet of after care instructions. He handed Cindie the bill.

We thanked him and Cindie reached her lips up to give him a little kiss on the cheek to thank him. She took some folded bills out of her pocket and handed them to him. We walked through the curtain and out to the street.

My nipples stung. The sun was shining and I was happy. I looked at Cindie and she grinned. "Happy birthday, Stud," she said, giving my hand a squeeze.

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