tagBDSMPiercing For National Nude Day Ch. 02

Piercing For National Nude Day Ch. 02



Dinner was quite extraordinary. Our host could not stay away from our table. He had to return time after time to ogle the erotic sight of his first nude diner.

There were four chairs, so we invited him to sit with us, and to drink some Champagne. We explained that it was National Nude Day. He joked that I should also be nude. I explained that I did not think the nude male form that appealing, but that we were working on it! I certainly did not like mine!

As he settled into his chair she let her topcoat slip to her waist. She executed an elegant movement, and slipped it from under her bum. She draped it over the spare chair. Her breasts moved and swayed as she did this, the chains swayed in the same patterns, and the lowest one, the loop through her clit ring, tightened noticeably. She was on fire again. The tug had pulled her clit, and moved the jewel, where it entered her cunt. She wriggled and squirmed with delight. Our host's eyes were out on sticks

She simply loved all the special attention that she was receiving from our host and the several waiters, who appeared to be required to serve us all the time.

She sat demurely, her nipples jutting far through the wonderful sunbursts of gold and semi precious stones, the three chain loops rocked provocatively as she ate.

All was well as she leaned forward, arms on the table, or took food from her plate. Our host was totally fascinated, asking how, and why, her "clothes" had been fashioned. She explained how we had started to "play pierce" each other, and that with the coming of Nude Day, we decided to have our nipples properly pierced.

I undid my shirt to show him my simple dumbbells. He loved the idea for himself!

She had made a great friend of the beautiful girl, who ran the parlour, so had decided to make her some jewellery. She said that she would finish the first pieces, and that we would bring her to the restaurant at the end of the week. Then he could decide what he wanted to do.

The restaurant had become quite crowded, when my divine friend told us that she was going to the Ladies Room. She stood up, as gallant gentlemen we both stood up. I moved her chair back. She walked the full length of the dining room, and through into the lobby.

The whole room went completely quiet as she passed between the tables.

From the rear she appeared to be stark naked. From the front she looked breathtakingly beautiful. Her stretched, proud, teats jutted out, her wonderful conical, gold adorned, breasts swayed gently to the same time as all the chains. The lower one, the one that looped through her clitoris ring, appeared slightly tight again.

Of course, it would have to be so, her cunt was dripping wet, and she had left a small damp patch on her chair when she left for the Ladies Room. The hook, into her cunt, at the base of her jewellery had moved down slightly. It was another first; she had invented her own dildo walking device.

Watching her walk away from us was truly, and totally, erotic. She moved in the flowing continuous movement of somebody at ease with her body. Watching her walk towards us was stunning. Her cunt lips were gold. Her clit was very prominent. You could see that it was a tall, round tipped, wet stem of love, proudly erect in the middle of her lower jewel. Her pubic hair had been replaced by a burst of flames of polished, and dulled, gold that rushed upwards to her naked stomach. Gems glinted and sparkled on her breasts, and on her mons.

Everybody looked, and nobody made a sound. There was not even a whisper, or a movement. The whole restaurant was still.

She was away a few minutes, then an extraordinary thing happened. As she appeared, and she demurely, with infinite grace, made her way back to our table, the whole room began to clap. Both men and women joined in with equal enthusiasm. The atmosphere was electric; everybody started to talk about my apparition. She loved it.

We were continuing with our meal when an extraordinarily pretty dark chestnut haired girl approached our table. She asked if she could sit with us, as she wanted to know about the jewellery.

We offered her the spare chair, and she sat down. She turned to ask if she could touch, and feel, the different items. My friend took her hand and held it to her right nipple; a finger lifted the loop, then traced along the nipple, and up the gold to the edge. It met her rising breast, and stopped.

The girl looked pensive, so my apparition simply nodded. The first finger was followed by another onto the soft skin of her breast. They went behind the cone that fitted so perfectly. As her fingers came away they were led, by a hand, down to the clit loop. The girl pressed lightly on the tip of her wetness. Then she brought her hand to her nose to draw in the aromas, before she erotically took one finger at a time into her mouth. She licked them clean.

The owner and I were riveted to our seats. Pre cum was leaving a wet patch my light coloured slacks, and I could not have moved for my erection. I am sure that the Restaurateur had the same problem!

Then the chestnut haired girl started to talk. She sat quietly explaining herself to the whole table. It appeared that she had been persuaded to have breast enhancement, and that she was not a happy bunny.

Now the jewellery covered breasts were, and remain, firm, exquisite cones. No bra is required, and generally they do not exist in her wardrobe.

The charming girl explained, without a touch of embarrassment, that breast enhancement had made her nipples disappear. It had almost completely flattened them. Yet she had thought that, and had been told that, her nipples would be bigger. This was her dream. Then she could have them pierced, and they would be permanently erect.

She said that the additional weight had also made them sag too much.

Suddenly, without a murmur, or a "by your leave", she started to unbutton her blouse. She peeled it gracefully back from her shoulders. She sat for a moment appearing to be dressed only in her bra. Then, without further hesitation, she unclipped her front opening bra, and let it hanging open from the wide shoulder straps.

A dazzlingly large pair of amazingly firm, completely brown, rounded breasts sagged just a little, until they were below the edge of the table. She made a very elegant movement, and her hands went under each globe.

She lifted them, and, with a matter of fact gesture, that stunned us for the second time, actually placed them on the linen tablecloth in front of us all. It was an extraordinary statement of detachment, of her despair, yet they were obviously completely part of her. She simply placed them there for us all to see. She did not think they were beautiful, yet they were. My owner friend, and I, could not tear our eyes from her beauty.

Our meal was becoming a very erotic, and an extraordinary breast consultation!

My friend stroked her skin. It was oddly taut. She ran her fingernails around both nipples, and pinched them quite hard. The teats grew, but not so that a man might have a meal from them.

My friend had simply come out in her gorgeously adorned birthday suit, and, of course, the transparent topcoat. She had none of those habits that need women to carry huge handbags.

She did not need a comb for her hair; her fingers did that, so I carried the few things that she might require. She asked me for one of her business cards. She took it, and wrote an appointment time, for 10.30 am on the following Wednesday. A new business was starting!

Then my wonderful partner did another extraordinary thing. She stood up, and leant over to the seated girl. She whispered that she wanted her to pull on her clit loop to show her some of the sophistication of her new creations. She wanted the girl to feel love.

A sigh came from her mouth as the girl pulled gently on the loop, and my apparition felt a tightening in her cunt. She took the cups of the chestnut haired girl's bra, lightly kissed the top of each breast, gently moved a globe at a time into a cup, and clipped the front back together.

The girl buttoned up her blouse. They kissed almost like old friends, she said good bye, and left.

Restaurant eroticism was reaching higher, and higher, levels.

She sat back in her chair, and stretched her arms far over her head. Her back arched, and she pulled the cunt loop completely, startlingly tight. Her teats were bent down as the gold, twist and three, went taut. She was emotionally drained by the girl, and was weeping quietly for another's despair. Her movements helped her realise what a wonderful gift she was creating.

We sat quietly as she recovered. I fully understood her feelings.

We said our good byes at the table. This time we paid our bill, and arranged to dine here again, with the girl from the parlour, on the following Friday evening.

We agreed, with our good friend, the owner, that we would extend National Nude Day for the rest of the week. He laughed, and said that he thought it likely that his restaurant would become a gathering place of like minded people. We would see!

The beautiful creature stood, and handed me her flimsy cost. She walked out bare.

As we walked the length of the restaurant, several tables beckoned the divine child over. She went to each in turn, standing stark naked in her splendour. At every table it was the girl who spoke, who touched a nipple, who pulled on the chains, and stroked the gold. Our departure took time, and was very animated.

A fashion, a new dress code, a new form of dress, was evolving before our eyes.


The next day was full of chaotic activity, particularly with my naked goldsmith working away in her secret place. The girl from the parlour came for a fitting; she wore a semi transparent dress that slightly echoed the one, which had been worn by my partner, when we first went out to dinner. She was braless. Her double pierced nipples were easy to see.

Her breasts were a little bigger than those that I loved. They jiggled, and wobbled, as we shook hand, and kissed. She obviously enjoyed my staring, lecherous, looks. I was not allowed to see anything else. I was bluntly told that she would be back at about 11.00 on Wednesday morning.

I also learnt that my nipples were to be pierced again, this time vertically, and that several special things would be ready for me to wear for our Friday dinner.

The doorbell rang at exactly 10.30 on Wednesday morning. I beat my naked friend to the door, and pulled it wide open. It was the pretty dark chestnut haired girl, whom we had last seen at our table on National Nude Day. She disappeared into the workshop. Half an hour later our piercing friend arrived. I showed her into the workshop, and the door was slammed shut in my face.

My original horizontal piercing was very far back on each nipple, so later that morning I was treated to a vertical gold dumbbell through each nipple, both outboard of the original bars. As before I revelled in the feelings. I could not keep my erection down, as each nipple was pierced by a girl in a transparent dress, and very little else.

I began to realise that all the girls were hatching plans for Friday. It was becoming endless fun.

Later that Wednesday evening I was given a blow-by-blow account of all that had happened. I was told nothing about actual new designs. It seemed that the chestnut haired girl was determined to have her nipples pierced, and that she wanted to be with us on Friday.

She was shown a design, which she adored. Then she decided to be pierced immediately. Two things had to happen. Firstly the designs must fit, so that they would not pull on the new nipple piercing.

Secondly her nipples had to be stretched a little before they were pierced. We had all seen, and agreed with her, that they really were small.

Now, I did not know it, but as she worked in secret, my apparition had manufactured a pair of nipple extending "pumps" from two of the disposable syringes. She found these in our original medical kit, which had become our play piercing kit.

She cut off the wings off the outer end, took the whole end off the needle face, and reversed the plungers. She simply used a tight fitting rubber "O" ring to hold her plunger at whatever level of suction she felt that she needed. She had designed her own nipple enhancement kit! She had been using them on herself, with a little jelly to seal, so knew that they worked well.

No wonder her nipples were longer, and more inviting, as they pointed further through the sunbursts. She fitted the extenders to her teats that night, to show me. Her nipples were approaching an inch long when fully extended. She said that they stayed a little longer after each short application.

She was very sensible, only using the syringes for a short time, and not stretching her tits too far at one go. She simply wanted them longer, firmer, thicker, and more beautiful, to model her new jewellery.

It appears that our chestnut friend was stripped to the waist, and her contours were taken for the new design. Then, when our friend from the parlour arrived, both girls suckled gently on her nipples, until they were as long as possible. The syringe enhancers were then fitted.

Her nipples were pulled out further, but she had a far lower pain threshold. They were still short, hardly any longer than mine. After a time there was something to work on! It all sounded totally erotic.

Once our chestnut friend felt happy her teats were washed down, all the correct procedures were carried out, then her nipples were pierced. A beautiful, 18 carat, gold dumbbell, with ball ends, was screwed into place through each teat.

I was told that her breasts really looked beautiful, and the redness would have gone in the next two days. She was very, very brave, and I looked forward to taking her out to dinner later in the week.

Both girls came twice more for fittings, or just to have a giggle with the naked goldsmith, and then it was Friday afternoon.


Shortly after lunch, which was eaten in the nude, I was called into her workshop. I was to be fitted out first, but before that all my bodily hair was to be removed. I had not thought of that. Partly because I am a very hairy man, and partly because middle aged men do not denude themselves of all their body hair!

The process was reminiscent of her hair cuttings, and our first venture into "play piercing". We were both bare, and I had to lie down on the bed, with my hands and feet pointing to the posts. Slowly, with infinite care and grace, she stripped me of every hair. She had decorated her nipples with heavy gold, and diamond dangles, rather similar to some late 19th century jewellery.

These touched my skin, not helping my member to stay down, but I managed. I remained motionless when she close shaved my scrotum, and removed all the hairs from my bum. In the end I was as bare as a baby, and very aroused.

We made sensuous slow love before our evening guests started to arrive. Then she decided that she should remain full of sperm. It might make the evening meal even more interesting!

As we lay recovering she started to fit my jewels. They were hand beaten cones that would pull, and extend, my breasts and nipples by more than an inch, rather like the fledgling breasts on a young girl. They were about two and a half inches in diameter. They were identical, hand beaten concentric rings decorated each cone, much as seen in some Celtic jewellery.

She fitted them with great care, first removing the screw end from my new, still tender, outer bar, then moving them gently sideways, before jiggling the cone past the bar. She removed the inner bar, slid my Celtic decorations right home, replaced the inner bars, and the screw ends of the outer ones, aligned both, and she was done. She kissed both nipples, and held up a mirror for me to see.

I was so amazed that I jumped off the bed, to stand in front of the full length mirror. It was spectacular. I turned to my naked elf, and we kissed.

I was still naked, and now totally void of body hair, but with my new adornments, when I went to the front door to let our first guest in. She arrived at about four o'clock. It was the gorgeous girl from the parlour. She waltzed into the drawing room, dressed only in the transparent shift. My naked jeweller was nowhere to be seen, but this new creature simply drew the shift over her head as she walked by me. She tossed the dress away. She skipped to the couch stark naked, as bare as the day that she was born, but for her nipple, and cunt bars. She threw herself onto the cushions, full length, and totally nude. Her breasts jiggled as she settled down.

We were in for an interesting night!

My friend had heard her arrive, so came in still wearing her long nipple dangles, and nothing else, but her clit ring. She carried two boxes. She knelt by the glorious creature lying nude on the couch, and they kissed. It was long deep, hard, intimate, and loving. It was obvious that they had walked this path before, and that their tongues were used to exploring each other. I liked it, and I began to wonder if our parlour girl might be a submissive.

Both the naked girls stood up, and I knew the answer as the adornments started to be fitted.

The first piece of jewellery was a gold collar. It was quite deep at the front. There it was also cut away, so that perfect skin was visible through shapes, and simple fret cut holes. There was a beautifully executed flush, concealed hinge over her Adams Apple, and a small gold padlock fixed the back.

She smiled, said thank you, and asked if they could kiss. I stood, the onlooker, the outsider for a moment, with a huge erection.

My friend removed the nipple pins on both breasts. She selected the first adornment. It was fine gold wires, and thin flat bands, shaped so that it formed perfect circles, semicircles, and quarters, to mould her glorious breasts to their ideal shape. A coned tube had been formed to flared out at the base, six exquisite quarter loops met at this point. A small nick had been cut into top and bottom outer edges of the tube.

My apparition bent to kiss and suck the first nipple. She made it hard, and left it wet, so that the tip of the teat pushed through as this wonderful basket of gold fitted down over the smoothness of the parlour girl's breast.

She pulled the end hard, first the horizontal bar holes appeared, then the vertical one. She gently, slowly, pressed the bars home, and the first adornment was fitted.

She repeated the procedure on the other breast, and the girl slowly spun on the tips of her toes to show us both. It was a beautiful sight.

My Goldsmith bent forwards, breast dangles swaying, and reached for the next adornment. It was an extraordinary contraption. There was a chicken egg sized, and shaped, gold knob at one end. This appeared to be attached to a fine multiple hinged strap, not unlike those used on high class watches. The narrow flexible strap stopped after an inch or so to form a large diameter deep tube, facing in the same direction as the egg.

I did not have a clue what had been going on, but my erection continued to show my interest.

The tube flattened out into a widening, curving, roughened gold face, that had been formed into quite a deep "V". This narrowed to a cup the size of a large thimble. It faced in the other direction. I detected a small hole in the base of the thimble cup, and that a large garnet had been set into the end.

I wondered what would happen next.

The parlour girl demurely turned so her back was to my friend. She slowly bent at the waist, and placed her hands on her knees as if to brace herself.

I could see that she had fitted a flush butt plug fully into her anus before coming to meet us. My friend pulled it out, quite violently. There was a loud pop, and the girl gasped.

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