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I haven't written anything in awhile, and have gotten many emails requesting I write another story, If you have read my past stories, you would notice that, sexually, I enjoy being used like a piece of fuck meat. Just a whore with holes for men to use. This story will be about yet another way I would love to be used. Hope you enjoy.

Being used by two men seems to be filling every free moment of my mind, and I can feel my cunt throb, and juices beginning to flow. A fantasy I like to imagine while I rub my swollen clit, is meeting two older men in a bar, looks don't matter., We begin drinking and talking, and then all decide to go back to one of their places for a nightcap. We sit around drinking and talking some more, but this time the conversation turned towards sex. Being drunk, and a little stoned on weed, I readily answered their questions. When they found out how I like to be a whore for men, and treated like fuck meat their hands were all over me. I don't stop them. I let them squeeze my tits, and pinch my nipples through my shirt. I gladly spread my legs for them while they rubbed my cunt through my jeans, Even though I was wearing jeans, it was obvious I was soaking wet. That of course turns them on more and they begin calling me names and telling me how they are going to use all my holes for their pleasure.

"Oh yes, mmmmmm that's what I like to hear," I say.

"Blindfolded," one of them say.

That caught me off guard and I began to get a little nervous, but the feeling of their hands on my body made me not protest when one of them slipped the blindfold over my eyes. They stood me up and began to strip me as they called me names, and even got a little rough, which turned me on even more. I felt like such a whore standing there blindfolded and completely naked for these two perverts. I felt their hands on me again, and the mouth sucking on each of my tits, and fingers sliding into my wet hole.

"This bitch is soaking wet!" one of them exclaimed.

"Oh yeah, she's going to make a nice fuck pig for us!" the other one said.

"Get on your knees pig," one said as he forced me to my knees.

I felt a cock rubbing along my face, so I of course opened up my mouth letting him know I was a willing fuck pig for them. He slid his cock into my mouth, as his friend fingered my cunt making me moan on the cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe how turned on I was being used by these two total strangers. When the guy fingering my cunt got bored with that he grabbed me by my hair and threw me down on the bed yelling, "Get on your back and spread those fat pig whore legs bitch!".

"Yes Sir," I said nervously as I did as I was told.

"That's it bitch, spread that cunt wide whore!" one of them demanded.

I reached down, and spread my cunt lips for the two perverts, showing them how wet my cunt was.

"Looks like the whore needs some cock filling that cunt!" one of the perverts said.

"Yes please fuck me!" I scream.

"You got it whore!" one of them said as he climbed up onto the bed and pulled my blindfold off saying he wants to see the pig as he uses her cunt. I looked right into his eyes as he held my legs back and slid his rock hard cock deep inside my cunt. The feeling was amazing, and my cunt was dripping wet for cock.

"That's it pig, take my fucking cock you whore!" he yelled as his friend climbed up on the bed and straddled my face, and forced his cock down my throat. I couldn't see the guy fucking my cunt, but I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my dripping wet fuck hole while his friend fucked my mouth. "That's it, blow me pig!" he demanded as he forced his cock down my throat. They pushed me over the edge, and I couldn't hold it any longer. My cunt juice began to flow all over his cock.

"What a fucking whore Jim, she came all over my cock!" one of them said. I also realized that was the first time I had actually knew either of their names.

"The whore is a great cock sucker too Dave" Jim said.

"Let me get some of the pig's mouth, take a turn at her cunt" Dave said.

"Get on all fours like the pig you are!" Jim commanded.

"Yes Sir" I said as I obeyed.

Jim got under me and i slid down onto his cock. I was in ecstasy at the feeling of his hard cock stretching my cunt.

"Oh yes!" I scream, as I began riding him like the dirty fuck pig I was. Knowing that I only served one purpose to these men, made it that much hotter!

As I rode Jim's cock, Dave stood up on the bed and rammed his cock into my mouth. They called me names and talked about what a pig I was while they used me. I was in heaven, and I never wanted it to end. I felt like such a filthy whore, and my cunt was dripping wet.

After using me like that for about fifteen minutes, Dave came up behind me and roughly pushed me down on Jim's chest, and slid his hard cock deep in my ass making me scream into Jim's chest. They both laughed at my reaction and only fucked me harder. Honestly though, I loved the feeling of two cock buried inside my holes, and I knew then that I really was just a fuck pig for men.

"Oh yeah this bitch is going to be great entertainment for our buddies huh Jim?" Dave asked laughing.

"Fuck yeah!, the guys will love using this pig!" Jim answered.

"Are you ready for our loads pig?" Dave asked.

"Yes please! I want to be your cum dump!" I begged.

With that I felt them both shoot their hot cum loads inside me at the same time, which only made me cum all over Jim's cock.

When every last drop of their cum was inside me they pulled their now soft cocks out of me and pushed me off the bed.

"Go sit over in that chair until we are ready to use you some more pig" Dave said.

"Yes Sir" I said obeying his orders.

They laid in the bed, flipping through the channels on the television. They stopped on a channel showing a porn movie. There was a woman in the movie fucking herself with a vibrator while two men watched and stroked their cocks.

"Play with your cunt pig" Jim ordered.

"Yes Sir" I said as I began rubbing my clit for the two nasty filthy perverted men in front of me.

"That's it piggy, get that cunt nice and wet for us" Dave said.

"Yes Sir" I moaned.

I sat back in the chair, closed my eyes and performed for them. I didn't notice Dave get up and get his cell phone. I heard the snap of the camera on his phone and opened my eyes to him taking pictures of me performing. I didn't try to to stop him. Instead I again closed my eyes, and put my head back and continued rubbing my clit for them. That fact that I didn't protest only made them want to use me more. Jim came over to me and began fingering my cunt, while Dave took pictures.I just sat there, spreading my legs wide, enjoying what I was feeling. Jim slid his free hand up to my pig tits, and began pinching my nipples hard, forcing me to agree to be their fuck pig from now on.

"We will use you any time we want pig, is that understood?" Jim asked.

"Yes!" I screamed, but I would have agreed to anything at that point. Jim had three fingers buried in my wet cunt, and I was on the verge of yet another orgasm.

"Yes, I'm your fuck pig, you own my fat worthless pig body!" I yell, as I cum all over Jim's fingers.

As I came down from the feeling of my orgasm, Jim shoved his fingers in my mouth. "Clean your cunt juice off my fingers pig" Jim demanded. Of course I took his fingers in my mouth like the greedy pig I am, and cleaned off every drop of my cunt juice. He then roughly threw me down on my stomach, and pulled my ass up and slid his cock deep into my cunt. He fucked me like that while Dave laid next to us watching. I felt him pull his cock out of my cunt, and quickly slide it into my ass, slow at first but then hard and rough. I met every thrust, helping him use my ass. Dave reached over and began abusing my tits, making me beg for them to use me.

"Oh yes, use me like the pig I am!" I beg.

Dave watched Jim fuck me until he dropped yet another load in one of my holes. "Don't move pig" Dave said as he took Jim's place behind me. He also fucked my cunt, before sliding his cock deep in my ass, as I watched Jim getting dressed.

"That's it pig, take it whore!" Dave yelled as he fucked me hard and rough.

"The pig loves it" Jim said as he got dressed.

"She loves it so much she deserves another cum load in her ass!" Dave yelled as he dropped his load in my ass.

When Dave came down from his high of cumming in my ass, he pulled his cock out of me and said "Alright pig, we're done with you for now" Dave said.

"Give me your phone number pig, so we can call you to service us again." Jim said.

As I was writing my number down, they were talking about setting me up for a gang bang. I handed Dave my number and Jim walked me to the door and practically pushed me out. I felt so used, and worthless. My cunt began getting wet again as I walked home, anxious about hearing from them again.

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