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Pillar of The Community


Richard had not been immediately welcomed into 'The Close'. He had been tolerated. Tolerated because of his marriage. Richard's fortune came from dirty money. Dirty in that he made things. He had started as a blacksmith. He now made a lot of things in iron and ferrous metals. He was not always neatly dressed. He didn't wear a suit to work. His tone was often brusque or common, he very rarely mixed his words. It was felt he had married above his station, he quite frankly lowered the tone.

His wife Helen however was well respected. She was old money an intelligent, accomplished lady in many varied fields. She was a partner to a firm of Solicitors. A golf and bridge player, an amateur horse rider whose seat was of international renown. She trained and bred horses as a hobby. Her contacts were moneyed powerful people. Many inhabitants of the mock Georgian houses in the labyrinthine estate had swallowed their pride to network the couple. Forcing themselves to ingratiate Richard as well.

As they lovingly polished the family Mercedes on a Sunday morning or herded their children into the 4x4, he saw the looks cross the close. Saying he shouldn't be there at all. He knew they watched and waited by their plastic columns, gossiped on their neatly trimmed lawns, about the time he would fall from grace and they would see the back of him. No one was ever impolite, but he could see the distrust in their eyes. As an anonymous hardworking man he was either a crook or a profiteer, no decent man made money from his hands.

He could almost hear the cheer rise from behind the double glazed windows, when Helen left their family home. He expected to see the banners and bunting out to send him on his way. To the chagrin of the community he didn't. It was his work and investment, which paid for the place, he was too busy to look for somewhere else. So they contented themselves with barbed comments, whilst the ladies gossiped of his allegedly poor performance, and the insignificance of his physique.

Richard had not intended staying on the estate. It had been Helen's wish to move there in the first place. However knowing of the hostility towards him, made him more resolute to remain. Helen's departure had been painful to him. The first real failure he had ever encountered. With the collapse of his private life, his business perversely continued to flourish. However the continual comments and animosity made it more difficult for him to take pride in his success.

Until he met Natalie, a petite woman, with the lungs of a giant, who took delight in chorusing her pleasure across the night. At first Richard was embarrassed by her encouraging groans and moans. Soon he became as excited as she, by her theatrical throes of passion. The loud cries of admiration for his strong muscular physique, were always the prelude for his entry into her body. His embarrassment transformed into renewed confidence. He took delight on summer evenings of opening all the windows, so that everyone could share his sexual exploits into the early hours.

As the summer wore on he found himself being approached in the pub, or at his car. There were mumbled hints. His neighbours had heard strange sounds in the night. Had he heard anything too? Perhaps he should consider drawing his windows in case he should be disturbed. They knew how hard he worked. As a man who lived by his manual labour, he must need his rest. It would be terrible if his sleep were disturbed. No one was ever going to tell the truth. No one was going to complain. He could see the envy, the looks of admiration, even a hint of camaraderie. He had become the local rogue, the slightly wicked chap they all aspired to be.

Richard ceased to bother about his neighbours, or more importantly what they thought. Natalie would be invited over for Saturdays or Sundays, when everyone was in the garden. Whenever the neighbours had family over for a barbecue. He would watch, the brief note of admiration, followed by a jar of horror, as they scurried around for music, anything that would drown out the noise of Natalie. He would watch them on a Sunday morning, whilst he and Natalie performed. They'd all be whirring with their lawn mowers attentive to the sound.

The summer wore on. Richard saw Natalie less. He felt the neighbours had learnt their lesson. He could now return to life in peace. His expanding business was demanding more of his time he had little left for recreation. No matter how pleasurable Natalie was.

He had just settled down to a Friday evening takeaway, when the bell rang. He was surprised to see Annie from across the road standing at his door.

'Forgive the intrusion, but do you have a moment?' Annie said gliding into the hallway.

She stood by the entrance to the lounge. Richard closed the front door and indicated she should go through. The tray with his takeaway sat on the coffee table, whilst an action film clattered and exploded across the television screen in front of the chair. Richard silenced the film inviting Annie to sit on the sofa opposite him.

'Would you care for a drink? Tea, coffee, wine?' he questioned congenially.

Annie eyed the plate of Chinese food, apologising for the interruption.

'It's okay, I'll reheat it later. What about the drink?'

Annie requested wine. Richard returned with a chilled glass of Chardonnay, the remaining bottle in a freezer sleeve placed on the table between them. He quickly cleared away his tray, and collected a second glass to join her.

'Is your friend coming over this weekend?' Annie asked looking at Richard.

'No.' Richard replied warily, wondering what prompted the question.

'Forgive me asking but is she likely to be coming again soon?' Annie fidgeted. A faint blush coming to her cheeks.

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean it how it sounds. What I was asking was'

'Will she be visiting me again.' Richard completed the sentence for Annie.

Annie dipped her head. She had coloured slightly, the flush of red that first tinged her cheeks, was now spreading across from her neck to her collarbone. Richard decided to be cautious with his replies. The questioning had been unexpected. He tried to discern the motives of Annie's conversation but now found himself distracted.

Annie drank heavily from the glass of wine. He noticed her fingers trembling. The pink flush had now covered her face, spreading out to the concealed edge of her breasts. Annie was a woman in her late thirties, everything about her was round. Not fat or plump, just round. He could see through the lightweight cotton of her flower print dress, the round of her hips, her thighs, her breasts, a series of ellipses tapering down. From beneath the edge of her dress, her dimpled knees led down to a pair of short curved calves tiny feet with painted nails.

'I just wondered when she might visit you again.'

'Is there a problem?' Richard returned his gaze to her face.

Annie's eyes darted about, flicking from him to the furnishings in the room.

'I'm sorry. I don't quite know how to mention this. Well we; that is the residents. More specifically the lady residents.'

'Have a problem with Natalie. This is my house. I am not doing anything wrong. Or illegal.' Richard suspected he now knew the reason for Annie's visit. He'd ring Natalie as soon as he'd thrown this wretched woman out. She had entered his house uninvited accepted his hospitality.

'We don't have a problem with Natalie. Or you.' Annie gulped down the last of the wine, extending the glass to have it refilled. 'May I have some more? Then I'll explain.'

Richard poured some more wine, and returned the full glass to Annie.

'It would be fair to say. We were initially shocked. Not to say embarrassed by your nocturnal habits. We were concerned. Well to put it bluntly we believed, your friend to be a lady of the night. A prostitute.'

Richard moved to speak, Annie waved her glass filled hand shaking her head to stop his protestation.

'I'm sorry. This sounds awfully bad. But we didn't know you. We still don't, but Helen led us to believe you were not very good in the areas of intimacy. You were rather reluctant and dare I say, rather small.'

'I also work very hard. Sometimes.' Richard interceded. Annie silenced him again.

'I know. I know. We can see we were probably misled. Your friend, Natalie, has done much to reinforce the opinion. That is not why I am here. I have noticed, or should I say we have all noticed an improvement in our own husband's performance. The sounds coming from your bedroom seem to fire our staid men. It had certainly been a long time since my husband moved away from a television screen on a Sunday. So you have given us all a little lift, within this community. It's been a while, we need to know if Natalie will be coming back again.'

Richard sat stunned not quite knowing what to say. He had never considered he was providing a service to the community.

'Natalie may come to visit again sometime. I don't know when. She is a busy woman we are busy people. You may have to be patient or think of something for yourselves.'

Annie had finished her glass of wine. She leant across the table and refilled it herself. Richard admired her neat short hair, as she flicked the stray strands from her forehead. She placed her cupid bow lips around the rim of the glass, and drank a little more.

'I know you are busy. Is there no way you two could get together just for the weekend soon? Those with children don't mind so much. But the rest of us, we were getting used to a little amorous attention. Some romance was brewing, now they are back out cleaning their cars, and polishing their golf balls. My Brian has gone fishing tonight which is why I was delegated to see you. The other's didn't want their husbands to know.' Annie now was almost imploring him.

Sliding from the sofa onto her knees she crawled over to Richard her glass still in hand. She grasped his thigh pressing it against her body.

'If you can't do anything for the rest of them. Do something for me. It's been weeks since Brian and I last did it. I know I'm not as pretty or petite as Natalie, but I'm still firm and my tit's are bigger than hers. Please, it could be our secret.'

Richard remembered the words Natalie used when she first came to visit. 'The first rule is to have a good time. The second is if you are enjoying it let everyone else know as well.'

'Do you think that would be fair?' he asked. 'What about the other residents. Aren't you being a little selfish? Look I know Natalie will be busy this weekend. But you could pretend to be her. We could make love, I could open the windows and let nature take its course.'

Annie deliberated as she drained the glass. Richard sat back patiently watching her face. He felt her hand kneading his thigh, working up towards his groin. He diffidently took her hand and moved to stand up.

'I'm sorry. I shouldn't put you in a spot like this. You are after all a respectable married woman. What would people think of you? I'll see Natalie again sometime, and you will be able to repair your relationships. It was silly to think a lady like yourself, would ever screech like a captured she cat. Or howl like a lone wolf calling for her mate. Let me show you to the door and we'll forget we had this conversation.'

Annie pressed herself across his lap.

'I want you to pin me down and use me like a randy tom cat. I'll be a street walker, anything. I'll scream, I'll shout anything you want. Don't leave me wanting like this. I couldn't bear another week of him snoring in my ear, while I lie awake waiting for a man.'

Richard sat considering the position. Annie was a very attractive woman. It would after all just be neighbourly, a communal service. He shifted back into his seat as she pressed her bosom against his thigh. He could feel her warm from the summer night. Damp from the perspiration seeping through her dress. He would oblige her, but he would enjoy the terms and conditions he set. Easing her away from his lap he gave a look of reassurance. He was not going to neglect her needs.

Richard disappeared into the house, whilst Annie sat on the floor completing the bottle of wine. He flitted from room to room, opening windows. As the acoustics improved about the house, the sound of his movements could be heard. Annie was sprawled back against the chair, her eyes wide eager, with anticipation. Richard returned dressed in a light cotton dressing gown. He placed on the table a large glass of ice. He stood over Annie. Releasing the tie gathering the gown he displayed his torso and charcoal grey briefs beneath. Annie's eyes trailed over his physique, focussing on the impression at his groin.

'Do you think it will be big enough for you?' he asked gripping his phallus through the cotton.

Annie didn't speak instead she moved forward to take it in her hand. Richard stepped aside.

'Natalie likes it rough. She is excited by being lewd. Do you like that too?'

Rising too her knees putting down the empty glass, Annie spread out her arms.

'I like it anyway, and everyway. Just give me your gorgeous body.'

Annie moved toward Richard again. He made her wait. He sat down in the chair his gown open covering the seat. Annie stood before him. His hands indicated she should raise her dress. Her fingers gathered the fine cotton, till the full round of her thighs were revealed. Richard signalled again. Holding the hem static she rotated slowly before him. Showing the taper of her calves down to the ankle and the flat indent behind her knees. Returning to face him, she raised the dress close to the start of her pelvic vee.

Richard smiled a wry appreciative smile. He had the considered look of a regular purveyor of female flesh. Annie parted her legs, straddling his lap. He took her by the hips, lowering her weight on to his knees. Her body was solid but light. His fingers felt through the material of her dress. She felt soft feminine. Her shape was firm easily defined by his probing touch.

Annie leant forward to kiss him. Her lips were sweet, fruity from the wine. They pressed searching against his, her tongue eager to enter his mouth. He pressed her back. He had plans for her. She would not go un-rewarded. Other pleasure's must come to her first.

He gripped her under the shoulder blades. His hands massaging her head and neck pulling her back till she was just beyond vertical. Her back bent into an open 'C' her breasts forward to his gaze. He found the concealed zipper to her dress. He slid it down to the base of her spine. His fingers sliding down the indent of her back. He could feel the perspiration as a fine sheen clinging to her skin.

Easily he slipped the top of the dress from her body. It lay as a crumpled band about her waist. She sighed softly as his fingers traced the outline of her breasts. He teased her nipples, through the printed flower pattern, of her expensive, delicate bra. Like native trackers, his fingertips read her pleasure, as they explored the soft plains of her rolling body. He slipped the tie from his gown. Gathered it up in his hand. He edged her hips forward, closer into his lap.

'Put your hands behind you. Grip the tops of my knees.' Richard commanded.

Annie grasped his knees. He wound the tie about her wrists, and knotted it through his legs.

'Are you feeling hot?' he asked gripping her hip through her gathered dress.

'Yes.' Came her whispered reply.

Richard placed the ice cube on the nub of her spine just below her neck. Annie gasped then shuddered. Before sucking in her lip. The melting ice trailed along her vertebrae. The vivid blue iris patterning her bra, was pierced by a jolt of pink. As Annie's nipple hardened in the filmy cup. Goose flesh raised on her chest and arms. Richard edged the ice down the ravine of her back. He paused between the cliffs of her shoulder blades. He felt the shiver tingle through her.

'Heat tempered by cold, makes things strong. Makes your pleasure strong. Yes?'

'Yes.' Annie murmured her eyes closed. Teeth clenched.

Richard continued to hold the ice. He bit her extended nipple through the fabric of her bra.

'I can't hear you.' He said through teeth, still locked about her nipple. Stretching her captive breast slowly as her voice raised.

'Yes. Yes. Yes oh God yes.'

Annie rocked against her restraints. The melting ice dribbling down her back as his mouth worked each nipple in turn. As the ice turned to water, Richard reached across for fresh cubes. He renewed his trip down her spine with one hand, whilst cooling her aching breast with the second . With eyes tightly shut, Annie bordered, the thin line between pleasure and pain. Each fresh touch, sending fresh contortions to her mouth and face. Inhibitions released Annie called her pleasure.

'No. No. Yes. More. Yes. Yes.' Annie squirmed and writhed towards his groin. Fresh perspiration mingling with the ice. He sat rapt, looking for new points on her body, to drive her further into delirium. Headlights flashed across the darkening lounge. He heard car doors opening. Followed by his neighbours faltering footsteps as Annie's voice filtered across the room. Richard reached behind him, turned on a reading light. He wanted to see her lewd spectacle. Everyone else could do as they pleased.

He warmed his fingers in the hem of her dress. Annie sat panting, her eyes staring wildly forward into his. He pushed the dress up her abdomen so that he could gaze upon her covered sex. Beneath the green stems and the black seeds of a poppy head patterning her panties lay the lush dark shadow of her pubis. Gripping the folds of cotton about her chest, he explored the scant material of her panties. Her eyes shadowed the movements of his hands, as he sought the edge of her vulva. He played along her abdomen, stroked the indent of her navel. Spreading her legs wide apart, their sexes became inches apart. His hand was trapped between the two waves of heat rising from his cock and her pussy. Annie's head dipped her lips parted, watching.

Annie trembled as he took the ice into his hands. Cold water dripped from his fingers splashing against her splayed legs. He looked into her eyes, tried to make her guess where his hovering hands would fall. He touched her navel. He dripped onto her sucked in abdomen. A loud sigh preceded the quivering shock as he placed the ice against her thighs. Two hands slithered towards her panties, each leaving a clear watery trail.

Annie shook her head begging as the cubes reached the edge of her crotch. She was sighing, calling, gasping, as he continued the trail round the rim of her thigh. The ice melted into the bow at the top of her knickers. The cool water soaking through, cooling the mat of hair beneath. Richard released one of her hands.

'Your panties are cold and wet. Make them hot. Make them hot and wet. Hot, sticky wet.'

Richard placed Annie's hand over her pussy.

'Fuck yourself while I watch.' Annie's finger slipped under the waistband of her knickers. Her knuckles pressed up through the green grass, as the poppy head swayed to and fro. Her fingers delved inside her soft warm vagina. He felt her buttocks press into his thighs. They sat watching each other. Annie's eyes closed as she concentrated on the movement of her manicured hand. Richard pulled the front of her knickers down, so he could see the slippery fingers darting from her pink crevice to the bud of her clitoris. Her mouth worked silently as her labia lips blossomed expanding the view into her wet pink pussy.

'Faster, harder. Fuck those fingers. I want you to cum. I want to hear you cum.' Richard said dragging the elastic as far as he could.

'Help me. You've got to help me. Touch me. Play with my tits.' Annie appealed between short intakes of panting breath.

Richard ran his hand along the blue iris. Seeking the pink nipple beneath the swaying grassy sward. He pinched hard upon the extending teat.

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