Pillow Princess



"But I gotta get ready and go to class."

"Me too," she sighed, and hopped off her bed.

I wasn't freaked out about the whole thing, as I had spent the better part of a semester dreaming about it. It had just been really, really nice, topped off by the most incredible orgasms I had ever had.

I expected it to be a one time thing, like a make-up present, and that we would just go back to being friends. When I returned that evening, she had bought me a bouquet of flowers. I told her I still hated her, but both of us knew I was no longer serious. We went to dinner together and chatted like the friends we were before. It was really nice to have a friend again. When we got back to the room we started talking about what had happened and we both agreed that we didn't want anyone to know.

"Do you think you might want to do that to me tonight?"


She was taken aback. "Why not?"

"That's freaking disgusting with all the cock that's been in there!"


"I'm serious, who knows what kind of diseases you have. No way am I going down there until I'm sure you're clean."

"I'm clean," she protested.

"Yeah, right. Show me the test results." She looked at me blankly. "You did get tested, didn't you?"


"No? Holy crap! You need to get tested right now!"

I bundled her out of the room, overruling her protests, and took her straight to the clinic. I got tested at the same time, just to give her moral support. She was really worried when we got back as it would take several days to get the results. We went into our own beds and I felt really bad for her, but slutting around had been her choice.

"Will you hold me?" she asked in the darkness and I joined her in her bed.

I spooned her and started kissing her neck. I reached around and started playing with her breasts. Minutes later we were both topless, sucking on each other's nipples in a 69 position. We played like that for hours until she flipped me over, pulled my panties aside, and proceed to lick me to another mind-shattering orgasm.

"You didn't need to do that," I mumbled in a daze.

"Thank you for caring about me," she whispered. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next night she and I had a long talk about our relationship. Reading the literature in the clinic had scared me so badly I didn't even want to kiss her until the results came back. I had a long discussion with her about my concerns, not only for my health, but for hers. Basically, I was not going to kiss her or go down on her until she tested clean again in 3 months. I wasn't even going to touch her pussy. She swore that she hadn't been with anyone since October, but I wasn't going to risk it. She nodded in numb agreement. From that night on, we shared the same bed, alternating between hers and mine. We were careful to avoid being seen together too much, and as far as I know no one suspected anything.

Amy's first test came back negative and I gave in on the no-kissing deal; it was just too much to miss out on. Almost every night we would get into bed, start making out, then she would go down on me. I wouldn't do anything more than suck her breasts and lick her neck, and she seemed satisfied with that. Sometimes she would finger herself to orgasm when she was done with me. We went to the beach together for Spring Break. I started talking about what I was going to do with her when we could both have sex, how I was going to make her cum over and over. I don't think I was in love, but I did want to make her feel good.

We decided that she would stop masturbating in the weeks leading up to getting the results from her second test so that her release would be monumental. After taking her second test, we went to a party. As usual, we tried not to hang out together so no one would talk. I was getting pretty drunk and was ready to go, thinking maybe I might cheat and not wait for the results to come back. I walked around the house looking for her and found her in the basement playing cards with several other people; she was sitting on some guy's lap and looking blasted. I shook my head and left. She came home the next morning wearing some else's shirt.

She apologized profusely, but I wasn't listening, or interested. She used the fact that she had stopped masturbating as an excuse, saying she was so horny she couldn't help herself. I sent her right back to the clinic. Thinking about it, I figured that nothing needed to change about our relationship. She could continue to pleasure me and I could continue to enjoy it. She was feeling so guilty that she eagerly fell into our old routine.

The semester ended before she could get a second test and her parents pulled her out of school after another round of awful grades. I found a boyfriend and happily jumped in bed with him without demanding a test. Although his oral skills aren't quite as good as Amy's, he has other parts that make up for it. Personally, I love returning the attention. To this day I have never gone down on a girl.

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by Anonymous06/18/18

Damn, Amy never got any action? This story was a rollercoaster. It ended somewhat cynically, but it had great quasi romance that made it satisfying. The part where Brandi teased Amy in the beginning wasmore...

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