tagSci-Fi & FantasyPilot 02: The Dark Side of the Moon

Pilot 02: The Dark Side of the Moon


Author's note: I don't usually submit unedited pieces - but unfortunately my editor is too busy at the mo and I couldn't find a replacement quickly enough, as I wanted to keep them coming as long as the first chapter is still reasonably fresh on your minds. Hope it is an enjoyable read nevertheless.

Chapter One - Coming to America

My little Emma. Always worried and looking out for me. While we were waiting for our connecting flight to Orlando, she suddenly got up and disappeared into the direction of the restrooms. I had programmed her to be adaptive and play her role as an organic being convincing, but that surprised even me. I learned the real reason upon her return though.

"Where have you been sweetie?"

"There was a threat, Jon. A man was carrying explosives in his clothing, under his ball-sack."

"Fascinating. I hope you have disposed of them?"

"I flushed them down the toilet. He needs medical attention and cosmetic surgery, if he wishes to repeat his attempt."

"Oops. Did anyone see you get in and out the Gents'?"

"No Jon. I used the deflector. He did not see me either and is unconscious now. I sat him down on the toilet, so he bleeds into it."

"Good girl. We have to check in within twenty minutes. I suppose we will depart before he is discovered."

"I also took out some more currency from my repository and changed it into dollars. Would you like me to take out the diamonds too?"

"Good thinking. No, luv, we can do that in the hotel."

I had put most of our gadgets and other things that might have caused undesirable questions inside of her. We had booked our hotel already before we left Zinder, so there was nothing else to do but wait and read. I had procured The Times and was now feeling a little homesick for the first time after crashing here on Earth. I wondered what had happened to the real Emma, my Emma, the girl I was certain I would marry should I survive the war. She would have been eighty-five now, if she was still alive.


Shneet allowed me to witness our departure from Earth from the bridge of his alien craft. He kindly switched to photon diffusion mode, meaning he made the ceiling and floor of the craft translucent, so I could take in everything as we ascended with an incredible speed. Apart from almost pissing my pants and feeling slightly sick to my stomach, I relished the spectacular vistas, saw Earth becoming smaller and smaller, but that picture was soon dwarfed by what we approached.

The craft he used to pick us up was but a small exploration shuttle, the real ship awaited us in orbit around Mars.

"This is the Ptaln. Standard science vessel, with a diameter of roughly two thousand of your yards, crew of eight thousand, plus about seven hundred recruits from eleven different species thus far. We will pick up another fifty of your kind, before departing to the next system. From there we will proceed to Talagon, where you will be trained and receive your commission."

"Goodness gracious me! And with ships of that size you can't resist the Pret?"

"The Ptaln is completely unarmed; apart from a few directive energy projectors that could serve as weapons and some passive armaments like energy shields for instance. The ships of the Pret are a lot smaller, but armed to the teeth. Size isn't everything."

"I see. Which one of your friends here is the pilot? I don't recognise anything that would look like flight controls, leave alone a pilot's seat..."

"This is an automated unit. We instruct it to fly us where we want and it does it by itself -- so no pilot here, only a navigator -- and that would be my colleague in the far right corner there."

I realised how alien their technology was and felt lost and overwhelmed when I followed his inaccurate pointers-- the bridge had no corners, but was completely round -- and saw one of the skinny grey figures standing in front of black panel he touched every now and then. Each time he touched it, a different symbol appeared in an amber colour.

"Don't worry, we will adapt your vessel to suit your personal predilections and needs. Welcome to the Ptaln."

As we spoke a massive hatch underneath the carrier appeared out of nowhere and we were sucked into it with break-neck speed. ---

"Jon? This is our flight they are announcing. Is everything all right?"

"Yes. Sorry, sweetie, I just took a stroll down memory lane. Let's go, Mrs Nichols and try to refrain from mutilating any more terrorists until we safely land in Orlando."

"I do not perceive any further threats at this time, Jon."

"Tim. We should stick to our assumed identities from now on, unless we are alone."

"Acknowledged, Tim."

Shame, a lot of Emma's personality could not be transferred from the ship into her hand before it was destroyed. The ship Emma had been a living being; her hand was a sophisticated android, no more, no less.

The flight to Orlando was quiet and uneventful. The cab driver who took us from the airport to the hotel in Downtown Orlando made the ten miles or so seem longer than the actual flight, as he didn't shut up for a second; there were moments when I considered stunning him, throwing him out of the car and driving to the hotel myself. Little Emma cautiously enquired whether she should intercede also, but keeping a low profile ruled out any physical assaults on cab-drivers.

The Grand Bohemian Hotel was an impressive little jewel amidst an interesting skyline that glittered and glowed in the early evening hours when we arrived. The hotel had an opulent flair, almost Old World charm sort of thing; the walls were littered with interesting paintings, although I have never been much of an art buff. That had been more Emma's department, the real Emma I mean.

We had a very decent meal at the Boheme restaurant; afterwards we went swimming in their outdoor pool, before turning in. Our suite was spacious and could well have belonged to my time, with lush velvet curtains and an apparently timelessly tasteful decor. Well, we didn't have a high speed wireless internet connection in my days, which should prove useful for gathering all the information we required. Of course I didn't need any of your clumsy little computer things, Emma was perfectly capable of extracting every bit of useful information on her own and displaying it as a projection on the wall if necessary. I suppose she would be the ideal travel companion for the modern business man also.

I ordered a decent bottle of wine, which I emptied, before turning in. I snuggled up to Emma, who would have all required data and a workable plan in the morning for us.


The week aboard the Ptaln was absolutely mind-boggling. I had almost got used to the Scnrgsis, though I still found it challenging to pronounce their name without spitting. Some of the other races they had picked up, however, were a little more difficult to get used to. The Scnrgsis had found it wise to break up our groups in order to prepare us for our future working together in teams of diverse species. There was nothing for us to do aboard the Ptaln but wait for the last arrivals and socialise, which not everyone felt overly comfortable with.

Like me, most of the species present were coming from less advanced cultures and were sometimes still in deep shock or had their nerves lying blank for any other conceivable reason. My first encounter with a Mondane didn't go overly well for instance. The Mondane are ugly reptilian creatures who stand erect, and look anything but clever and in fact aren't either. However, when a Mondane bumped into me just in front of my quarters, I discovered why they had been chosen.

He was a true telepath, who didn't seem to be overly taken by my unspoken remark concerning his questionable descent and nauseating scent -- the Scnrgsis had deemed it wise to provide him with an implant that adapted and translated thought patterns of other species very much like our translator matrices.

I found myself pushed against the wall all of a sudden, engulfed by that putrid scent and learned that there were very similar creatures to my kind on his planet that they enjoyed particularly for their second dinner of the day. Apparently those creatures weren't overly impressive fighters, as I managed to make my point that there were distinct differences between me and his common prey quite convincingly, before some Scnrgsis got between us.

Most other races were easier to get along with, apart from the Turrans, who were in fact descendents of the human race. There was some sort of recreational common area, where we all met up to pass the time and I was immediately drawn to them, because they looked so similar to us. The major difference was that they were smaller and a lot stronger built than us, due to a higher gravitation on their planet, also their skin had a weird violet hue that made them look really quite exotic. When I said the Turrans were difficult to get along with, than I was referring mainly to their men. I got along with the women just fine.

The male Turrans were usually smaller than their women, about four feet tall on average and had a massive chest, which they blew up even more when angry. They got angry easily and although they were really quite intelligent, their culture was far behind our human civilisation that they had been ripped out nearly two thousand years ago.

Their planet Turria was not particularly hospitable and quite unforgiving apparently too, so the lack of development might have been due to demands of the incessant struggle for survival. I am glad though that I never got into a brawl with any of them, as I saw them fighting not much later and was more than a little impressed by their speed and physical prowess.

Shortly after my little incident with the Mondane, one of the female Turrans approached me in the common area.

"You are human. The Scnrgsis told us that we descended from your kind."

"Well, we look very much alike, so I suppose that could be true. My name is Jon and I come from an area on Earth we call England."

"I am Leela, my planet is called Turria. I don't remember the area where I was born. We do not stay in one place for long. Staying means becoming prey on Turria."

I listened to the sound of her language, which reminded me of Italian, even though it didn't sound quite as melodious. The fact that all of them had either black or brownish hair did indeed seem to point to some Mediterranean origins.

"I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Leela. It's a little unnerving to have a history we know so little about, don't you think? Almost as unnerving as all this mind-boggling technology and these weird creatures around us."

"None of them seem to pose a threat. I saw you combat the gecko yesterday. You are a little clumsy, but you do have the heart of a warrior."

"That is kind of you to say. By the way, you are the first of your kind that actually wants to talk to me. I tried to speak to two or three of your men already, but they didn't even deign to answer."

"They don't talk much. They rather act. I haven't had a conversation this long with a man all my life."

I couldn't help but grinning.

"That must make your marriages a little boring I suppose."

"Marriages? I do not recognise this word."

"Oh, it's when a man and a woman formalise their relationship and stay together for the rest of their lives."

"Their whole life? That is bizarre. We don't spend more time together than absolutely necessary. How do get aroused with someone you know all your life?"

"Oh... Well, if you truly love someone, you will still want to... how can I put this, exchange tenderness... although I did hear that it might be a bit more difficult with progressing years..."

"Tenderness? Love? I do not comprehend the meaning of these words. I am curious. Don't you fuck? We fuck a lot. It keeps one warm in the nights and relaxes the mind easily, when the earth shakes a lot."

I felt the blood rushing into my face. After all, I was still a child of my time.

"Of course we do. But we usually refer to it as making love. Love is the feeling you get for a person, like for a family member, your mum and dad, your siblings -- just in a different way..."

"We care for our offspring. I think I understand what you mean -- but we don't feel that way for people we fuck. I am curious about the size of your cock; you are much taller than our men. You smiled at me and I accept. Do you want to go to your quarters or mine?"


"I am sufficiently aroused, if that is what you are wondering about. Here. Feel it."

Before I knew what was happening to me, she took my right hand and guided it under her short thick dress, right into the heart of her femininity. Undergarments were apparently something else that was uncustomary in her culture. I was more than a little shocked; after all, this was as far as I had got with my beloved Emma after years of courtship and under the cover of a spectacular summer's night on the beaches in Brighton. Now this alien woman rubbed my hand against her wet hot pussy right in the midst of the common room, where a lot of the present aliens and humans watched our exchange with curious eyes.

"Oh... I see. Well... There seems to be some sort of cross-cultural misunderstanding..."

Her hand released my wrist instantly and a sad expression entered her face.

"I don't arouse you?"

Actually, nothing could have been further from the truth. Despite the peculiarity and awkwardness of the situation, I felt my cock swell and twitch in my pants, ready to explore my distant cousin in depth, so to speak. She was very pretty also, her long raven-black hair, big dark eyes and lush dark-violet lips would have classified her as a knock-out by human standards as well. I left my hand where it was for the time being, of course to reassure her, as any gentleman would have done.

"That's not it... it is just... we don't do this that spontaneously in our culture. We court each other, maybe kiss and after we get married, we do get... oh... more physical."

In the meantime she had tried to ascertain the answers to the matters preoccupying her. Her hand was exploring my palpably growing bulge, squeezing and rubbing like there was no tomorrow.

"You do feel aroused. It is swollen. I don't understand what you are saying. But that is not important. We talked so much already. Enough of that. Come now, I want to see and feel that thing. You will not regret it."

Well, it would have been churlish to refuse her offer. Also, I was more than a little curious about her and her race -- and sex I didn't have to pay or marry for. Of course I had slept with a few whores, after volunteering for the RAF. They needed men and not boys after all, and I didn't want to die a virgin. Leela had said I had the heart of a warrior. A warrior doesn't shirk away from his battles. It was my responsibility to give her at least a decent first impression of her ancestors.

"Okay then. Just for future reference though: We don't mean we want to fuck when we smile. Hm... now I understand why your men weren't overly anxious to talk to me as well... I think I might have been smiling too much..."

"Enough talk. Let's go fuck."

We ended up in her quarters. She peeled off her one piece dress as soon as the wall behind us reconstituted and I hurried to get off my kit too. Her body was extremely muscular and had very few soft lines, only her arse and small tits were curved enough to appear feminine. There were no significant visible differences to Earth women as far as her cunt was concerned though, I noticed when she gave me a quick tour, forcing me onto my knees and pressing my head into her lap.

The scent of Turran women is much stronger than Earth women's, sweet as Japanese cherry blossoms and simply irresistible. The taste of her excretions was also quite exotic, and, I might add, pumped all my blood into my cock instantly as a result.

"Yes. Good tongue. Keep licking... earth will shake soon."

I gathered what she was trying to say, but would have needed neither encouragement nor confirmation. I felt quite distinctly how swollen her clit was, as I slowly lapped up and down her wet cunt. My face was covered in her juices that ran profusely from her insides. She didn't moan or groan, as on her world this would attract predators she later explained to me.

"Earth shaking..."

I had noticed that, despite the missing noise, but the more pressing matter at hand for me was my ability to breathe, as she pressed my face so hard between her legs that I was completely shut off any air supply. When I was about to pass out, she finally noticed my frantic attempts to alert her to impending demise and opened her legs.

"Sorry Jon. You can't hold your breath long I guess? I will be more attentive next time. Do it again. Your tongue is as agile as Sumps."

Which were later presented to me as snake-like creatures from her world, Turran women used for solitary pleasures. In any case, the taste and texture of her sex was so incredible and enthralling that I followed her wishes gladly and without further ado. This time I noticed that she actually held her breath until the earth shook for her again, which must have been more than five minutes. She released me quicker this time, also because coming twice from oral stimulation was the customary preamble to fucking in her book.

She picked me up like a puppet and threw me two yards through the air onto her bed. Despite her size of perhaps a little under five feet she was as strong as a grizzly. She jumped from where she stood and crashed on top of me and before I knew what was happening she had impaled herself on my rock-hard dick. She hardly moved, but squeezed it with her vaginal muscles, creating sensations that are very difficult to describe, somewhere between being milked and tortured; actually quite painful, but at the same time creating exquisite bliss nevertheless. She licked her own juices off my face that soon mingled with sweat, not only caused by her palpably higher body temperature, but also from me becoming more and more agitated and closer to burst.

"Good cock... Big cock... getting bigger still... earth will shake for you soon."

"Yes... oh fuck... yes... am going to... come..."

I managed to spurt into her, before she released my cock with a lightning fast movement from her cunt, replacing it with her mouth instead, sucking out the last drops of my spunk with obvious delight, then lapping up the few drops that had escaped her manoeuvre and splattered on my belly.

"Mmh... good seed, tastes very different from our men's. I want more."

"Um... that is probably going to take... uhh... ohh... or maybe not..."

This wasn't just blowing what she did to me, it felt more like a massage with her tongue, which she managed to roll around my dick in her mouth. I hadn't noticed before that moment that it was quite a bit longer than ours. She got me hard again in no time and got her second helping of her now favourite protein shake not long after that.

I felt spent and delirious when she finally released me.

"Good fucking, you enjoyed it too?"

"Indeed. That was amazing... incredible. Wow."

"Fucking is different on your world?"

"Well, yes. It is usually the man that does the work... and pushes his dick in and out..."

"Oh? Show me."

"I will. But I need a short break before that. You see, we don't really recover that quickly..."

"Silly. I simply suck it hard again."

I don't know how, but she managed to do just that. And she was very much taken with the human way of fucking also. So much that I almost crawled back to my quarters after what seemed like an eternity of fortifying that new penchant of hers. I decided not to smile at Leela or other Turran women again, before receiving the medical implant Shneet had told me about. Otherwise my life might have found an untimely and highly unusual end, before I could prove myself on the real battlefield.

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