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Pilot 06: Animals



By past_perfect ©

Author's note: Not all of you would want to read the whole series. For those who don't, here a short summary of what has happened so far:

Jon was an English RAF pilot during WWII. In 1943 a race called Scnrgsis recruited him for the forces of the galactic community, which was facing an extra-galactic enemy called the Pret. Sixty-six years later Jon crashed on Earth following a battle with the Pret, having aged just about seven years due to a medical implant of the Scnrgsis. He hijacked a space shuttle to get to a station of the Scnrgsis on the dark side of the moon. Whilst waiting for his "Mother"-ship Snay, together with Emma's "hand", the last remaining android from his destroyed ship Emma, he recounted his training on Talagon. The Pret were contained by a barrier the most advanced race in our galaxy – the Salarmorn – had erected. What went on behind this barrier was virtually unknown, until the first missions of the Snay. In the last adventures Jon discovered that there was an active resistance against the Pret on Soreil and on Dawnmaker, a small but crucial moon around Daria, where an entity called Life battled the dark master behind the Pret, the Ta'baka'ta.

Chapter one – The human experience

The news I got from the galactic network and Mother were anything but good. The Pret had advanced further and according to our scout ships were poising their forces to strike again. It'd be another day before the Snay picked me up from the moon, where only Emma's hand kept me company, while my mind used the downtime to reflect on the key moments of the war as I had experienced them.

"Was it strange for you to be amongst humans again, Jon?"

"Yes, kind of. Well, we did meet a few others along our way, and of course the human descendents, like the Turrans, the Pipers, the Harkans ..."

The Harkans. The Harkans were human descendents that had been overrun during the first incursions of the Pret. We visited their planet not long after the Dawnmaker adventure. Yet another incident that was burned indelibly into my memory.


Quila made disapproving faces in the mirroring surfaces of the Snay's medical bay. They had done quite a job on us. Our appearance had been altered to allow us to blend in with the population on Harkas, the planet where our current mission had led us to. Our orange skin colour did indeed take some getting used to. Quila's and Emma's hair had been coloured black; my brown didn't need an adjustment as that colour was prevalent there too. The last member of our little group I then met for the first time. In fact, she was the first human woman I saw since I left Earth. Her name was Tamara, a Russian who had apparently joined the forces of the galactic community years before me and was posted on the Snay specifically for this mission. Apart from getting her name during a brief introduction, I knew next to nothing about her, as I hadn't had the chance to read her file yet.

"I don't like this colour. It makes me look like a cartoon character."

"Nonsense, Quila. You look smashing. I bet the Harkan women will be all over you."


Earth cartoons were actually quite popular in the galactic community - some were even shown in the original 2D, the majority enhanced. Not much else got fed into the network from Earth at the time, though.

"What do you think, Tamara?"

"I think you are both wasting our time with these irrelevancies. We have less than twenty minutes before we are scheduled to leave."

Quila tilted his head slightly and looked up and down on her, provocatively lingering on her tits and crotch.

"Now I know why you were so eager to leave your planet Jon. Your women are just too much fun."

"Let's not get off on the wrong foot here immediately; we have a long enough trip ahead of us and ample opportunity to get to know and appreciate each other. Let's go to Emma and maybe you tell us a bit about yourself, Tamara. Did I understand that right? You have been with the forces for ten years now?"

"Yes. My last posting was on the Essar. I am one of the seven survivors."

"Did you meet many other humans in the community yet?"

"No, you are actually the first one ever. You are English, aren't you? I'm from St. Petersburg in the USSR. Hmm. You both haven't been on Harkas yet, have you?"

"No. But from the tone of your voice I gather you have?"

"Yes. I found the Harkans pretty disagreeable. A totalitarian medieval society with a violent temper. But now that they are under Pret occupation, they are potential allies."

We had reached Emma and I showed both of them their quarters. We departed from Mother right on schedule and reached the planet some seven hours later. The reason for this slow approach was that the Pret had still not found a way to scan through our cloaks, but they had found a way to scan for us shifting. We had lost three kids to that fact and the traps the Pret had prepared for us.

"Now we look positively silly."

We wore the customary Harkan attire.

Unfortunately, Quila was right this time. What we'd been provided with resembled ancient Greek or Roman attire, sandals going up to the knee and short skirt-like tunics, cut to a V to let our heroic chests show. Tamara and Emma's hand wore the same, just had an additional inch of ribbon barely covering their nipples. Tamara had a fabulous chest, as I had noticed earlier already and the body to match. Quila was apparently more fascinated by Emma's hand and I have to admit, she did look absolutely riveting. Even the nauseating pastel blue we were forced to wear couldn't overturn that impression. The Harkans were in their blue phase at the time.

"Jon, can you tell your android to quit staring at me? It is making me nervous."

"I wasn't staring, I was observing. You are the first Earth woman I met and I am building a reference database."

"Whatever for?"

"Solely for my personal use. I want Jon to feel at home when he is with me."

"That is a lovely thought sweetie, but if Tamara doesn't like you observing her ..."

"She doesn't seem to mind you staring at her, specifically at her bosom."

I exchanged a quick embarrassed look with Tamara, who displayed a hint of a smile. Quila jumped right in.

"Yes Emma, that is a mystery, especially since your tits are so much nicer."

"Thank you Quila; that is kind of you to say. We have landed. Matter sluice activated."

We had been vested with contact lenses to countermand the insanely bright blue-whitish light of the blue dwarf Harkas was circling. Harkas had two suns; a blue dwarf and a yellow star similar to Sol, albeit slightly bigger.

Those two added up to nineteen hours of daylight and a night of only seven and a half hours. The yellow star was still below the horizon. It was really warm already; from the information we got about the planet, it would get quite hot during the next hours, temperatures over a hundred. We were lucky though, since we had arrived in winter.

We landed in a savannah reasonably far away from the nearest habitation. The Harkans had a pre-industrial agrarian society, nevertheless it seemed safer to have Emma in orbit rather than remaining on her landing spot, cloaked or not. From what we had gathered, the Pret were mainly present in the handful of larger towns on the planet. We came across a fortified road we had planned to follow to get to the nearest smaller one. Soon the road led into more fertile areas with large fields of grain and meadows with herds of large, apparently domesticated animals, which looked like a cross between a hippo and a boar, with eight legs.

After a few minutes of uneventful travelling we saw the first Harkans working in the fields, loading bundles of grain onto a large hovering antigrav platform that looked completely out of place in this rural setting. There was a Pret guard close by, resting in the shade of a tree, whilst getting a blow job by one of the workers. Apparently our presence didn't arouse any suspicion, or that poor fellow half choking on its massive dick needed its undivided attention.

In line with our resolve to keep a low profile we just marched past this scene. Our attention was soon diverted from what had looked like scarecrows from a distance, ironically circled by a large flock of birds. As we got closer, it became obvious that it was something much worse. Three Harkans had been killed and their mutilated bodies placed on wooden sticks. Their genitals were missing and I had a hunch that the birds feasting on them weren't responsible for that.

"Fucking Pret. This is barbaric," Quila spat out to emphasize his sentiment. Tamara took some water out of her bag and watched him with an indefinable expression.

"Babaric, yes. Pret handiwork, probably not. I told you, the Harkans were no angels before the Pret came. I have seen this type of stuff here before. The bird droppings are fertilising their fields."

"What the ... are you serious?"

"Yes, I am serious. The missing genitals could point to the Pret, but I bet it were Harkans putting up the bodies. They can be rather pragmatic."

Quila shook himself as if trying to rid himself from that notion.

"One of the first things we should do in town is barter for some swords and daggers at the local blacksmith's. We are likely to be challenged sooner or later, and wouldn't want to use our own weapons in public, unless we really have to. The Harkans are fond of copper and gold as I have learned on my previous visit. I brought enough to get by, but also make us a prime target for marauding robbers and ordinary thieves. I suspect the Pret occupation will have changed quite a few things, but I doubt it will have changed their greed or brutality."

"Fascinating. So I suppose this is yet another experiment by the Scnrgsis that didn't quite pan out?"

Tamara shook her head.

"What they exhibit here and built their society on is within all human beings. Below the precious veneer of our civilisations we are still animals."

"That is a rather pessimistic and cynical view of our kind, don't you think?"

"Why, what's the difference? The Harkans kill each other with swords and daggers; on Earth they do it with tanks, bombs and guns."

"We have lived peacefully for more than two thousand years on my planet, and we are of human descent also, so I don't think you can generalise there."

I was glad that Quila jumped in, as I had trouble finding any serious argument against Tamara's position. Tamara's attention was diverted when we had reached the top of a hill from where we could see the town we were approaching already. From what we could see from our vantage point, there was no Pret garrison. The town was enclosed by a circular wall, and roads from all directions converged on corresponding gates. The large animals we had seen grazing earlier on were apparently used for drawing their vehicles too, low and wide wooden contraptions with rotating boles rather than wheels, which could have been due to the incredible speeds these animals were capable of. Large clouds of sand followed their approach to the town gates.

"Okay. Try not to get into any fights, don't look anyone in the eye and just follow my lead. As we are going to be in a town, it is customary that the men walk behind the women. The appropriate distance is two to three yards. If you feel compelled to stare at Harkan's chests, fight it, or you might end up on a stick too."

"Why is that?"

"Didn't you read any of information the strategic team provided? This is a matriarchal society. Here the women own the land and govern it too."

"Actually, the team omitted that little titbit, as I read the whole thing. There is nothing of the kind in our engrams either. All it said was that it is pre-industrial and somewhat feudal."

"I see. Well, you are in for quite a few surprises then. Quiet now, men aren't allowed to speak when following their mistresses."

"Mistresses? What the ..."

"Shut up, there are Harkan guards at the gate. I would have to flog you publically, if you don't comply."

Quila swallowed and followed my example to cast down the eyes and let the girls take the lead. I wondered why the strategic team hadn't bothered to tell us such crucial details. Something was not quite adding up here. The guards were female, as I noticed with a quick furtive glance. Tamara told us to stop and approached them. They exchanged a few words and then some of Tamara's copper changed its owner. We were about to pass when one of them barred our way with her spear. I forced myself not to look up, as its point went down from my neck over my exposed chest down to my private parts.

"Nice flesh. Make sure you share."


The guard withdrew her spear and we were free to pass the gate into town.

Chapter two – Women on top

The town was small but teeming with activity and a restlessness I only ever observed in humans. We witnessed one of the public floggings Tamara had spoken of upon arrival at the marketplace of the town. A male Harkan was stripped naked, attached to the upper beam of what looked exactly like gallows with some heavy chains, and a very attractive Harkan woman whipped the shit out of him, cheered on by a crowd that seemingly got quite a kick out of it. A little to the left a group of armed guards shielded a palanquin, where a stunning brunette sat like on a throne. We appeared to have caught her attention too, as she instructed her bearers to move into our direction. I was not usually quick to judge people. However, in this instance I filed her under bitch even before she had uttered a single word.

"I am gratified to see new flesh in this dullest of places in the southern estate. Sisters, I am Dinitria, portreeve of this town and welcome you here. I further honour you by allowing you to share your flesh with me."

"We are honoured by your concession and will gladly share our flesh with you."

Well, this was the point when I did feel a little violated, intrigued, but violated nevertheless.

"You may follow us then."

She turned her palanquin around and her guards opened a path through the crowd for her. I hissed into Tamara's ear, "What the fuck do you think you are doing?"

"It is not a question of choice. Here it is advisable to accept authority and power, unless you want to end up on a stick. I've seen executions for lesser reasons than refusing something like this. Don't make such a fuss; I'm pretty sure you are going to enjoy it."

Emma very lowly interjected, "Portreeve or not, if she hurts Jon in any way, I will kill her."

"What are you on about? All four of us are going to do some serious fucking, no more, no less."

"Oh? Well, that is acceptable then. Jon is fond of fucking. And I am too."

"What do you mean? What did this pervert program you to do?"

"He didn't do anything of the sort. I wanted to fuck him, and we did it. Seventy-eight times not including oral sessions. So there."

"Hey my man, what kind of friend are you? You never told me anything about this."

"Shut up, all of you. Watch where you're going."

We had arrived at a large building, not particularly impressive from the outside, built with the same grey slab all the rest of the houses were. That rather humdrum impression changed immediately as we entered the interior.

The hall we entered was made from something resembling polished marble, although its colour was ochre with light red sprinkles. There were white precious furs spread like rugs everywhere. The palanquin bearers lowered her mistress to the ground.

"Welcome to my humble abode, sisters. You meet us at a time of great distress, as the off-world creatures are draining us of resources, slaves and grain. What region are you from, and why are you travelling by foot rather than coach?"

"I am Tamara and this is Emma. We had an unfortunate encounter with some highway robbers several miles back. Our coach was destroyed and our animals flew during the fight. We are coming from the mountains of Elia."

"I see. I am sure we could accommodate you with new transportation, if you are able to pay for it. What have you done with your weapons?"

"They have been taken by the Pret creatures when we encountered one of their patrols. Let me repay you for your graciousness with this small token of our esteem."

She took a piece of gold out of her bag and gave it to the guard next to her. Dinitria received it with obvious delight and gratitude.

"Yes, the creatures are annoying, aren't they? They have robbed me of most of my best flesh. I hear they are meeting with some resistance in the Elia mountains? Is that why you are here? Looking for allies? Sit down please."

I was about to follow her instruction also, but a quick glance by Tamara indicated that Quila and me weren't included in her offer. Three women appeared with large plates of food and drink, which again were only offered to the girls.

"I am not at liberty to divulge that information. We would be very pleased if we could purchase some weapons and a coach from you, though. I am sure we could negotiate a fair trade."

"Possibly. You must be sore and sweaty from your ordeal. Let us go to my atrium where my attendants will remedy that."

She didn't seem to be overly miffed by Tamara's refusal to tell her more. I guess they had more or less arranged themselves with the Pret, who didn't seem to exert as much pressure here as they had on Soreil for instance, but maybe the situation was different in the larger towns where they had actual garrisons. Before I had thought that our mission to find allies was somewhat vague; now I got the impression that whatever our real mission was, Tamara was probably the only one that had been briefed fully, although I still had trouble understanding why. Okay, the fact that we were considered "flesh" and had to follow the local customs might have been something they omitted in order not to spoil the surprise or elicit a negative response by Quila and me, but again I had the distinct feeling that we had been left in the dark about other things for a good reason.

The atrium was simply spectacular. It was dominated by a massive pool in the middle, where several platforms and odd looking contraptions were already manned by Dinitria's naked attendants. The clear water was littered by multi-coloured blossoms that reminded me a little of orchids. The rest of the atrium was framed by small trees, shrubs and magnificent flowers of all kinds. A group of Harkan males played some instruments that could have easily come from Earth; flutes, something similar to a lute and some small drums and cymbals. The whole atmosphere was mightily sensual and yet care-free and very pleasant. Tamara quickly informed us that we were allowed to look now, as we weren't in public anymore.

I was reasonably happy about that, as two stunning attendants started undressing me. Dinitria and the girls were also helped out of their clothing; then led into the water together with Quila and me, where we submerged up to our hips. The water was lukewarm, as the pool was illuminated and probably heated by the suns, which had by then risen high in the sky. The agile hands of the attendants cleansed our bodies with some sweet smelling paste very thoroughly. I couldn't help but feel mildly aroused already. A state further enhanced by the following massage with some very fragrant oils on the platforms near the middle of the pool.

"Did you give your flesh names?"

"Yes, this is Jon and the other one is Quila."

"Unusual names, but then so are yours. I haven't been to the Elia region for years. Considering how well grown your flesh is, that might have been an inexcusable oversight. If they perform to my satisfaction, I might be willing to trade them for a coach and weapons."

For the first time Emma interjected.

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