Pilot 06: Animals


"They are neither for sale nor barter."

Tamara gave her a quick warning sign not to intercede, as she appeared to feel she had the situation under control.

"What Emma meant to say is that we are both reasonably attached to them and the services they provide for us. We actually planned to set them free, once we have completed our errand, as they fought extraordinarily bravely when facing the robbers. In fact, we owe our lives to them, as ridiculous as that might sound."

"I appreciate that. You there, Jon, come here. Let's see what you can do that your mistress is so fond of."

I obeyed and waded through the water until I reached her platform. She might have been a bitch, but she had a gorgeous body and a very pretty face, which might have looked even prettier if she managed to rid herself of this haughty and condescending expression she was wearing. The oil the attendants applied had been completely absorbed by our bodies, leaving our skin soft and fragrant. Dinitria's hand immediately clasped my moderately swollen dick.

"Good tool. I will cherish it inside of me. But first you will pleasure me with your tongue. I hear Elians are very good at that. Tamara, I want to see you and Emma suck on Quila's dick in the meantime. Get in the fuckers for the ambience."

She clapped her hands three times and the atrium became alive with couples and groups surrounding the pool and busying themselves. But all this became a side-note as I delved between Dinitria's open legs and tried to live up to our assumed reputation. Her labia were quite large and really dark, almost black, but her insides were just as pink and irresistible as an Earth woman's. While testing her sensitivity I noticed the arrival of the "ambient fuckers" from the corner of my eye, who crowded the platforms next to us and did what they were expected to.

"Ah ... yes ... like that ... lick it ... faster ... more to the left ..."

Actually, I didn't particularly like it when being directed in my performance. It was a bit like being devaluated, as if I didn't know what I was doing and needed pointers. For a moment I thought of torturing her for that, building her up quickly and then letting her hang on that sweet cliff into oblivion, but my own horniness got the better of me. The sooner I would get her off, the sooner I could join the fray, as the sounds and sights around me really got me going by then. The prissy bitch apparently had no further complaints with what I was doing and moaned and groaned instead, only occasionally influencing my ministrations by steering me with light pressure of her thighs.

Someone else must have noticed my rather stiff plight and joined us on the platform, and even without a single glance I knew where my dick had found a magnificent resting place. Emma's sucking was unmistakeable, her deep-throating incomparable. I looked into Dinitra's heated face, but there was no sign of disapproval, only passion and bliss. A shudder ran through her body, her muscles tensed and she screamed out her orgasm for all to hear. Maybe it was a matter of etiquette, as only then the first of her "fuckers" followed.

"Yes ... yes ... good flesh, great tongue. Go on. One more time."

Fair enough, for one it was a very nice pussy she got there and licking her was very enjoyable, also Emma's contribution to my well-being was making it easy for me to comply with Dinitria's request. Nevertheless I quickly looked around and saw that Tamara and Quila had been successfully bonding also, settling their little differences in the best possible way. Team building just the way I liked it. Then I shifted my attention back to Dinitria's grateful cunt, suckling on her clit and since she was so fond of music, introducing her to what swingers called the one-man-band. I inserted three fingers into her pussy, two into her rear and licked her with renewed zest. Apparently this was a concert she relished, albeit very briefly only, as she announced her second orgasm quickly and vociferously. I kept lapping her slowly, but stopped moving my fingers around.

Dinitria seemed to need a few more minutes to come down from cloud nine, so I had the opportunity to enjoy Emma's expertise whilst looking around a bit to take in the spectacle of heaving flash and slapping bodies all around me. All of a sudden Dinitria was with us again and as disagreeable as before. She turned to some of her attendants.

"Get him into the chair."

The attendants tried unsuccessfully to remove Emma from my cock, who just budged after I gave her a sign to do so. The attendants led me to a chair made of that marble-like stone in the middle of the pool, which was surrounded by an odd-looking wooden contraption. Before I knew what happened, my hands were tied behind my back; then they shackled my ankles. Dinitria put on some strange looking harness, which was then connected to the wooden contraption. Her attendants helped her onto my dick and then went to actuate two wheels on either side of the contraption.

They might have been a backward agrarian society, but definite human ingenuity was shining through in this mechanical masterpiece. Through a series of wheels, water was scooped up in what looked like suspended excavator shovels. Once the shovels got to the highest point, they toppled over and the water splattered down to the ones below, thus creating a continuous motion that the attendants had less and less part and trouble in maintaining. At the same time Dinitria was lifted up and let down about two or three inches, just enough to enjoy the pleasure of riding me without having to strain her aristocratic body. From above some water spilled over our heated bodies, giving the impression we were fucking under a waterfall.


The attendants had no trouble whatsoever getting the contraption into yet another gear and Dinitria mechanically humped me with rabbit speed, moaning and grunting, her hands entangled in my hair, her face twitching and distorting with violent passion. The musicians had changed their tunes to match and so did the "fuckers" around us. I could sense that Dinitria was about to come again and relaxed my mind to relinquish myself to this incredible feeling too. Soon our little portreeve got gushing water from above and a hot infusion from below seconds before she herself also liquefied in the throes of her orgasm.

"Enough. Stop it."

The attendants pulled a couple of levers and the thing came to a grinding halt, sending one last flush of water onto our dripping bodies. But that wasn't the last ablution we were provided with; the male fuckers suddenly dropped their partners and circled us, wanking like maniacs, until one after the other spilled their load onto both our bodies, a gesture Dinitria almost certainly enjoyed more than I did. Nevertheless I had a big grin on my face when they finally released her from the harness and me from the chair.

I joined my three companions on the platform they were resting on. Quila looked spent. Apparently Tamara was a bit of a wild cat too. Dinitria, however, appeared to be still in the mood for more action and pointed directly at him. Her body glistened in the sunlight; most of her upper body was still covered with threads of cum. Quila was led to her platform where she stood arms akimbo, legs apart, releasing some drips of my earlier donation in the process. I couldn't hear what she was saying to him in a very low voice as the music was pretty loud that very moment. However, I saw with some alarm that he was shaking his head.

Everyone froze.

"What is he doing? Shit," Tamara hissed into my ear.

Dinitria's somewhat dreamy and lustful expression changed instantly. This time she shouted her order.

"Lick it off. Obey."

So there was the rub. She wanted him to lick the cum off of her. I exchanged a quick look with Tamara and Emma. Tamara's tightening lips and two attendants with whips approaching heralded the escalation of the situation. I knew Quila well enough to anticipate that he wouldn't be intimidated, no matter what. I quickly checked the atrium for an escape route and the position of guards, but I couldn't see any.

It all happened incredibly fast. Dinitria slapped Quila right in his face and he simply responded in kind. I will never forget the surprise in Dinitria's eyes. He did not give her time to recover, instead grabbed her wet hair and forced her down on her knees, pressing her face against his slightly swollen dick. The attendants with the whips were about to intercede and Emma was on her feet with one fluent movement. But we were all equally surprised by the next development. Dinitria raised her hand to stop them and opened her mouth instead, admitting his swelling pride and joy. For a minute I had the nagging suspicion that she wanted to blow him up and then bite his dick off, Pret-style, so to speak, but she did nothing of the kind.

Quila was getting really into it now. His grip in her hair tightened as he started head-fucking her. She gagged and wretched, but again her hand went up to show her attendants that they weren't supposed to interfere.

"Yeah, suck me you little horny bitch."

I was still anxious he was overdoing it and the whole thing would turn into something messy, but nothing untoward happened; the only messy thing became her face, as he pulled out at the very last moment and frosted it with a deep, satisfied grunt. Then he released her hair and nonchalantly waded back to our platform. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone was frozen with horror.

"Now I see why you are so fond of them, sisters. Initiative, gumption and a very impressive technique on top. Are you sure you don't want to trade?"

Tamara seemed surprised that this hadn't turned into a bloodbath, but recovered quickly enough and slowly shook her head. Dintria beamed, wiped off some of Quilas deposit from her face and appreciatively licked it off her finger.

"I understand. But I insist that you spend the day and night with us before continuing your journey. And I want Quila and Jon in my chamber tonight. If you are willing to extend that courtesy, I will give you a coach and weapons. Agreed?"

The four of us made quick eye-contact. It didn't sound like a trap and I felt no sense of danger. Tamara nodded.

"Agreed. You honour us with your request."

She was cleansed by her attendants in the way she had originally been assigning to Quila and we spent most of the day feasting and relaxing in the atrium. We both made sure that she had reason to believe she had struck a fair bargain during the night. Actually, away from all her minions, she had no trouble accepting our guidance and getting the shit fucked out of her. After all, Quila and I were a well-attuned team, since our friend Anjiran had given us ample opportunity to practice back on Talagon and Mother.

Chapter three – The Road to Thraldom

The four massive beasts drawing our coach stank terribly, but we were making headway with an impressive speed. The roads were okay up to about ten miles away from the town, but got progressively worse the deeper we got into the countryside. Suspensions had apparently not been invented by the Harkans yet and we were in for a bumpy ride. Getting past other coaches was usually a breakneck manoeuvre, which we had to do less and less the farther we got away from the town. It took a while until Tamara started talking.

"Quila, can you do me a favour and never ever again pull such a crazy stunt? You could have got all of us killed, you know."

Quila sneered.

"I know women. I don't think there was ever any real danger for us."

"You don't know shit ... this is Harkas, these aren't Piper women. The first time I was here I saw two Harkan women publicly castrating their men for not performing to their standards. And those were ordinary women, no portreeves. You were lucky she was bored and eager to experience something new."

"Yeah, I sensed that. That's why I was never in any real danger."

We hit yet another massive stone and had to cling on to the leathery strap that had been placed alongside the walls of the open coach, presumably for that reason. I reckoned we were going at a speed of around sixty to seventy miles per hour with that thing. I wasn't really interested in Quila's expertise that very moment, but in Tamara's.

"Tamara, why haven't we been informed about any of this? Since you are such an expert and knew about it beforehand, the strategic team must have known it too. Why wasn't it included in the mission briefing? Why didn't you tell us? And what else is there you haven't told us?"

Tamara looked me straight in the eye and sighed.

"First of all, I thought you had been briefed. I actually thought you were pretty brave to go on this mission, considering what could happen. The town we are trying to reach is called Sitria. Sitria is the second largest town here, with almost forty-thousand inhabitants. And there is something you haven't quite understood yet: Dinitria was extremely pleasant in comparison to what you can expect there. When I told her I would set you free, she must have thought I was joking and having you on. There are no free men on this planet. Sitria is the centre of their slave trade. Men are slaves here, a mere commodity that is being traded, and discarded when useless. Due to a genetic response to radiation originating at the blue dwarf, there is a ratio of three men to one woman being born on average here. That is why they are so expendable."

Quila laughed out loud.

"So what? Doesn't scare me one bit. I don't want to settle down here, so if we have to play slaves for the duration of the mission, fuck it. I don't give a shit."

"There is a chance that the locals will try to take you from us. You will see."

"If anyone tries to take Jon, they will have to get past me first," Emma interjected firmly.

Again we were lifted almost two feet in the air.

"Thank you sweetie. Can't we establish a localised antigrav field? My delicate hindquarters don't agree with this bloody primitive coach. And Tamara, could you kindly tell us what our real mission is? Looking for allies on this insignificant backward planet sounds more than just a little ridiculous to me, the more I know about this world. What is it you are not telling us?"

"Oh, we are looking for an ally. One to be precise. You never bothered to ask me why I have been on this planet before. And no, we cannot use an antigrav field."

"So, why was that?"

"I was meant to rescue someone. It was before the Salarmorn had erected the barrier. My very first mission. I failed."

"So who was it?"

"Dsar. The Salarmorn who was attempting to give this planet a new direction, before the Pret came."

"Now it starts to make sense. A Salarmorn? Here, on this planet?"

"Yes. He refused to come with me."

Quila was just as curious as me about the Salarmorn.

"What do they look like? And why did he want to stay here?"

Tamara shook her head. "What they look like? He was posing as a Harkan. Therefore he looked like a Harkan to me. He never revealed his true form to me, not even when we ... but that is not important."

Emma had been quiet throughout our conversation, but now her face lit up. "You love him. You are in love with this man, aren't you?"

Tamara's smile looked pretty pained.

"It is a little bit more complicated than that. However, all you need to know is that we either have to convince him to come with us this time, or we will have to actuate a secondary plan I am not at liberty to divulge to you."

"You said there are no free men on this planet. Does that mean he is a slave in Sitria?"

"Thus far we don't even know if he is still alive. If he is, it won't be easy to find him. Especially if he doesn't want to be found, which is indeed a very real possibility. His stay here wasn't authorised by the Council to begin with. What is this ahead of us? Emma, can you make out any details?"

"Roadblock. Six Pret and two other coaches with several Harkans. They are searching the coaches."

"Fuck. Is there any way around it?"

"Do you see another road here, Quila? No, we have to get past them. We have to hide our energy weapons and other gadgets."

Emma's repository in her back was big enough to take up our smaller handhelds and a few grenades. Quila's favourite weapon however, a half-sized blaster that was almost two feet long, which he carried inconspicuously in his bag, wouldn't fit in there. Neither did the swords and daggers we had received from Dinitria.

"Quila, chuck it. We can keep the swords. Everyone is carrying weapons in Sitria."

"Why should I? Come on, they are only six. We can take them out easily."

"Yeah and alert the whole garrison? Do you think the use of energy weapons here won't register on their scanners? They have stepped up their security measures since they learned we are sending cloaked ships into their domain."

Quila was still defiant.

"Then why are we carrying energy weapons at all, if I may ask?"

"For emergencies only. And this doesn't qualify as one. They aren't searching for us; they are searching for something else."

Emma quietly looked into the direction of the Pret, which was still a small point on the horizon for us.

"They are tagging them with a sub-dermal chip or something similar. One of the coaches is free to go on. Now they are checking the second one."

"Quila, mate, please, don't make such a fuss about this. We still have our disintegrators and the dislocator handhelds. Throw it as far as possible into this field here. Maybe when finding it one of the locals will put it to good use after we have left."

Quila grumbled for a few more seconds, but then finally acquiesced. I resealed Emma's depository just in time, before we got close enough for the Pret to see us. It was odd to finally face the Pret. Of course I had been in battle with them before, and even watched them fucking when passing through one of their encampments. But never in a seemingly "normal" situation.

"What are your names, where are you from and what is your business in Sitria?"

The Pret had a deep, bellowing voice.

"I am Tamara, this is Emma; these two men are called Jon and Quila. We are from a town called Avar. We are here to buy slaves."

Two Pret boarded our coach and inspected our bags. They went about their business rather indifferently and with a minimum of posturing. They smelled like coconut, which struck me as odd somehow. I had expected them to reek or something.

"Stretch out your right arm. I will inject a tiny machine under your skin. It will not harm you, but if you attempt to remove it, it will release poison into your bloodstream and you will die instantly. Do you understand?"

"I do. Will you remove it once we leave town?"

"No. Every Harkan will receive such a device from now on. You may continue your journey now."

We passed another two roadblocks before reaching the gates of Sitria. The Pret scanned us, but didn't do anything since we already had been implanted. Emma claimed that she could disable and remove the chips without any danger, but we were desisting from doing that for the time being. The gates of Sitria were guarded by Pret, not Harkans.

"What is your business here?"

"We are here to purchase flesh."

"You may do so. Be advised that you must not approach our station, which is located near the centre of town. The flickering yellow light you see around it is a fence made out of pure energy. If you are stupid enough to touch it or try passing through, you die. If you kill any of your kind, that is not our business. However, if you make any aggressive move towards us, you will regret it. Do you understand?"


"Now move on, for your own sakes, I'm getting hungry."

The other two Pret guards made bellowing noises, but then actually licked their lips. It was high time to move indeed. Once we were past the gates we could already see a massive dome dominating Sitria's skyline. Coaches weren't allowed in the narrow streets of the town, so we had to leave our vehicle and the animals at some stables adjacent to the city walls and continue by foot.

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