Pilot 06: Animals


The Pret and Harkans had apparently blended together very nicely. Right next to our stable, two Harkan males were chained to the wall of a larger house. While a downright ugly old hag whipped the shit out of one of them, two Pret took turns buggering the other unfortunate fellow. About ten Harkans were watching this outrage with interest and their hands under their tunics. About time they invented television here too. I exchanged a quick look with Quila, whose lips tightened, but we cast down our eyes and followed Tamara and Emma at the appropriate distance.

The narrow roads were packed with Harkans and Pret. I started to fathom what Tamara had spoken of. More than once Quila and I were felt up by Harkan women in passing, which appeared to be a local custom, just as the fights we witnessed on our way to the inn Tamara wanted to reach. Quite a few men were naked except for spiked collars attached to long chains, which tied them together in small groups. Their destination was obvious. The slave-market. I was a little relieved that the way to the inn was leading away from that.

We arrived at a square where several Pret were having dinner. They didn't even bother to kill the poor Harkans, but ate them alive. I was glad I was supposed to stare on the ground rather, as I started feeling sick to my stomach. Suddenly we were stopped. A quick glance revealed that it were Harkans this time.

"Very nice flesh you've got there. I want it. Hand it over to me and you will not be harmed."

"Are you challenging us?"

Tamara drew her sword and pointed it at the tall Harkan woman ahead of us, leading a group of six, two women and four men. They were all armed to the teeth and looking rather wild and fierce. People around us stopped and sat down to witness what they expected to follow. Even the Pret stopped eating and glanced in our direction.

"Don't be a fool and hand over your flesh."


"Then suffer the consequences."

Her attack was swift and direct. However, oddly enough she didn't seem overly anxious to hurt Tamara, nor was the other one keen on hurting Emma either. It looked more like a show-fight. Tamara seemed equally surprised, but gave Emma a quick sign not to escalate the situation. Of course Emma could have killed the two attacking women in a heartbeat. Instead she followed Tamara's lead and disarmed the second after a short struggle.

The Harkan men just stood and watched as we did. What the fuck was this supposed to mean? The two women bowed to our group.

"You defeated us. It is within your rights to claim our flesh."

"I don't want your garbage. Get out of our sight."

All of a sudden there were screams of terror and people started to run. I turned around and saw why. While our girls had crossed blades with the Harkans, the Pret had been assassinated. It was a gruesome sight, as the attackers had been really quite thorough and hacked the Pret to pieces. We followed the lead of the Harkans and ran away from the square. Shortly afterwards we heard the unmistakable sound of Pret energy weapons.

"Fuck. So much for keeping a low profile."

"Shut up. The inn is over there. We have to get off the streets."

Now I began to understand why the Pret were using the implants. Apparently there was an active resistance, even here. That didn't bode well for whoever had used the diversion and killed the Pret. But it could also get us into trouble. Naturally the Pret would analyse what happened here and look up the people involved. Maybe it would be a good idea to get Emma to disable the implants for us.

The inn was pretty large and packed with drunken and loud Harkans, male and female. It wasn't easy to get through to the bar, where a middle-aged woman and several men had a hard time keeping up with the orders of their patrons. However, she stopped when Tamara approached her and placed a piece of gold into her palm. I couldn't hear their conversation, but a minute later one of her helpers lead us through the crowd to an exit leading to a wooden staircase. Our room was on the second floor. The guy mumbled something about fresh water and disappeared again. Tamara bolted the heavy wooden door.

"No surveillance devices present in this room. There are Pret outside scanning the area, though."

"Does that surprise anyone? What the fuck was that just now?"

Quila cautiously opened one of the wooden shutters of our window and peeked outside.

"There is a Pret transport platform and two groups of Pret scanning the area. They don't seem overly excited. Maybe this wasn't an isolated incident."

I nodded.

"That would explain why they have erected a shield around their compound too. What a crazy planet."

Quila shrugged.

"But you have to admit, pretty nifty tactics, don't you think?"

"Which can get us into a lot of trouble. How do all of you feel about disabling the implants?"

Tamara emphatically shook her head.

"No, not here. I chose this inn for a reason. If we disable the devices here, the Pret will investigate this place."

"They might do that anyway, since we were so graciously included in an assassination plot."

"Be that as it may, we shouldn't draw any more attention to us for the time being. Anyway, I need to freshen up and eat. I have ordered some food for us already downstairs."

With these words Tamara took off her tunic and immersed her hands in a small pail of water standing next to what was supposedly meant to be the bed, made of straw and a few dirty rugs. There were no chairs or tables in the room, so I sat down on the floor, leaning against the wall and watched Tamara cleansing herself. Even Quila gave up his lookout-post at the window and joined me on the floor.

"What are you guys staring at? You have both seen me naked before. Quila even fucked me."

Quila grinned.

"And he wouldn't mind repeating that."

"Fuck you."

"Whenever you want, darling."

There was someone at the door, trying to open it, but Tamara had bolted it before.

"Who is it?"

"Your food. Please open the door."

Tamara continued cleansing herself and gave Emma a sign to open the door. Two male Harkans brought in massive plates of food and several beakers of their version of wine. One of them stared directly at the naked woman in front of him and grinned from one ear to the other, despite what must be threatening for disrespectful behaviour like that.

"Tamara. You came back."

"Paria, my friend. I was hoping to find you here. Yes, I'm back. This is Emma, the chaps are Jon and Quila."

Paria gave the other man a sign to leave.

"Are they off-worlders too?"

"Yes, they are. We can speak openly with Paria, he was our local contact when I got here last. He is a Harkan, but a Harkan educated by the Scnrgsis and, of course, Dsar."

The Harkan made a gesture resembling a bow.

"Don't believe for a minute that knowledge can't be painful. However, I also believe it kept me alive thus far. You are looking for Dsar again I suppose?"

Tamara nodded slowly. "Do you know where I can find him?"

"No, I don't. He disappeared about a year ago. The last thing he said to me was that he needed to change into something a little more suitable for the occasion. And then he disappeared. I thought he meant clothes at first, but when he didn't return, I guessed he assumed another body."

"Assumed another body?"

"They didn't tell you anything about the Salarmorn either? That is ... quite peculiar. Well, they are morphids, shape-shifters. And that isn't their only extraordinary power. I should have guessed that he would change his identity."

The Harkan produced a broad grin. "I think he didn't only change his face this time."

"Yeah, that would make sense. As a woman, he'd be in a much better position to influence things. I never really got why he didn't do that in the first place." Tamara paused pensively, then blushed a little.

"But obviously I am grateful that he didn't. But ... hang on. Fuck. Of course! Stupid me. Now I know why the woman who attacked me seemed oddly familiar. What a cunt. He hasn't changed one bit. I'm going to kill this bastard."

"You mean the woman staging this diversion was our Dsar? Fascinating."

"The group that staged this attack is known as the Muar. The Pret actually had to erect a force-field around their compound as they succeeded in sabotaging a lot of their technology before. The Muar are keeping the Pret on their toes. Did they implant you with the tracking chips yet? You might wish to disable them, if you want to contact the Muar. I can arrange a meeting for you. And now you will have to give me three pieces of copper as you availed yourself of the landlady's flesh uninvited. Exchanging intelligence is not on our menu, I'm afraid."

"She'll give you a piece of gold. Sit down. Stay. Eat with us. Tell us about the situation here. How are you faring?"

"The Three Mistresses have decided to arrange themselves with the Pret. There are some rumours that they have even converted to their religion. They deliver slaves to the Pret compound in all openness. No-one ever returns from the compound. There is resistance, some organised in groups like the Muar. Some more spontaneous, reactions to those ominous last drops that bring everything to overflow, by people thoroughly pissed off already to begin with. Life wasn't exactly easy for men on this planet before the fucking shaggy monsters came."

Quila snorted. "Pussies. Three to one and you don't manage to show them their place? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Well, I know that, you know that, but the men born here don't even dare dream about that. It is as it is. It has always been like that. Do you understand?"

Quila slowly shook his head.

The food was very tasty. Even tastier was the view of Tamara's magnificent body, though. Quila and Paria were discussing avenues of social change, while I picked up any stray energy released by her very deliberate and seductive movements. She didn't eat, she mouth-fucked the food before my leering eyes. The suns had set, but the temperature appeared to rise in the room progressively. Tamara nibbled on a wing of something while her legs opened in slow motion. Due to the dark colouration of her lips and her untrimmed bush I could only intuit her cunt's location and state, but it almost definitely wanted me closer and more active. Pussies talked, you know.

It took me a while to notice that it was silent in the room all of a sudden. Quila's and Paria's attention had shifted to Tamara's antics also and Emma used the opportunity to dispose of her tunic. Tamara smiled somewhat wickedly at Emma.

"So, Emma ... the only man you ever slept with was Jon? Don't you want to try someone else at one point?"

"Certainly. I am curious about a lesbian experience too, if that is what you are insinuating."

"Oh ... I wasn't, but good to know nevertheless. I was about to suggest that you try to broaden your horizon with Quila and Paria, while I take out your pilot for a spin."

Emma lit up like a Christmas tree.

"You mean we'd all be fucking? Oh yes. I would love that. May I Jon? I would understand if you don't want to share me with anyone else."

"No, that is fine sweetie. You can do whatever you want. However, if you are eventually going to have a go with a woman, I would want to be there and watch that."

"Of course, Jon. Quila, Paria, are you okay with this too? Jon told me I am very good at fucking and he likes my blowjobs too."

Well, both didn't have a problem with this, quite the contrary. They took their kit off at the same time as me. I wanted to have a quick wash too, but Tamara stopped me.

"No, I love the way you smell right now. Like animal in heat."

Both her hands whizzed around my hardening shaft and massaged my balls. Her tongue followed an arch from my left loin to my bellybutton and down to the right again. I bit my lower lip, as it was almost too much to take. Emma was kneeling between Quila and Paria and alternately gave them samples of her incredible oral skills.

Tamara homed in on my cock, but moved first sideways, then completely on top of me, presenting her blackened cunt to me. The experts aboard the Snay really had paid a lot of attention to detail. I wondered if they got a kick out of it too. The taste, however, was very much like an Earth woman's. I quickly heaped more of that straw under my head so I could lick her comfortably, while she sucked my dick with zest and the knowledge that we had all the time in this world. She savoured it, just as she had savoured her food, slowly, deliberately, flicking her tongue across my helmet, even gnawing on it lightly. I responded in kind, lazily gliding across her well-lubricated pussy.

Quila appeared to be a lot less patient, as he extricated himself from Emma's oral ministrations and started fucking her doggy-style. Paria, now being the sole recipient of her skilful and tireless oral treatment, voiced his enthusiasm loudly enough to ensure that whoever the person was knocking at the door got a clear idea of why he was delayed. Tamara released my cock and crawled down my body, impaling herself on my throbbing cock. I licked her juices from my lips and reclined, as she humped me leisurely for starters. Now I could turn my head to the three others. Quila was grunting and working up quite a sweat as he pounded Emma zestfully, while Paria looked and sounded as if he was about to lose the plot already.

With some surprise I registered that Tamara was keen on something else as she allowed my cock to slip out, and instead of placing it back in its former location, she inserted it nonchalantly into her rear entrance. Despite the ample lubrication my dick had received in her other hole, it took some doing getting it into her tight little arsehole. As slowly and controlled her movements had been before, now she was really letting it fly, perhaps egged on by the sounds of mounting lust and passion from the three other players next to us. It was game over for Paria first and Quila noisily followed soon after.

Tamara's wild movements were almost painful, probably for both of us, which kept me from coming for the time being. Emma deserted her two playmates, who looked rather spent anyway, and joined us instead, offering her juicy artificial cunt to her master's tongue. Ever since the encounter with Life, she had been able to come whether the ship was in communication distance or not, one of the parting gifts of that amazing entity. And ever since that encounter, she simply couldn't get enough of being licked too.

Maybe it was that spectacle that made Paria rise to the occasion again, because all of a sudden he got up in both senses and provided Tamara with an additional filling down below. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine inside of her, separated only by the sheaths of her tissue, while Emma's growing excitement announced that she was reaching her orgasm too. I was glad about that, as it got progressively more difficult to coordinate everything. Tamara had stopped moving herself and allowed herself to be fucked by Paria and me. Besides, Quila didn't want to be left out, got up and shoved his semi-hard cock into her mouth.

The whole thing was very distracting, but at the same time really engaging and fascinating. Yet I was completely taken aback, when I came about a minute before Emma, out of nowhere. I left my cock where it was while Paria pounded Tamara harder and harder, until she eventually came too, releasing Quila's cock to voice her success. Emma was intrigued by what she had observed and demanded to be sandwiched too. Paria and Quila obliged while Tamara and I cuddled and watched them going on and on.

I kissed Tamara and stroke her. She watched the scene, but her mind seemed miles away, despite the physical relaxation and release, she seemed sad and anxious. After a longer break I made sure she got her mind off whatever it was was bothering her for yet another time.

Chapter four – The Elusive

Paria brought up our breakfast and ate with us. As an attendant he only got one meal per day from his landlady and mistress. He also had to lick her at least once per day, which he didn't mind that much, as else she was treating him much better than many other mistresses before had done. Between licking and making our breakfast he had arranged a meeting for us and explained how we could get to the place where a Muar member would pick us up.

Even in the early morning hours the town was teeming with life. Fortunately we didn't have to watch any Pret having breakfast. We went past a spice market and for the first time on this trip I regretted that we didn't have time to linger.

The adjacent vegetable market was where we were supposed to meet our contact. Paria had told us to ask for a Ruberry fruit at a specific stall.

A young boy of perhaps twelve or thirteen was tending the stall in question. It was just then that I noticed that he was the first child I had seen, which struck me as odd. He listened to our request and then fell silent, as a Pret patrol came very close, hardly looking at the people, more on their scanners. For a second I got the feeling they were looking for us, but apparently that wasn't the case.

The boy pointed to a small house on the opposite side of the plaza.

"I don't have any here. Go to the shop over there and ask for Yenia. Tell her Trillia has sent you. She will provide what you desire."

Tamara quickly handed him a copper piece, but this time it wasn't as well received as before. The expression on his face was close to disgust. He took it nevertheless.

The shop had indeed various fruits and veggies, but we were quickly escorted into a back room and asked to wait there. I watched Tamara attentively. She looked distracted and distraught. I surmised the possible reunion with her old lover was something she wasn't really looking forward to. I guessed that even our last night's romp was a reaction to what she expected to happen next.

A woman in her early twenties entered the room.

"I'm Yenia. You are the people Paria has sent? Good. I understand you are looking for someone?"

"Yes. It is vital that we get in touch with her. Unfortunately we don't even know her name."

"Paria has told me what happened. We need to remove the Pret implants first. I hope you are aware that the penalty for this is death? Stretch out your arms."

"Well, if you don't mind, we'd rather have Emma here doing that. She is good with machines."

"I see. You are off-worlders, aren't you? Looking for Dsar? She told us you would come."

"Ah, so she kept the name. Good. Yes, we are. It was her challenging us as a diversion, wasn't it?"

Yenia smiled and nodded. Emma removed the device from her own arm first and examined it.

"I can't see how this device could produce the poison the Pret was talking about."

Yenia laughed out.

"It can't. This is just a ruse to prevent us from tampering with the devices. Dsar has analysed them for us. You are in no danger. They are not conducting global tracking either. They just want to intimidate us."

Tamara looked a little miffed.

"You are astonishingly knowledgeable about technology for a Harkan. I suppose Dsar has brought you up to speed about the outside world?"

"Dsar has shown us a new way. As soon as the Pret are gone, things will change significantly on this world."

"I see."

We all knew what that meant. Dsar had interfered with the natural development of the Harkan society. That was against the rules the Salarmorn had laid out for themselves and everyone else. Breaking these rules was unthinkable. I watched Tamara attentively. She didn't seem overly surprised, just pissed. Very, very pissed. Now I really couldn't wait to meet the Salarmorn.


Yenia led us through a hatch in another house into a tunnel system that defied the technical abilities of the Harkan society too. Apparently Dsar had been active in the "underground" on many different levels. We marched on for what seemed like miles, until we reached a large cave guarded by several Muar, including one we had already met at our "show-fight". Tamara spotted Dsar first and before anyone had a chance to react or intercede, she went up to her and slapped her in the face. Several Muar were about to jump her, but Dsar motioned them to stop and laughed in Tamara's angry face.

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