tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPine Tree Cresent Ch. 02

Pine Tree Cresent Ch. 02


The last five years hadn't been easy for Sydney. With an infirm wife that needed practically all round care it wouldn't be. Not that he begrudged her that. It wasn't her fault. She'd been a good wife to him and so helping her in her needs wasn't a problem. The problem, if it is a problem, was that he is lonely.

Sydney Thompson is sixty eight, his wife, Doreen, of forty five years is sixty six. They had had a great marriage until her illness. A sex life that would make even his horny neighbours sit up and take notice. She now wasn't able to give him any sexual satisfaction whatsoever and hadn't been able to for the last five years. He knows that he's being selfish sometimes, but all credit to him, he's never once voiced his selfish concerns to his poor wife, or to anybody else. They are his own thoughts.

Everyday Sydney would rise at six. Prepare breakfast for himself and Doreen, shower and then give Doreen her bed bath. Once that was done and she'd had her required but useless medication the hours would become his. He used to sit and read to her, but that became futile as she was in some trance state most of the time. He would spend many hours sat at the front window, watching life carry on in the crescent as if nothing had changed. Of course it hadn't for them. It wasn't their wife laid in bed not able to do anything for themselves.

Living next door to Rita didn't help. He'd spent many hours on many days waiting to get a glimpse of her. She never failed to boil his old blood. He had noticed though, over the past few months that she and that good looking boy of hers were spending a lot of time in Jean's house across the way. Always just them three. Never Samantha.

Thoughts of Samantha gave Sydney's cock a lurch. He'd had the good fortune to spy on Samantha just yesterday. He'd been sat in his normal position and had seen Brendan cross over to Jean's. within minutes, Rita followed. Sydney was beginning to think something a little bit naughty was going on over there. Seconds later he heard music playing in the back yard. Knowing there was nothing more to see out front, Sydney scurried through the house to the kitchen window.

The music was coming from next door. It had to be Samantha as Rita and Brendan had just gone over to Jean's. He was unable to see into the garden from this position and not knowing why, quickly decided that he'd better go upstairs into the guest room and see what was going on. He was glad he did. There, sat on a red blanket was the crescent's biggest cock-tease. She was wearing a white bikini that did nothing to hide her bulging tits that were threatening to catch up with her mothers.

Sydney stood transfixed as the eighteen year old tease rubbed oil into her silky skin. The sex hungry old man couldn't help but get an erection as Samantha oiled her inner thighs. Sydney ogled as her slim fingers gently caressed the tops of her thighs. Her fingers softly touching the slim piece of material that was supposed to be covering her young pussy. He couldn't help himself. Without thinking he pulled the net curtain away from the window. His other hand stroked his hard cock through his trousers. He hadn't been with a woman for many years and the sight of this nymphet teasingly putting oil over her body was driving him crazy.

Next door in the garden, Samantha was in a world of her own. She was thinking about her mother and Brendan. She wasn't blind or stupid. She could see the looks that passed between them. The occasional touches. Especially when they thought that she wasn't looking. It was so obvious that they were fucking each other. She smiled as she thought of Brendan's huge cock. She'd seen it many times and had often thought about taking it for herself. In time she thought. Then there was the disappearing act they pulled all the time. First one and then the other would go over to Jean's house. It so plainly obvious what was going on. Her nipples hardened as she thought of Jean fucking with her brother and mum. She'd often thought of herself getting her hands on Jean's big tits. One day she'll surprise her horny neighbour and knock on her door herself and see what happens.

Her mind wandered into all things sexual as she poured oil onto her legs. She felt more than saw the net curtain move from next door. Over the top of her sun glasses she caught a glimpse of Sydney. He was watching her. Samantha smiled as she thought of him. He was a nice old man and was obviously sex starved as she often caught him watching her or mum and Jean. She knew that his poor wife wasn't able to help him in that way now so she didn't begrudge him his looking.

This was the first time that she had been in this position though. She was in her element. There was nothing she liked better than being a tease. She loved the way men ogled her eighteen year old body. They all wanted a piece of her. Some actually got it. She wasn't an all out cock tease. If she set out to tease, eventually the teased got their way. She imagined Sydney next door, cock in hand. His old balls full of cum that hadn't been spent in years, watching from the upstairs window as she oiled her body. Inwardly, Samantha shrugged. Why the fuck not. Lets give the old man a little lift for the day.

She reached behind her and unclipped the minuscule bikini top. Her fleshy orbs were free in the sunshine. Then making sure she was fully facing her neighbours window, Samantha poured an excessive amount of oil over them. More oil, meant more rubbing, which meant a longer pleasure for Sydney. She slowly, tantalisingly slowly rubbed the oil into her orbs, every so often tweaking her long nipples. She was enjoying herself immensely. Just knowing that she had a mans eyes glued to her while she performed a so-called innocent routine for him always gave her a thrill. She wondered how far to go. Did she dare reveal all her charms to her older neighbour. She knew she could. Her mother and brother would be across the road for hours yet. But no. not today.

Sydney's mouth had dried up. He couldn't raise enough saliva to even swallow. His eyes were fixed on Samantha's amazing breasts. Oh what he'd give to have his hands on them for just one minute. He'd undone his shorts as soon as she'd removed her top. His cock was the hardest it's been for an age. Although he wasn't one to turn down Mrs palm and her five lovely daughters, it was never quite the same as pussy. Especially young eighteen year old pussy. He watched longingly as Samantha rubbed, no, caressed oil into her soft skin. It didn't go unnoticed by Sydney how she would keep pulling on her nipples.

Eventually Samantha laid back on the blanket. Her knees raised and opened facing Sydney. Her hands stroked her inner thighs as she stared at the window behind her sunglasses. That was about all the old man could take. The longest rope of cum flew from his cock as he squeezed and pulled. It splattered against the window pane and it was followed quickly by another equally strong spurt. Sydney, grabbed the window sill for support as he felt his legs losing their strength. He leaned on the window for a minute to get his breathing back and steady his nerves. He couldn't believe what he had just done. It was like he'd been unfaithful. Of course he hadn't. he opened his eyes to see his cum sliding down the window. He quickly removed his vest and wiped it away. It wasn't until he'd finished that he looked down only to see Samantha getting up off the blanket, looking up to his window and gave a little finger wave. He waved back, but was mortified. Did she know what he'd just done? Would she tell? At no time did he even consider that what had happened had happened because she wanted it to. Sydney had hid himself away for the rest of the day. Thoughts of Samantha entering is head at will, causing him to get aroused at any given time. That night with thoughts of his young neighbour in his head he'd pulled himself off again. He had a hard time sleeping and had awaked early this morning.

Thoughts of Samantha again caused him to become aroused even as he watched her mother crossing the road to Jean's. he needed to take his mind off things and decided once he'd checked on his poor wife he would do some gardening. The veggie patch needed a hoe through it. And it wasn't going to do itself.

He went upstairs to Doreen's room. He knocked and entered. She was sleeping. This was no surprise. She spent most of her time sleeping nowadays. As her time got nearer, the more she slept. He looked down on her. She was still beautiful. He'd fallen for her the first time he'd laid eyes on her. She'd been as highly sexed as he was. He'd often looked down on her like this. Many times had he been tempted to take his marital rights. But when it came down to it, he just couldn't do it. She'd been a perfect wife and mother and he would do everything in his power to make sure that she would keep as much of her dignity as was humanly possible. His cock was stirring again as he thought about the life that they had and thoughts of the teenage temptress next door were threatening to over take his sanity. He bent down and kissed his wife on the forehead. Whispering that he loved her, he left the room.

Once he'd donned an old pair of boots, Sydney went out into the garden. He'd been toiling for twenty minutes when he suddenly felt that he wasn't alone. He looked up and down the garden. He didn't see anyone. He moved across the garden so he could look down the side of the house and still saw no-one. It wasn't until he went back to his work that he heard a cough. He looked up towards the sound and there leaning across the fence was Samantha. His cock involuntary leapt in his shorts. All thoughts ran through his head. Mostly about how this young girl had invaded his thoughts for the last twenty four hours. He finally found his voice.

"G..g...g.. good morning Samantha." he stammered.

"Hi Mr Thompson. You ok?" she all but purred.

Just the sound of her voice was sending him signals he didn't know how to deal with. He bent down to carry on with the hoeing. In actual fact, he was trying to hide his embarrassment that was trying to balloon out his work jeans.

"I'm fine thank you Samantha. ... why's a young girl like you doing home on a nice day like today?"

"Oh well you know Mr Thompson, it's not as nice as yesterday. If it had of been I'd of been laid out in the garden. You know, catching some rays topping up my tan."

Sydney chanced a look in her direction. Had he been mistaken or had he detected a tease in her voice when she spoke about sun-bathing yesterday. Surely she couldn't of seen him. She could only of seen him cleaning the window and everybody does that. No, it was just his mind. He brought his hand up and wiped his brow. It wasn't just the heat that was causing him to perspire profusely. In his heart he wanted to tell Samantha to go away. She was a big distraction. But his head wouldn't respond to his heart.

"You look really hot there Mr Thompson. Tell you what, I'm not busy, why don't I come round and give you a hand?"

"No Samantha. I'm ok.. Really. I'm used to this. I've always done it alone." Sydney rushed the words out. Panic set in. Samantha was already walking down the garden. Shouting over her shoulder that it was no problem and that she really wanted to help. Before he could say another word, he heard the latch open on his back gate. As he looked on his mouth suddenly filled with a copious amount of saliva. Samantha was wearing a white halter top that just about managed to contain her firm big tits. This was tied at the bottom, just above her belly button. Looking past her flat stomach she was wearing the tightest pair of black short cycling shorts that he'd ever seen. They were so tight that nothing was left to the imagination. He couldn't help but notice that the crutch had been sucked into her vulva. It was like she was naked.

"Hey Mr Thompson, you have any gloves I can use. I've just had my nails done yesterday and I don't want to spoil them after one day."

Samantha had noticed the old man eyeing up her body. He couldn't help himself. She wondered if she could go through with her plan. She'd enjoyed teasing him yesterday. The more she thought about him pulling himself off as he looked at her, the more she'd felt sorry for him. It must be awful being sexually frustrated and not being able to do anything about it. She resolved that she was going to help him.

Sydney was slow to answer. His tongue thick in his mouth.

"Tell you what, I'll just look in the shed. Shall I?"

Sydney watched her tight buns as she walked back to the shed. Samantha knew he was watching. She could feel his eyes burning into her butt. She entered the shed and saw immediately what she needed. Without a moment thought she picked up a garden fork and slung it into other gardening tools.

Sydney heard the crash and was running before the sound had died away. By the time he entered the shed Samantha was laid on the floor, with the fork laid beside her. In her hands she nursed an ankle and was moaning gently.

Sydney rushed into the shed as he heard the girl groan. All thoughts of his erection gone. But not by Samantha. She saw it as soon as he came in. it actually stopped her dead. Her eyes were playing tricks on her. It can't be real. She'd never seen anything like it before. Not on a man. And she'd seen plenty of men's cocks before. But, if what her mind was telling was true, this was insane. He was an old man. But his cock was enormous. Sydney moved towards her.

"Are you ok Samantha?............ here, let me give you a hand."

Samantha remembered to groan again as the old man pulled her to her feet. Samantha being Samantha expertly manoeuvred herself as he pulled until by the time that she was on her feet she could stumble back into him. It was with pleasure that she felt Sydney's hard-on press into her butt. He wasn't fast enough to pull away and Samantha was quick to take advantage.

"Why Mr Thompson, you are pleased to see me, aren't you?" she said as she turned around and stared directly at his throbbing tool.

Sydney was mortified. "I'm so sorry Samantha...... I .......I.... I don't know what's come over me."

"Hey, don't worry Mr T, I'm thrilled that you like me. What the hell have you got in there anyway." she said reaching for him. "Let me see."

Sydney was torn. He fleetingly thought of his poor wife but still couldn't drag his eyes away from the girls heaving tits.

"I'll tell you what....... I'll show you my big tits, but then you've got to show me that big cock. Deal?" As she said this, both hands came up and gently squeezed her two melons right in front of him. Poor Sydney was beginning to feel that he'd been set up. But he was also feeling other things. Most of all, he was feeling his resistance slipping.

He was mesmerised as he focused on the young girl in front of him as she lovingly squeezed and teased her young succulent tits, whilst she stared at her, for want of a better word, victim. Sydney knew in his head that he should be, at the least, be shaking his head. He knew he should be turning around and walking back to the safety of the house and his wife. But as he watched this young girl in front of him, he was like a rabbit caught in headlights. He was going nowhere. It had been too long. For the first time in many years, his cock was doing the talking, and winning. Unable to speak without tripping over his dried up tongue, he nodded.

"Good choice Mr T."

Samantha lifted her hands behind her head and pulled at the tie. The old man watched and waited. All being said and done this was like a dream come true. He tore his eyes away from Samantha's and focused on her covered breasts. He knew what he was going to see. He'd only seen them yesterday. But this close they would be magnificent.

"Do you promise Mr Thompson?........... will you keep your word and show me that big... hard.... cock?"

Samantha smiled as Sydney nodded dumbly whilst staring at her tits. Without any grandstanding, Samantha pulled her top down.

The old man gulped and dry swallowed and then did it again. Never before had he seen tits like these. They were truly gorgeous. They were so young they didn't sag, were totally blemish free and to cap it all off, they sported a pair of hardened nipples that had to be half an inch long. His cock had gone crow bar hard and it hadn't gone unnoticed by Samantha.

"You like my tits Mr Thompson?" she purred as she watched his cock bulge throb in front of her. She couldn't wait anymore, she had to see it and see it now.

"Come on Mr T, you promised. Get it out for me."

Sydney was like an automaton. Unable to drag his eyes away from those huge tits, he started fumbling with his gloves. Samantha, being eighteen and impatient, reached forward to hurry things along.

"Here, let me help. You just concentrate on the gloves."

As if she had done this many times, in seconds she had his belt, button and zip undone. She pulled his jeans down. She was mildly surprised to see he was wearing boxer shorts. Not what she imagined. She'd expected an old man like him to be wearing Y-fronts.

Breathing as heavy as Sydney now, her excitement reaching new heights she stared at the log that was forcing his underwear to tent out obscenely. As she looked down his legs, she was shocked to see his helmet, big and wet protruding from the leg of his boxers. Her young mouth watered as she saw a fat blob of pre-cum drip onto the floor.

"Fucking hell Mr Thompson, that's not a cock, it's a junior baseball bat. It's fucking huge." Without anymore ado, she slipped her slim fingers into the waistband of his shorts and tugged them down his legs. His cock sprang upright, hitting the sex siren in the cheek. She leant back and took stock. It had to be at least ten inches long with fat pulsing veins all along it's length. As fat as a coke can and she doubted whether she was going to be able to even get his angry wet helmet in her more than willing mouth. She was sure going to try though.

Sydney was slowly getting his senses back. He heard what she'd said about his cock and although he was sixty eight, he wasn't adverse to feeling proud. He looked down at himself, he had to admit, his tool had never been so big and hard.

Samantha tore her eyes away from the twitching cock in front of her face. Standing up, she swept her arm across the work bench. She motioned for the old man to sit himself down. He complied. Willingly. All thoughts of his wife gone for now. He couldn't wait to see where this was going. Once sat on the bench, he looked at Samantha, who was staring at his cock whilst playing with her tits. She did this for many minutes before she finally spoke.

"You know Mr Thompson, I had every intention of coming over here today and giving you a hand job. But after seeing that big fat prick, my only regret is that I'm on my monthlies. But, I still have these huge tits you keep ogling and my wet mouth to use on you. Would you like that?"

Sydney, at last found his voice. With a small groan he said,

"More than anything."

Samantha smiled. She had never been turned down before and she hadn't expected Mr Thompson to either. Her average lovers were normally in the early thirties. She tired of boys her own age as they were so lousy lovers. So excited about getting in her knickers that they would lose all control and cum before she had any real enjoyment. When men hit thirty, it seemed to her that they gained more control and wanted it to last. This was better for her. At sixty eight, Sydney was by far the oldest man she'd ever been with. But, by the size of this piece of man meat in front of her, she would definitely be looking for more men like him. Like her mother, Samantha adored sex. Had known this before she reached puberty. Had listened often, when her father was home, at the love making going on behind closed doors. By fourteen, she taken to spying on her brother as he'd brought his then girlfriend home and taken her on the sofa when he thought it was safe and Samantha was asleep. She'd lost count of the times that she had fingered her pussy as Brendan fucked some slut in their front room. It was because of him that she developed her love of cock.

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