tagBDSMPing Pong Paddling

Ping Pong Paddling


It was raining and I was next door playing table tennis in Erica's basement. We'd been neighbours for so long we almost thought of each other almost like brother and sister but recently I'd started noticing how her tits filled out her t-shirt nicely and her ass was magnificent in her tight jeans. I knew she'd caught me looking and it had made things a bit awkward.

She'd always been a tomboy and was hyper-competitive though now we had both turned eighteen I was a lot stronger and the only thing she had the edge at was table tennis as she'd always owned a table.

"Drink?" She asked having just taken the game 21-12. We'd both worked up a sweat. Her tits heaved a bit, nipples obvious under her t-shirt. I tried to keep my eyes on her face.

"Sure," I said and she turned and bent, legs straight, and got a couple of cokes out of the bar fridge.

"Are you staring at my ass again?" She asked, not looking, and I tried not to look guilty as she turned and handed me the can, grinning impishly.

"That's three games to me, Dan. Do you think you can try and concentrate?"

"I can whip your ass any time I like, Erica."

"Care to back that up?" She grinned impishly?


"How about we make the next game interesting? Loser gets their ass whipped." She spun her paddle in her hand. "Say, 21 times? Might get a decent game out of it and I wouldn't mind smacking spanking your cute little butt."

"You're on," I said, walking around the table mostly to hide the growing bulge in my shorts. "Wouldn't mind teaching you a lesson."

Erica stuck out her tongue impishly and we got to it.

Table tennis is a totally different game when the stakes are high, especially when you've got a throbbing hard-on from imagining spanking the girl next door with her panties around her ankles. I had to admit I wasn't all that keen on taking my pants down down for Erica, because humiliation aside, I was sure she'd be merciless whacking my ass.

The pressure was clearly affecting Erica as well. It was 17 all and she missed an easy smash she'd put away 99 out of a hundred times.

I smacked my paddle against my palm menacingly. "Ooh that's going to sting," I gloated. Our eyes met and we both giggled nervously. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. I won another point and the alarm on her face as she realised she was two points from a bare-assed spanking was comical but also deeply sexy.

I was contemplating whether I could get Erica completely naked for her spanking and while I was daydreaming she pulled herself together and won three points in a row. Shit. 20 - 19. My hands started shaking. She served and I patted it back, heart in my mouth. It was the most painfully long rally of my life, both of us desperate not to make a mistake. Finally she popped one up and I pounced, but I was so tight I hit it way off the end of the table.

For a couple of seconds there was complete silence broken only by the ball bouncing into the corner. I stared at it in disbelief, thinking maybe I could just laugh it off.

Erica walked to the fridge, took out a coke, cracked it open, sat down and crossed her legs. She took a long, slow sip then said, a wide grin on her face, "well strip then."


It was lame, but I was stalling for time.

"You lost fair and square. Paddling's on the bare of course and you've worked up a sweat so get it all off. Honestly, you'd be a lot better off being extremely cooperative right now, Dan. Your ass will thank you for it." She slapped her bat on her thigh threateningly.

Fair point, I thought. Also, I felt a bit hypnotised by the situation, so I pulled off my t-shirt - Erica whistled appreciatively, and pulled down my jeans. She smirked at the bulge in the front. I was just hooking my thumbs in the waistband of my boxers, contemplating the humiliation of being totally naked in front of my longtime friend when she said, "Actually, wait. I'll do the honours there."

I obeyed instantly. It felt like a dream as she got up and gently squeezed my right nipple. I just stood there letting her take control. She suddenly squeezed harder and twisted and broke the spell.

"Hey!" I said, though the pain sent a jolt straight to my cock.

"Okay, turn around, hands on the table, ass out for your paddling," she giggled. "This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me."

I turned and lowered myself onto the table.

"Legs straight!" Erica barked and slapped my ass with her hand. I straightened my legs. "Stick it out!" Another smack. I stuck out my ass, my face flushing with embarrassment, then I felt a gentle tugging as Erica lowered my boxers to my knees.

I felt a strange mixture of excitement and shame at being stark naked in front of Erica. My cock was a bar of iron. Erica reached around and grabbed it and her warm hand gripping my manhood was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me.

"Mmm, I always wondered what you were packing down there," she breathed in my ear, teasing the head of my cock with her fingertips. "Most satisfactory."

The she squeezed my balls and I flinched. "Time for your punishment," she whispered and her hand withdrew.

I felt the cool surface of the paddle on the skin of my suddenly incredibly vulnerable-feeling buttocks. Then I could no longer feel it and clenched in anticipation.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She struck my cheeks rapidly left-right-left. I grunted. It stung! My guess that Erica wouldn't go soft on me had been correct.


"OW!" I turned my head reproachfully. She had given me three fast full swings on my right cheek and the sting had built up to a crescendo.

"Steady on, Erica, that really hurt!"

"It's meant to hurt! If you didn't want to get a sore ass you shouldn't have lost!" She grinned at me, her eyes alight. "Your bum has gone pink! So cute!"

She drew back the paddle.


"Jesus!" I jumped up, clutching my bum.

"That's ten Dan. Good as half way. Now don't make me add extras for getting up."

I reluctantly reassumed the position. She gently rubbed my stinging ass. "Poor boy." She murmured, "Beaten by a girl." I wasn't sure if she meant the game or the beating she was inflicting now. Probably both."

"Legs apart a bit." She commanded. I complied and she reached around and fondled my still rock-hard cock. "There's a good boy," she said, stroking it gently. Only eleven to go."

Her ministrations of my cock were nearly making me burst. She let go and I sighed. "If you're really good, I'll finish you off."

Holy shit, bring it on, I thought.






"FUUUCK!" I was dancing from foot to foot. Then her left hand was stroking my cock. I could feel precum seeping out, lubricating her strokes. She increased her pace. My whole body felt electric.

Her wet hot tongue was in my ear, "One to go, my good boy." She whispered. Her hand pumped my throbbing cock even harder.

My body ablaze with sensation, I knew what was about to happen.


The paddle struck me hard on the sit spot, sending vibrations to my cock and I threw back my head and came volcanically.

Semen erupted from my balls like lava, splattering the ping pong table. Erica kept pumping her hand as I kept spurting, my knees going weak.

Finally, drained, I sank to my knees. She squatted and hugged me. "You okay? That got a little crazy."

I nodded, unsure if "okay" was the right word. That had been incredibly intense. Erica helped me to my feet.

"Better clean that up." she said. We both looked at the cum-splattered table and the growing awkwardness was dissipated by our hysterical laughter.

When we'd recovered she threw me a towel and said, "I'll get you some lotion for your poor butt."

I mopped up the evidence, though there were a few odd-looking stains. Erica returned with some vitamin E cream and I realised with a jolt I was still naked.

"Back over." She pointed to the table and raising her eyebrows as my cock began to rise again.

"You're not bloody spanking me again, Erica."

"No." She said, squirting some cream into her hand. "Though one part of you seems keen on the idea."

I put my hands on the table again and allowed her to soothe my buttocks with the lotion.

"I made your ass incredibly red. It's even gone purple in places." She reported cheerfully.

The sting had transformed into a generalised warmth and my cock responded to the attention in the usual way.

Erica squirted out some more lotion and soon had me redecorating her table with another shattering orgasm.

"I ought to spank you for that." She said.

"I might let you." I answered.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/20/18

Very Hott

Believability is the key. Plus, I love getting spanked by a ping pong paddle. More, please. Maybe her parents, or his parents, play?

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by Anonymous05/17/18

Different scenario; we're all waiting for the continuation. Good expression of emotions, as far as you went. When will there be a return match?

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Believable premise, and an enjoyable read.

Here's a thought for continuing this storyline: Dan and Erica slip up and mention the incident in front of someone else (a friend, sibling, whoever) who expresses interest in a similar contest. From thatmore...

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by Anonymous05/17/18

5 stars

Well written and enjoyable story.

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by Anonymous05/17/18

perfect ...

the best possible combination of BDSM and CFNM ... a marvellous story ... short and to the point ... will there be more?

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