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Pink Blaze


A scowl formed over Susan's face as she turned the corner on the hiking trail and saw the cars parked along the side of the road. She had been hiking for four days, and in those four days, she had enjoyed a sense of peace and quiet as she was rarely around anyone else. The only time she was really around anyone else, except for the occasional "Hello" from a passing hiker, was when she stopped for the evening to rest at one of the pre-constructed shelters. Since it was summertime, most of the avid through-hikers were many miles ahead of her, so it was a regular occurrence for her to share the space with one or two other hikers.

The next shelter on the trail, however, was one that had her worried. Not in terms of safety, but rather inconvenience. This next trail was only a few miles from a well-travelled road, and many of the websites Susan researched while preparing for this hike told her to prepare for the possibility of partiers taking up the shelter space. Susan had been hopeful that this night would be different since the forecast was calling for thunderstorms late in the evening. She liked to travel light when she hiked, so Susan usually did not bring a tent with her. A hammock was much lighter and usually easier to set up when she needed it, so this was Susan's sleeping arrangement this trip.

As she crossed the road, Susan took an inventory of the cars parked along the road. Three pickup trucks, each with stickers emblazoned with the local college on the rear window. Fuck, she thought to herself. There could be up to 10 people at the shelter, but it was designed to sleep six. Susan made a quick stop at the restroom to pee and refill her water bottles. Before putting her pack back on, she fished her headlamp from a pocket. It was getting late in the day, and if the crowd at the shelter was out of control then she would have no choice but to pass it by and continue her hike. Looking at her map, she saw a spot a few miles farther down the trail that looked like it might be a more accommodating spot if she had to continue. Her only hope was that, if she did have to bypass the shelter, she would make it to this spot before the weather got bad.

A short time later Susan began to hear the sounds of a loud party ahead on the trail.

"Fucking assholes," Susan said to herself.

Susan knew that, with the amount of noise these people were making, there would not be any wildlife around for miles. Even the squirrels were probably too afraid of the noise they were making to come out of their trees.

When Susan came into sight of the shelter, she knew that she would not be stopping. There were at least a dozen young men at the shelter. Loud rock music was blaring from a stereo, and the size of the coolers they were pulling beers from told her that they were here for the night. As she got closer, one of the men saw her and began to yell.

"Hey baby, come join the party!"

Susan smiled back at the young man, but did not say anything. Tightening her grip on her walking sticks, she continued moving along.

Other men soon began calling out to her, inviting her to stop, but Susan ignored them. Through tired legs, she quickened her pace to put more distance between herself and the partygoers. In the distance, the far off rumble of thunder echoed through the trees. Looking ahead, Susan realized that she had at least another hour's hiking to get to the next spot. As she continued on, the sounds of the partiers grew more faint, which caused Susan's attitude to improve slightly. Knowing that she was going to be getting wet tonight was more than enough to keep her from improving her attitude any more.

The shadows were growing longer on the ground, and the sun was setting low when Susan finally came to the sign on the trail pointing to the campsite.

"Finally!" she exclaimed as she turned onto the smaller trail.

It was a short walk, no more than five minutes, before she came upon the small campsite. Susan's smile disappeared quickly when she made out the shape of a dome tent set up next to the campfire. Knowing that she could not make it to another campsite before darkness and possibly rain overtook her, she announced herself as she walked into the small clearing.

"Hello camper!" Susan said loudly. Best to let them know she was not a bear walking up, she figured.

The sound of the zipper on the tent opening caught Susan's attention. Thankfully, it was not a man, but a young woman that appeared through the tent door. She smiled and waved at Susan.

"Hey there! How are you?"

"Tired," Susan replied, "would it be okay if I camped here tonight?"

"Oh hell no, I don't mind! I'd enjoy some company!"

"You're here alone?" Susan asked.

"Yep! I was going to stay at the shelter tonight, but I'm guessing you know why I didn't."

Susan let out a tired laugh as she removed the pack off her shoulders.

"Oh yeah, I didn't feel like camping at the frat party either."

"I know, right? They are the worst! Those guys are always up here causing a ruckus!"

Looking around, Susan chose two trees that were close enough for her to set up her hammock. As she tied her knots around the base of the trees, the young woman gave her a quizzical look.

"You're not sleeping in a tent, sweetie?"

"No," Susan replied, "I prefer using a hammock. Lightens the load."

"Well, it's supposed to be raining tonight, you sure you don't want to just sleep in my tent with me? I've got plenty of room."

"Oh, thank you, but that's ok. I'm going to be getting up pretty early to put some more miles in tomorrow, and I'd hate to wake you."

The young woman cocked her head to the side and looked at Susan.

"You sure? You're gonna get wet."

"Yeah, well, hopefully it won't be that bad."

"Ok, well the offer stands if you want to."

"I'll keep that in mind, thank you."

Susan turned and completed setting up her hammock. She laid in it shortly to make sure that she was satisfied with the feel, then got out and began rummaging through her pack for her food. As she set up her portable stove to boil some water she took in her surroundings.

The campsite was a small little space, just sparsely big enough to fit another tent. A creek ran along the far side of the clearing, and the far side was the base of a steep incline. The other woman was kneeling down at the edge of the creek, filtering water into a large container.

"My name is Susan, by the way."

The young woman turned from her work and replied with a smile.

"Hey there, Susan. I'm Frankie."

"Frankie? Your name is Frankie?"

"Well, Francesca actually. But everyone calls me Frankie."

Frankie stood up and walked toward Susan. As she did, Susan got her first chance to get a good look at her companion.

Frankie stood a hair over five foot. She was tan with short brown hair that barely covered her neck. She wore a blue t-shirt that was adorned with the logo of the local college football team. Susan could tell that Frankie was not wearing a bra, and the slight indentations in her shirt told Susan that her nipples had barbell piercings. Tribal tattoos emerged from both sleeves down to her elbows, and a tattoo that appeared to be angel's wings peaked out from her shorts on her right thigh.

When Frankie got to Susan, she put her hand out in front of her. Susan reached out and took it, shaking her hand politely. A huge smile lit up Frankie's face.

"So," Susan asked, "Are you a student at the college?"

"Oh no," she replied, "I'm a local. I've lived here my whole life. I work at the hardware store in town, my dad owns it."

Just then, Susan realized that her water was boiling. She poured the hot liquid into the foil bag that contained her dehydrated meal. Sealing the top, she set the bag into another bag that resembled an oven mitt. She then set it aside to allow it to rehydrate.

Frankie gave the bag a quizzical look, and then grinned.

"I do not know how you can eat that stuff!"

"Well, when you have to carry all this stuff on your back, taste takes a back seat to weight. What about you? What are you eating?"

"Oh sweetie, I eat a big meal before I come out here. I usually bring snacks to eat, and that's it."

"But what happens if you get stuck or lost?"

"Sweetie, all my daddy ever wanted was a son. Instead, he got one daughter. He's been bringing me out to these woods since I was old enough to walk. If I get hungry out here, I can find something to eat, believe me. And as far as getting lost? Ain't gonna happen. Hell, I lost my virginity just a couple feet from where you're sitting. You can say I know this area pretty well."

Susan's face turned red as she blushed at the thought.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say too much? People tell me that I don't have a filter. I hope you don't mind."

"Oh no," Susan replied, "not at all. You just surprised me, that's all."

The truth was that Susan found Frankie intoxicating. Whether it was fatigue from her hike, or hunger, Susan loved listening to Frankie. Her words came out of her mouth in a thick southern accent that Susan absolutely loved. As Frankie turned and walked back to her tent, Susan got a good look at her shapely ass.

Susan took her shoes and socks off and put a pair or worn sandals. She then took her food out of the bag and walked over to the creek's edge. Sitting down, she placed her aching feet in the cool water and ate her dinner. The view of the water gliding along in front of her was mesmerizing. The sun was setting behind the hills, and the reflection of the small campfire Frankie had started was casting her shadow across the creek and onto the opposite bank. Frankie walked over and sat down next to Susan. She handed her a small plastic bottle.

"Here you go; this might help with the taste."

"What is it?" Susan asked.

"Well, let's just say it's a local product. Many of the local people that have stills in these hills come to my daddy's store for supplies. They like to thank us for our help as often as possible, so we never have a problem with having something to drink. Don't worry, this one is apple pie flavored."

Susan took the bottle and brought it to her nose. The strength of the alcohol stung her nostrils. As she began to hand it back to Frankie, another rumble of thunder in the distance reminded her of the evening she was probably going to have. Well, she thought to herself, maybe it will at least keep her warm. She took a small sip of the liquid, and she quickly realized that her nose was right. It was a very strong moonshine. Susan let out a cough, which caused Frankie to laugh.

"Don't worry, sweetie. You'll get used to it." Frankie took the bottle from Susan and brought it to her lips. She took a large swallow of the moonshine before handing it back to Susan. Susan smiled as she took another drink. The warmth of the liquid enveloped her quickly. Taking one more drink, she handed the bottle back to Frankie and resumed eating her meal. They sat in silence as Susan finished her meal. The sun soon set fully and darkness swallowed the campsite except for the light from the campfire.

When she was finished with her meal, Susan cleaned her supplies and repacked her cooking supplies. Next, she took a section of rope, a small crown royal bag and a D-ring from her pack. She took her food bag out of her pack and walked back up the trail away from the campsite. Turning on the headlamp, she searched the ground until she found a rock large enough to fit inside the bag. She then fastened the rope to the bag and threw it over a high branch. When the bag fell back to the ground, she untied it and repeated the process over another branch on the opposite side of the trail. Susan next tied a knot in the middle of the rope and attached the D-ring and her food bag to it. Pulling both sections of rope down she raised her food bag high into the air, away from scavenging animals. Susan tied the rope to the trees, and then walked back to the camp. A bolt of lightning struck behind her, momentarily startling her. As she walked into the camp, Frankie met her with a look of concern.

"Sweetie, are you sure you don't want to sleep in my tent? It's going to get nasty soon."

"Thanks, but I don't want to impose on you. I'll be ok."

Frankie looked at Susan with a worried look.

"Really, I'll be ok." Susan said.

Susan gathered up her fleece blanket and crawled into the hammock. When she found her comfortable spot, she tucked the blanket in around her. Frankie walked over to her and put the bottle of moonshine in the hammock next to her.

"Here, in case you get cold."

Susan smiled at the offer.

"Thanks, Frankie."

Frankie turned, walked back to her tent and crawled in. Before she closed the zipper on the door, she poked her head out one last time.

"If you change your mind, just crawl in."

Susan took the cap off the bottle and tipped it toward Frankie in a salute before taking a long drink of the moonshine. The lightning flashed more frequently as the wind began to pick up. Soon Susan's hammock was swinging gently. It did not take long before Susan's thoughts began drifting toward the tent. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to take her up on her offer, she thought with a laugh. Susan's laugh was cut short when the first drop of rain struck her in the face. It was a large drop, and more quickly followed it. There was a very brief pause before the sky seemed to open up in a deluge of rain. Susan let out a curse as she got out of her hammock. At the same time, the door to the tent zipped open and Frankie peeked her head out.

"Ok sweetie," she yelled over the sound of the rain, "I believe you. You're a real hiker. Now get your ass in this tent!"

Susan offered no argument this time as she got out of her hammock and ran over to the tent. Frankie ducked out of the way as Susan dove through the door. Even for the short period of time she was outside Susan was drenched with rain.

"Get those clothes off sweetie, or you'll freeze!" Frankie told Susan. Before Susan could issue a reply, Frankie reached down and took hold of Susan's shirt. Frankie pulled the shirt up and off without effort. As Susan removed her sports bra Frankie took a plastic bag from her pack and stuffed the shirt inside. Susan placed her sports bra inside then sat down to pull her shorts off. Frankie grabbed the large blanket next to her and held it up.

"Come on sweetie, crawl under here and warm up."

Susan lay on the mat and pulled the blanket over her, but soon she was shivering again. Frankie saw this and snuggled up close, putting her arm around Susan's waist.

"Here sweetie, we'll warm up together."

Outside, the weather got worse as the wind began to pick up. Soon the tent was beginning to pitch side to side.

"I'm glad you changed your mind," Frankie said as she curled up close to Susan's back, "you would've been miserable out there."

Susan nodded in agreement, and backed herself closer to Frankie. She was also naked from the waist up, and Susan could feel her nipples pressed against her back. Frankie allowed her hand to move down Susan's waist, resting just below her navel. Together they lay under the blanket, listening to the sounds of the storm raging just outside the tent.

Frankie leaned forward and whispered into Susan's ear. "Are you getting warm?"

"Oh yes, thank you."

Susan was thankful that it was dark in the tent. Maybe Frankie didn't notice that when she whispered into Susan's ear, the feeling of her breath on Susan's neck caused tiny goosebumps to appear.

The dark sky outside lit up in brilliant light as a large bolt of lightning danced across the sky. The sudden flash startled both women and caused Frankie to tighten her grip around Susan's waist. Instinctively, Susan placed her hand over Frankie's hand, and their fingers entwined. When she realized what she had done, Susan tried to remove her hand, but Frankie tightened her grip, not letting go.

"Don't move your hand," Frankie whispered. Through the darkness, she could see Susan nod her head in understanding.

Susan could feel her excitement grow as Frankie's hand began moving around her stomach in small circles. Slowly the circles grew larger, until her hand was running from the base of her breasts to the top of her panties. Shifting her body, Susan moved so that she was lying flat on her back. Frankie moved her body closer and hooked her leg over Susan.

"Can I kiss you?" Frankie asked.

Susan did not answer; instead, she reached up and pulled Frankie's head down to her. They kissed passionately, allowing their tongues to explore each other. Susan released her hold on Frankie's hand and brought it up to caress her firm breasts. Frankie responded by thrusting her tongue deeper into Susan's mouth while her hand darted up to squeeze and pinch Susan's nipples.

For almost an hour, the two women remained entwined as they kissed and explored each other's breasts. Susan could feel the stiffness in her body begin to fade away as Frankie's hands massaged and caressed her body. Frankie began kissing Susan's cheeks and neck. With each touch of Frankie's lips, Susan's passion grew.

Susan let out a deep moan when Frankie's lips and tongue found their way to her stiff nipples. They were extremely sensitive, and when Frankie licked and bit them, she nearly had an orgasm. The wetness that had begun to form between Susan's legs was now more than her pussy could contain, and a glistening line of fluid began to run down the crack of Susan's ass.

Frankie moved her hand down Susan's stomach and worked her fingers under the top of Susan's panties. Susan responded by opening her legs, aching for the touch of her hand. When Frankie's fingers found Susan's clit, she began to rub her with a firm, steady pressure. Susan let out a loud moan and arched her hips into the air.

"Oh fuck, baby, that feels so good!" Susan exclaimed.

Frankie leaned forward and put her face just inches from Susan. She looked her deep in her eyes.

"I want to make you cum, baby. I want to make you feel good. Do you want me to?"

Susan replied with a nod and a quick "Mmmmm."

With a smile, Frankie took hold of Susan's panties, pulled them down her legs and off, flinging them into a corner of the tent. She moved her body so that she could move between Susan's legs. When she realized what Frankie was getting ready to do, her eyes grew wide.

"Oh baby, no! I'm not clean!" Susan exclaimed as she lowered her hands in an effort to block Frankie's attempt.

Frankie simply smiled as she reached into her pack, pulling out a bar of soap. She pulled her panties off and crawled over to the door flap. With a quick motion, the door was unzipped and open.

"Come on," Frankie motioned to Susan as she crawled out of the tent, "let's get you clean then. Grab the lantern on your way out."

Susan leaned over and took the lantern in her hand. As she crawled out of the tent, she could feel the steady raindrops hitting her naked body. The coolness of the rain and the evening air felt good on Susan's hot skin. Out of the darkness, Frankie reached over and took Susan by the hand, leading her to the stream.

The water was cool as Susan stepped into the stream. Frankie continued to pull her in until they were both standing in the middle. At that point, the water came up to their waists.

"Drop down and get your body wet." Frankie said.

Susan did as she said, lowering her body into the cool water. Her nipples, still stiff from the pleasure that Frankie had given them earlier, grew harder when they made contact with the water. Wrapping her arms around Frankie, she pulled her close and kissed her firm stomach. Frankie let out a soft sigh of approval as she ran her hands through Susan's hair.

Frankie reached down and pulled Susan up from her crouched position in the water. Placing her hands in the water, she rubbed the soap in her hands until she had a nice lather formed.

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