tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPink Intimations

Pink Intimations

byRodrigo Santeria©

A note to the reader. This story doesn't get to the sex very quickly.

Fun fact: This story was inspired by an incredibly elegant young woman I saw in church. She was sitting a couple of pews ahead of me and her pink bra strap kept peeking into view. It's awfully damn difficult to get the full benefit of church when you're wondering about one of the congregation's choices in underwear.


Mick was late for his lunch with an important client. As he was about to drive through the yellow light, a black Z-3 flew past him in the left turn lane and cut him off. "What the Fuck?! You're in the left turn lane, you stupid bitch!" he thought as the light turned red and he laid on the horn.

He watched in disbelief as she flipped him off and disappeared around a corner. Angry as he was, her blonde sun-streaked hair, tanned skin, and azure dress made her hot pink bra strap stand out. "Aw right... I'll fuck ya, but it's only because you cut me off and I deserve it." He kidded himself waiting for the light to turn green.

When Mick finished his lunch he was feeling pretty good. While walking out he saw her sitting by herself in a booth. "Excuse me, do you drive a black Z-3?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" she responded.

Her voice was very feminine with a musical lilt. It took a second for him to realize what she had said. She sat with her back very straight, very refined. Her face was upturned politely imploring with the corners of her mouth hinting that a smile may escape any second.

Mick felt his stomach flutter and he lost a little confidence. "No. My name's Mickael, you can call me Mick. I thought I had seen you driving one and I wondered how you liked it," he said smoothly with a well-worn grin.

"Are you thinking of buying one... Mickey?" she inquired politely.

"God Damn!" he thought, "She's a pro."

"Is there much difference between that and a Miata? They look an awful lot alike and a lot of car companies are putting their name plates on others cars, for example the Honda Passport is really the Isuzu Rodeo," He babbled inanely as her attention waned.

"I really don't know," she answered flatly, as she glanced around and brushed some hair out of her face revealing a portion of the hot pink bra. Then with disinterest, "You'll have to excuse me, my friend is coming back any minute."

"Be careful on the Plaza, there are a lot of lunatics, I was cut off today, coming here to eat." Mick offered hoping to rally back.

"Really? That's too bad, but please don't worry about me. I'm extremely capable of handling anything I get myself into, " she added dismissively. Her dark skin and blue dress made the visible portion of her bra glow, increasing his sense of loss.

"Man you should have seen the chic I met at lunch, today," Mick told a buddy.

"Oh yeah, what's her number?" He injected with a wry grin, "If it's 328-7448, she really doesn't want you to call. I had three girls tell me that last weekend. I thought I'd hit the fucking jackpot. Then when I called this kid answers and says there aren't any single women there, but when I checked to phone pad I discovered the numbers spells e-a-t s-h-i-t. How do you like that?"

Mick laughed at the joke and headed off to his office. It was a bright sunny Friday in late September. He glanced out the window wondering how many more nice days were left before it was going to get cold. He was having trouble focusing on work and inevitably his mind drifted back to her.

With 15 minutes left in the trading session, Mick stuck his head in his buddy's office, "It's quarter til beer, what are you doing just sitting there?"

Thirty minutes later they were starting their second round which generally continued into the early morning. The hours rolled by while the two drank and watched people coming and going. Around seven Mick saw her coming down the street.

"Sorry man, I gotta go. Do you see her?" he said, pointing and standing to leave.

"So that's how it is huh? Nurse a couple of beers, but as soon as a pretty girl walks by, bam! And all I have to console myself with is this cold pilsner. Ahh, I guess life could be worse," his friend intoned with a crooked grin.

"You'd do the exact same thing," Mick shot back while flipping a handful of bills onto the table. "If I fail, I'll meet you at the Gran Falloon."

"Only if I fail too... and you're easy." his friend laughed.

Mick caught up to her at an al fresco bar. She was sitting alone sipping what he hoped to be a long island. His pulse quickened, as he came up behind her. Once again the sliver of that pink strap beckoned. He smelled her perfume.

Before he had a chance to speak, she stated flatly, to her reflection in the mirror across the bar, "If you want to talk about cars, don't bother sitting down."

"How about if I buy you a drink and discuss your atrocious driving. You know you owe me one?" Mick responded.

She turned and looked directly at him, "My god... that must be the worst pick up line I've ever heard."

No smile on her face, but Mick suspected she was joking. "Would you like another one of those?" Nodding to her nearly full glass, "or just a better line?"

"No if we're going to have a little debate, I'd better give you a chance. I'd like a martini. If I only drank iced tea, in a matter of minutes you would apologize for your boorish behavior," she answered.

"Ya see, I thought I had the upper hand, and it's just not that way, is it?" he laughed while rolling his eyes.

"Dear misinformed boy, I don't pay for alcohol. There are so many well or ill intentioned young men who gladly step up and squander their hard earned money for pretty girls," she said in a condescending tone as the corners of her mouth curled and her eyes smiled mischievously. "And do you know what all of their intentions get them?"

Mick stood silently grinning as she continued her soliloquy.

"I'm very attentive until someone else comes along."

"Huh... I guess I've been summarily warned," Mick countered with a false tone of loss. He then ordered her a martini. "So... What the hell? Are you just a bad driver or are you one of those people who deliberately take advantage of other people's good will?"

"Mick, it's Mick right? You make that sound like a bad thing. If people are driving slowly it's my responsibility to ensure I don't infringe upon their safety, and get out of their way. Like you, you are a slow responsible driver. Traffic laws are your friend." She accused before taking a long sip of her martini while peering over the rim in anticipation of his response.

"Oh I get it. The rules apply to everyone except you! Silly, fuckin, me. I failed to recognize I am addressing the person responsible for all the conspiracies ever conjured to make the masses, and me, feel safe in our little set of rules. Please accept my deepest most well intentioned apologies for my arrogant and inappropriate behavior," he announced to her bowing at the waist. He waited patiently in the warmth of her smile knowing that he had said the right thing. "Would you like another drink?"

"I'd like two," she responded as she drained her first martini.

"Double fisted. Why not? I'll get two myself," he said.

"One was actually for you, but it's a good idea, why waste this bartender's time," she said while reaching to touch his sleeve.

"This, also, may be inappropriate, but since I'm on a roll, I thought it might be helpful to know your name. You see, I could refer to you as the really hot blonde chic in the blue dress, but it takes so long to say," he espoused as if addressing an audience.

"I'm Ashley. You're quite a sport. Most of the guys I meet are really spineless. What made you think that if you tried again, I might be more receptive?"

"Sheer luck," he smiled back.

After a couple more cocktails, they began to feel the effect. Mick invited her to dinner in hopes of sobering up a little. Ashley accepted and they walked to the restaurant. With slightly impaired vision, Mick studied Ashley's figure as he held the door for her.

"You have really nice legs," he gushed when he caught up with her. He couldn't help noticing the pink bra peeking out as she walked.

The restaurant was emptying out and they were seated quickly. They ordered a bottle of wine. The restaurant was dimly lit with elegant white tablecloths falling nearly to the floor, and only a few other diners were in their section.

To his surprise, she sat next to him rather than across the table." You asked me a question back at the bar," he stated, "And I didn't really think before I answered it."

She looked intrigued.

"When you cut me off today..." He was unsure of how to say what had been on his mind. "Well I thought you might be a bit of a party girl."

Ashley looked put off and didn't make it any easier for him.

"I mean I thought there was a chance that you might be wilder than the image you project," he said feeling like he was sinking in quicksand.

"What would give you an idea like that?" she asked narrowing her eyes and withdrawing from the relaxed attitude that had built during the evening.

"Look I'm screwing this up and I'm having a great time, so I want to try saying this in a different way. You're very poised and beautiful and it seems like you are promoting an image of... I don't know something to do with manners, money and refinement, but the way you drive, some of the things you say, and, God! You've got this hot pink bra that I can't get my mind off. It just sends out a message that says take a chance." He stopped to survey the damage.

"You're saying that my bra made you try again?" she asked incredulously with a serious look.

He paused before answering feeling as if his answer was pivotal. "Yeah," he murmured.

"What are you thinking when you say something like that?" she asked the absurdity of the answer making the corners of her mouth curl up.

Unable to believe her response, he blurted exactly what he had been thinking all day long until his brain stopped him, "Do your panties match and..."

"And what?" Ashley asked blushing and looking down.

Mick looked down too, unable to believe what had come out of his mouth. With the thought racing in his head he glanced over at her thighs and noticed her dress had ridden up and he could see where the lace began at the top of her stocking.

As if by its own resolve, his hand moved toward the delicate fabric. He watched as his fingertips touched the hem of her dress covering a portion of the lace. He failed to notice her inquisitive glance and proceeded to rest his hand on the top of her thigh. He could feel the warmth of her skin through the stocking.

Ashley relaxed, easing back in the booth.

Mick's hand moved up under the taught fabric of the dress. He felt the top of her white stockings. "You need to help," he whispered.

Ashley ignored him, closing her eyes.

"You look hot. I mean you're really attractive," He corrected, "I've been thinking about you since I first saw you this afternoon. When you first spoke to me, your voice caught me off guard. I bet you practice sounding that good, don't you?" he whispered. "Your perfume, your collarbone, your fingernails, your... your demeanor. How could I refuse?" he asked hoarsely.

With each word, Ashley relaxed allowing his fingertips to cross over the top of her stockings onto soft warm skin. Urged on by his low voice, she edged forward causing her dress to ride up higher.

His fingertips reached the gauzy fabric covering her. He ran them along the leg band next to her vagina. He waited, listening to her breathe and watching her chest rise and fall. Gently, Mick slid his fingertips under the elastic and the back of his fingers pushed up against her sex.

Ashley looked angry with her eyes open, but they closed again and the rate of her breathing increased.

Mick gave a gentle tug and Ashley placed her hands palms down next to her hips and lifted up. Her panties came down to the top of her white stockings. Casually she sat up sipping her wine and tossing her hair, glancing around as her pink panties slid out from under her dress down to her knees, only her breathing betrayed the tension she was feeling.

Mick's heart skipped a beat as he leaned back in the booth too, observing Ashley's cool demeanor. He slid her panties over her knees, past her calves and onto the floor and sensed her excitement as she freed one foot, crossing the other leg over, allowing him to take the panties off her foot without anyone seeing.

Still looking around, she leaned into him and softly stated, "I really hope they simply whet your curiosity."

As Mick looked around he knew it was slow in the restaurant, but not slow enough to satisfy their common curiosity. He spotted a door with a sign above it reading Private Reserve. Excusing himself, he looked in finding a family gathering. Returning to the table, he found Ashley sitting bolt upright with a hint of a smile on her lips. Her bra strap, barely visible. Their looks conveyed their excitement.

Before he sat down, Ashley stood and took his hand. I really need to satisfy my curiosity now," she said, stressing the last word. She passed the waiter, "We'll be right back."

Mick followed her down into the basement to the rest rooms and wine cellar. "We could try it in the men's room," he suggested cocking his eyebrow. She smiled back at him over her shoulder revealing perfect white teeth between generous pink lips, leaving him thinking, "What a sexy mouth."

Ashley flung the men's room door open pulling them in as her heels click clacked across the tile floor past the washroom attendant and into the large handicapped stall. She turned as she entered, tasting his mouth with her hot tongue and lips.

"God! You've made me hot!" she panted fumbling with his belt and pants. The big stall had marble sides that ran up to about six feet high with one foot of open space at the bottom.

Mick smirked, contemplating how others would be able to see their feet as they entered the rest room. Her high heeled shoes and white stockinged ankles would surely be intriguing. He smiled at her as she stepped back to get a better look at him, and once again it dawned on him again how stunning she was.

Ashley turned around requesting him to help her out of her dress.

"She must want it bad, she's not even whispering," he thought as he unzipped the back.

Ashley pulled the dress off her shoulders and pushed it down her hips stepping out with one foot allowing him to study her as she slowly straightened at the waist and reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

"Tan lines, there's something wholesome about tan lines," Mick thought, feeling his cock growing from the semi hard state it had been in, since he bought her the first drink. With a little difficulty he fished out his curving, aching and throbbing rigidity from his boxers.

Ashley faced him and holding her hands out so he could admire her body.

He took in her features, intense blue eyes, pouty full lips, sun streaked blonde hair dropping down past sculpted neck and shoulders, and an elegant collar bone. Her arms, with long defined muscles, looked sumptuous ending in thin hands with one holding her blue dress, while raising the other slightly higher daintily clutching the hot pink bra. Ashley's abdominals were visible as an indention in her flat stomach. Her white thigh high stockings covered slender muscular legs, and drew his eyes to neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair stopping just above her slit. She smiled shimmying slightly for him.

Unconsciously, Mick slowly stroked his tool watching as her breasts bounced, with nipples, pink and hard.

"I hope that's for me," she said eying his shaft. She had somehow transformed from an extraordinary woman, into a sleek, sexual goddess.

He stood amazed as the space between them grew smaller and she wrapped her arms around him hanging her clothes on the hook.

Another wet kiss as she breathed into his neck, "You've really turned me on." Ashley pressed her naked body against his clothes as she lowered herself into a squatting position and began licking and sucking on the head of his cock.

As the wet heat surrounded him, he thought about the view men would have as they entered the bathroom through the twelve inch gap at the bottom of the partition.

"Your going to have to fuck me soon," she stated as she continued licking and kissing the shaft of his cock. "I want to cum first though. I want to cum on your hot prick and then suck your cock until you cum in my mouth."

Her words were almost getting him off and as she started rubbing the precum oozing out of his cock all over the head, he stated, "I'm about there, you'd better stop for a second." She backed off and licked her fingers with a devilish smile.

"I know how to slow a guy down, do you trust me?" she asked.

He was leaning against the door looking down at her, nodding at her question.

With a fluid motion she pulled his boxers up over his cock and then brought both the pants and boxers down to his knees. She stood up next to him and cupped his balls, her finger nails scraping the sensitive underside as he tried to make room for her hand. "I'm going to give these guys a little pressure. It will hurt, but only for half a sec and it will let me make sure we both get what we want."

He felt the pressure as she squeezed his balls a little longer than he thought was necessary. She was right, the pain had pushed him away from his orgasm. Once again she was smearing the precum around the tip of his cock. She stopped and climbed onto the stool, one foot resting on the seat, and another on the railing of the wall.

"Come on baby," she cooed as he looked on and she lowered herself into a squatting position giving him an unobstructed view of her open pussy. "You're going to have to put it in, but once we're ready, I'll just wrap my legs around your slim hips and you can take me for a ride."

Mick hobbled forward with his pants and shorts falling to his ankles, knocking the heels she had slipped off, out of his way. He touched his purple head to her soft pink clit and rubbed it up and down opening her inner lips.

Her arms wrapped around his neck and she bit his ear lightly as she begged, "Come on... Come on." Velvet smooth, wet and warm small pushes from him, more eager thrusts from her. "Come on, fuck me with it!" she insisted.

"I'm about ready to cum," he answered.

"Good boy, let me know when you need some assistance," she cooed into his ear as one hand found his tightened balls, pushed them down and then gave them a savage squeeze.

While clinging to his neck with one arm she positioned his cock at the opening of her box and thrust down and forward putting him a third of the way in. Two more thrusts and she had impaled herself to the hilt. She wrapped her legs around his back and held onto his neck.

"You feel good, I like your cock inside me," she said twitching her pelvis involuntarily. "I want you to do a couple of things for me so I can cum on your prick really fast," she said as her eyes began to glaze. "I want one of your hands to try and reach around and stroke my clit and pussy lips. It's really awkward, but I think you'll like the sensation from not only your shaft, but the wet sticky heat on your hands. And with your other hand, collect some of my stuff. Make one... or two fingers wet and slippery and then try to stick them up my ass. They don't have to go up but," she bit her lip, "I cum really fast that way." She closed her eyes and felt him move his hands trying to find the right way.

Finally, she breathed raggedly into his ear, "Uhh! That's it... perf... Uh! Yes!"

His cock and fingers pushed up into her body, then through her body, coming out as gasps and broken thoughts. Warmth expanded from the pit of her stomach as she rocked on his probing tool and inquisitive fingers.

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