tagLesbian SexPink Lips Pt. 03: 2 AM Delights

Pink Lips Pt. 03: 2 AM Delights


Full Disclaimer: this is meant for a woman audience, but you are welcome to read regardless of gender or orientation!


Lily softly fluttered her eyelids open. She felt Blue's soft arms wrapped around her. There was jazz music playing on their speaker, and the apartment windows were open. The warm night breeze made the curtains drift. Lily sighed with content it felt like a gorgeous dream. Everyday with Blue felt like a gorgeous dream. Lily turned over so that she was facing Blue.

She gently ran her finger over Blue's features. She traced her soft pink lips and her nose covered in freckles. She traced over her eyelids and ran her fingers through Blue's ginger hair. She leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Blue seemed to be having a lovely dream, her cheeks were rosy and the corners of her mouth were curved upwards into a smile.

Lily leaned in closer to Blue until their legs were touching. It made Lily think of the time when she first spent the night at Blue's apartment, they had been dating ever since they met in Gen English. Blue was the TA of Lily's class, at 22 years old that was an impressive feat. Lily asked Blue to be her writing tutor and it only escalated from there. The first night they had sex, she remembered Blue laid her down on the pillowy mattress and whispered to her, "You can trust me sweetheart. I'm going to make you feel so good."

Blue's soft hand on Lily's thigh brought her out of the daydream. Lily moaned softly and guided Blue's hand down to her pussy. Blue opened her eyes and looked at Lily with disbelief.

"Already? It's 2 am sweetheart." Blue chuckled and looked down at Lily's pussy. She smirked softly, "You're so wet baby, how long have you been up?"

"Two hours..." Lily trailed off. Blue felt her own leg softly and found her thigh was covered in Lily's sticky juices.

"My my. I think we need to take care of that, hm?" Blue moved Lily into her arms and swiftly carried her to the bathroom.

"You know what to do." Blue smirked as Lily leaned over the sink so that her pussy was up in the air. "What a good girl! My strap on wasn't the only present to you."

Lily smiled softly, her eyes closed from the pleasure, "Will you tell me what it is?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Blue spanked Lily's ass hard and Lily moaned loudly. "That's what you get for asking unnecessary questions."

"Yes" Lily said to Blue. Blue spanked her again, this time ever harder than the last. "Yes what?"

"Yes Blue." Lily moaned out.

"I'm not just going to let you come like last time." Blue slowly entered her fingers into Lily's pussy, fingering her as slowly as possible, letting the strokes linger.

"Oh god yes, Blue." Lily moved her body to meet Blue's strokes, the feeling of Blue's cold fingers in her extremely warm, wet pussy was going to do it for her. She had never felt pleasure quite like this before.

"Uh uh, not yet." Blue still fingered her pussy slowly but soon pulled them out. "Turn to face me."

Lily turned around and Blue gently kneeled down in front of Lily's pussy. "Dim the lights sweetheart." Blue said and kissed Lily's thigh.

Lily reached her hand above her head and dimmed the lights. Lily felt Blue place a kiss on her pussy and she shivered softly.

Blue gently blew warm air onto Lily's quivering pussy lips. She guided her tongue in between the dripping folds.

"I'm going to give you head sweetheart" Blue whispered and started lapping her tongue in between Lily's pussy.

"Oh Blue," Lily softly moaned and brought Blue's head closer into her pussy. Blue gripped Lily's thighs with both of her hands, massaging them.

Blue gave Lily more soft kisses on her pussy causing her to moan. Blue then gently licked up Lily's thighs and Blue's hands moved to Lily's ass.

Blue began to lap her tongue in and out of Lily's folds again, gently biting Lily's clit.

"Oh sweetheart, that feels so so good." A blush filled Lily's cheeks and she bit her lip.

Blue licked her fingers and touched Lily's wet opening, two fingers slid right in with ease.

"Please one more," Lily moaned softly. Blue had never put three fingers inside of Lily before, but god Lily wanted it so badly. Her pussy was aching for more. Blue slowly slid the third finger into Lily's pussy.

"Fuck baby, you're so wet and tight. You're about to make me cum just from looking at you." Blue moaned out and proceeded to keep licking Lily.

Blue pumped her fingers in and out of Lily's pussy, with each motion she felt Lily's pussy clench and let her fingers in deeper and deeper. Blue pressed two of her fingers up against Lily's g-spot and she felt Lily's wetness run down her palm. Blue could sense that Lily was about to come any second now.

"I'm going to lick you until you come all over my face." Blue whispered out seductively and Lily leaned her head back. Blue reached one hand up to play with one of Lily's soft rosebud tits while the other hand kept pressing on Lily's g-spot. Her tongue frantically moved in and out of Lily's soft pussy lips.

Lily was so unbelievably lusty that all she could manage to whisper out was, "B-b-blue." She felt her blush grow heavier and her swollen pink tits gently bounce up and down. She came in sweet, clear waves all over Blue's face. She felt her whole body shake as the amazing orgasm consumed her.

"I need to touch you more often." Blue chuckled as Lily collapsed in Blue's awaiting arms.

"Come on sweet girl, lets get you cleaned up." Blue planted kisses on Lily's pink cheeks and carried her to the shower.

Blue carried Lily into the shower, and gently shampooed her hair. She gave Lily a few neck kisses and bites, running her hands up and down Lily's body.

Lily turned around and gave Blue a long hug. She gently pressed her pelvis against Blue's which made Blue pull her even closer.

Lily stepped back for a minute to admire Blue's gorgeous body. She admired how Blue's face looked in the 2 am light, the warm water cascading down her amazing boobs. Lily gently pressed Blue against the shower wall, lovingly groping her boobs.

"Fuck," Blue moaned out.

Lily had always wanted to suck on Blue's boobs. They so perfectly fit in her hands, she wondered if the same went for her mouth. She gently bent down and put one of Blue's tits in her mouth. She gently sucked on it, swirling her tongue around the nipple.

"That feels so good baby." Blue gave a lust-filled groan and brought Lily's head closer.

"I could do this for hours." Lily muttered to herself, thinking that Blue wouldn't hear.

"Then why don't you?" Blue smirked, "I wouldn't mind, you know."

Lily blushed and looked away. "I've never down anything like that with you before, I didn't know if you would like it."

Blue brought Lily up so that they were at eye-level. "You don't ever have to feel stressed with me like this baby. Whatever you do, I will like it, okay?"

"Okay," Lily said and looked deeply into Blue's light green eyes. Blue wrapped a hand around Lily's cheek and pulled her in for a kiss.

Lily gripped Blue's hips and gently trailed her hand down to Blue's pussy. She rubbed Blue's clit in small circles for a little and withdrew her fingers. She sucked on them gently and plunged two of them into Blue's ready pussy.

"Just like that, Oh good girl," Blue moaned and Lily went in to kiss Blue again. Blue's pet-names for Lily always turned Lily on to no end.

"More baby," Blue guided Lily's other hand to her boobs. Lily kneaded one as she pumped her fingers in and out of Blue's pussy.

"Good, just like that." Blue moved her pussy in sync with Lily's fingering motions.

"Do you remember that day in class when I told you to not wear underwear and I fingered you? God that was fucking hot." Blue moaned out and Lily moaned herself.

"Fuck it, come here." Blue lifted up Lily's legs gently and positioned Lily so that their pussies were together.

Blue moved her pussy against Lily's, their clits rubbing together. They both let out a loud moan.

"I love it when we do this." Lily clutched Blue even closer, her arms snaked around Blue's back.

"Fuck I'm going to come just from this," Lily moaned and Blue smirked.

"Is my girl going to come for me?" Blue looked at Lily and Lily threw her head back.

"Fuck yes, I'm so close!!" Lily thrust her hips into Blue aggressively in another attempt to get off.

"Not so fast, we're going to come together." Blue ground her pussy against Lily's harder as she let out a loud moan.

"Mmkay baby, here we go." Blue moaned and sucked on Lily's neck. Lily and Blue let out one pure, sweet moan before coming together. Their juices intermingling. Blue took some of her own come onto her fingers and put them gently in Lily's mouth, Lily sucked at Blue's fingers, savoring the taste of her love.

Blue turned off the shower and gently carried Lily to their bed. Lily curled up onto the pillow.

"Cuddle with me?" Lily smiled innocently at Blue.

"Yes, but only that." Blue chuckled, "You need to get some rest princess." Blue kissed the back of Lily's neck and pulled her in close. Lily felt Blue's soft, perfect mounds press against her back. She was turned on and relaxed by the feeling at the same time.

"I love you." Lily said softly

"I love you too sweetheart."

Lily and Blue both closed their eyes and drifted off into sleep.

I would love some requests on what to do next! I'm always open to ideas!!

-Karinna Lilla

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/29/18

Very hot, very nice

What a great read. Well written. Could see myself right there. Blue, of course.

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by Anonymous05/12/18

The best!

These are my absolute favorite stories to read! I read them over and over. The love anddesire that they have for one another.....it couldn't be better. You have quite a resident here. I do hope that youmore...

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by CassieK05/09/18

Still love these girls adventures.

Baby this is so hot, cumming together in the bathroom was so wicked. You have me so on edge, I need to go to the bathroom myself, trouble is I’m on my own with just my fingers. Perhaps I could pretendmore...

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by va4505/06/18


All three story's are very loving and giving. The care and need is so well done and shown. The amount of engery only matches their love for each other. The added toy is a good touch and hop to see moremore...

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by Anonymous05/05/18


I especially loved the ass slapping. Great story.

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