tagLesbian SexPink Lips Pt. 04: A Wild Ride

Pink Lips Pt. 04: A Wild Ride


Full Disclaimer: This erotica is meant for women, specifically catered towards lgbt women, but you are welcome to read regardless of gender, orientation, etc!


Lily looked out the window of Blue's grey hybrid. The sun had just begun to show it's golden magnificent rays. Blue had promised to take Lily camping for her already belated February birthday, and today the day was here.

"Are you excited?" Blue looked over at Lily with a soft smile. "So excited! I'm so glad to just spend a weekend with you." Lily smiled and leaned over and kissed Blue's soft, freckled cheek.

"I know.. after the interruption from a certain roommate in apartment 2b." Lily looked away in embarrassment. Last weekend, Blue was trying out a new position with Lily in bed. Needless to say she was moaning so loudly that their neighbour was banging on their apartment door telling them to keep it down.

"That was so embarrassing," Lily moaned in agony. Blue gently put her hand on Lily's thigh.

"Baby believe me, it's fine. You were just enjoying yourself.. very clearly enjoying yourself." Blue smirked and Lily looked at Blue and blushed.

Lily's eyes moved to Blue's filmsy white tank top. Blue clearly forgot to put on a bra this morning.

"Forgetting something?" Lily raised an eyebrow and gave Blue's right breast a soft squish. Blue gasped and Lily let out a giggle.

Blue kept driving deeper and deeper into the woods until they were in clearing surrounded by tall trees. Lily pulled out all of the food for the weekend as Blue set up the tent. "I heard it was supposed rain all weekend Blue." Lily felt a pair of arms wrap around her body and a pair of soft lips on her neck.

"I love you a lot." Lily smiled and turned to face Blue. "I love you more." Blue turned Lily around so that she was facing her. She placed a soft kiss on her lips. "Come on I'll make us something to eat."

1 hour later

Blue and Lily sat by the fire. The clouds had covered the sun, and a blue mist had settled all around the campfire. Lily felt a drop of rain on her arm. The drops soon came down faster and Blue whisked her away into the tent.

Lily saw the rain gently fall on top of their tent, the turquoise blue glow that the tent gave off was gorgeous. She crawled into the sleeping bag with Blue. She turned so that she was facing towards Blue. They stared at each other, only communicating with their eyes as the rain pounded harder on the tent. Blue's eyes softly fluttered closed as she fell asleep. Lily was lying next to Blue for a little while when she heard a soft moan come out of Blue's mouth. Lily leaned into Blue.

"Oh god Lily, yeah fuck just like that." Lily widened her eyes in shock. Blue was having a wet dream. She saw Blue buck her hips gently into the air and she heard Blue let out another loud moan. "Fuck baby!" Blue moaned out and she heard Blue's breaths turn to rapid pants. "Rub your pussy on me just like that." She saw Blue's hands hover to where Lily's waist would be on top of her. "Ugh look at those luscious tits." Blue moaned and Lily blushed. She watched the scene for a tad bit longer before she shook Blue awake. Blue sat up panting with a blush on her cheeks. She looked at Lily for a little bit with a lusty look in her eyes.

"Touch me." Lily whispered out and leaned in closer to Blue. Blue zipped up their sleeping bag more to preserve the warmth. Blue snaked her hands up and kneaded Lily's soft breasts in her hands. Lily moaned and leaned in to kiss Blue. "Put my hands where you want them." Lily took Blue's right hand and put it down her pants. Blue rubbed Lily's clit in fast circles, causing her to moan loudly.

"Come in closer to me." Lily practically tumbled into Blue's arms. Lily was lying on top of Blue, now kissing her lips even more ferociously. Lily felt Blue's amazing breasts press against her own. She loved when they would take baths together and Blue would rub her own breasts with soap and then Lily's. It was so unbelievably erotic she felt her pussy twitch over and over.

"I want to make you feel good." Blue kissed Lily and trailed her mouth down to Lily's beckoning pussy. She pushed the folds apart and gave Blue long soft licks on her clit. "Oh fuck Lily." Blue moaned loudly. The rain had stopped and now it was night. The air was so humid it practically stuck to their skin.

"Baby," Lily moaned and arched into her mouth. "Wait sweeetttheaart." Blue's words came out in pants as Blue brought her head up from Lily's pussy. Lily let out a loud groan of discontent.

"Fuck I don't want you to stop, it feels so good." Lily moaned and Blue gripped her hips. There is a lake nearby, I-i thought we c-could go swimming." Blue caught her breath slowly.

"We don't have bathing suits." Lily giggled softly.

"No-one is going to find us out here baby." Blue whispered and grabbed Lily's hand. She turned on a flashlight and they walked towards the pathway to the lake.

"Blue I'm not so sure, I thought I saw a light earlier baby." Lily said. "Just trust me okay?" Blue smiled softly and once they reached the lake she dove in.

"The water is so cool Lily, come in." Lily bit her lip and leapt into the water. She let out a sigh of bliss, it felt so good on her skin. She swam over to Blue and Blue pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Lily wrapped her legs around Blue's waist and Blue gripped Lily's waist with her hands. "God I want you so bad. Fuck I wanna scissor." Blue moaned.

"I want it badly too, so badly. Ugh Blue I need to feel your pussy on mine." Lily leaned her head back and Blue kissed her neck all over. Blue pushed Lily against a boulder in the lake and brought Lily's legs up so that their pussies were touching. Blue slowly rubbed her pussy up and down in sync with Lily's and they both let out a loud moan.

"Fuck I love when we do this." Lily moaned as she felt Blue's boobs press against her own as she scissored with her. Blue kept on rubbing her pussy with Lily's. She closed her eyes softly, her pink lips parted, and leaned her head back as she kept on scissoring with Lily.

Suddenly Lily saw a flashlight shine across the lake. Lily stopped thrusting and opened her eyes wide with embarrassment. Blue opened her eyes wondering why Lily had stopped moving.

"Whose out there?!" A voice rang out into the air. "Oh fuck," Blue whispered. "Just stay still," Blue whispered to Lily and Lily giggled a little bit.

The flashlight soon went away and Lily gave Blue a hard slap on the ass. "You told me that no one was out here!" "Well I guess you'll just have to be more quiet then, hm?" Blue's mildly condescending tone always turned Lily on.

Lily felt her pussy throb. Blue's pussy was still very much perched on her own and it was making her even more horny. "Keep going," Lily whispered and Blue smiled. Blue slowly moved her pussy against Lily's. "You like that baby? Yeah I bet you do." Lily covered her mouth. "Come for me, yeah come all over my pussy. You know you want to." Blue whispered seductively in Lily's ear causing Lily to shiver.

She felt her pussy throb wildly as a powerful orgasm ravaged her. She violently rubbed her pussy against Blue's, feeling every last drop of orgasmic bliss. Blue's breath wavered as she kept rubbing her pussy against Lily's. Blue felt familiar tingles run up and down her body as Lily groped Blue's breasts. Blue pressed both of her hands on the boulder behind Lily's body and thrusted her pussy into Lily's.

"Yeah Blue, fuck me, fuck me just like that." Lily's words caused Blue to rub her pussy faster against Lily. "Kiss me when you come." Lily whispered and with that Blue captured Lily's lips in a perfect, spine tingling kiss as she felt her whole body ripple with an intense orgasm.

"I've been wanting to do that for so fucking long." Blue moaned and pulled Lily into a deep hug. "I'm still coming down," Lily wrapped her arms around Blue's back as Blue pulled her in for a deeper hug. "Here let me help you come down a little bit okay?" Lily nodded softly as Blue stroked Lily's hair and planted soft kisses on Lily's cheeks. "Let's go back to the tent." Blue picked Lily up bridal style and they crawled back into the sleeping bag. "I love you." Blue kissed Lily's mouth softly. "I love you too."


I tried to appease a lot of the requests I got in this story, but please please let me know if you have more, I love writing. XO Karinna Lilla.

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by Anonymous05/21/18

Loved this....wish i could be fucked in the same way...made me cum hard

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by Anonymous05/13/18

Damn I really love this how about when you make part 5 whenever they foreplay this time. That would be really sexy

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by stroudle05/13/18

So hot

Hot sex on the boulder in the lake. I would of jumped straight in with them not called out.
I love camping . i love lesbian sex . i love outdoor sex
Put it all together you got one happy lesbian

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by Anonymous05/13/18

LOVE IT! But i really wish it was longer

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