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Pink Panties


My name is Cindy and I love being a mature woman who knows what she wants and what she likes. I love to read while listening to soft classical music. I love the early mornings before the world has had a chance to come alive. I love a cup of coffee out on my deck in the afternoon sun. And I love to dress my men in panties.

There is something about a hard cock pressing against the soft silky fabric of a pair of sexy panties that makes me wet and horny beyond all reason. I particularly like to have him stand in front of me while I'm sitting in a chair or on the edge of the bed so that his cock is directly in front of my face. A hard cock is a beautiful thing to look at and to play with. It must be shaved of course. I can't resist a smooth hairless piece of man meat. You haven't really lived until you've taken a man's hairless balls into your mouth and rolled them around on your tongue. The men I've known could never resist a woman's offer to shave their cocks. Once a cock is smooth and hard a man can really appreciate the feel of a pair of my panties wrapped around him. Sometimes, before I slip them up his legs, I'll hold them against his face so he can smell my excitement. When I'm very aroused, and it doesn't take much, my pussy juice soaks the crotch of my panties and any man with a nose for sex can spot me across a crowded room. When I get him alone I will kneel in front of him and gently kiss his cock as he steps into my 'fresh' smelly panties. Once his cock and balls are encased in silk or nylon I'll sit down again and have him move next to me so I can do as I please. I run my hands over his ass to feel the soft material or if he is wearing a thong run my finger up the crack of his ass. I lean forward and kiss his cock through the material. I like it when he holds my head to his crotch and I take him in my mouth to show my appreciation. By now the head of his cock is usually sticking out of the top or side of the panties and I will swallow it whole taking him fully into my mouth.

After a few minutes of intense cock sucking I will rub his hard wet dick all over my face. Depending on what I want, I'll either have him cum in my mouth and wait until he has recovered for a long slow fuck or I'll stop and have him give me some oral treatment of my own. One way or another we always need a shower when we're done.

A while back when I wasn't seeing anyone, I was surfing the net checking out some the men in panties sites. There are some great sites where men post pictures of themselves dressed in their favorite panties or perhaps those of their wife or girlfriend. Sometimes they will post movie clips of themselves masturbating and I love to watch them shoot a load of cum into a pair of panties. Recently I was surfing one site and came across a set of pictures of a guy who I thought I recognized but I wasn't sure. Guys don't usually display their face so all you have to go on is a hard cock. But in this case there was something more, a little scar on his belly shaped like a check mark. I studied the scar and then looked at the furnishings in some of the pictures. The cock so proudly displayed in the pictures was about 7" long and very thick. His balls were tightly packed and it looked like he was carrying a heavy load of wet sticky cum. The guy was wearing a pair of bright pink panties that were trimmed with lace. Some of the pictures showed his cock sticking out the side while others had it completely covered. I really liked the one that showed his hot ass reflected in a mirror. I was almost positive that this guy was my neighbor and I was determined to find out.

Ed moved in about a year ago but I had a guy then so I never thought about him as a prospective panty pal. He is about 45, divorced and on his own. We would spend some time chatting across the fence and I would steal a few glances when he was doing some yard work and had removed his shirt. That's when I noticed his scar. I asked him about it one day and he told me that it was really two scars that ended up in the shape of a notepad check mark. As I studied the image on the screen I could see that this was the same mark. There were about ten good quality pictures so I copied all of them to my iPod photo.

Just in case it was Ed's cock in the pictures I wanted to be ready. I planned my seduction carefully and selected a very sexy pair of panties to wear under a short almost see through sun dress. I decided not to wear a bra so that Ed would have a good view of my ample chest. Even if it wasn't Ed in the photos I was so horny now that I wanted to fuck him anyway. The panty play would just be a bonus. I finished dressing, checked myself in the mirror, grabbed a soiled pair of panties and headed next door.

I rang the bell and waited a few minutes for Ed to answer the door. Ed looked a little disheveled when he finally let me in.

"Cindy, come on in. I was just doing some work in the office, give me a minute to save it and I'll be right with you."

Ed went through the kitchen and into the small office he maintained as a work at home tax break. I followed and sat at the kitchen table to wait. I placed my new iPod photo on the table so that Ed would be sure to see it. Ed is a techno junkie. He has just about every electronic toy on the market and I knew he couldn't resist a chance to check it out. Ed was back in a minute and he put on a fresh pot of coffee.

"So Cindy what's new with you?"

"Not a lot," I replied. "I was just sitting at home and thought I would come over and say hello. Anything new with you?"

Ed walked over and sat down across form me. "No, not really. "Work is busy as usual and I'm trying to finish a proposal to upgrade the office network and improve our security. We've had some hackers lately and they almost got through to the main data base, which would not have been good."

We spent some time engaged in casual small talk until the coffee was ready. As we sat there discussing nothing of any real interest I casually reached over and moved my IPod so that Ed would notice it.

"That's new," he said. "When did you pick this up?"

"The other day. I was looking for a music player but I really liked the photo option so I got this."

"Can I have a look?"

I passed him the iPod went to stand behind him so I could show him some of the features. I also wanted to be ready when he opened the panty pictures. I had put a couple of others in front so that the first thing he saw wasn't his own cock. I placed my hands on the back of his chair and leaned forward which gave Ed a nice view of my breasts down the front of my sun dress. Ed looked a little embarrassed but he didn't turn away until he had a good long look at my twin 38's. I moved one hand to his shoulder and showed him how to view the photos. As the first photo filled the small screen Ed seemed to be torn between wanting to check out the iPod and checking out my tits. He kept turning toward me to ask a question or say something about the iPod. He flipped through about three pictures and then the first of the pantied cock photos appeared. I was watching him closely to see his reaction and I knew right away that he was looking at his own cock. Ed froze. His hands began to tremble slightly but he tried to keep it under control.

"I really like the next one," I whispered into his ear. "You have a beautiful cock and it looks so delicious in those pink panties" Ed seemed to relax and I reached around his neck to click to the next image. My breasts were against the side of his head and I used my hand to press him to my chest.

"How did you know that these were of me?"

"I wasn't 100% sure but your scar is pretty unique so I took a chance." I turned his face toward mine and leaned forward to kiss him softly on the lips. "I want to see you in those panties."

Ed didn't move and I wanted to make sure that he knew that everything was ok and that I really wanted to see him in a pair of sexy panties. I took the used pair out of my pocket and rubbed his cheek and then held them to his face so he could breathe in my musty aroma. Looking him in the eye I told him that I loved to dress a guy in panties and that his cock made me very wet and horny.

"We can swap panties if you like" I said. "Which ones do you prefer, these or the the ones under my dress?" I stood up and lifted my dress so he could see the almost sheer thong that barely covered my smooth wet pussy.

Ed wasted no time and buried his face between my legs licking and sucking on the sopping crotch of my thong. I held him there for a while and enjoyed the attention he was giving my panty covered cunt. My clit was swollen and his tongue found it immediately. Ed wrapped his lips around my little love bud and I felt the twinge of a mini orgasm pulse through my pussy and a shiver swept through my whole body. I closed my eyes and let his talented tongue do its work. I placed one foot on the seat of a chair so Ed could have full access to my love canal. He grabbed the cheeks of my ass and pulled me tight against his face. I was on the verge of exploding and placed both hands on his shoulders for balance. I felt the orgasm building and knew it would be a wonderful wet release when it finally came. My legs began to shake and Ed wrapped an arm around my ass to keep me from falling over. Without any further warning I came and Ed drank in the juices that flowed from my hot wet pussy. I could hardly breathe as wave after wave consumed me. Ed kept his open mouth glued to my quivering quim and I slowly came back to reality. I can honestly say that that was one to the top three orgasms of my entire life and I knew that we had only begun to explore each other sexually.

Ed sat back in his chair and looked into my half closed eyes. I smiled and stradled his lap to sit down. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my still pulsing inner folds and I wanted to have it inside me. But first I wanted to see him in the pink panties that he wore in the pictures. I told him to take me to his bedroom and to get naked so that I could see his lovely cock in person. If his cock skills were anything like his oral skills I was going to have the fuck of my life before the day was through.

"I want you to put on the pink panties and then stand beside the bed so I can examine you closely."

As Ed removed his clothes I got my first look at his shaved hard cock. It was about 7" of the most beautiful erect manhood that I could have wished for. He stood directly in front of me and slipped the lacy pink panties up his thighs and covered his cock as best he could but the panties were far too small to cover it completely. I reached forward and adjusted the panty so that his balls were encased in the nylon crotch but the head of his cock was sticking out above the elastic waist. I kissed the hot purple head of his thick hard cock and licked the outline it made in the pink panties. I wanted to suck him and please him as he had pleased me but I also wanted to have him fuck me fast and hard.

I cupped his balls and took his cock into my mouth savoring the delicious taste that seeped from the small slit at the tip of his cock. I knew that he would cum if I didn't stop so I gave him one last long suck and released him. Without saying another word I lay back and spread my legs pulling my panties to one side. Ed slipped his cock out the side of his panties and got on top of me. I grabbed his cock and guided it into my still wet hole. My cunt ached for his cock and I felt every inch as Ed pushed his hardness into me. The heat between our bodies was intense and Ed began to pound my cunt in rhythmic thrusts that were almost primal. He buried his face into my neck and wrapped his arms around me as his thrusts became faster and more deliberate. Ed was going to cum soon and all I wanted was to feel him shoot inside me. I whispered into his ear for him to cum. I told him to fill me with is sperm, to shoot his cum deep inside my cunt. I lost control of myself and let loose a stream of verbal lust telling Ed to fuck me and fuck me hard. Ed gave a final thrust and then he arched his back and came with such intensity that I could feel each and every pulsing release of his thick load of cum.

Ed collapsed on top of me and I held him close until I felt his cock slip free and his cum begin to run down the inside of my thighs. I wanted Ed to know that I loved what he gave me and I gently rolled him to the side and went down to clean the sticky remains from his cock. I took him fully into my mouth to get the last of the cum that was still flowing from his cock. I then licked the area under his balls and finished by sucking on each one in turn. I swallowed everything and moved up so that Ed and I were face to face. He smiled and we lay still for a long time.

Ed and I are now very much in love and we will likely tie the knot soon. What ever happens in the future I know that panties will always be a part of our daily lives.

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