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Pink Panties: The Video Tape


editing: Nom de Plume


It was our first apartment and we were very proud of it. It was a few small rooms, but it was ours and that made all the difference. I lived with my fiancée, Julie, a few miles outside of town in a small apartment building that had about a dozen units.

I worked in a garage fixing everything from mufflers, to fuel systems, and to drive shafts. I'd always been a monkey wrench, taking things apart and fixing things them even before I could remember. I'd worked in the garage in high school and after graduation they were happy to have me working full time.

Julie was my high school sweetheart. She was taking classes to be a veterinarian at an agricultural and animal science school. It's a good business to be in around here with no shortage of livestock. It wasn't at all uncommon for her to take classes full time and then work extra hours in the evening and weekend with the animals they kept there. We used to be inseparable but now she was gone more and more.

There was a woman who lived up one flight of stairs who was married to a trucker. She must have been lonely I could tell when we bumped into each other in the parking lot, laundry room or stairwell. She would be just delighted to have someone to talk to. I think we were both in a similar situation with our partners gone so much and we started hanging out together.

Kate was pretty and few years older and I liked her a lot. It wasn't long before we started having an affair. It was easy to get away with, her husband being gone most of the time and there were large blocks of time when I knew Julie would be away. It was the perfect set up until it all came down.

I called Kate and was very surprised when her husband Donald answered "Hello", he was supposed to be gone for another 2 weeks. "Oh, hi Don. I didn't know you were in town. is Katie there?" I usually think pretty quick.

Katie left for her cousin's house this morning after I watched a video tape that I made of the bed room. Would you like to guess what is on that tape?" Whoa, he didn't beat around the bush. He might have well hit me with a shovel. I had a good idea what was on the tape: me screwing around with the guy's wife.

This was very, very bad. I didn't know how he managed to get the tape, maybe he snuck into town a few days ago and placed the camera, who knew. The important part was that I was busted and now my marriage was in serious danger if this got out. He said to me, "I think you and me should have a talk.".

This sounded like a good way to get shot. Don wasn't a small guy. I'd met him at a building barbeque a few months back. He was the kind of guy that gave you those grinding handshakes that hurt and walked around like he was bullet proof. He had spent a few years in the army and was pretty imposing. He could easily put me in the hospital or worse. "I'll count to a hundred and if you're not up here, I'm just going to have to send out a copy of this tape you your little woman."

"Shit!" I said out-loud as I made my way upstairs to his apartment. I was trying to think of an explanation of the bruised beating I was sure to get. 'I got hit by a car' was one option, or 'I fell out of a 10-story building' might cover it.

The door was unlocked and when no one answered my knocks. I figured he was still counting so I went in. He was sitting on the couch watching a football game. He was just wearing a bathrobe and was drinking. There was an open bottle of bourbon on the end table.

He pointed to a chair, "Sit down". I pleaded my case, "Listen Don I'm really sorry." He answered back forcefully "Shut the fuck up, and sit down." I bowed my head and eased into a chair. He picked up the remote and I winced as the football game was replaced with a fuzzy, tilted image of the bedroom. I recognized the angle, the camera must have been on top of a bookshelf that faced the bed. At that moment on the video we were kissing and Katie was pushing down my underwear getting ready to give me a blowjob. I remembered the scene since it had just happened two days ago. On the screen she kissed my lips and lowered her head to my crotch when Don stopped the tape and turned off the TV.

I was getting ready to speak but Don raised a finger and gave me a cold stare and all I could do was sit there and squirm. He took a gulp of his bourbon and began to speak. "Now right there Kate gave you a blowjob., aA blowjob that should have gone to me and the way I see it you owe me a blowjob."

"Wait a minute." I blurted out but he kept talking. "It's like money, if someone gives you $10 that should have rightfully gone to me then you morally owe me ten bucks." I was getting ready to explain how money and sex are not the same thing no matter how often they are exchanged but he ended that idea before it even got out of my mouth.

"I have a tape that I can use to blackmail you. I can use it as evidence if I decide to start getting mean because around here most people, even ones on a jury, don't take too kindly to messing with a guy's wife." He took another swig and smiled at me as I realized that I had no real way out. Here I was being told that I had no real choice but to go down on him. My heart was pounding and it felt like someone had turned up the heat in the room to a hundred degrees. I was about to speak but he cut me off.

"No listen, I'm going to lose my patience here and you really don't what that. I don't want to hear you weasel and whine. You did something that you know that you shouldn't have and the only thing that is going to save your sorry ass is for you to kneel down in front of me and give me the blowjob. You know you owe me." He flexed his muscles and gave me the coldest, hardest stare I ever felt.

His voice was strong and commanding and he had me dead right. I stood up slowly, as if defeated, and walked over to him. I was standing in front of him, "You know I think you deserve a spanking for being such an ass with another man's wife." I cringed inside, the thought of getting spanked made me wince with the indignity of it.

I looked at his knees unbelieving what I had gotten myself into. He told me to undo my pants and I did. As I was pushing them down he grabbed my shirt and pulled me forward so my hips were draped across his lap, my pants still around my ankles. Here I was about to get spanked, disciplined like a child yet my heart raced a bit.

He pulled down the elastic band of my underwear and I was about to roll over to protest when the first spank landed. It stung and the 'smack' sound echoed off the walls. He landed another and another. His would raise his arm over his head and then swing down it down to paddle my ass. His hand was like a stone, he might as well have been using a belt. I really was in quite a bit of pain and all I could do was hang on and endure the total shame of it all.

I slid off his lap at the first opportunity. "Get on your knees", his command bolted me upright. I was resigned to the situation but also a bit turned on by it and felt a strange sexual energy. It must have been his power and dominance, his complete control of the situation. I was kneeling with my pants and underwear all knotted around my legs and my ass stinging. I am sure that it had a crisp apple red shine to it.

"Now because I'm not a fag, you need to put this all on", he reached over and handed me a dress, a pair of panties and a tube of lipstick. I held them in my hands even more surprised than I was before.

He was commanding me "Strip!" Without thinking I stood and I pulled my shirt off, kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants to the floor. I bashfully turned around to take of my boxers. "Now be a good girl and get dressed."

I looked at the clothing and wondered what I had gotten myself into. The dress was a floral print, mostly red and white. The panties were pink and shimmering satin and the lipstick was a glossy red. I looked him in the eye but with the steely way he returned my gaze I knew there was very little I could do. I picked up the dress and he said "No put on the panties first." I felt a rush of shame and something else, excitement? I stepped into the soft silky panties and pulled them up my legs a shudder ran though me as the fabric practically caressed my legs. When the panties settled around my hips, the gentleness of them was luxurious.

"Now the dress", I picked up the dress and put my arms into it, the fabric was light and airy as it settled across my back and thighs I couldn't help but admire the fabric and the way it felt against my skin. I began doing the buttons up the front noticing they were in the shape of little flowers. With the dozen buttons all done up I turned side to side and let the dress wisp around my body.

"Now the lipstick". I picked up the tube and pulled off the cap and turned up the stick, it was a sensuous red in color. Again I looked at him and now there was only a smirky smile on his face. "Put it on, slowly." And I did, just like I had seen women do many times. I drew the stick around my lips and then rubbed my lips together to get an even coat. I glanced around for a mirror I desperately wanted to see how my lips looked like with the red coating. I was a bit stunned when I realized I wanted my lips to look sexy and inviting.

"It's just a start but it will do. Now be a good girl and get back on your knees." I moved towards him almost in a hypnotic trance amazed at the way the clothing moved on my body and how good it felt. He took my arm and pulled me down., I dropped to my knees between his thighs in a way that was so very submissive.

"Open my robe...OPEN IT!" His voice jolted me and my hands reached out for the terry cloth knot and undid it. I drew the sides of his robe open like a pair of drapes. He was still in shape from his military days. His shoulders were broad and his chest was strong. Where my chest had a soft bit of hair his had a thick dark fur. There wasn't anything about him that wasn't totally masculine. His thighs were muscular and his cock? Jesus what a fucking monster! It curved over his balls and rested flat on the cushion of the couch.

I just stared at it. "Yea, that's the same look Katie gave it when she first saw it. Big ain't it? Kate usually can't fit much more than the head in her mouth. All she does is lick the top and stroke the rest. But you got a bigger mouth you should be able to get it all down deeper."

I continued to stare at it, fascinated, I probably would have for hours except Don grabbed my wrist and wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. He then grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled until my face was an inch from his cock.

"I have to say with that lipstick on you have some of the prettiest, sexiest lips I have ever seen. Do you know what guys call lips like yours?" I shook my head. "Guys call lips like yours dick-sucking-lips. That means they look soft and plump and juicy and will look and feel oh so nice wrapped around my cock".

I looked up at him and his eyes almost burned into me, he made me feel vulnerable, small and weak and yet at the same time incredibly sexy. "Yea, it's going to be good to see your lips all stretched out." he said smiling down at me, "Now go on and do what girls do."

I rested my free hand on his thigh and thought about what girls, did. They wore pretty panties (which I was doing), they wore dresses (which I was also doing), they wore lipstick (again I was doing it) and they knelt down in front of men and sucked on hard cocks. I could feel the heat from his crotch on my face and my nose filled with the deep scent of him. I breathed in and I liked it. With my hand around his cock it began to swell and it all resonated somewhere deep inside me. His power, the dress, the pink panties, my submission, it felt good and I was becoming excited myself. I felt the distinct desire to please him, to submit and give him all he wanted. A few minutes before I was just a guy in my apartment hanging out and like a fast moving dream all of a sudden I was dressed like a woman kneeling between a man's legs with his cock in my hand.

And not that I was just wearing pink panties and juicy red lipstick and looked like a woman. A part of me was thrilled though I might not have admitted it, wanted for him to take control, to command me, tell me what to do, to tame me. Don's cock began to take on a pulsing crimson hue. My own desire made me close my eyes, lean forward and lick the side of the crown. It was hot and tantalizing it reminded me of licking a battery. Don whispered "Yea, that's a good girl"., I licked and licked again and with each slow slide of my tongue each lick became longer and longer. My tongue would travel from where I gripped it at the base up, up, up to the tip, around the crown and back down again. I was panting now and I looked up at his face, he was smiling "Go on, stretch lips around my cock, you know you want to." And I did, I can't remember the last time I wanted something so bad.

I took him in my mouth, my lips slid over the crown and down the shaft. The heat of it and the taste if it thrilled me. I started sucking up and down enjoying the way it filled my mouth. The feeling of my lips sliding back and forth on his saliva slicked cock felt so right, so good, I was sucking cock like a female and it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. He leaned back and shifted his hips and spread his legs further apart, he growled "Lick my balls" and I instantly obeyed.

I slid one hand under his nuts and felt their weight in my palm. I kissed each of his nuts them and slathered his furry sack with my tongue. I tried to get both of them in my mouth but they were too big. Before I had quite had enough of them he touched my chin and told me to go back to the main course. "Now, I haven't cum in a couple days., I've been saving it up so when I shoot I'm going to unload quite a bit of sperm so be a little thirsty girl and drink it all down." I moaned at the thought of this.

I sucked like a baby, his cock was the center of my world. Up and down my mouth went trying to give him a steady rhythm. The sheer size of him, the pulse of it turned me on. I was surprised but I did thoroughly enjoy being submissive to this hunky man and he was a man, all man, muscled, dominant, in charge and I was the complete opposite, submissive, subservient, doing as I was told, slurping on his cock.

His rod became powerfully erect and his balls tightened up. I began sucking with all my energy. I wanted him to cum and, if it was necessary, I would have traded everything I had to be sure he would unload into my mouth. He gripped my head and forced me to his rhythm, fast and deep. He began grunting and I knew that his fluid was on its way.

With my head in both of his big hands he started ramming my face up and down, his cock pressing between my red lips. I was nothing but a warm opening and all I could do was hold on as he roughly used my mouth. I don't know why but it was both demeaning and thrilling to be used like this. His cock stabbed the back of my throat as he worked my head up and down.

He moaned and held my head in a vice lock, his cock quivering and pulsing before he flooded my mouth with sperm. It shot across my tongue and splashed against the back of my throat. I gulped and slurped as best I could and wished that the moment would never stop that he would just go on cumming forever and I could stay there and gulp and drink down his sperm,

I sucked until he started to soften, I wanted him to cum again in my mouth. I would have kept sucking but he pulled me off. "You give much better blowjobs than my wife and you certainly enjoy it more." He patted me on the head as he got up to go to the bathroom. He told me that he would call me tomorrow.

My heart raced and sank. Tomorrow? I wanted more and I wanted it today. The thought of waiting bothered me, tomorrow? I got up and a bit reluctantly changed back into my own clothing I pulled up my pants and underwear gently over my sore ass. I went back to my place, unable to see anything except the undeniable fact that I had enjoyed his punishment, his dominance and had been thrilled wearing the clothing and when I was sucking him off.

I started to beat off as soon as I got in. I thought about than the way it had felt to have him in my mouth, the way I had gulped when his sperm was shooting across my tongue, the way the pink panties had felt so good and right. I didn't think about my own pleasure only his. What was it about serving him and being effeminate that turned me on so much? I came as hard as I ever have in my life.

The rest of that day and the next morning was a haze, I did the things I normally do but it was as if my brain was elsewhere. The next day I was thinking about cock when the phone rang. It was Don, "I finished the rest of the tape last night and it looks by what I saw that you owe me a fuck." My heart skipped a beat. A fuck? I was about to speak and ask him a question when he spoke and made my question irrelevant. "So you might as well get up here and get ready to get fucked., I'm going to start counting to a hundred again."

Fucked? I had spent the last night thinking about sucking him and having him in my mouth, but now he wanted my ass, I was less sure about this. Again the door was open and I let myself in, on a chair just inside the door was some woman's clothing, a knee length black dress and a cream colored blouse, a pair of stockings, a garter belt, a tube of lipstick and a pair of pink panties.

Don called out from the bedroom "Get dressed and get your ass in here...and put the panties on over the garter belt". I could have walked out, the door was open and there was nothing stopping me. I had options but I looked down at the clothing I felt a stirring, fierce urge to put them on. I wanted to feel the way stockings would be against my skin, I wanted to feel the dress moving around my thighs, I blushed and hung my head when I admitted it to myself, part of me wanted to dress like a woman and to walk down the hall to where Don was and be treated in the same way he had the previous day: like a slut. I started taking off my jeans and t-shirt and feeling somehow right when I reached for the clothing knowing that I would love the feeling of my hips encased in the lovely pink panties.

The garter belt and the stockings were both black, the stockings were sheer and luxurious and caressed my legs as I pulled them up. The garter belt had some roses embroidered on and when it settled around my hips it felt like I was putting on my reins, like I was a little pony and I was about to be ridden.....and ridden hard.

I gasped when I picked up the panties. I studied them a bit, there was a cute lace edging to them and in the front a small pretty satin bow that made me smile. I pull them up my legs and marveled at how much emotion they made me feel. There was just something about my hips cradled by pretty pink panties that made my heart beat in a different way. The skirt was a bit short which was sexy and perfect, and the blouse was a creamy silk that thrilled me. Lastly, I put on the lipstick, hoping that it made my lips look inviting.

When I walked down the hall I wished I had more, more to wear. I should have shoes, a little necklace, eyeliner, a wig or longer hair, my nails should be done and I should have ear rings. As I neared the room my nervousness increased, I realized that I wanted him to think I was pretty, I wanted him to admire me, to tell me I was beautiful. I was trembling a bit, I did my best to control it but I was as nervous as a virgin.

He was standing there in just a pair of boxers. I didn't get to fully appreciate his body when he sitting down. He was tall muscular, furry and masculine. I gazed at his thighs and muscular ass and thought about the pounding they could easily deliver. He greeted me, "Ah there she is, my little baby doll", his words thrilled me in a way that I didn't understand. His cock was emerging from one leg of his boxer, just hanging down like fruit. I felt the powerful urge to kneel and suck on it. He must have seen me staring, he pushed down his boxers and stepped out of them, he simply said "Kneel" hand I knew what to do and knelt down in front of him.

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