tagBDSMPinned, Smothered and Bound - Lisa

Pinned, Smothered and Bound - Lisa


It was another chill and lazy afternoon. I love sitting around on my days off and watching porn and eating junk food. I work hard, and days like this help me restore. It's best when my girlfriend Lisa isn't around, so I can really relax without being judged. She went to the gym today, which is even better because she's gets toned up for me while I chill.

Lisa got back from the gym looking sexy as hell in her lyrca pants and sports bra. I am chilling on the couch and I wave to her. She sarcastically tells me not to get up. She sits next to me and starts telling me about her work out. I half pay attention. She scoots closer and I scoot away. She kinda smells ripe from the gym. I tell her as much. I tell her not to get sweat on the couch.

Lisa of course gets angry. She tells me that she would have fucked me if I wasn't such an asshole to her all the time. I tell her that she'd have to take a shower before I touched her. I tell her to go take a shower anyway. She stinks. I know it's the wrong thing to say to a beautiful woman who's trying to fuck you. I know she's a good girlfriend, and I'm being an asshole. I just don't really care. I just jerked off and am feeling fine.

Lisa gets even more angry that I don't listen to her when she is talking. She gets so mad, that she surprises me and jumps on me on the couch and starts smacking me and trying to choke me. I put up my hands to defend myself, but I'm tired, bloated and caught off guard. Lisa gets me in a real tight schoolgirl pin, with my arms locked under her legs. I struggle, but am sunk into the couch and helpless under her.

Lisa unloads on me. She tells me how I've been a real lazy piece of shit lately and how she's been thinking about dumping me. She complains about how I never want to fuck her because I jerk off all the time, and she asks me when the last time I ate her pussy was. I love her, and realize she's telling the truth. I have been taking her for granted. I tell her I'll eat her pussy after she showers. She tells me she wants me to eat it now.

She scoots up. I smell her strong feminine oder from outside her tight spandex. I tell her it's unsanitary. She tells me I'll live. The smell is sexy, but sort of wrong. She smells like sweat and kind of gamey. As the smell gets stronger, I try to push her off to get some fresh air. Lisa just gets annoyed.

If you won't eat my pussy, I'll make you! She says. She scoots up on my face I am totally trapped in darkness under her crotch. I can feel it through the tin layer of lyrca, as if her warmth is right on my face. She's moist from sweat. Some of it gets in my mouth and tastes sour and salty.

"Eat it!" she sadistically hisses. I try to tell her I can't, and that I would if she'd just get off me. Her sweat burns my eyes. I don't think she realizes that I can't breathe with her pants around my face like this. She angrily grinds on my face, smashing my nose. I fade into darkness.

I wake up in bed. I figure I must have been dreaming until I realize that I've been tied to the bedposts. I sniff my mustache and smell Lisa's sweat on me. She enters the room in a bathrobe, and I can hear the shower running. I ask her what the fuck she's doing.

She says it's time for me to eat her pussy, no excuses. I try to wriggle out of my binds, but I realize my situation is hopeless, and figure I might as well enjoy it, so I tell her I will. I figure that the shower was running and she was in her robe, so she must be nice and clean, but when she straddles my face, I realize that she hadn't. I ask her why she doesn't clean up.

She tells me that she thought about cleaning up, but that I've been such a douchebag lately that she figures I might as well clean her pussy.

She starts aggressively, humping my face and dabbing her pussy right on my lips. She's hurting me a bit, and I can't defend myself with anything but my tongue. I correctly assume that the less I resist, the more gentle she will be. I start licking her pussy hungrily. I still remember the best ways to make her cum. Her strong taste is distracting at first, but as I lick it away, I find that I almost miss her ripe animal aroma.

I am now hungrily lapping her cunt from below. I occasionally move my tongue around her crotch and thighs to get some more sweat. She is loving it. She moans and playfully curses at me. She says, "lick me you fat, lazy bitch." She cums on my face. Her pussy cries little tears of joy that dribble into my beard. The smell of her sex fills my whole perception. It's a deep musk that now radiates over my head. It's raw and unclean. It's almost suffocating. I find that I love it. As I surrender to it I find that my dick is starting to get hard. I can't believe it. I had spent all day jerking off as was completely spent, but now I'm getting rock hard again from just eating my girlfriend's unwashed pussy.

I try to get her to notice my boner in hopes that she might return the favor. She ignores me. I ask her if she came. She says yes. I say that she must be good now. She says she's not getting off my face until I make her cum twice more. I complain about my neck and jaw, she doesn't care. She tells me she will fuck my nose if I don't keep licking. I've never seen her this dominant. The gym must really be getting to her.

I'm a little spent after making her cum and I can't lick her like I did for her first orgasm. Her smell is getting a little more lusty, but no less strong. I weakly continue, and it takes her almost ten minutes to cum again. Her orgasm is smaller but she jerks a lot as it takes off. She's really starting to hurt my face.

She clears her throat and looks down at me, signaling for me to continue. She looks so beautiful and powerful up there. I can't help buy touch myself. I worry that she will be mad, but she looks back and smiles. "You love this don't you?" she asks.

She tells me it's ok, I should jerk off, because she's not going to touch my cock for a long time. She tells me to make sure it doesn't distract me from eating her. She tells me that she barely orgasmed last time, and if I wanted her to untie me I'd better make her cum hard this time.

Something about me jerking off seems to increase her dominance and it turns both of us on. She taunts me. She calls me a pathetic jerk off. She tells me to stroke it to worship her pussy. She tells me her pussy owns me.

Pumping my cock motivates me. I give her everything I have. My jaw is numb, my tongue has been rubbed raw. My whole face is numb under her weight. I attack her clit and she responds. She starts grinding on my face, totally fucking my face against her clit. She really pushes down, it hurts, but the pain is totally blocked out by her smell and the pleasure of masturbating.

I began to feel tingly, and I know I could cum. I begin pumping my hips with hers. She bucks on my face at the same pace that I am fucking my own hand. She screams out and gushes on my face and at the very same time I cum buckets onto my stomach and chest. She catches her breath and then reaches back and feels the mess I've made. She smiles. I know she loves when we have simultaneous orgasms, but we've never done it like this.

She hops off, but leaves me tied up with my now cold cum drying onto my chest. She says now it's shower time. I ask her to untie me, she says after she changes. I pout. She shrugs. She tells me that from now on, this is how it's going to be when she gets home from the gym. I know that every time she goes she will only get stronger, and I will only get more used to serving her.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/03/18


To other commenters: It's possible to be tied around the chest (or neck) where you can't reach the ends to untie yourself but have your hands free. The writer didn't say his *hands* were tied.

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by Anonymous12/03/17


Tied, then masturbating, then tied, so which is it? Found that very distracting!

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by Anonymous12/02/17
by Anonymous12/01/17

Tied up?

Tied up but is able to masturbate? I'm so confused....should this be in ScFi?

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