tagBDSMPinned - The Prequel

Pinned - The Prequel


Please read my bio as it provides helpful context.

As I test the limits with my willing partner, my submissive wife, I often write as "the agency" who has "hired" her out to me. It also helps me gain confidence in expressing my desire to go further as I continue to be awestruck by how erotic these experiences are for both of us.

In this email I sent to her this morning, I am "Mr.G" and she is Miss Galore. I send it from an email address that I use only for this, as it is fun to heighten the play factor.

The instrument I am referring to in this email is the Warternberg pinwheel that arrived yesterday. Btw, I got the best price, quality and delivery from a surgical instrument supplier online, not a sex toy site.

Also, not only does Miss Galore not know the pinwheel is what I am talking about, she will be that much more surprised when she feels the cold spikes of 2 wheels etching their way up the sides of her body.

She is athletic and has shoulder issues, which explains the reference to shifting her position.

Thank you for reading.


Hello Miss Galore.

Mr. G has requested your presence this evening.

He sent remarks about your last encounters that were astounding, even by agency standards. He was particularly fond of how desirable you look and how compliant you were the evening after the conference when you performed for him, on a leash on his massage table... like an obedient slave.

You have graduated, he tells me. You are more submissive, tolerant, and appreciative of his use of the riding crop. He is so very pleased by this.

After you attended the dinner last week, he told me of how he sat you on his lap, tied your hands, blindfolded you and took control of you. How he ordered you to your knees and how hard you made him in your mouth, before he picked you up, lifted you onto the kitchen table, took off your panties, raised and spread your legs and slammed into you. After he came inside you, he recalled how your body was quivering and that you came as he watched you and teased you with his wet cock, stroking the length of your pussy. The slap he laid on your stomach and how you winced with satisfaction told him you were progressing well.

His curiosity and desire for you is at a new high, and this evening his ambition is to further his exploration with you.

Mr. G, is, as always, well prepared and researched. He asked me to assure you of 3 things concerning this evenings activities:

1) he has thought about this evening's scene for weeks

2) he has never before submitted you to what he desires this evening

3) He has prepared. As always, you are safe and your safe words are green, yellow, red...

Mr. G believes you may straddle a bit closer to the yellow than usual this evening. Please be aware that he finds this to be extremely arousing. He requires total control of you. Your role this evening will be to experience new sensations and relinquish all control to the hands of your master.

You will be bound and blindfolded this evening - Mr. G is aware that he will need to shift the positions of your arms and shoulders. However, he does require you to be obedient in any given position.

Mr. G will dress you this evening.

He requires a few items:

Something you are comfortable with that he can use to write on your body. This could be lipstick if you wish. If you do not have these items, please let me know as Mr. G will be more than happy to purchase them en route.

Your lubricant of choice prepared.

Patience... this evening is experimental and cannot be rushed. When he says "be still" - it is imperative that you comply immediately.

And finally... your surrender to experience sensations he cannot wait to bring to you.

Mr. G also expressed is desire for you to know that this is the first in a series of sessions that will heighten your experiences... he has much "submissive training" planned for the dark cold nights ahead when you and he will retreat into the private world of passion that only belongs to the two of you.

On a closing note;

Yesterday, Mr. G received 2 parcels he has eagerly anticipated. This evening, one of these items will be the instrument of your your blissful pain... and pleasure. This will be an unforgettable experience of the sweetest kind of "torture.

Give the man what he wants tonight; you.

Honey Rider

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