tagErotic CouplingsPins Ch. 06

Pins Ch. 06



Business was good. I was averaging 3-4 new girls each week for Arcane and my little side business, which I had dubbed Needful Things was up to 80-90 'dates' each week. At a minimum fee to the house (me) of $100 for each 'jolt and bolt' (a quick fuck and out the door), after deducting Ash's accounting and phone sitting duties I was netting better than $7,500 each and every week. I was going through the previous month's appointments and I noticed a glaring mistake. It actually made me happy since normally Ashleigh was flawless with her work and appropriately proud of it. I kinda liked a sign of fallibility in that otherwise perfect visage.

"Hey Ash, it's not really a big deal since the books come out all right but you made a mistake on Thursday's postings!"

She didn't even look up from her reading. "No I didn't."

Oh I was going to enjoy taking her down a peg! "Actually Honey, you did! You've got Kelly and Lucy working the Ramada at seven o'clock while Nancy, Dianne, and Jane are all working down by the airport at the same time. The problem shows up where you've got Liz working the Embassy Suites for an all nighter starting at seven thirty while you've also got her booked for a tag-team with two guys at the Holiday Inn Express at eight o'clock! Liz can suck a lot of dicks but I kind of doubt she can suck 'em fourteen miles apart."

Ash still didn't look up as she turned a page. "They were all requests, the guy at the Embassy Suites was referred by stockbroker Tommy and the guys at the Holiday Inn were told by Frank Collins that Liz was the best fuck in the Midwest!"

Ashleigh was being intentionally obtuse and it was unlike her. I started using Sherlock Holmesian logic and the only possible answer jumped out at me. I had to sit down on the bed. All I could say was a muted "Wow!"

She finally looked up from her book. "Took you long enough!"

All I could say was, "I'm going straight to Hell!"

"Why? I was the one who fucked them! Why blame yourself!"

"After my folks died your mother never hesitated. She had three kids and finances were already stretched but Aunt Lorraine never hesitated. I'm not saying that a lot of other people wouldn't have done the same thing, but they didn't do it for me! So I repay her by turning her two daughters into whores!"

Ashleigh took my hand and kissed my cheek. "Nice story! Only thing is you left out the part where both of us wanted to do it! If you want to blame someone for my fucking those guys then why don't you blame Liz?

Think about it! She didn't approve of the whole thing but I said I wanted to do some nude shots. She responds by shooting a porn vid. We all three of us take two steps back to catch our breath and the next thing I know she's prostituting herself with two guys in the Ramada! Well maybe I just got tired of my sister having all the fun and living out my fantasies! Oh, and I had a lot of fun in that room!"

"So I guess it's my turn coming up?"

Ash released a sigh of exasperation. "Now that's intelligent! Let me go over it one more time. I run my body and you run yours! Trust me, it's a terrific system. It's called free will or something like that.

Oh and by the way, I just committed the company to a twenty two hundred dollar legal bill so don't be surprised if you see the check to a lawyer named Hodges. We're setting up another corporation. I want to see how difficult it would be to get 501C3 status but in any event the Pettiworth Foundation is going to be a conduit we'll use to fund the scholarships we're all going to apply for and be granted. Mom and Dad are never going to need to spend more than a grand or two on any of our educations, including Danny's."

"Why have them need to cough up anything?"

Ash was so much the brightest of us she sometimes arrives at quick conclusions it might take me days to figure out. "Duh! They need to contribute something! If they're not sacrificing for us they'll feel peripheral, unnecessary, like they're being forced to the bench! Trust me it's good for them!"

She got out of bed and went over to the computer, opened up our Outlook Contacts and said, "You wanna do something this evening?"

"You mean like a work something or a play something?"

"Anything you want. I have the power of the scheduler! Right now Liz is at the Marriott but she'll be done by six and I intentionally left her off this evening's schedule. I could book us some work or the three of us could go shopping, take in a movie, whatever Pins wants."

I only needed a few seconds to know what I wanted so I said, "I want to spend the evening with you two. I want to pig out on pizza at Mama Carla's and then I want to play some miniature golf!"

Ashleigh grinned. "I can do that! Ten dollars a stroke on the golf course?"

I grinned along with her, "Done!

Oh, and Ashleigh?"

She was back at her computer. "Yeah, Babe?"

"If you ever get a call from a john who's looking to hire three girls to work together? That might be fun..."

She reached over and tweaked my nipple. "Yeah... I think that might be a lot of fun!" Her face acquired a distant, far-away look. "Yeah I think I could get into a 'sisters' orgy. The guys had better have some serious stamina, though!" We high fived each other as I went to get changed.

We waited in the lounge at the Marriott after Ash sent a text letting Liz know where we were. We both had creative IDs so Ash ordered a Greyhound while I just ordered a beer. I was just reaching into my purse to pay for the drinks when a voice from behind me said to the bartender, "Put those on my check." The bartender nodded.

I turned toward an older looking guy, maybe in his late 50's. "Well thank you sir!"

His eyes were glued on Ashleigh as he said, "I was thinking about you earlier."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Well we'll only be in town for a couple of more days and I was saying to my friends that I was determined to hire you once more before we left. Are you available for this evening?"

Ash smiled as she said, "Well first of all I think you think you're talking to my sister Liz. We're actually waiting for her right now! Secondly although I can't speak for her, my other sister here and I were hoping to convince her to do something with us tonight."

""Wow, identical twins! How about I wait with you for your sister and see what she decides; by the way, I'm Lucas Hayden."

"Sure you can wait with us but I feel it's only fair to warn you that our sister usually agrees with us!"

"I love a challenge!" He turned to me. "And you are?"

Ash jumped in, "Oh I'm sorry, I'm Ashleigh and this is my baby sister Pins."

"Pins, now there's an unusual name! Is there any significance to it?"

"No not really, it's just a nickname I picked up when I was a kid." I wasn't ready to explain to this stranger the association to my last name 'Needles' quite yet. In fact, for the first time I realized that I'd better talk with my sisters about using made-up names when working in this business.

Liz came bouncing up to us at that point. "Hey guys, getting a head start on me?" at that point she recognized our male companion. "Oh hey, Lucas, isn't it?"

"Thank you for remembering my name! I mistook your sister Ashleigh for you a short while ago and asked her if she was available for the evening. I'd certainly like to renew my request to you but I'm afraid that she's hoping that she can convince you to turn me down so she and Pins can spirit you away to do something 'sisterly'.

There, did I explain it fairly, Ashleigh?"

"Very much so. So what's it going to be Sis? Cash and sex or sisterly bonding?"

Liz looked in deep thought for a second and then said, "Can I throw out a counter-proposal?"

I thought I knew where she was heading so I said, "Definitely!"

As she was about to answer she looked at me and I gave her the tiniest of nods hoping she caught my acquiescence. "What I was thinking was, why do I need to be faced with a choice? I certainly like the idea of spending time with my sisters, Lucas, but I'd rather not disappoint you so is there any way you, or you and some friends, can hire all three of us for the night?"

I think Lucas saw this one coming as he answered fairly quickly, "I'm quite sure I can arrange that! Why don't we go up to the third floor conference level? There's a meeting about to end where I'm confident we can round up more members of your fan club."

While Lucas paid the check, Liz grabbed us and asked to be excused for a Ladies Room' break. When we got to the Lounge she turned to me. "You're okay with this, Pins?"

I said, "Actually after I realized Ash was taking some of your dates I mentioned to her that it might be fun to do something like this!"

"Great, and because I love you little cousin you can have first crack at Lucas if you want! His schlong is every bit of eight inches erect!" We all giggled as we left the room.

We must have made quite a sight strutting arm in arm into the cavernous conference room as the group started milling around in post-lecture conversations, Lucas in the center flanked by the three of us. Lucas excused himself for a moment while he went up toward the podium. He approached two men, one obviously the host of the meeting. After talking with them for a few minutes the host gave Lucas what looked like a room keycard. Lucas then grabbed a black marker and a large poster board and came back to us. "Shall we go ladies?"

I said, "Lead on, sir." We went to the elevators and rode all the way up to the penthouse level. He opened the door and I was shocked at the splendor of the suite. I had no clue such accommodations were available in a middle-American Marriott!

Lucas took out the felt marker and wrote in block letters FOR THE GIRLS. "Ladies I was going to offer you $4,500 for the evening but then I realized that the other guys might want to pay more. So how does this sound? I'll personally guarantee you each a minimum of $1,500 for the $4,500 total but if your fan base wants to up that figure they can just drop it in this bowl." He set up the sign on a sideboard behind a cut crystal bowl.

We all nodded to each other and Liz said, "Sounds fair to me!"

Lucas went to the well stocked bar. "Okay ladies while I'm fixing our drinks why don't you slip into your working clothes... or is that slip out of your... well, why don't you all just get naked!"

The three of us undressed and put our clothes and bags in a bedroom closet. When we got back to the living room we saw that another man had arrived. The polite repartee didn't last more than thirty seconds before Lucas came up behind me and started kissing the nape of my neck as he reached around me and started goosing my nipples as he massaged my ponderous breasts. I grabbed my drink as he started urging me toward one of the bedrooms. Just as I was about to turn the corner into the bedroom the door to the suite opened and in a split second it seemed that I saw three more men enter the living room. I thought to myself 'Wow, five on three! We were going to have a busy night!'

Lucas still hadn't released my breasts as his other hand dove between my legs. I reached behind myself and fumbled with his belt buckle just as Ash and two naked men came into the room and took over the second king sized bed. One of the guys yelled what I'd pretty much been thinking, "Hey Lucas, it's easier to fuck her if you take your pants off!"

Lucas pushed me onto the bed and started pulling his clothes off. I looked over and watched Ashleigh as she kneeled on the foot of the bed fellating one of the guys while the other was standing behind her ramming his cock into her pussy. So much for foreplay!

When Lucas approached the bed I decided I didn't want that monster invading my non-aroused pussy yet so I pulled him to the bed and started rolling my tongue around the shitake mushroom sized head. As I had hoped, he pulled my hips around and started kissing and licking my labia. As he began to vacuum my clit with his lips I knew I was ready for whatever he wanted from here on out.

The door opened again and an obviously drunk man wandered in. He looked over at us and said, "Hey Lucas, wanna share?"

"No thanks. Why don't you go back to the living room and do the other twin? Liz loves sharing!"

He started to weave as he headed for Ash's bed. "Nah, she's already got a cock in every hole and is giving Warren a hand job! Here's an empty shit chute I can use!"

I looked over as the drunk climbed onto the bed and started spitting and rubbing it into Ash's ass as his cock sought entry into her only remaining unused hole. When he was about half way into her, I was amazed as Ashleigh actually started moaning with pleasure!

At that point I had to get my pussy filled so I swung around and straddled Lucas' amazing member which I grabbed and guided into my waiting and well lubricated pussy. Eight inches? It felt like it might have been long enough to find its way out my mouth! My tits were starting to hurt as they were flying about as I hammered my pussy down onto his monster cock, so I put one arm across them to hold them in place.

I looked over and the guy Ash had been blowing was now shooting his load into her eyes and hair as another hard five incher awaited his turn between her lips. She gobbled him up and quickly went back to work.

And so it went. Around three o'clock I went to the bathroom to deposit a cup of pee and two cups of cum (or so it seemed) into the toilet. I had almost finished when someone came into the room and took my hand to lead me to the living room. Someone had put all the cushions and throw pillows on the conference table and I saw Liz stretched out with a smile on her face. She looked the image of some punk with her hair out in what looked like moussed spikes but which I realized were formed from dried cum.

"Come on girly! We want a lesbo show!"

I decided to regain some control over the situation. I sat on one guy's lap and said, "Ooh baby that sounds yummy! Look at us though, we're all yucky. Wouldn't it make for a better show if we showered and made ourselves pretty for you? I could wake my third sister and clean her up too so you could see all the naughty things we do to each other!"

It was the idea of a three girl show rather than any interest in seeing us clean that tipped the scales but in short order the three of us were rubbing each other clean in the huge four head shower. I said, "I did five, how about you guys?"

Liz asked, "Are you counting guys or male cum sprays? 'Cause if you're counting guys my count was nine but fourteen times some cock squirted either on or into some area of my body!"

Ash added simply, "Eight and seventeen!"

I answered, "Oh if you're counting that way I should change my number 'cause Lucas did me three times and Mr. Masterson was two fucks and two blowjobs."

Ash laughed, "You learned their names?"

"Hell yes, the important ones who might give our company more business!

So how should we do this show? We can choreograph it a little or just wing it!"

Liz said, "I don't want to remember any lines or plan any actions, Pins! As long as I get to play with your tits I say we just wing it. I do have a double ended dildo in my bag!"

The twins left the bathroom first. They spread a sheet on the cushions and climbed onto their stage bed and began kissing. It wasn't very long before Liz's fingers started playing with Ash's butt as they were getting really passionate tonguing each other. I walked into the room and over to the conference table. "So you two started without me, again! when are you two going to remember that I direct all fun type activities around here!" I separated them and sat on Liz's face, letting that talented tongue begin exploring my labia and clit. Meanwhile I pulled Ash up to her knees and thrust my tongue into her mouth while the fingers of my left hand began rubbing her pussy. I heard a sloshing sound and as I looked to one of the sofas I saw three of our audience beating off while watching us perform. Cool!

Suddenly I felt my labia being spread far wider than either Liz's tongue or fingers could have managed. I started to moan as the dildo began to feel like it was around Lucas' size! I wasn't quite sure why but the crowd started to cheer and applaud something Liz was doing but was beyond my line of vision. Then I knew why! She had folded the double ender in half and began to insert the other end in my butthole!

At that point I didn't cum; I flooded as Liz was pounding the dildo into both my holes in unison! My pace at fingering Ash had started to produce a strong result so I leaned forward to start lapping up her juices. I started making the timing of my thrusts into Ash coincide with Liz's pounding of me with her dildo. I was becoming exhausted!

I'd been so involved with my cousins that I'd forgotten about our audience. I felt something hit my ear and realized that one of them was cumming over my face. As I looked around I saw that at least eight to ten of them were beating off and aiming the cum shots all over us. I reached up and grabbed Ash's tits only to realize that they were sticky with multiple guy's cum coating them.

Someone was shaking my shoulder. I tried to look at my watch but realized my arm was trapped under my pillow and I soon came to realize my pillow was Ash's pubis and my hand was under her ass. Liz said, "Get moving. I want to cook breakfast for Mom and Dad."

I groaned. "K. Can I shower?"

"I think we'd all better. Do you want the parents seeing us like this?"

"God no!"

We were clean and ready to leave when Liz said, "I suppose I'd better wake Lucas for our money."

I remembered the bowl. "Wait, before you do let me check the crystal bowl by the door." I counted the bills in the bowl. "Don't bother to wake him. We've been well paid."

Ash asked, "How much?"

I handed her the cash. "There's ten thousand eight hundred there!"

Ash looked down at her crotch. "Pussy, you did very well last night and all the men really liked you!"

She looked up at us. "I don't care if Mom gets mad but right after breakfast I'm going to bed!"

Liz chimed in, "All you have to do is hang in there for a little while after we eat. Remember they're going to visit Aunt Ethel until Sunday and they're taking Danny with them.

By ten thirty we were all asleep.


I'd long ago disabused myself of the notion that the Indiana market was ever going to catch California or New York, or for that matter even Florida or Nevada (what Nevada lost in small population they made up in having virtually all their teen émigrés having already made up their minds about nudity and fucking on display), but as the file containing the numbers for the previous quarter was still unopened attached to the e-mail from home office in Washington, I found myself too petrified to open it. I called Pins at her home.

"Hellas up..." It sounded like I had awakened her even though it was three in the afternoon.

"Pins, it's Jeff. Are you sick?"

"No no, 'sup?"

"Would you be able to come down to the office? I'd like you to help me with something."

"Hmm, 'kay, I'll be there in an hour." The phone hung up.

When she finally walked in, Pins looked a lot better than she had sounded on the phone. Before I got to say anything she just held up her hand to silence me, "Just a late date and I needed to sleep in!"

"Oh, and does Pins have a new boyfriend?"

She laughed, "After last night I'm pretty sure this guy's not in the running for that job.

What'd you get me down here for?"

I tossed the computer print outs of the e-mail attachment on the table in front of her. "Those should probably be self explanatory but since you're not used to the format here's the translation, "Arcane Indiana is now the fourth most profitable division in the firm. California, Florida, and New York out grossed us, of course, but because of our tight rein on expenses we're bringing more to the bottom line than even New York!

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