Pins Ch. 06


When you promoted Julie and started paying her as a bird dog our gross went up another seventeen percent, too! Hell, she just brought in eleven new girls who went straight to porn vids the first week."

I grinned. "So what do you want?"

She looked at me with a blank stare. "Originally I thought of getting you a new Shelby GT500 but then I figured you should have the input as to what you wanted. Look Pins, nobody's kidding anyone. You're the principal reason we're doing so well, you deserve a present, so what would you like?"

She answered quickly. Whatever it was that she thought she wanted, apparently she'd already given it some thought. She said, "I want you and me to get on a plane and head east.

"While I always love your company... why?"

"I don't care about anything that went on before I came on board with the company but since I've been here there's one thing that's never sat well with me. I want to try to fix that one thing."

I figured out fairly quickly what she was asking for. I shook my head and just said one word, "Annie!

Pins, you've got to realize just how impossible what you're asking for is!

We're talking about a whole bunch of words with capital letters here. Kidnapping and Slavery sort of jump to the top of my list. They're the kind of words that make people go away for long periods of time, sometimes even forever. I kind of enjoy walking around without handcuffs but even if you could convince me that Annie wouldn't say anything to the cops you'd never get Medina to go along!"

"I..." Pins paused, wanting to choose her words carefully. "I've given all this a lot of thought.

I've done a lot of growing up in the last several months. A lot of the beliefs I took for granted when I was younger I've jettisoned and I've done several things our society considers immoral and illegal.

But you know what? If I were to list every single thing I've done; every shoot I've been in, every girl I've bird dogged for a porn video, every girl I've offered the opportunity to whore herself...

I line all these things up and there isn't a single thing I'm ashamed of except for that commission check I accepted for the sale of Annie. Every other situation involved a young lady making well informed decisions about taking control of her own body, of her own life! I'm just not happy that Annie never got that choice.

You want to get me a present? Here's what I want. I want the opportunity to convince you that I can unravel the Annie situation without any negative legal repercussions for any of us, including Mr. Medina. You'll be at my side at every step of the negotiations. If the whole thing winds up costing more than you wanted to spend on my present don't worry, I've got plenty!

You will have 100% veto power over any negotiations I enter into. Yours is the final decision. I just want to know that I've done everything in my power to give Annie back the right to run her own life!"

The whole thing made me nervous but if anyone could pull it off I figured it was Pins! I looked into her determined eyes and replied, ""I'll set it up for this afternoon.

Go pack for overnight."


Well that was weird! Ten minutes ago Pins came running into the house, burst into my room and told me I had to be in charge until tomorrow night. Then she proceeded to strip while she continued talking, "Be creative with the parental units but be believable. I know, find out if there are any concerts in Muncie that I might be interested in and tell them I had a last minute invitation!"

I asked, "The Who are playing Indianapolis! Will that do?"

"Perfect! Tell them I went to that, they know I've always been a fan.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow evening but if I'm any later I'll let you know. Oh, and call Bianca and alert her that I might have something for her for tomorrow night!"

I was sure Pins had misspoke. "You really mean Bianca? She doesn't trick, does she?"

"Who said anything about tricking? I don't want to go into any details yet 'cause the whole thing might not happen but just make sure she has the evening open. Wait, better yet, if she can pick up the evening shift at Hooters, tell her to do it!"

I really enjoyed staring at Pins naked but at that point she ran into the shower.

While she was showering I ambled into her room and plopped on her bed. In a few short minutes after her shower she went straight to the closet while still toweling herself dry and grabbed a brown suede Diane Von Furstenberg bag. Into it she stuffed a change of sexy undies, a tailored shirt and her make-up kit.

I laughed, "Between the lingerie you stuffed into your bag and what you just stepped into I'd say you were going with a man!" She was about to strap a watch on her wrist when I almost gagged! "Gimme, gimme! Is that a Patek Philippe?"

Pins nodded and said, "Yeah, isn't it pretty? It's called a Twenty~4. Don't ask what it cost, okay?"

"If you die can I have this... and would that still apply if I killed you?"

"I suppose so; take it up with your sister. Now get me a blank corporate check."

I went and got a check. As I handed it to her I asked, "I'm not asking you to spill the beans but do you know how big a check you'll be writing?"

Pins continued applying her make-up as she said, "I really don't know! How big does it have to be before the account gets nervous?"

"We've got overdraft protection on that account but I'd appreciate a little heads up if you go into six figures!"

"Then we should be okay."

Javier Ruis Diego Medina

It had happened many times before but still never failed to fascinate me. I watched as first the head, and then the shaft of my penis slowly but determinedly disappeared into the pale flesh colored cavern with the deep ruby red entrance. My wife's mobile phone beeped at her so she removed her talented fingers from my shoulders to answer it. The fiery green eyes set above the blonde's entrancing mouth which held the entire length of my cock locked in on mine as if daring me to attempt to remove that to which she'd taken possession.

I felt Alma's large breasts press against my shoulder blades as she leaned forward to put the offending Blackberry in my line of sight. The blonde's eyes shifted to stare into hers as I read the text on the screen. I had hardly completed my reading when the mop of tight curls started bobbing up and down the length of my shaft pausing only long enough for her tongue to circumnavigate the mushroom shaped head at the completion of each stroke.

Lips sucking my cock and lips caressing my neck; I just began to say, "I'm ra..."

Alma interrupted, "If you say 'I'm rather enjoying this!' again we'll both deny you access to our bodies for the rest of the month!" She pulled on my earlobe with her teeth. "Really Darling you've got to come up with a better store of bedroom dialogue phrases, and don't give us any more of that crap about 'language barriers'."

The blonde took my dick from her mouth, got out of bed and started storming around the room. "You Guys! Work with me here! This is supposed to be hot steamy sex going on here! Remember phrases like 'consumed in the throes of passion' and shit like that? You deserve to be married to each other, all you do is bicker during sex!"

I needed to defend myself, "I didn't say a word! I was just enjoying a pleasant massage and blow job and now I'm getting neither!"

"But you were about to! It always starts the same way. Alma criticizes something, you respond and away we go! Sex goes out the window!

Now listen up! I'm going to lie on that bed and whichever of you who has a cock is going to stick it in me and the one with the pussy in going to sit on my face. You face each other and begin kissing! Tit squeezing is optional but if you two don't have someone else's tongue in your mouth I don't want to hear a sound that isn't a groan! No talking!"

Alma and I looked at each other and wearing our most contrite expressions said simultaneously, "Yes Annie."

I didn't say anything but as my cock entered her vagina I quickly realized just how wet Annie was! She so loved bossing Alma and me around. I reached down and repositioned her ass in my lap as I kneeled on the bed and began thrusting into her. After Alma positioned herself on the whore's mouth I gazed into her eyes and needed no encouragement to kiss my wife!

My hands, which had begun tweaking those glorious nipples, now traveled to every part of her body they could reach, from her scalp to her now noticeably growing belly.

Annie's tongue was so adept that Alma began to cum quickly. She grabbed Annie's tits and began screaming, " Yes, yes, yes, Yes!

Alma fell to her back on the bed. I flipped Annie over so she could continue her Moveable Feast between Alma's legs. I pulled her hips up and re-entered her doggie-style. After a short while Alma started gushing again and between that and my pounding her pussy, Annie began to let loose. The force of her cum against my cock's head made me sure that with a little practice Annie could be a fine squirter! I used the flood of excess lubricant to assist in my entry into her rear passage. It was at that point we resumed fucking in earnest!

If there had been a ceiling mounted camera aiming straight down at my mattress I'm sure we'd have looked like three newly installed batteries, our bodies laying with our heads aimed in alternating directions.

I was lazing in my role as the center battery in this bed gently kissing, massaging and generally admiring Annie's feet and toes. The stereotypical sign of age in a beautiful woman is supposedly sagging breasts but I've always thought that a woman's feet are a surer sign. I've seen C cups on a woman pushing 30 that have never been capable of trapping a pencil but let a woman enter the work force and her feet start showing it rather quickly.

Annie asked, "What'd the text say?"

"Quote: 'on plane landing NWK at 5:35'. Have you perhaps relented or do you still want to play this scene like you wrote it?"

I could see Annie's face softening, thinking about letting Pins off the hook, but then her resolve took control and the look of determination returned. "No, we'll stick to the script for the time being. If I change my mind you'll be the first to know.

I'm going to hit the showers and then make myself pretty for the arrival of our guests... Javier... Javier in order to walk to the shower, note the transitive verb walk in that sentence, I'm going to need both my feet."

I released the left foot I had been holding, simply saying, "Spoil sport!"


It felt to me like we had turned final and were now following the ILS path for landing at Newark International Airport. I had gone over in my mind, for the twentieth time, exactly how I anticipated this confrontation to play out. I felt confident that I could control the situation with respect to both Jeff and Medina but it was Annie who represented the wild card. If she flew off the handle and became the hysteric... I didn't want to think about that, knowing that I could be pushing the pretty blonde into a horrible corner. The state motto displayed on New Hampshire's license plates is Live Free or Die. Perhaps a noble sentiment but a Hell of a responsibility when you were making the choice for someone else!

As we descended the escalator to the lower level I saw a driver in full livery holding a sign which simply said NEEDLES-KNOWLES.

We were met in the lounge by Alma Burke the actress but around the New Congress Club she apparently was known as Lorene.

"Good to see you again Jeff and this must be Pins! I've heard so much about you I feel like we're old friends!

Can I get you two a cocktail?"

I asked for a Dewar's rocks and Jeff indicated that he'd have the same. I meant what I said when I told her, "I always assumed that actors never looked quite as good in the flesh as they did on film. You certainly must be the exception which proves the rule! You must hate ever putting makeup on that incredible complexion, you... you glow! "

Lorene smiled, "I knew I was going to like you! Only thing I must confess is that I'm cheating; it's easy to glow if you're pregnant and I am!

Anyway, Sr. Medina called just before you got here. His previous appointment is running over and I'm supposed to make sure you're entertained until he gets here. I know Jeff's tastes in entertainment but I'm relying on you to help me out."

Jeff said, "Actually Lorene we were hoping that the two of us might flesh out a ménage a trios. Is that little blonde I brought in last time available?"

"Annie? Let me check for you." She went over to a computer terminal behind the bar. "Looks like you're in luck, Annie's alone in her room right now and believe me those two words Annie and alone are seldom associated with each other. Shall I have her come up here or do you remember the way back to her room?"

Jeff said, "I remember the way. She's in room seventeen, right?"

"Yes she is, very good memory!"

On our way back to the girl's rooms I asked Jeff, "Pregnant? I would have thought that in this business that would be a negative!"

"She doesn't seem to think so. She looked genuinely happy. Go figure!"

Annie's unmistakable voice called out "Come in!" in response to my knock on the door. As we entered I was bowled over by how she looked. Up to this moment everything I'd seen in this house had been elegant and very upscale yet Annie was dressed like a cheap caricature of a DAR matron's idea of a prostitute. It was almost vaudevillian! One frog on her left hip seemed to hold the entire costume together but what had me most confused was the plethora of emotions which seemed to flash across her face before it settled into an effervescent grin.

"God it's great to see you guys! Alma said you were..."

She was just staring at my face reading something before she finally shifted her gaze to a huge mirror above the dresser. "Shit! Okay, Alma, you were right! The costume's for shit, I'm a lousy actress and Pins has already figured out that something's wrong." She stormed over to a pair of mirrored sliding doors which parted revealing a huge walk-in closet. She opened the frog and the 'burlesque queen' outfit fell to the floor just before she kicked it into a corner. She kicked off her shoes and reached into a drawer, pulling out a UCLA sweatshirt.

After donning the sweatshirt she reached for a pair of lace 'boy shorts' but apparently changed her mind, throwing them back into the dresser while saying "Fuck it!" She strutted back into the room naked from the waist down and plopped herself on the bed.

I just asked, "Annie, what's going on?"

She looked at me for a few seconds before starting to answer. "When I first got here I hated Jeff for what he'd done to me. With the passage of time that eased up a bit." She broke a little wry smile, "Especially when I saw how shitty he was at his job!"

Her gaze shifted to him, "Jeff if you're going to be a believable 'gangsta' you probably shouldn't call twice a week to check on your victim!"

"I did, however, still have a lot of issues about the way I wound up here but as I thought about it I started shifting the blame to where it belonged." Annie looked back at me. "To you Pins.

Jeff was just a kid trying to act macho grown-up gangsta asshole... but you went along knowing it was wrong." She put the soles of her feet together and held them as if her hands were clamps.

She sighed. "So you're here to somehow spring me from this 'prison'? That's nice. How'd you plan on pulling it off?"

I didn't take my eyes off her face even though she was still looking at her feet. "I had a plan. I think it would have worked. It involved a lot of subterfuge and money, mostly."

She nodded. "You're pretty bright. It probably would have worked but how were you going to get me to keep my mouth closed? The whole plan would have blown up if I went to the cops or started screaming."


She finally looked at me. "You're kidding!"

"Really big threats; scary ones!"

She just stared at me. "Wow! I guess I'll have to take your word for it.

What you didn't know was that I'd earned enough money to pay Javier back my first couple of weeks here. I could have gone back home almost any time I wanted. I'm good at what I do and I've got quite a book of regulars built up. You couldn't replace the clothes in my closet with what my Dad earned last year.

But I do have some fences to mend back in Indiana, so here's my proposition. I don't want any of your money. I don't think I could bring myself to take it even if I needed it.

I want a month. In a month I'll heal some of the long standing open wounds in my relationship with my folks. I think I've grown up enough to do that... and I miss my friendship with Bianca. Javier's been getting me copies of all her porn vids and I want to talk to her, make sure her head's on straight." She laughed. "I might even indulge myself and try to fulfill an old fantasy about fucking her!

So what do you say? Will you give me my month?"

It was my turn to be confused. "I don't get it. If, as you say, you can leave here anytime you want, what can I do to make it happen?"

"I already told you. I'm very popular! My appointment book's filled for quite a ways into the year. I'll write a bunch of notes to my Johns explaining a 'family emergency' but I want you to cover for me. You'd have to move into my room here and service my appointments for the next month."

I didn't know what to say. How could I just disappear for a month? I hadn't set anything up with my cousins to cover for me with the family, I had appointments... I had a life!

Then it struck me that so had Annie had a life when we took it away from her. A month; when you think of it as a sentence for the crime of accessory to kidnapping it wasn't really so bad! I just nodded and said, "Yes."

"Good. So now that that's settled why don't you go back to the lounge and talk to Alma about clothes. You'd probably fit into my stuff but I'm not feeling very sharesy toward you right now. Besides, all the while you and I've been talking Jeff's eyes have never left my pussy's open lips and it's getting me horny. I want to fuck him and I don't want you around."


I reached over and squeezed Jeff's hand as the plane took off. I remembered that when we flew east from Indiana I'd done the same thing. Jeff actually looked at a loss for words so I decided to start a conversation. "Did Alma... Lorene tell you she was pregnant?"

He answered, "Yeah she did. Won't that interfere with her work?"

"For sure, but she doesn't really trick all that much since she and Javier got married last year. She's got a few long standing regulars but even they got cut off while she and Javier were trying to get pregnant. Now she's picked up one or two of them again but they all know she'll quit completely in a while. At least until the baby's older. She can't wait to be a mommy, and ever since they ordered an amnio and they found out it's a girl he's gone off the deep end! A week doesn't go by that Javier doesn't buy the baby something new! She's got a better wardrobe than I do and she hasn't even been born!"

Jeff relapsed into silence. I grabbed his hand again and kissed it. "Will you cheer up? She'll do fine!

Let me tell you about my business. Remember my first day when Alma sent me off to fuck Jeremy Stone? Well something started that day and in a short while I had half of Hollywood's "A" list as clients. Of the list of the top twenty highest paid actors I've fucked eleven and six are regulars! Lately I spend almost as much time in New York and L.A. as I do here. One of them is even working to get my acting career kick started. On the 28th I fly west to test for a role I don't even want! That industry is weird. I'm supposed to test for a role that's completely wrong for me just so the Director can see me and hopefully remember what he sees later in the year when he starts to cast for a film he's making based on a Chennelworth novel. There's apparently a part in there that I'm supposed to be perfect for. Who knows? You've already seen what a shitty actor I am but they say they can teach me.

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