tagNon-EroticPippa and Harry Ch. 10

Pippa and Harry Ch. 10


'I do like you looking after me and bringing me tea in bed, and your definitely going to do so in the future.'

Pippa was half smiling up at me as she sat in bed.

After I had knocked and brought in the tea, and she had asked me to just wait a moment, while she sat up so that she could take it without spilling it.

I stood there like a servant. Waiting while she sipped the tea. I could feel it... more games..

Pippa glanced over.. 'Does it make you feel good being told to bring me tea in bed?'

I thought for a moment.

'Yes it does.' I was hard again

Pippa was now smirking... 'Good. Then it works for us both.

You'd better be off to sort out those children...'

We both could hear the noise.. TV on, music on...

Breakfast... as was normal now.

I could feel Pippa watching me with amused eyes as I rushed around in 'my pinny' (my pinny??).

She caught my eye once when the children were looking down at their food and mouthed 'Love the Pinny'....

And then giggled..

For whatever reason this was turning me on again.. It seemed whatever we did now excited us... at least I knew it did me!! and I was sure Pippa was getting a kick out of it as well.

I was getting the kids out to the car, when Pippa came up and gave me a hug.

I looked in surprise?

'Thought you needed that..


although I am not getting much of that at the moment.'

I put my arms round her and bent to give her a warm kiss..

Pippa pulled me in such a way as our mouths and heads missed it each other, and it meant each of our mouths were next to the others ear.. side by side... so close.. Pippa was whispering..

'Do run your hands over my bottom and press in tight down there...'

Something I was more than willing to do...

I heard and felt the warm breath of Pippa in my ear....

'Do say if you like this.'

'I... I do.

Aha...' as my hands found clips and suspenders...I shook slightly as Pippa continued to whisper...

'I think it would be rather nice to tease Peter...' (I could feel myself tense at his name... Clearly Pippa felt it) she continued... 'You know Peter from work... just in case you were wondering.... Rub up against him...perhaps when we go down in the lift at lunch when it is full and others would not suspect why I am so close to him... I am sure he would feel them just as you are now...' (I could feel myself trying to 'dry hump' Pippa. I was almost losing control.. Was that what she wanted??)

Oh my, seems that thought excites you... You can give me a kiss now if you like that idea..'

I did.

We kissed passionately.

One of the children was calling. 'Daddy Daddy time to go.'

Pippa broke away. 'Off you go. You can think about today. '

I went.

As I glanced back I saw Pippa watching... 'love you....'

'Love you too.'

It was as if we were constantly on honeymoon. Hot for each other with unbearable excitement.

The rest of the day same old routine, although I stayed well clear of Jane and she did not seem to try and bump into me.... My thoughts also turning many times to Pippa and how our relationship was suddenly developing in the most unexpected, but exciting ways..

The evening found as usual at home and the children in bed, (they loved Daddy having tea with them...), the atmosphere became charged again. I almost expected to see sparks flying around our house...Excitement... I could see Pippa sensed it also...was excited. So was I.

Pippa had suggested that I open yet another bottle, this time of red wine (we were drinking more than we ever had also!!) and that we retire to the small snug we had between the kitchen and the lounge. It had a small wood burning stove and as it was a bit chilly so I got it going.

We had three two seat sofas surrounding the fire, effectively making a square with one side being where the fire was. A lamp in the corner, and the flickering light from the fire, makes it also a very romantic (and sexy) room in the autumn or winter.

Fires, even wood burning stoves tend to be bit dirty when you are lightening them, so I got up from where I had been kneeling down to light it, to go and wash up...

'Harry darling..'

Pippa had kicked off her shoes, and was now lounging back in one of the sofas, looking up at me,

'Be a sweetie pie and get the mobile from the kitchen while your out there.'

I looked a question.

'You know, so that I can give Jane a call.'

'You don't have her number...'

Even as I said it, I guessed what was coming from the cat like smile that crossed Pippa's face...

'You do. It's on your back... so why don't you take off all your clothes in the kitchen. Then when you come back you can face the fire and keep warm... while I can then read the message again on your back... and the telephone number.'

We both knew that a simple shower would not have removed the permanent marker pen writing from the day before. It would take time to go...

I washed up and then stripped off.

In some ways it was good to be out of clothes.

At least I would not have to worry about shifting position to ease my discomfort of my cock, which was seemingly constantly hard, being constrained in my pants and trousers.

I picked up the phone and walked back to the snug, which was now warming up nicely.

Pippa had also felt the warmth because she had also shucked her jacket onto one of the other sofas and had undone a button or two at the top of her blouse. A hint... perhaps more of cleavage was there. A very nice sight.

Pippa took the phone which I proffered to her and seeing my eyes looking pointed to the floor.

'Down boy.

You can sit at my feet and look at the fire while I phone Jane.

No need for you getting any ideas..'

I felt relaxed in a way.

The snug was just what it said 'a snug'. Warm and cosy. The carpet was fairly soft I could lean up against the back of the sofa with one side being in contact with my wife's leg closest to me. Stocking covered to be precise. A glass of red wine. A little slice of peaceful heaven.. The flames through the glass in the fire door were almost hypnotic..

'Lean forward darling...'

I felt Pippa's hand gently pushing my back away from the sofa, once she released it I eased back again against the sofa.

Peace, calm.. I could so easily drift off..


I realized I was almost dozing off...

Pippa must have dialled and got through. Never heard her dial, she must have read the number on my back...

I could really only hear half the conversation.

Pippa's side

'Yes as you can tell he did find courage to fill me on his day and show me his back. Thoughtful of you to ensure he could not lose the number by writing on his back.'


'Yes I did find the message rather, shall we say, interesting.'


'Also that'


'Really. Well it's something we never knew about ourselves either.'


'Frankly I have not yet made a final decision yet. I've been teasing him and it has been great fun for us both, but I do like to fuck long and hard and with the present situation he finds it too exciting to last the course shall we say.'


'Yes and of course I'm then frustrated.'


'Like a little boy. First time was with a belt. I was so cross. The second with a long handled wooden spoon.'


'I did enjoy it and that's also a problem.

I find that I am enjoying humiliating him, making him do things he would not normally do...making him wait...

I am trying to get him to lose weight and have really enjoyed putting him on special programme to give him incentives.

I cannot get him out of my mind. I am becoming addicted. It's like a drug. I think Harry's become an addict too. He seems to love the treatment I am giving him'


'Yes, he's here with me now. We're in the snug and he's sitting at my feet and I am on the sofa.'


'That's an idea. Hold on.

Harry...' I looked up.

'Just shift a little down to your left.'

I did, and as I did so, Pippa lifted her right leg up and over my head. I now found that my head was between her knees and her stocking feet were now in my lap. I looked down... already the feet were playing with erection which was pointing up at me like some thick finger...It felt fantastic with her stocking legs on either side of my head gently rubbing my ears.. running down to my where her feet were playing.. running up and down and sometimes one of the feet would rub over the top of my erection which was already starting to leak precum... I had missed something...

'...Very. I can already feel he's damp at the top.'


'Keep your hands down by your side Harry.'

I did as I was told.


'I'll give it a try.'

Pippa suddenly closed her knees together trapping my head.

Her feet also on either side of my penis were pressing together. Pain and pleasure..

I could now not really hear what Pippa was now saying as my ears were also trapped and blocked by her thighs.... Pippa suddenly released my head..

'Did you hear that?'

'What? With you pressing your legs together I could not hear anything clearly... plus it was hurting and you were also trapping my cock. I had no time to try and work out what you were trying to say.'

I sounded querulous... even to me..

'Seems like he didn't. Useful.'

(The matter of fact way that Pippa and clearly also Jane were discussing our situation and also me, but in such an impersonal way was for some reason making me even more excited. It was as if I just some object..)


'Yes. It will depend a great deal on his 'weight in' on Sunday. His incentive this week is that if he fails to reach his target then we do not fuck.'


'No time as such, but till he has lost the weight then we do not fuck.'


'Not sure how's he doing this week. Last week I pushed him to use our gym, that sort of thing and he lost over two pounds... This week not sure.'


'Good idea.

Harry just nip upstairs and weight yourself please.'

I sighed. It had been so pleasant sitting there with Pippa's stocking legs on either side of me.. Her feet playing with my cock.. Lovely..., but I knew I had to go...

Being naked I needed to move fairly quickly as the rest of the house felt much cooler than the snug...

Upstairs. Scales. Nooo... I almost said it aloud...

I had not lost much at all.

If anything I might have put on some weight, perhaps half a pound maybe a little more.

I was shocked.

I slowly went down back to the snug. I knew if Pippa asked, and she would, she would not be impressed

Pippa looked up as I came in


'Sorry just to interrupt you. He's back.

How much?'

'Err, actually not much at all.'

'You mean you have lost no more weight?'

I nodded. I could tell Pippa was not pleased.

'Your not going to believe this. No loss so far. It's Thursday evening. Next official weight in is only in two days time.'


'I doubt it. Sorry. Just a moment.

Stop looking sorry for yourself and get back where you belong. At my feet, hands by my side.'

Pippa was continuing to look sternly at me.

'You have only yourself to blame.

You might get a pound and a half or more off, but I doubt it.'

I got back between her legs facing the fire...

I was in trouble. No two ways about it. Maybe if I starved myself?


'I agree now we know that, it does look as if I will have to think about it seriously.'


'Not at this stage.'


'Oh yes. Good point.'

I could feel Pippa looking down at me.

'Harry. If you fail to lose that weight by Sunday that means we do not fuck again.. till you have lost all the extra pounds and got back to the weight you were at the start of the week, and then less. You know that?'

I was starting be very worried

'Yes' It came out as almost a whisper... what had I let myself in for?

'Sorry, I did not hear that Harry.'


I felt Pippa turn again to our telephone conversation with Jane..

'He knows.'


'No. I think, and that's the way I feel right now, I will have to get a good fuck from someone soon. If that's not possible from Harry then he and I should be in agreement that I will make him a cuckold if he fails to get his weight down. A husband should be able to satisfy his wife and if not he should be happy if she is satisfied elsewhere...'


'Again, sorry to interrupt, but I must tell you. He's trying to 'fuck' my feet!!'

I could not help it. Just hearing Pippa, not even Jane's side of the conversation, was turning me on so much. I had been gently pushing up and down between Pippa's nylon covered feet. Bliss..


'Very damp. Bit messy really.

Hold on.

Harry do stop trying to rub yourself off.

That's better...

Now you were saying...'


'I'll sort it out with him later on as to who it will be and give you a call. Your kind offer of Rob is appreciated,

but I feel I need to know him, and you much better if I may say so.'


'Now that's something which could be fun.'


'It keeps him positively and constantly horny? Always wanting to get hard?'


'You mean the more sexually restricted he is the more obedient he becomes?'




'You mean he will actually come to beg me for favours... Absolutely no choice??

It would BE totally my whim if he was allowed to climax or not?'


'Oh that thought... and the idea of someone fucking me long and hard.. Harry not being able to touch himself..

it's making so wet and hot'

I could feel that Pippa's hand was now under her dress. She was clearly 'frigging' herself.

I found that Pippa had forgotten me... I was able to rub against her feet.... I suddenly realised we had both climaxed together...Pippa with a shriek, myself with a long groan as I ejaculated all over Pippa's legs.

Pippa was still gasping...

'Still here...'


'Ok. I just climaxed... and Harry did all over my legs..'


'Yes you were right. Your message said it all.'


'Not sure if I want to make him a slave... although it is tempting...'


'So where do I get such things??'


'I need paper and pen.

Harry go and get me some and get a cloth to at least wipe down my legs. You have really been a naughty little boy. You made a mess, without permission, on my legs. I am going to have to punish you.

Any comment?'

I shook my head.

'No I agree.' (What else could I say?)

I got up and went, and as I did so, I realised the game was starting all over again, if in fact it had ever stopped?


'He's back.'

I handed over the paper and pen.

'Thanks Harry.'


'Sorry. OOPHS.

No need to say 'thank you' to you again Harry is there?' Pippa was looking hard at me. I knew.


. . .

'Yes sorted for the future.'



Harry off to bed with you now.

Spare room in the basement. Do get yourself a glass of milk... little boys need their strength.'

(I could hear the fun in Pippa's voice)

'I'll come and give you a goodnight kiss and I'll deal with your punishment tomorrow.

See you shortly..'

With that I knew I was dismissed.. as I went I just caught a little more..

'So you recommend we go on Saturday.'


'That would be great if you could.'


'Should be fun. Do you...'

By which time I was out of earshot. I almost went back to listen but thought. No point. I would find out in the future no doubt... Fear and excitement ... what a heady mix! I was hard again...

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