tagLoving WivesPippa and Harry Ch. 12

Pippa and Harry Ch. 12


I was starting to get used to making the tea and taking it into Pippa in the mornings now.. with my pinny on.. and actually was finding it quite satisfying to be there looking after Pippa.

As we kissed before I took the children to school Pippa quietly commented... 'You know your going to be punished today??'


'What do you think you deserve?'

'A few wallops?'

'Maybe, but punishment can take many forms. I think it would be good for you to write out 500 times the following'

Pippa handed over a slip of paper...

Which read... 'I must learn that Pippa comes first and that my pleasure is doing what she wants.'

I looked up in amazement. 'Your kidding??'

'Nope. Thought it would be fun to surprise you... You can start anytime you like and I want them by the time I go to bed... and they had better be neat. No scribbling and in your fountain pen... If they are not done to my satisfaction then the punishment will have to increased.'

I was dumbfounded.

After I had dropped off the kids and went into my school I could not but think about those lines... 500. I would have to start as soon as I could. Even if I managed two lines a minute that would be 250 minutes and that still meant over 4 hours of writing... I would need to find some time at school.

As the day wore on I snatched some time to write a few lines. It was difficult as I was sorting out all the things that needed to be sorted out on leaving any job as well as handing over work to colleagues. Not very difficult, but time consuming. Eventually I could see I had an hour without interruptions which should mean I could get quite a few lines done in my office without others being around to ask difficult questions.... I set to it... No such luck as it turned out, as about 20 minutes after I started, there was a quick knock on the door and Jane popped her head round... 'Thought I might find you here...'


'Writing your reports?' As Jane advanced into the room I tried to cover up what I was doing

'Something secret there??'

I just looked up at her. She did look quite elegant in a black trouser suit, with ankle boots, which suited her slim frame to perfection. As I looked I saw her bright eyes latch onto something by my desk and like a descending hawk she pounced... It was a sheet of paper I had covered in lines and somehow dropped off the table. I was mortified and felt myself flush.

'Oh I say... A naughty boy writing out some lines...'

There was laughter in her voice. Also derision. I felt the stirrings of humiliation, but excitement. It felt terrible but...

Jane then mockingly read out the line.. 'I must learn that Pippa comes first and that my pleasure is doing what she wants.' I wonder if that 'comes' applies in more than one way?

I was definitely blushing now... Jane was smiling at my embarrassment. 'It was so good to chat to Pippa last night and after I had finished I had a chat with my husband Rob. We are both so hoping that we are all going to meet up one day... Still must fly. Class to teach. Give my love to Pippa...'

Jane turned to leave and I suddenly realised that she still had a sheet of my lines in her hand. That must be at least 20 minutes work... 'Jane!'


'You've still got my lines...'

Jane looked down; giggled.. 'So I have...' A malicious smile spread over her face... 'How much is it worth?'


'For me to give you this paper?'

I gaped at her. 'Jane!! Your not serious?'

'I am. What's it worth to you?'


'Really as much as that... Have you got £20 cash on you??'

I checked, just £10, I had not expected to need any money today. 'No.'

'Which case you owe me.. I will take it in kind.. Keep the £20 but you can get down on your knees in front of me and kiss my boots. Lots of gentle kisses to show me how you respect them and me, and then when I say you can stop you can also add to each of the lines... 'and for her friends'..'

I shrugged. No choice really. Down I went to kiss her boots.... Why did I do it? Well partly it was do with how 'hard' I was becoming due to this treatment. I was finding it for some reason very stimulating... the fear of being discovered on my knees kissing Jane's boots, Knowing also the deviant way it would look to others if I should be seen...

Once Jane had gone I got back to getting those lines down. I wondered if I could just ignore Jane, but then I just knew she would be checking up... As it was only four words I was able to squeeze them onto the lines already done and get a good few more done by the time I finished off the working day and got home.

Pippa was home early which surprised me as normally on a Friday she went for a quick drink after work with colleagues. I was very glad when she came down after changing into jeans and a sweater top to help. I was very keen to get everything done and the kids in bed so that I could get those lines finished. I definitely did not want more to do, or worse still, a further walloping with the belt. I was still somewhat tender although it was getting easier each day...although something tugged at me inside that it would be rather exciting to see what 'further punishment' Pippa had in mind... (did I want to fail?)

'What are you thinking about?'

I had been standing at the sink staring out the window. Plate in the bowl of washing up water. Hands still. Just thinking.. 'Err... well about what would happen if I should fail to get the lines done before you go to bed. What further punishment you might have in mind..'

I felt Pippa lean in against me from behind pushing me against the sink. Her arms came round and encircled me, while one hand worked it's way between the buttons of my shirt to tease a nipple the other went round to the front of my trousers. A whispered instruction.. 'Push your bottom back darling.'

I did as I was told. It was delightful to feel as if Pippa was draped over me. Her breasts pressing into my back. My bottom into her groin. I groaned in pleasure. Soft... but the nipple was being tweaked and flicked. Pain. Pleasure. Heaven. Pippa was whispering again in my ear.. 'Perhaps you want to fail?'


'Well in which case off to the dining room. You can sit at the table there and see if you can them done in time... You might need to hurry... I fancy an early night... I'll finish up here and get the children into bed..'

Was I disappointed? I was in two minds but I really needed no second urging. Those lines were a real pain. I could hear it in my voice as I said: 'Fine.'

Pippa moved away to release me from the position by the sink and was holding out a towel for me to dry my hands on, when, just as I was about to take it from her it seemed to slip from her fingers... Blast. As I bent over to pick it up Pippa stepped to one side and put her hand on my back. 'Now you stay just like that for a moment and I will give you a quick taste of what further punishment might mean...'

I held the position thinking I can imagine what comes next... especially when I saw a long handled wooden spoon being picked up.. (why did I do it? all I knew was a physically excited again....). I closed my eyes tight. Smack. 'Ow!'



'Well there you then... Something to look forward to you if you fail to get the lines done...'

I was through the door into the dining room. The bulge in my trousers was clearly evident. I could see the smirk in Pippa's eyes as she looked. It hurt so much in so many different ways... but I was loving this treatment. What Pippa was doing was certainly 'perking me up'... I almost giggled myself at the thought.

I got on with the lines. Sore bottom.. again. No way could I get settled, but it had certainly stimulated me to get writing...


I looked up. Pippa's head was looking round the door. 'I thought you might like the children to come in and say good night?'

'Thanks. Good idea. I could do with a short break.' My fingers and hand and arm were aching.

The children came in, ready for bed, looking very subdued. Almost concerned. Pippa was leaning against the door... I could not but notice. Even in relaxed jeans and a sweater she looked good. The sweater was high necked and she had a loop of pearls round her neck which showed them off against the black of the sweater... which seemed to accentuate her curves. There was something about that relaxed posture, that teasing smile and eyes... I felt sure there was something coming... something deliciously humiliating... something thrilling..

'Daddy we are sorry.' They both said it together. The twins could do things like that. Quite disconcerting at times.

'What for?'

'Well Mummy said you had been a naughty boy and that naughty boys have to be punished.'

They were both looking a me with such innocent enquiring expressions.

'Well err... yes in a way.'

'Mummy said that you forgotten something and that she had set you to write it out many times.' (This was from Heather)

'Mummy said you would tell us why you were a naughty boy and read us the line.' (This was from Hazel)

I felt myself going red. I was not sure what to say... I looked up at Pippa who was now smiling.. 'Go on Harry... tell the girls...'

It had to be put in someway which would make sense. This was humiliating.... But it was also giving me a buzz.. I thought quickly.. 'Girls, Daddy just forgot that for me Mummy always comes first. I love Mummy lots and lots and it really gives me pleasure looking after her ... and you girls of course.'

They were both looking intently at me. Beyond the girls I could see out of the corners of my eyes that one of Pippa's hands seemed to have disappeared into her jeans...

'As I forgot this Mummy said I needed to punished. I agreed and Mummy told me to write out 'I must learn that Mummy comes first and that my pleasure is doing what she wants.' If I get these lines done before bedtime then Mummy will be very happy.'

'What if you don't?' (Hazel) 'Then Mummy will be cross with you again?' (Heather)


At this point much to my relief Pippa stepped into the discussion... 'Definitely, but I am sure that will not be the case. Both of you give Daddy a kiss now and I am sure he will give you a hug. You both need to get to bed as we're dropping you off at your friends house tomorrow as Daddy and I are out all morning.'

I thought.. that's the first I knew about being out all morning tomorrow...

We all did as Pippa instructed and Pippa came over and leant down and also gave me a quick kiss. 'See you later...' and softly... 'come to my bed... naked..'

I was running out of time. The kids were in bed and asleep. Pippa. I could hear, was in the kitchen making tea.. setting up the breakfast table. Normal domestic matters. I was here in the dining room still writing lines... A cheerful sounding voice called out. 'Almost bedtime... I'm taking a wooden spoon with me... looks like I will need it if you haven't finished those lines soon..'

I was nearly physically sweating. My hand had cramps. I struggled on. Nearly there. I was almost crying. 'Please Pippa I am nearly there. Please give me 5 minutes..


'Please Pippa I am begging you.'

'Begging? Sounds like fun... I'll give you 15 more minutes from the time I pass the dining room door... but you must come into the bedroom on all fours, crawling with the lines in your mouth... like a dog (I could hear the amusement in Pippa's voice..) Just can't say fairer than that can I?'

'No. No. That's fine'. I was nearly there.. Might be sufficient time.

There was. Just.

I grabbed the lines and ran for my bedroom (my?). Just threw my clothes down as I stripped off . I realised I would have to roll up the papers and hold them crosswise across my mouth... just like a dog with a newspaper...and crawled down the corridor and pushed the door to Pippa's (our??) bedroom open with my face and went in..

Pippa was sitting on the end of the bed. Reading the newspaper and drinking tea. I could see the tray on the table by the window had another cup on it. I was so thirsty... Pippa looked up as I pushed in through the door 'You really should knock, but then as dog it's rather difficult with a bone in your mouth..'

Pippa was chuckling now and grinning down at me. I was about to spit out the paper when Pippa continued... 'No dropping the paper (could she read my mind??). I am soooo looking forward to seeing you beg... Go on then...'

I crawled over. Beg? If I could not speak? Like a dog? I was feeling totally humiliated but knew the next development would be worse...

No option really. I sat back on my haunches.. and put both my arms up slightly bent in the parody of a dog begging.. waved them up and down a little. Pippa's face was a picture. It was totally alive. Her eyes were bright and her face flushed. She was enjoying this.

'Do not move from that position. Stay still. Beg.' I waved my 'paws' again in the air. I felt so humiliated.... but my penis was sticking out.... hard as a rock...

Dear me. Must catch this.' Before I could move Pippa had picked up her mobile phone which was lying on the bed. Click. Picture taken.

'Oh don't be so shocked. I thought it would be fun to have one of you like that.'

My arms were starting to get tired. Waving in the air...

Now Pippa was really laughing. 'You really do look like a dog begging... By the way when you drop that roll of paper you can explain to me while your so excited... but make sure your back on all fours...'

I dropped the roll and went back on all fours. I turned my head to look up at Pippa who was looking down inquisitively at me. 'So?'

I felt that knot in my stomach again. I just knew I was flushing again. My penis was sticking out... I licked my lips. Dry. I could not speak.

Pippa seemed to sense this.. 'Are you excited?'



'I really don't know. All I know is that you treating me this way is fantastically stimulating.. exciting.. almost as much as when I think of you with someone other man..'

'So you really find that exciting do you?'


'Ok. So we are going to play a game.... But it is important. I really want to know if you truly truly want this.. Roll over on your back. Hands my your side. Look up. Stay still. Stay silent.'

I did and saw Pippa reach down and pick up the 'lines' she just glanced at them and roughly counted the words and pages... 'Seems about right and as my loving husband I am sure you would not lie to me...but there is something you must explain the additional words you seem to have added: 'and for her friends'..' Pippa was looking down at me with one eyebrow raised. I had been told to be silent...I hoped to get away with it... Pippa clearly realised that... 'You can reply.'

So I had to explain about Jane's demand, and of course Pippa questioned me about how it had come about.. Humiliating...

Pippa glanced occasionally at my penis which was remaining obstinately hard... Bobbing up and down.. 'Seems you even enjoy talking about it..'

I could feel my face glowing..

'Must get Jane, maybe both Jane and Rob round sometime...' Pippa was enjoying teasing me. I could hear it in her voice. 'Now... How do you feel looking up at me?'

I just knew it was exciting. Pippa was now standing up and she seemed so far away...

'I feel like a Lilliputian out of Guilliver's Travels.. small, insignificant, looking up at this untouchable goddess.'

A small, tight smile briefly passed over Pippa's face. 'Good. I think your beginning to know your place. I just want to try something..'

Pippa was using her left foot to push off the loafer on her right. Her right foot was bare. I saw her put out her left hand to steady herself by holding onto one of the uprights of our four poster bed and then saw, then felt it as right foot came down to gently rest on my throat. A cooing voice.. 'Do put your head flat on the floor darling.. so that my foot is square on your throat. Does that make you feel vulnerable?' I could feel Pippa's foot pressing a little.. Her sole on my throat felt warm.. Her foot was moving a little forward and back, side to side. I looked up past her leg in it's tight jeans, the black sweater, the string of pearls, luminous white, to her intent face peering down at me. Her blond hair framing her face. Just like a scientist studying an laboratory animal specimen.. 'Yes. It scares me a little.'


'Well if you pressed down on my throat and onto my adam's apple it will hurt and I suppose you could even kill me... Even though you love me I think it's something primeval. It seems to scare me a bit.'

I felt the pressure of Pippa's foot on my throat... I could see her eyes were bright.

'Please...' my eyes were pleading.. The pressure eased a moment...

'So your really at my mercy?


'Good. Glad you find this exciting.'

I just knew my traitorous cock had not gone down. If anything it was even firmer... (how was that possible?)

'In a moment I want you to play with you little carrot. When I tell you to. You will have two minutes to bring yourself off. I will put some pressure on your throat. You cannot stop me. I want you to realise you are under my feet... at my mercy... Do you love and trust me?'


'You will have to... And... I want you to think of me with someone else..'

I could already feel myself almost tipping over...into a deep deep chasm...

Pippa was continuing... 'If you cannot climax in two minutes... then... (Pippa shrugged) we must be going down the wrong path... but if you come within two minutes we will know you want it.'

Pippa looked at her watch.. 'No talking. Just do it.. NOW.'

I grabbed my cock.. I could feel her foot on my neck, slowly pressing down, moving a little. I literally was 'under her heel' I looked up... all the way up her trim body to her face, her eyes showing their concentration as they watched my face then flicked to see my hand moving on my cock.. A soft voice reached me 'Imagine me with someone else...'

I came... exploding with force sufficient to land sperm on my chest, some on Pippa's foot, on my throat. As I finished I wanted to get up but Pippa's foot was still pressing down on my throat.. 'Stay. Lie there. Look up at me. Think. Is this where you belong? Did you know that was just under a minute?'

I moved my head a little side to side under that foot.' No'.

'There you are then. Spurted in less than a minute under my foot thinking of me with someone else.. Pathetic.'

NOOOO... I could feel myself twitching again...

Pippa's voice was now sugar sweet... 'Darling... now you have had your fun I think it is time for mine. You can close your eyes and stay there. No need to talk. Just relax and listen...'

I did as I was told. There is no doubt when you remove one of your senses such as 'sight' others seem to be heightened... The foot was removed and I could hear Pippa moving away round the bed. Sounds of her taking off her other loafer, a belt and zip being undone. Jeans being taken off. A pillow being slide off the bed. I could sense that Pippa had walked round the bed again and was standing close to me. I felt a hand lifting up my head and the pillow slipped under it. I felt Pippa straddle my body and then sit down on my chest. Facing me. I could feel the dampness between her legs. She leant down and nipped one of my ears with her teeth... 'Darling do use your tongue well tonight...'

Then she we shifting her weight forward with her legs of either side of me pinning down my arms. Her pussy was now against my face...I could feel the fur... her voice was thick with excitement and emotion.. 'EAT...' I did..

I licked and probed with my tongue. Pippa was already drenched with juices. Clearly what we had been doing before had been exciting for her as well as for me. My cock was starting to harden again.. It was getting me going again doing this for Pippa. Her thighs were on either side of me.. holding me in a dark, wet, musky perfumed heaven. It was hot and sticky, slippery. My tongue made circles, crosses, triangles, licking up and down the outside of her labia. I knew that Pippa's juices were dripping into my nose, all over my eyes, my face was a platform upon which Pippa was dancing. I probed inside her... sweet heaven... Teased her clitoris, flicking with my tongue, sucking. Pippa was now riding my face like a horse, bucking up and down, forcing my nose into her. Pippa was rough I knew my face, tongue and nose would ache after this...I would be bruised.. I gasped for air and sometimes Pippa raised herself to allow me to take a breath. It seemed to go for ever. My tongue was tiring. My nose was used as if it was a small dildo. My nostrils were full of juices. I swallowed what I could. Choking. The taste... sweet, but with a sharpness. I savoured it. Suddenly I realised she was in the middle of a huge orgasm. Her body went still for a moment as it hit her. The centre of the storm, calm for a fraction, then she came. It was the most powerful I have ever known her to have. It seemed to come in waves, she cried out, moaned, and collapsed.. I reached out and tentatively licked again. Her thighs tightened on me... Her voice .... it was muffled but I could still hear it.. 'Be still.. Drink.' Pippa moved so that her vulva was over my mouth. My lips closed round. I sucked and drank.

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