Pippa Ch. 10


I stubbed out my cigarette in the over flowing ashtray, and immediately lit another one. The air was heavy with smoke, it was too cold outside to open a window. It wasn't going to make much difference to the flat, it was already tired and worn out. The paint was peeling. The curtains had long gone, only to be replaced with a stained sheet, that hung awkwardly against the window.

It wasn't a clean place at all. There were takeaway boxes in the corner, and burnt cigarette marks on the carpet, but it was my home. Temporary of course.

I had lots of visitors and people passing though constantly. They always added to the wear and tear.

Pete was sitting across from me in my flat drinking a can of larger.

"What was her name again?" He asked.

"Pippa." I said with bitterness. He had never met her, and didn't seem like he could now as she had run away from me.

I had told Pete about it and he had come straight over. I had only known him a few months but he seemed like decent bloke. A mutual friend had put us in touch, he'd also vouched for him.

He started off by buying drugs from me, small amounts at first but then more and more. He had contacts in the north that were moving it on. My girls were of interest to him too, and it was something he wanted to dip his toe into.

He hadn't met any of them yet. I couldn't risk him poaching them. I was trusting him more and more though. So soon that would change.

"Where did she go?" He asked, taking a big drink from the can.

"She's moved in with some dyke."

He sniggered. I didn't blame him, it was a fucking joke.

What I didn't tell him though was that I had introduced them. It had been my idea to make Pippa more marketable by getting her to appear in some porn. I didn't expect the dyke of a producer to start fucking her. What's more I didn't expect them to move in together.

"Watcha gonna do?" He asked.

"Get the fucking bitch back, is what I am going to do. Gonna make her pay too."

He sniggered again.

I grabbed my can and took a big gulp.

"I gave that slut a roof over her head when she needed it, got her making some decent money too. Even helped her get a new place of her own. She was a little fiend with the drugs as well. Always coked up. Bitch." I was fuming.

"You can't just make her come back though."

I waved my hand at him dismissively.

"Course I can. She owes me, lost earnings."

"Yeah, but how, I mean." He asked.

I lent closer to him.

"I know where they live. Just the two of them. The dyke and Pippa. Me and you are gonna pay them a visit."

"Yeah and then what?"

"Pippa will come to her senses soon enough. That dyke needs to be taught a lesson though."

"Yeah." He said and chuckled.

"Tie the bitch up nice and tight, and show her what a real cock feels like."

Pete gave me a wicked grin. I could tell he liked that. I was sure he'd be having a turn on her himself when the time came.

"So what happens when you get Pippa back?"

"That's easy." I said. "Gonna take her somewhere quiet, once she starts begging for a hit she will do what I tell her."

"She might have kicked it." He said. That had entered my mind before.

"Once an addict always an addict. Give her some to take her mind of the unpleasantness and bingo, she'll want more soon enough."

"So, when you wanna do it?"

"Tomorrow night. Got some stuff to do now."

He nodded.

"What about the cops, won't the lesbian go to them?"

It was a fair question.

"We'll make sure she doesn't. Women like that know the game, they know what can happen if they start grassing people up."

We chatted a bit more about the logistics. He told me he would drive me there. He had a car that he was using that had been stolen a few weeks previously.

All I needed to do was to pick up a roll of tape and a couple of woolly masks.

"Got my stuff to do." I said dismissing him with my hand.

"See you tomorrow then bud." He said, and finished his drink. He didn't put it in the trash. Just left it for me to clear up. Typical.

I didn't see him out.

Pete was a good guy. At first I hadn't trusted him, but I was really warming to him now. After this I think I would get some of my girls to work for him, just on the side.

I had been neglecting Pippa for a while. She'd gotten her own place. A real run down flat. It was cheaper than working her out of hotels.

It was my own complacency that had led to this. Too many girls and not enough time.

There'd never been a problem with her before. She was smart enough to run most of her clients herself. I only popped by now and again to take my cut and see if everything was okay. Mostly though it was to supply her with the drugs she craved.

That's how we first met. A dealer that I knew told me this real pretty girl was trying to buy drugs off him. He told me she'd been asking about discounts. I gave him a nice wad of cash to send her to me for her next score.

At first she paid with cash, but it wasn't long before she was paying with her body. I had the feeling it wasn't her first time making that sort of transaction.

In her state she couldn't hold down a regular job, so I got her doing the only thing female addicts are ever any good at.

For the brief time Pippa had been here she had kept the place clean. I missed that.

I reached over for Pete's empty can and tossed it into the corner.

The stuff I had to do tonight didn't require me leaving the flat.

No time like the present, I said to myself and went to go and see my new guest.


Her name was Sophie. She was eighteen, and had runaway from home. I found her in a park near the train station sitting on a bench. She'd had the foresight to bring a backpack with her. It had been clutched tightly to her chest.

That was as far as her preparation had brought her. I sat with her, and we talked. It transpired that her family life wasn't all peaches and cream. She didn't go into it much. I didn't need her too.

I offered her money to be getting on with, which she gladly accepted. My next offer was very casual, just a bed for the night. That was accepted too.

Once back here, I offered her a drink. We spent the night talking, laughing. Eventually she opened up about her frustrations with her parents. I don't think they were abusive at all. They just didn't understand her complicated feelings.

I did. I understood her very well, and told her so. For this she was very grateful.

She was a very naive girl and had been somewhat sheltered.

She told me they were constantly bugging her to get a job and move on with her life. She'd had too much of the easy life. Her parents coddled her too much, gave in to every whim. They hadn't given her much motivation to fly the nest.

There had been a big argument and after she stormed off to her room, her mind was made up. The next day she grabbed her backpack and was gone. At her age they couldn't stop her.

It was a cry for help. I'm sure if I didn't find her she would have gone crawling back.

After a few more drinks I deflowered her on the front room carpet.

That was a few days ago.

Now she was sitting on the bed that she called hers.

She wasn't a bad looker. No beauty. Not like Pippa. Very plain. A wide mouth that had a cute little overbite. Her hair was nice though. Long and dyed blonde.

Her chest wasn't as big as Pippa's either. Just enough for a good handful. She had a tight snatch though.

There was a big smile on her face as I came in.

"Hey baby." I said kindly.

She was wearing a big t-shirt I had given her.

The room smelled of weed. She'd probably been in here all day smoking it.

It was a lazy life that I wished I had myself. After living under her parents watchful gaze, she was finally getting the freedom she craved.

"Hiya." She said and came over to hug me.

There was a television in the room that she had been watching.

I asked her what show was on, and she told me it was a reality series that she liked. I wasn't that interested.

"What's new." She asked.

"Just worries." I said.

"Like what." She said wrapping her arms around me.

"Money really."

"I was thinking I probably need to get a job." She said reluctantly.

"Don't worry about it." I said. "I'll look after you."

I gave her a big hug and a smile.

"Was that Pete, you were telling me about?"

I nodded. She hadn't met him, I had told her he was coming round to talk about some business.

"Will he be at the party on Friday?" She asked.

"Yeah. You looking forward to it?"

She nodded happily, and told me she was really excited about meeting my friends.

They weren't really friends though. Just associates. They would help me break Sophie in.

We'd get her nice and drunk, some coke too. Once she was relaxed enough we would gang bang her. I needed her to get used to fucking strangers.

Afterwards there would probably be some tears. I'd console her, tell her that I loved her. Give her some weed to relax her.

I would then float the idea of seeing men for money. Just one at a time. To help with the bills. If she protested too much, I'd just give her the option of spending a night on the streets.

At that point I'd have taken all her money for the drugs. There would be little option than to comply.

In time she'd learn her place. I'd give her the motivation her parents had failed to give her.

Sophie was younger than Pippa, and far more inexperienced with the world. I wouldn't trust her in a hotel on her own. I'd have to work her out of this flat before I could fully trust her.

Pippa wasn't going to be at the party. I had another flat that belonged to a friend where I was going to keep her. I didn't want her to meet Sophie just yet.

The place belonged to a street dealer I knew. A young guy. He said he'd look after her as long as he could have as many freebies as he liked. I didn't argue. He was a bit of a hard case too, so he was very capable of keeping her in check.

I was thinking that I should let the guys gang bang Pippa too. Show her that there were worst ways of making money for me.

It was going to be nice when I got my hands on her again.

I'd always enjoyed Pippa. I wouldn't be so gentle with her this time though.

"So what are we having for dinner?" Sophie asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"Takeaway, I suppose." I said.

She started to tell me what her favourite meals were. Once she got going she could really talk. It was never about anything interesting.

All I could think about was Pippa.

I took hold of Sophie's shoulders and pushed her onto her back. I wanted to take out my frustrations on someone.

She gave me a nervous smile. I knew she wanted to make me happy. I was her life now.

I started to pull the t-shirt over her hips. My cock was already getting hard.

"Will you be gentle this time?" She asked pathetically.

I nodded, as I undid my belt. There was no chance of that.

The rest of my clothes came off. She just lay there expectantly.

I wasn't going to bother with foreplay. She had to get used to that.

There was a bottle of lube on the dresser. I squeezed a bit onto my fingers and applied it generously to her pussy.

Sophie was nice and shaved for me. It was a lovely trend I was seeing in younger girls.

I watched her face as I slid my hard cock into her tight pussy. It was great seeing the moment when the pain turned into pleasure.

Her face twisted as I drove it all the way in. There was no messing about as I started to pound into her.

Her moans were always high pitch and very distracting. I was fucking her faster and faster. My hips rocking hard against her.

Even with the lube her cunt was very tight. It provided just enough resistance to make it really enjoyable.

I'd seen the pictures of that dyke on her website. In my mind I saw her face as I fucked Sophie.

She wasn't pretty at all. She had very short hair, and it was all grey too. Still, it would be nice to see the expression on her face as I screwed her.

I might make Pippa watch as I fucked her new girlfriend. I wondered if I'd make her cum. I bet I could, given enough time. That would be a sweet pleasure.

Sophie tried her best to look like she was enjoying it. I knew she would have preffered to have more foreplay and romance. I was doing her a favour in the long run.

Soon she would have to learn to fake every pleasurable sigh. Tell the men how much she loved all the filthy things they made her do.

Pretend to smile and she licked and sucked men old enough to be her grandfather.

I put my hand around her throat as I fucked her harder and harder. She started to gasp for air. Her pussy convulsed on my dick.

I felt my balls contracting as I pounded her into the bed.

"You dirty bitch." I said.

I pulled out, and flipped her over onto her belly.

I got the lube again, and rubbed some into her arsehole.

She had been a virgin the first time in her cunt, so she was definitely going to be one with this hole.

I felt her body tense up beneath me. She wasn't struggling, but I knew she wasn't keen. Better to get this over with now.

She wriggled as I got the end of my cock into her tight hole. I couldn't be so rough now. I had to gently ease it into her, lest I tear the skin.

I let my weight and gravity do most of the work.

Her breathing was faster. She was trying to cope with the new feeling.

I heard her quietly wincing.

I managed to get half of my hard cock into her arsehole when I started to fuck it. Just back and forth slightly. Letting the lube do its trick.

My rhythm was building up.

She was gasping and wriggling underneath me.

"Just relax. For fucks sake." I snapped.

I put my hand on the small of her back to hold her steady. After a few more thrusts I was getting deeper.

It was so tight around my cock. Frustrating too. It was begging to go faster. It wanted the feeling back that it had before.

I spread her arse cheeks further apart and pushed in again. I was getting a good traction inside of her.

It wasn't long before I was happily thrusting in and out of her at a decent pace.

Her moans were back now. A little pained and uncomfortable, but not too distracting.

I lay my body against hers, and just let my hips do the work. I pulled the hair away from her shoulder and started to nibble at her skin.

It was just a little incentive for her to know that I cared.

My mind filled with thoughts of Friday and how all the guys would take it in turns to fuck her. She'd be high then, and more pliable.

They have to wear condoms with her. I wasn't going to risk her catching anything. I was the only one that would be fucking her bareback. If they wanted they could cum in her mouth, or on her face.

I chuckled as I wondered what her parents would say if they could see her now.

I gave her a couple of really hard thrust which made her squeal, and then I shot my load. I felt my cum pulsing out of my dick deep inside of her. I was out of breath and sweaty.

My body lay limply on top of her.

"Good girl." I whispered.

Afterwards, we had a cuddle, and told her how much I cared about her. I also ordered a nice big takeaway meal for us, which she appreciated.

I slept in her bed that night. All I could think about was sweet little Pippa and what I was going to do to that bitch.


Pete was beeping his horn. I rushed out to greet him. It was dark and very late. Sophie was fast asleep. I hadn't fucked her. I wanted to save myself for Pippa and the dyke.

His car was a little shit box, but it was stolen so I could hardly make fun of him for it.

"You okay." Pete said as I got it.

"Yeah, mate, really looking forward to tonight."

He smiled.

"So what's the address?"

I told him I would direct him, but he was adamant I tell him. I didn't want to argue so gave him the address. He entered into his phone so he could get directions. He was till new to the area, so wasn't familiar with the outlying suburbs.

"What's in the bag?" He asked.

I had a small plastic bag in my lap, I told him I had a couple of masks and some tape.

"We going tooled up?"

"Nah." I said. "It is too risky if we get caught. They were only a couple of women anyway. We could easily over power them."

We set off into the night. We drove through the town center and ended up getting stuck in traffic. It was taxis and people walking in the road.

"We should have driven around the ring road." I complained to him.

He said sorry and it was the only way he knew.

There wasn't a schedule we were keeping too. I was just very eager to get there.

"So what we gonna do when we get there? I mean specifically."

"Well." I started. "You knock on the door in case Pippa answers it. Then I just rush them."

"What about my mask?"

"Just put it on after I burst in. I will grab the first one I see. Then you grab the other one."

He chuckled. "As easy as that."

"Don't worry, it will be." I said reassuring him.

We left the town center and were making our way into the suburbs. It had added a good half an hour to our journey time.

"So when we grab them, what we gonna do. Slap them around a bit?"

"At first yeah." I said. "Then we are going to tie them up."

"Then what?" He asked. His questions were starting to bug me. I guess he was nervous and curious.

"You can take Pippa somewhere quiet and have your fun. I'm going to fuck the brains out of that dyke."

"And afterwards"

"I'll make sure she knows not to go to the pigs, and then we take Pippa to my friend. She'll keep her mouth shut."

This seemed to ease Pete's worries. Once we got them secure, I think he would relax more.

I had worries too. What if they weren't there. What if Pippa's face got marked. It was all out of my hands though. Fate would see me through.

I would tell Pete to go easy with her. Just have a little play with her. Not be too rough.

We could save it for the other woman. She deserved it for what ever brand of bullshit she had filled Pippa's head with.

She'd beg me to stop. When she is finally broken, I will make her suck my cock.

That put a big smile on my face.

"Nearly there." Pete said.

"We should park a few streets away." I suggested.

"Nah, we're gonna need the car for the girl. I'll pull in just near the house"

He was right.

The car pulled onto the side of the road. I could see the house from where we were. There were no lights on that I could see.

On the street there were a few parked car. I couldn't see anyone about. It was late and very quiet.

"You ready." I whispered.

He nodded. "Yeah, we'll go now."

I felt a rush of adrenaline. My cock was twinging too. It was going to be a fun night.

We got out quietly. The bag was in my hands. I pulled out the masks so we were ready.

Pete took the lead as we made our way down the pavement.

The anticipation was intense.

"We're just approaching the house now." Pete said quite loudly.

"I know, I'm not blind." I whispered back

He turned and gave me a smile.

"We're just at the gate now." He said, again loud and clear.

I put my finger to my lips to shut him up.

What was he playing at?

Then I was blinded. One of the parked cars turned it's headlights on.

I put my hand up to shield my eyes.

There were noises too. Loud footsteps running towards me. I couldn't see. What was going on.

Arms grabbed me. I tried to struggle but the were strong. I was on the ground, a knee was in my back.

A loud voice shouted into my ear. "You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence." Shit, I was being nicked.

My head was spinning.

I could see Pete. The cops had him too. Two of them at either side. They weren't throwing him to the ground, they were patting him on the back leading him away.

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