tagNonConsent/ReluctancePirate Treasure Ch. 07

Pirate Treasure Ch. 07


This is the prequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I especially want to thank NadiaLove17 for her incredible dialog, plot and story ideas and dancing_to_gallifrey for her editing and tightening my writing. Finally thanks to innoentdoll for her editing and cleanup, everyone's contribution made this a much better story.

Chapter 7


It had been over three weeks since I had stolen Cindy and they were the happiest weeks of my life. We were connected on so many levels that it honestly scared me and I was thinking about it as I left for a meeting.

I still had a couple of meetings left to finish the sale of one of my companies. I had made a decision that everything, all 50 million, from this sale would be set aside for Cindy. Of course, she didn't know any of this. My friends cautioned me to take it slow with Cindy. They were wealthy as well and were used to people trying to take advantage of them and ride the gravy train.

What they didn't know was that Cindy never asks me for anything. All she wanted was my love, and she didn't even ask for that. She just gave herself to me completely, unequivocally, and without reservations. I've never had anything like that complete and selfless love in my life and I would give away my entire fortune to keep it. If anything should ever happen to me, I would make sure my Pet was well taken care of. I still had three other companies so I wouldn't be hurting.

I was 10 minutes away from the hotel when I realized that I had forgotten my briefcase with some contracts in it. So I called my lawyer and told him that I had to drive back for the papers and I would be a few minutes late. On my way back, I called my security team to see if they had made any progress on finding any of the people on Cindy's list. Several were dead already, no surprise there, and two were in jail, but most of the crew from the float were still out there.

As I drove around the hotel towards the parking deck, I noticed an odd-looking laundry van with the magnetic sign on the side a little lopsided, but the guy who was carrying a large laundry bag was the scum from the float that had beaten Cindy. Since I was still on the phone with my security head, I told him what I had just seen and that I was going to follow the van.

I pulled my car over to the curb and waited for the van to pull out. As it did, I stayed about a block and a half behind the van so he wouldn't know he was being followed. He pulled into a garage about ten minutes later and I parked by a nearby curb. This was not a laundry, but what looked like an abandoned automobile garage. I recognized one of the other guys from the float walking around the building while the first guy went to retrieve the laundry bag.

I noticed that the bag shifted a weird way when he picked it up and as he carried it towards the garage, I saw it wiggle and move on its own. The hair on the back of my head stood up and a frightening chill shivered down my back. I quickly called my security manager and told him to check on Cindy and make sure she was there in my room. He said he was doing that, but hadn't been able to find her whereabouts. I told him that I thought they had her and I was going in.

He started yelling for me to stop but I had already pulled my handgun from the glove box and was looking for the best access to the garage. I needed to get there fast, but if they saw me they just might kill her quickly. I knew these guys wanted to teach her and me a lesson first, so they were going to take their time. "Oh my Cindy, oh my baby please be okay," I prayed.

When I saw an opening, I ran to the house next door to the garage and ran around back. It's then that I heard a crack of a whip then Cindy scream and I knew that they had my love and my life. They were torturing her in some way, I had to hurry and I knew from the cars parked around that there were at least three of them, maybe more. Cindy screamed again and I heard her shriek, "MASTER SAVE ME!" Then they all started laughing and I heard the crack of a whip several times. At that sound, I felt my heart breaking, and when I heard the whip crack and her scream again, all reason left me. I charged through the door and burst into the room.

My rage was completely out of control and I started shooting every guy in front of me. Three went down with within a couple of seconds. Then, something spun me around and I saw the guy with the baseball bat getting ready for another swing. I shot him and then I turned back towards Cindy and my heart broke.

Cindy was unconscious and hanging naked from a car lift. Her hands had been shackled above the fork of the lift and her feet were about a foot off the ground. She was hanging limp, with multiple whip marks crossing across her breasts, belly and hips. Blood from the whip and some other cuts were running down her front and creating a small pool beneath her feet. I fell to my knees in agony at what they had done to the only person I have ever truly loved. As I went down, the air moved where my head used to be.

I tucked and rolled away and came up in a shooter's stance with my gun pointed where I thought he was. But he had moved and was running to get cover behind Cindy. He grabbed her before I could get a shot and he held a long knife to her throat. It was the same guy that beat Cindy on the float, the leader of this pack.

"You should have let me finish. She would have been much prettier after I cut off her boobs, carved through her cunt, and signed my initials in her belly," he taunted at me.

Just then, Cindy groaned and my heart leapt as I realized that she was alive. Obviously the jackass in front of me thought I was some idiot with a gun. He didn't know I was a highly ranked combat marksman. His stance left several parts open for shots, so I took out his right knee and he collapsed away from Cindy. Then, I followed up with a shot to his other knee so he wouldn't move. While he was writhing on the floor, I ran over to Cindy, picked her up and slid her hands off the fork on the lift.

I hugged her in my arms and whispered, "Please be alive my love, please be okay."

Her head stirred and she mumbled, "Master?"

"Yes baby, I'm here to take you home." I sobbed into her hair.

"Master, you heard me ... you saved me. Oh my Master, I hurt all over. "

She put her bound hands over my head, snuggled her head into the crook of my neck, landing soft kisses on my neck. She whispered hoarsely, "Thank you for saving your slave, Master."

"I'm so glad I found you, I will never let them touch you again," I whispered back into her ear.

I started carrying her to the car, but before I did, I stopped over near the writhing scum that tortured my girl and said, "I wish I had the time to really make you suffer, but I don't, Cindy is important and you're not."

Then, I carried my naked, bloody Cindy back to the car. I set her on the passenger seat and called my security manager.

"I need a cleanup crew at the garage, there are five in the garage and I want all of these idiots in the lake or Gulf by noon. Which hospital does that dermatologist Cindy goes to work at? I need him and a team of trauma doctors at that hospital now. Oh, and her security team is fired."

"You can't fire them sir, because they are all dead. Everything else will be done," he replied curtly.

"Oh. Shit, they gave their life trying to protect my Cindy. Give the families of the security team an additional $500,000 over and above the usual life insurance and give them my condolences. Tell their families that they died doing their jobs and that I'm sorry. Set up times for me to visit them."

"Yes, sir. How is she, sir?"

"They whipped her and cut her that I know of. Before I killed the bastard, he said they were going to cut off her tits, carve out her womb and then sign their initials with a knife in her."

"Oh God, get her to the hospital sir."


It turned out that they had also beaten her, in addition to whipping and cutting her. The cuts were where most of the blood loss came from, but they were not life threatening. The beating had cracked a rib, but there didn't appear to be anything else debilitating.

I got her a private room and pulled a recliner over and I stayed by her, holding her hand against my face. For the first time in a long time I prayed, truly deeply prayed. I could not be without her; I just can't bear the thought of that being a possibility.


I awoke with a start and saw Cindy looking fearfully about the room.

"Right here, Pet."

She saw me and started crying, "I thought you left me, I was too much trouble and I was ugly and you left me."

"Shush baby, none of those things will ever happen. You will be my Pet and you will always be my beautiful angel. Cindy my baby, those men will never bother you again and nobody else will ever touch or harm you again. That is my solemn vow, Cindy. When I thought I'd lost you, I almost died. I just can't bear the thought of not having you in my arms. Come here and let me hold you baby."

We moved around all the tubes and wires so that I could hold her tightly in my arms. With her in my arms, I realized that she was something I would fight to protect. She was something I would kill for to protect.

"I almost lost you love, I will never let that happen again," I swore. "Do you remember what happened my baby?" I asked.

"I remember a knock on the door and then suddenly a foul-smelling cloth was pressed over my face. When I next woke up, I was naked and hanging in the air, and all of those horrible people from the float were there whipping, cutting, and beating me again. I thought it was a bad dream so I screamed for you to come save me ... and you actually did. You heard and came to get me. Why Master ... why did you come save me?" She asked tearfully.

"My beautiful, sweet, sweet girl. Do you remember what I said after that night at the wet T-shirt contest?"

"I think you said you would never do anything like that again," She replied.

"Yes, I did say that, but I also said that I would never let any harm come to you and I promised to love you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry they got to you, but you are mine and I had to save you. My beautiful baby, do you think after everything and all the love we shared, I could abandon you?"

"I don't know Master. Before I met you, the master would beat me and then throw me out if I were too much trouble. I don't know what will happen if I get old or ugly. I've never known what is love before you. But for as long as you want me I will be your slave. This I know for sure. One hour with you is better than a life time anywhere else."

"My Pet, my love for you is the same. I can't go on without you by my side. You have made me whole and without you I'm only half a man. I love you baby, the you inside this fabulous body, not just your body, but everything inside you and especially your heart. So as long as you want me, I will be your Master."

"Master, it doesn't work that way," she said smiling.

"Then I guess I will have to always be with you so you can show me the right way."

She buried her head in my chest and began a deep, sobbing, heart-wrenching cry.

"Oh master, I wanted them to kill me if I couldn't be with you, I couldn't bear to be alive without you. I'm so glad I stayed alive for you to save me. Promise me that if you die, you'll take me with you, I just can't go on living without you, master."

As she cried, I held her and rocked her in my arms until she at last fell asleep and then I cradled her until the nurses made me put her back on the bed. While the nurses were checking upon her, I would keep my hand on her cheek. If I moved my hand away from her, Cindy would start to thrash around and break out in a sweat. When I put my hand back, she would calm down again, so I propped my hand on her shoulder and went to sleep like that in the recliner.

When I woke up Cindy was kneeling on the floor with her arms and head in my lap, asleep. I gazed at her in wonder and my heart began to ache for her. I wondered what kind of bully do you have to be to abuse such an innocent, precious, beautiful woman like this. I put my hands under her arms and lifted her onto my lap and then cradled her in my arms. She squirmed deeper into me and in her sleep she murmured, "Oh master, I love you my master."

The next morning, I called all the doctors attending Cindy's treatment and I made sure everyone was committed to her complete recovery; I wanted her better than new. I was holding her hand while I spoke to the doctors and if I didn't get the answers I wanted, I gave them both barrels of my anger and made sure they understood that she was a high priority.

Every time I got angry with someone, Cindy's hand trembled in mine. As I looked into her eyes, I could see the fear of me, so I would reassure her and console her until she'd relax, until the next time it happened. I realized that I needed to get her some psychological help as well. During the time she was sleeping, I started doing research on psychologists, then started calling and interviewing them and finally settled on a Dr. Liebowitz from San Francisco.

I had negotiated a week of his time and flew him to New Orleans in the hotel room next to mine. By the time he arrived, Cindy had been discharged from the hospital and we were once again staying in my hotel. I set up her routine for Cindy, with the mornings being devoted to her physical well-being and the afternoons devoted to her mental well-being with the doctor.

The mornings would consist of a physical trainer building up her stamina and muscle tone followed by a medicinal whirlpool. Then she would get treatments for all of her wounds and to try and restore her beautiful silky skin and eliminate the scar tissue.

Dr. Liebowitz and I had many conversations about the best ways to proceed with Cindy. He told me it was going to be a long road, because there had been numerous types of abuse over long periods of time. He told me that there was only one person Cindy trusted and that was me. However, there was still an ingrained fear that she would do something wrong and I would throw her out. Dr. Liebowitz had treated many submissives before and he said this fear was part of being a submissive. But over time, with encouragement and plenty of love, the fear could be reduced and pushed aside.

He gave me several things to try and his number so that I could call him if I had any questions. He stressed that it would be a slow process but not to be discouraged. He also suggested that I start treating Cindy the way I always do and not like a porcelain doll that would break at the slightest touch.

When he said that, I realized that I had not made love to her since the attack and I resolved to take care of that immediately. That night, I tied her hands to the headboard of the bed and for the next hour I teased and sexually tortured her with my mouth, hands and a couple of feathers. It was music to my ears to hear her moan and beg to cum again. When I finally let her cum, it was explosive and completely body consuming. Then I slowly entered her with my cock and brought her to multiple orgasms over the next half-hour.

By the end, Cindy had that beautiful glow that she wore every time we made love. When I released her hands, she put her arms around me and laid her head on my chest.

"Oh master, you do love me, you really do love me."

"Oh my beautiful baby, of course I love you, you have my heart."

A short while later we fell asleep peacefully in each other's arms. A couple more hours later, I woke with a raging hard-on and this beautiful blond hair bobbing up and down over my cock. When I put my hand on her head, she looked back up at me and said, "I'm sorry master, please forgive me, I need you ... I need you inside me."

"It's okay Pet, put me inside of you then."

She eagerly straddled my hips and rose up as high as she could and started to feed my cock inside her clasping pussy.

"Oh Master, you stretch me so good, Oh Master I feel so full of you."

Cindy had her hands raised over her head and was just using her legs to raise and lower her pussy up and down my cock. With her hands over her head, I could tell she was simulating being bound. Her flat muscled belly was sunk in and her chest pulled up with those unbelievable breasts and puckered nipples.

I put my hands on her hips and began to caress upwards over her belly and chest to those magnificent tits. The minute I started caressing her skin, she started quivering and I remembered how she told me that when she was stretched, all of her skin becomes a sexual organ. I cupped and lifted her breasts and then began to pinch and pull on her nipples. In reaction, her cunt grabbed my cock immediately.

She was bouncing on my lap and her hair blew around her shoulders. Her breasts were flouncing around on her chest as she slammed her cunt onto my cock as I take in her trembling body with my eyes. Knowing that she wasn't very far away, I grabbed her hips to pull down and arched my hips and drove my cock deep inside her at the same time.

Her back arched, her mouth flew open and her whole body seized as her orgasm soared through her body as I commanded her to cum for me. "Oh MASTER!"

I started using my arms to pull her up and down my cock, meanwhile flexing my hips to drive my cock deeper inside her pussy each time. Almost immediately, she came again.

I kept pounding into her and she kept cumming. Her body was quivering, shaking, convulsing, and with her face a mask of erotic bliss, she never looked more beautiful to me. She fell forward onto my chest as I was still pounding into her pussy. She was moaning helplessly, "Oh love me master, make me... again..."

Then, I rolled Cindy over onto her back, pulled her knees up and pressed them to her tits and started driving deep into her rippling, wet pussy. She tried arching her back as her cum escalated to a new level, but with me on top of her she had very little movement. Her body however, didn't care and began to convulse.

Then I lost it when I heard her scream my name and I drenched her pussy in my cum. I gazed upon the incredible beauty of the woman that is completely mine as she moved in rapturous ecstasy. I couldn't help but feel lucky, honored and blessed. As I continued to pump my sperm into her clasping cunt, I leaned down and kissed her lips softly and whispered in her ear, "I love you my Pet."

She put her arms around me and her eyes started to water as she looked into my eyes and whispered back, "This slave is proud and honored that her master loves her the way that he does."

Once again we fell asleep in each other's arms and when I woke the next morning, she was sitting up in bed staring at me. I grabbed her hand, brought it to my lips and gave it a kiss.

"You are awake early my love, what are you staring at?" I questioned.

Her eyes filled with tears and she whispered, "You my Master, the master that has given this slave everything. I'm so afraid my master. You have given me a life that I never even dreamed of and I'm not worthy of it all. You have given me love and passion beyond my comprehension, you have saved and protected me and I'm afraid it will all be taken away again. Every time I look at you, I feel like my heart will burst out of my chest from the sheer power of the love I have for you. The thought of not being able to love you makes me want to die."

I pulled her to my chest and said, "Look at me," and as she stared into my eyes I spoke from my heart. "I am the master and you are mine, you will always be mine, because you're who I want. I have already decided when you will go and it's when there are 35 days in May. My Pet, every time I display you or show you off, you follow my every command without hesitation or question. I need you to do that now. Never, ever leave me. You are not allowed to die or leave me in any way, you are mine forever and I will not release you ... ever. Do you understand my Pet?" I asked in a very serious tone.

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