tagBDSMPirate Treasure Ch. 10

Pirate Treasure Ch. 10


This is the prequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I want to thank dancing_to_gallifrey for her editing and tightening my writing. Finally thanks to innoentdoll for her editing and cleanup, everyone's contribution made this a much better story.

Thank you Paige your Note touched me deeply and has inspired me, this one is for you.

Chapter 10
Coming Home

When we flew home to Fort Worth, I gave Cindy the job of unpacking all of her clothing and toys and rearranging our bedroom and closets for both of us. In the three months we had been together, this is the first time she's actually seen my house. So I told her to get her bedroom set up before exploring her new home.

If there were spies all over the Caribbean looking for her, there was no doubt in my mind they had my house staked out too and were waiting for her. Cindy's safety was my first priority. I met with my security team and they proposed lots of different options to keep Cindy safe. My first question to them was, did they feel like they could protect Cindy from an Army here at my house or did we need to temporarily relocate to a more secure area?

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, our ultimate decision was to relocate temporarily to a more secure location, but we had to find one first. We figured we would be at my house for two days at least before we could find somewhere more suitable to relocate to. Since we were still staying here, the team added additional security personnel, monitoring and traps around the house to catch unwanted people.

After our living arrangements were somehow decided, I followed up with Steve to see if he had found anything figure out who's behind all of this. He said mostly at this point we have eliminated a large group of people that had dealings with Cindy. We do, however, have a couple of possible leads but nothing is definitive yet. They should have something a little more solid by mid-next week.

I left the meeting still feeling uneasy, so I decided to place some firearms in our bedroom just in case. I went to our bedroom looking for Cindy but she wasn't there, so I started wandering the house to look for her. After about 10 minutes of looking, I was beginning to panic when I suddenly recalled one last place to check and there she was.

Cindy had found the dungeon/playroom that I had some people create after our third week together. As I stood in the doorway I was watching her run her hands over all the different devices I plan on using her. I'm moved into one of the shadows and began to watch Cindy. As she ran her hands over the different devices I could see her hands tremble, her nipples were thrusting against her top and her breathing was becoming more labored.

As I observed her from where I was, she stripped out of all of her clothing and went to try some of the devices. The first thing she found was a set of nipple clamps and a she clamped one on her right nipple I could see her breasts heave as she threw back her head and moaned. She clamped the device on her other nipple and I could see her legs wobble and her stomach clench as she felt the desire flood her pussy.

She gave a quick tug on the chain connecting the two nipple clamps, her stomach clinched and she doubled over as the passionate hunger dove from her nipples straight into her pussy. As she stood up, I could see the lustful longing etched on her face and her breasts were heaving with excitement. She leaned over and picked up a very soft deerskin cat of nine tails flogger and gave a soft slap against her pussy.

I could hear her gasp quickly followed by a low lustful moan. She then went over to the St. Andrews Cross and locked her left hand in the manacle on the upper left side of the cross. Then she started softly tapping her breasts, stomach and pussy with the cat of nine tails. I could see she was very quickly working herself into an orgasm and since I didn't want to have to punish her for coming without permission on her first day in my house, I decided to step in when she said, "Master, could you please show me how to use all this? I know you can make your slave's body sing with all this."

I smiled as I realized that this was a show for me, "Oh my little vixen, you knew I was watching you all along, didn't you?" I said.

"Yes Master, Your slave's body needs some of your special kind of attention. Something only you can do. I think my master needs some distracting away from his busy work. This slave's body wants to be a distraction for my one and only Master." She said demurely.

I walked over to her and locked her other wrist into the other arm of the St. Andrews Cross before bending down to secure her ankles to the cross. Now she was secure, naked and ready.

"Thank you my Pet, I don't know how you know these things, but my bound Pet is exactly the kind of distraction I need right now. You make me so happy my Pet, thank you my love." I said as I caressed her face. "However, you don't know how to use all of this equipment and you could have put yourself in danger. That could also be a violation of rule number one."

As I was caressing Cindy's face she was beaming and pushing her face into my hand. She was looking at me with a look of lusty love, but as I mentioned a rule violation her face quickly morphed into a stricken and scared look. She was going to defend herself, but she knew that it would be a wrong thing to do as she looked into my. Her face came back to the love and trust look and she said, "Master, I love you and I only exist for you. I await your punishment my Master."

I leaned in and gently kissed her lips and I smiled as I said. "No punishment is necessary my Pet, because I know you were trying to help me forget my troubles and show me that other things are more important, namely taking care of this precious gift you have given me. But, I need to demonstrate the dangers of this equipment. First, these nipple clamps."

I quickly pulled both clamps off her nipples and if Cindy had not been bound across she would've fallen to the floor with the flood of sensation that tormented her pussy. Her stomach muscles clenched, quivered as her body tried to curl her into a ball, but she was held fast and her body could only spasm while held on the cross. Her head was thrown back in her scream.

"AAAgggghh ... Ohh Gawd ... Uugghh ... OOOhhh ... Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... OOHH My MMAASSTTEERR ... Cum ... Almost cum ... Ohh Gawd ... Master."

I caressed her quivering breasts and then leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. My hand caressed down her stomach and my fingers slid through her soaked pussy lips and into her spasming cunt. My mouth switched to the other nipple and my fingers became momentarily trapped as her pussy clamped down on my fingers."

"Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... OOHHHH My MMAASSTTER ... CCUUMMMMING ... TTRRYYING TO STOP ... Ohh Gawd ... Master."

I knew one flick of her clit and she would've gone over the edge. I could see the concentration on her face as she was trying to rein in the sensations threatening to consume her but I didn't let up as I slowly moved my fingers in and out of her pussy. She kept herself on the edge and was fighting for control of her spasming, clasping pussy.

"Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... MMAAASSTER ... TRYING ... STOP ... Ohh Gawd ... Master ... PLEEEASE ... TRYING STOP ... MASTER."

I moved on, pulled my fingers her pussy and put them in my mouth as I began to suck her juices from my fingers. She was looking straight at me as I did this and I saw her stomach muscles clench and ripple as she was trying to be in command of her spasming and out-of-control pussy.

"For example Pet, this St. Andrews Cross has been specially designed for you. I know how sensitive your skin gets and how much you love for me to caress your taut skin when you are stretched and bound tightly. So this cross was designed with small motors to stretch and tighten my pet against the cross. Let me demonstrate."

I held down the button at the back of the cross and very slowly her arms started being stretched to top the cross. Very quickly her ribs started being pulled up and started popping out against her skin, her breasts started being pulled and tightened with her tortured nipples angry and demanding. Her tiny belly started shrinking to her backbone. I let my finger release the button and stop to stretch.

I put a hand on her taut belly, caressing upwards to her full large breasts lifted high on her chest by the stretch and as I flicked her tortured, thrusting nipples I saw her stomach and pussy clench in a new round of spasms. I pressed the button on the back of the cross and stretched her just a bit more before I stopped.

"MASTER ... you know what this slave needs, please show your slave who owns me and how you can control this slave's body."

I took her left nipple in my mouth and began to work it with my tongue. I pulled away the minute I felt like it was hard enough, and put the nipple clamp back on.


Her whole lower body was twitching out of control. Her head was thrown back panting heavily trying to control the orgasm that could not be denied. I could see in Cindy's face she was beginning to lose this battle. I grabbed the cat of nine tails and gave her stomach a firm lash. This would either send her over the edge completely or help regain control.

I saw her eyes, she came back from the brink and while she was still on the ragged edge she was starting to regain control. "Th Thaank Yoou Maaaster ... Ohh God ... Thank you Master."

I sucked the other nipple in my mouth and plumped it to hardness before securing the other nipple clamp. This pushed Cindy right back to the edge, while her lower body was twitching out of control, I could see in her eyes that she was able to stop the orgasm before it ravaged her.

"Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... OOHHHH My MASTER ... TRYING ... STOP ... Ohh Gawd ... MM MASTER ... PLEEEASE ... MASTER."

I stepped back with a cat of nine tails and began to lash her from neck to knee with firm but gentle strokes. They were equivalent to a soft pat or a firm caress and they continued to hold her on the edge of a massive cum. Her body was writhing within the limits of her stretched bondage; her head was tilted back and her breath coming in little puffs like a steam engine.

I moved to the lash and began exclusively working her pussy and clit. With every strike of the whip she was edging closer and closer to the point of no return.

"Ohh Ggaawwdd ... OOOhhh ... Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... OOHHHH MM MASTER ... CCUUMMMMING ... TRYING TO STOP ... Ohh Gawd ... MASTER ... THERE ... LET ME ... PLEASE."

"Not yet my Love, wait a little more."

I switched positions and began to swing the cat of nine tails in a firm underhanded swing striking Cindy directly on her pussy and clit. I was pushing her beyond her ability to control her body. With each strike of the whip I could see her face grimace and then morph a little bit more into the ecstasy she knew was coming and couldn't stop. Her mouth was open, the cords on her neck extended as she screamed for me to help her. "OOHHHH MMM MAAASSSSTTEERR ... OHH GAWD ... STOP ... CUMMMING ... GAWD ... MAASSSTER ... PLEEEASE ... TRYING STOP ... MASTER ... CANT ... CANT STOP ... MASTERRRRRR."

I tried to help Cindy by lashing her stomach again, but with my next tap on her pussy with the whip she was back at the edge and quickly slipping over. I walked over to her and began to push the head of my cock into that liquid furnace that was her pussy. I could see that she had given up and was falling over the edge into a massive orgasm, so the minute the head of my cock slipped all the way into her pussy I said, "Cum for me now, my Pet."

Her face transformed from painful concentration into blissful rapture as all the constraints were off and she was free to let the orgasmic frenzy consume her. Every muscle in her body clenched in the agony that accompanied the ecstasy overwhelming her and she screamed her euphoria for the entire world to hear. "MMMAAASSSSTTEERR ... OOHHHH My MMMAAASSSSTTEERR ... OHH GGGOOODDD ... MAASTER ... CANT STOP ... IM DYING ... INTENSE ...CANT STOP ... OHH GGGOOODDD ... MM MMAAASSTTERRRR."

I was still barely inside her, so I grabbed her hips and began plowing through her grasping, clinching pussy until I bottomed out against her cervix. At this, she blasted even higher and she lost the ability to form words. "UUUUGGGHHH ... AAAGGGGHHHH ... OOOOOOO ... AAAGGGHHH ... UUUGGGHHH ... OOOOO."

With difficulty I pulled back through her clutching pussy, all the way to her g-spot and then slammed forward into her cervix again. She blasted into another level of orgasm and while her body was still being overwhelmed by the orgasmic torment, her head was thrown back in a silent scream. I kept trying to pull back and then slam into her, but the muscles in her cunt were convulsing so hard I couldn't get any kind of a rhythm and even had a hard time moving inside her.

I couldn't tell whether Cindy was coming every few seconds, but the result is the same her convulsions were turning into full body seizures that were shaking her to her core. Cindy's thrashing body and pulsing cunt were having their effect on my cock and I could feel that cum starting to boil to the surface.

So I reached up and pulled off one of the nipple clamps. Cindy's whole body locked in a hard seizure and tried to convulse off of the St. Andrew's cross. Her pussy clamped down so hard on my cock it felt like she was trying to rip it off of me. Her face altered from heavenly ecstasy into a joyful anguish and her unseeing eyes flew wide open in stunned disbelief over sensations running violently through her devastated body.

I continued to thrust my cock deep into her body, at least as much as her seizing cunt would allow. As her body began to relax back to its normal orgasmic state I slammed deep into her pussy and began to fire my seed hard into her cervix and at the same time yanked off the last nipple clamp.

Once again Cindy's whole body locked into a hard seizure with her pussy pulling my cock out by its roots. Her eyes were wide open in unseeing ecstasy, but then her eyes rolled back into her head and Cindy went limp against the cross.

I tilted her face up and gave her a gentle kiss, but she was out for the count. So I pulled my cock out of her still quivering and clutching pussy, bent down, unlatched her legs from the cross and held her limp body against the cross to release her arms one a time. As her arms released I cradled her still quivering body in my arms and sat in a chair across the room with her in my arms.

I sat looking at the beautiful angelic face still glowing from her ecstasy with her still spasming body a testament to what she had just endured. Her breathing was still coming in shutters as I heard her softly whisper, "Oh Master, Oh Master, Oh my God Master, Oh I Love you so very much. I will never be able to live without you."

I cradled her head in my hand and looked into those beautiful green eyes that are only now being able to focus and looked at me in awe coupled with deep soulful love. She rolled her head on my shoulder and the seemingly superhuman effort reached over to kiss my neck and she said, "Master, that was the most unbelievable experience of my life. I was cumming so hard my teeth were chattering and when I passed out I could feel myself floating above us and watching you kiss my face. Oh Master, I have to be the most blessed slave in the world. To have you as my master and have you love me the way you do is way beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. My heart feels like it's going to explode with the love I have for you, master."

She curled into my arms and soon I felt her go limp again, but this time she might've fallen asleep. I stood up with Cindy still cradled in my arms and carried her to the bedroom, laid her on the bed and covered her with a blanket.

I went over to my desk at the far side of the room and began to catch up on e-mail and correspondence. I had been working for about an hour and I felt some slim muscled arms curled around my neck, some soft warm breasts against my back and some soft lips kissed me on the cheek. I turned my chair around and my Pet crawled into my lap, wrapped her arms around me and began kissing my face. In between kisses she kept whispering, "I love you master, I love you master, I love you so much Master." And as I held her in my arms she buried her face in my neck and started weeping.

"What's wrong, my love?"

She whispered into my neck, "Master, when I see or touch you, I have this ache in my chest because my heart is so full of love for you. Every moment I'm not in your arms, my body aches for you to hold me. Neither can I live or breathe without you. You told me once you would show me love and you did, and now the thought of never being without your love scares me more than all the other whippings and beating that I've had to endure.

"I thought love was supposed to be beautiful thing and it is. Once you felt it, you're never fully whole again without it. I am so scared that you're going to get tired of me and want to get rid of me like everybody else. Master, promise me that you'll kill me if you ever want to get rid of me because I'll be dead without you anyway."

I twisted in my chair to look at her beautiful innocent face, but she was trying to hide her face so I wouldn't look at her. I put my finger under her chin and tilted her face towards mine and said, "Look at me, my Pet."

She raised her beautiful green eyes, swimming in tears to mine. I kissed her softly on the nose, her lips and I kissed her tears away as I said. "What has happened, my love, to make you feel like I'm going to give you away? Remember rule number 5."

"I heard you talking to Steve about all the troubles that I have been causing for you and for everybody here. Normally I would have run away, but the thought of never having you hold me or make love to me again makes my heart and my whole body hurt and I can't run away."

"Oh, my sweet innocent Sub. First, all those feelings that you have, the pain in your chest, the ache when you're not my arms, the fear of not having me in your life, Cindy I feel all of that too. I was empty before you came along and now my heart is full of love for you and just like you I'm scared. I'm scared something is going to take you away from me and the thought of not having you in my arms is not something I am prepared to contemplate.

"People are after you for some reason and if I am to protect you and take care of you like a good master, I need to find out who they are and that is what Steve is doing. Cindy, do you remember what I told you right before we left New Orleans?"

"I think so, Master." She responded.

"I told you that you will be released when there are 35 days in May and you are never allowed to leave me. You are not allowed to die or leave me in any way, you are mine forever and I do not release you ... ever. You understand, my Pet?" I asked. Then softly I added "I love you Cindy, just as much as you love me, and we will never be apart."

I carried her over to the bed and we fell asleep with her arms and legs wrapped around me. In her sleep, Cindy was desperately clinging to me and when she lost her hold on me, she would thrash around until she felt me again before calming down. As I pulled her into my arms, I made a mental note to call Dr. Liebowitz in the morning to see if he had any ideas about the seeming relapse.

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