Pirates and Disney Princesses


"I WAS crazy," Mike said. "I had wanted you and waited for you for so long I couldn't believe we were actually on the same plane at the same time. And I'll admit that the thought of being with you...well, I walked around with a hard on all week. I was paranoid that someone would notice it as I toured the school. I had to sneak off to the bathroom a couple times a day just to release the pressure. And the bike race was pure agony. You can't imagine what it's like to sit on one of those hard little bike seats with an erection. It was the worst time I'd ever posted, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get home to you. That's why I had to call you so late when I got back that Friday night. I was petrified that you'd changed your mind."

Erin smiled through her tears and said, "It was so sweet that you called. I'd been fantasizing about you all week too, and was worried that something would happen to spoil it. I had to take things in hand several times that week myself. I was so happy and so horny all that Saturday. I wanted you inside me so bad it hurt. After all those years, I thought maybe this was how it was truly meant to be. I took a long bath, even shaved my pussy for the first time. I wanted to be perfect for you."

"Baby, you were always perfect for me," Mike interrupted gently. He guided them both to the floor and held Erin's body next to his with her tear-stained face on his shoulder.

"I usually took a long bike ride on Saturdays," Mike said. "And I needed to burn off some energy so I wouldn't jump on you the minute I saw you. I'd ridden that highway dozens of times. It was smooth and had a wide shoulder so I could stay out of traffic, though I rarely saw many cars. I saw the car come flying over the hill at an outrageous speed, veering all over the place. I moved as far to the right as I could without getting off the shoulder into the grass.

"I glanced back over my shoulder, and the guy appeared to be veering to the left, and there was a car coming toward him in the other lane. He overcompensated when he swerved to the right. I don't know if he even saw me. But I swear to God, Erin, the last thought I had was that if I got hurt, it would fuck up our date."

They both cried hard then, holding each other tight, for a long time.

Finally Erin took a deep, ragged breath and said, "It was a nightmare. I was just lazing in the tub thinking about you when the phone rang, and then I heard Mom start screaming. I didn't know what the hell was going on, but I jumped out of the tub and started toweling off. And then Mom burst into the bathroom crying, hysterical.

"She blurted out, 'Gwen just called. Mike was riding his bike out on the highway when a car hit him. It threw him off his bike and ran over him. He's.....dead.' She started screaming again. I was too stunned to even think. It had to be a nightmare. It couldn't be happening. So I just put my arms around Mom while she cried and cried. At some point it sunk in and I started crying too. When Mom finally calmed down, she decided she needed to go over and comfort your mom. I walked to my room in a daze, dropped onto my bed, and cried myself numb. To be honest, I've think I've been pretty numb ever since."

"And I've been floating aimlessly ever since," Mike said.

Then they again clung to each other and cried long and hard.


When they finally found themselves "cried out," he stroked her cheeks, wiping the tears away. He pulled her over on top of him, gently bringing her lips to his. Their kiss became deeper, more passionate, filled with the longing they had felt for months, years. His cock, which had become limp during their long cry, began to stir. His hands moved down her back to her pert ass, pulling her close as he hardened rapidly. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she whimpered into his mouth and writhed against his body.

She was eager to sit up, slide his manhood into her drenched core, and ride him for hours. But knowing that she still couldn't quite make out where all his parts were, and feeling drained from the flood of emotions, she whispered urgently, "Roll over."

"Oh yes," he groaned, doing just as she said and rolling them both so that he rested on top of her ripe young body. "Oh God, Erin, I've waited for and dreamed of this for so long."

"Me too," she breathed, wiggling herself into position and bending and parting her knees.

He leaned down again to kiss her tenderly, and then slid into her delectable warmth as low moans escaped from both of them. "Home. I feel like I'm finally home," he murmured into her ear, then casually ran his tongue around the outside of it.

She shuddered under him, then lifted her hips to take him deeper. Still yearning for more, she wrapped her long legs around him, heels digging into his ass.

"Ohhhh." His voice was husky with desire as he began to move in unhurried, deep strokes. "Ohhhh...I want to make this last forever."

"It will," she promised. "At least in our memories."

She found his head, and curling her fingers into his hair, pulled him down for another kiss. She sucked his tongue, and he began thrusting it into her mouth in time with his thrusts into her hot tunnel. She whimpered louder into his mouth, and wrapped her legs tighter, as if she could take all of him into her body.

He finally broke the kiss and they began breathing rapidly, their lips inches apart. As her tension grew, she began to cry silently, fat tears escaping and rolling down her cheeks. She bucked under him, creating just the right friction on her needy clit, as her crooning became louder and higher in pitch.

"Oh, fuck Mikey! I'm gonna cum!" she yelled, beginning to cry aloud and laugh at the same time as the wave of orgasm rolled over her.

"Almost there too," he panted, as his pace quickened.

The spasms of her orgasm squeezed his cock, and he was lost.

"Ahhh!" he howled, as his cock twitched and spurted into her again and again.

She felt her climax building again, and her sounds of ecstasy echoed throughout the empty shop, rising from a moan to a scream.

"Oh God, Erin, I love you so much," he cried out as his thrusting became less urgent.

Her walls continued to clench his slowly softening member as her screams softened to whimpers again.

"I love you too, Michael Evans," she said fervently, as she began to sob and her tears flowed more freely.

He buried his face in her neck, and she felt his tears flowing as well. Once again, they held each other and cried.


As he grew soft and slipped out of her, he carefully rolled them to their sides and enfolded her in his embrace again. And then gradually, miraculously, she realized that she could see him.

She sat up abruptly, drinking in the sight of him. Now that she could see him, she began to move her hands all over his body—his broad shoulders, his lightly-furred chest, his strong arms, his beautifully muscled legs. She took his hands and interlaced their fingers, smiling down on him with loving amazement in her eyes.

"Erin?" he questioned, as she brought his hands to her lips and kissed each finger.

"I can see you," she answered, with both awe and wistfulness in her voice. "I don't know how. Maybe I'm hallucinating. But I don't care. You are here with me, and I can see you and feel you, and I love you."

His reverie was momentarily derailed by his analytical mind, and he sat up as he pondered the notion. "Well, there is a theory that sexual release creates a large quantity of psychic energy."

She took his face in her hands and turned him to look into her green eyes, delighted that she could finally look into his deep blue ones. "How about the theory that 'love conquers all?'"

"That must be it," he said, thankful that she could see his smile. His smile began to fade as he said, "I only wish I could stay here and have your love forever."

"You do have my love forever. Never forget that. And we have each other this way for a few more hours, so let's make some more of those forever memories."

And so, Mike and Erin passed their precious hours the way most new lovers do—talking, caressing, kissing, and holding each other. They coupled several more times, in various positions and locations throughout the shop. Some were lazy languorous lovemaking, and some were fast frenzied fucking. They even fulfilled one of Erin's long-time fantasies, with her sitting atop the rumbling dryer, arms and legs wrapped around Mike as he drove into her.

Their night ended as it had begun, before the three-way mirror in the front of the shop. Erin laid out a couple of fuzzy animal costumes on the floor, along with a couple of fur coats to cover them. They lay there, bodies intertwined, as if staying in each other's arms could keep time standing still.

Although she dreaded the answer, Erin finally asked, "What happens now?"

"I honestly don't know. Remember, I'm still new to all of this too. I guess at some point I'll be gone." Mike sighed. "Who would have believed that I would have the best night of my life after I was dead."

"Still the same morbid sense of humor," she smiled ruefully. "Mike?"


"Thank you for coming back for me. It was the best night of my life too."

He took her hand and held it over his heart. "I will always come back for you if I can. Promise me you'll be here next Halloween, just in case?"

"Every Halloween. I will love you forever. Never forget that."

He drew her to him for a sweet lingering kiss—a kiss to last forever, if need be. She nestled into his chest and yawned.

He lifted her chin to gaze into her eyes, perhaps for the last time. "I always have and always will love you, Erin O'Malley. Far beyond death."

He pulled her to his chest once more, realizing that her breathing was becoming slower and deeper. His lips caressed her ear as he whispered, "I think I hear the birds waking up."

"It is not yet near day. It was the nightingale, and not the lark," she murmured in half-sleep, quoting Shakespeare's Juliet.

He held her until her breathing steadied and he knew she was asleep. He carefully untangled her from his arms, and laid her down gently, with mourning in his heart. He covered her carefully with the fur coats and brushed a last kiss on her forehead, whispering faintly, "Parting is such sweet sorrow."

Then he rose, tears in his eyes, and walked toward the front door, fading into nothingness.


"Young lady, you should thank your lucky stars that I came in early and found you before Betty got here!"

Erin was roused from sleep by the shrill voice of Rose, the middle-aged woman who worked the front counter. She opened her eyes to see her drowsy and confused face reflected in the big mirror. She had no clue how she came to be there, lying curled up on the shaggy dog and gorilla bodies. She sat up abruptly, the fur coat slipping off her naked body. She quickly snatched it up and covered herself, as she heard the horrified gasp behind her.

"Holy Lord who created heaven and earth," Rose squealed, "why the hell are you naked?"

Erin wasn't sure herself, but she scurried to pick up her clothes, strewn about the area, and mumbled, "Doing laundry late. Must have fallen asleep or something. Had the weirdest dream..."

"Good heavens! Here comes Betty!"

Erin grabbed her clothes and sprinted to the bathroom, locking the door behind her just as she heard the shop owner call out her morning greeting to Rose. Dropping her things on the floor, she plopped down heavily onto the stool. She took deep, even breaths to try to clear her head. As she relieved herself, she felt a burning ache in her pussy. She surveyed her body. Her knees looked red and scuffed, and the muscles in her limbs were stiff and sore.

Could it be? She finished and stood to look at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed, her hair in a tangle. She raised her hand to her red, slightly swollen lips and a skeptical smile began to grow. Her nipples tingled and were tender to her touch. And were those fingertip-shaped bruises on her right breast? Then, as she started to pull on her panties, she noticed the dried semen on her thighs.....


The next Halloween Erin wavered between nervousness, anticipation, dread and excitement for two weeks before the holiday. She was glad the shop was crazy-busy, or she would have spent all her time hoping and fretting.

Claiming laundry duty again, she locked the front door behind Betty and Rose as they left a little after 7 p.m. The last sliver of sunset was just disappearing. She told herself it would probably be a couple of hours before he came. If he came.

She turned to walk toward the back of the shop and ran smack into an invisible, but deliciously male, body. He wrapped his arms around her to steady her and hungrily took her lips in a deep kiss before she had even finished gasping.

"You're early," she breathed, when they finally came up for air.

"I wanted as much time with you as I could get," he said, nuzzling her neck.

She squealed with wonder and delight, running her hands up his chest until she found his neck. She clasped her hands behind it and he lifted her, holding her sweet ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist and said, "Happy Halloween, my love. I've already got the dryer running. Let's see how long it takes this time before I can see you."

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