tagNonConsent/ReluctancePirate's Bounty

Pirate's Bounty


Rosaline awoke to shouts up above. She rolled herself off of her bed, pulling on the robe nearby and walking across the cold wooden floor the door. Pulling it open slowly, she peeked out into the hallway. It was deserted, so she took another step, growing closer to the sounds on the deck.

The sailors whom she had almost grown accustomed to were running about, guns in their hands. They were shouting to each other, and Rosaline could make out the ships captain in their midst, probably giving directions. She looked around the dark deck, seeking the reason for their panic, and spotted another ship so close that she could make out the forms on board.

A sailor rushed towards Rosaline's small body, grabbing her around the waist and whisking her back inside her cabin.

"Stay put, my lady," he said. "There are pirates approaching the ship. There could be gunfire, and you should stay out of sight."

"Pirates?" Rosaline whispered. "Why would they attack our ship?"

"They will attack any ship, my lady," the sailor muttered. "Who knows what they think they're going to get from us. We will fight them off, don't you worry none, and you will be safely on your way to the count again."

Rosaline nodded dumbly, sitting back down on her bed as the man departed, shutting the door behind him. She heard a key twist in the lock, and made fists as she realized that he had locked her in.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, Rosaline had been given a kiss on her forehead from her father, a short whisper of good luck from her mother, and had been sent away on this ship to be united with her betrothed. The count had done business with Rosaline's father years before, and had at that time asked for Rosaline to be his wife. Rosaline's father had agreed readily, the count was a man of good standing, and more importantly of good money.

Nettie, Rosaline's nurse, had pleaded with Rosaline's parents to let her stay at home until she was 18. In a rare burst of courage, Rosaline's mother had joined in, asking the man to let her remain. The count had agreed to wait until Rosaline was older, and had left. The betrothal had been signed, and Rosaline was promised to a man twice her age.

The last four years had been frightful. Nettie had wept repeatedly, Rosaline in her arms, whimpering about the girl's upcoming marriage. Rosaline had dreaded the event herself, and now her stomach twisted to even think of the husband she didn't know. Hopefully he would be kind to her, and die early, leaving her the freedom of widowhood. Then she could leave that dreaded country for her home, returning to her nurse whom she loved as a mother, and settle quietly.

The shouts on the deck grew louder and more frantic, and she heard them joined with new voices. The voices were deep, throaty, and demanding. Rosaline heard a gunshot, then another, and screams.

Rosaline rocked back and forth on top of the bed, her knees hugged tight against her chest. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was all over, that her ship had won, and that everything was going to be okay. The gunfire ended a lot sooner than she would have expected, ceasing almost suddenly, and there was silence. No more screaming or shouting, just some laugher and cheers. Rosaline tightened the robe around her body and wondered which side had won the battle.

The count hadn't been the first man to ask for Rosaline's hand in marriage. Even at fourteen, her beauty was obvious. She had soft, round features. Big green eyes, soft blond hair, and her small breasts set her short frame off nicely. She was slender, and hadn't filled in much since her youth, but had kept in good shape by riding her horse regularly. She grew stronger than most, with well-defined muscles in her legs. Her mother often told her that the men wouldn't like the muscular shape in her calf, but Rosaline felt pleasure at the shape of her legs.

Courageous, and curious, Rosaline unwrapped her arms from around her legs and stood up beside the bed. The wooden floor chilled her bare feet as Rosaline ventured towards her doorway. She tried the handle, and found it still stuck tight. Pressing her ear against the door, she strained for some answers to her questions, listening for footsteps to approach her room and release her.

On the other side of the thick wooden door, Rosaline heard heavy footsteps rapidly approaching. She heard the door across from hers opened, and a man shouting to another.

"Looks like the captain's quarters," the voice hollered.

Rosaline felt her stomach sink. The pirates must have won the battle. She felt strangely calm, in such a situation. This was completely unreal, what she would have expected to be a frightening event, but for some reason she was calm. Perhaps because she hadn't faced the reality of it yet, but for now her shock hadn't rocked her body. She pressed her ear further to the door to hear the conversation.

Another set of footsteps was approaching, and Rosaline heard the handle on the other side of her own door jiggled.

"It's locked," a voice said. The voice was not as gruff as the other, almost lighter. It sounded like it belonged to a younger man, not a voice she would expect on any sailor, let alone a pirate.

"Shall we break it open, captain?" The deeper voice questioned.

"Go ahead," the soft voice replied.

Rosaline scrambled away from the door, just in time before it came smashing down. A barrel of a man stood on the other side of the door. He was big, with wiry gray hair, and stood with his profile exposed to Rosaline. She groped the robe around her tightly, pulling herself into a sitting position on the bed, and looked at the younger man beside him.

Surprise caused Rosaline nearly to gasp aloud, but she caught herself in time. The young man had dark black hair, pulled tightly back into a slick ponytail. His ear was pierced with a golden loop, making him appear to be the epitome of a swash-buckling pirate. His tanned skin was smooth, his face clean cut, and his eyes were a dark blue. He looked at Rosaline with those eyes, appraising her.

"What have we hear?" he asked himself, taking a step towards the bed.

Rosaline stood up, defensively, her arms crossed across her breast.

"Who are you?" she asked, her voice quivering. She wasn't scared, though she knew she should be. She was feeling something completely different. The tall man standing in front of her gave her a queasy feeling that she had never felt previously, a feeling in her gut. He wasn't very old, maybe 30 years, but he had an air about him that reeked power. She blinked against the look he was giving her, and stood her ground as he took another step closer.

"I think that we've found our bounty," the young man chuckled, reaching out to stroke Rosaline's golden hair. She pulled back from him, making him chuckle. "Such a gorgeous piece of flesh we have here, too."

The thick man behind the captain nodded, chuckling along with him.

"I'll continue to search the ship," the thick man said, turning away. "Enjoy some time alone with the beauty while the men and I work on gathering the goods."

The captain nodded, and the other man left the room, shutting the door behind him.

"Well, my beauty," the captain chuckled, "We are alone."

Rosaline looked the man straight in the face. His eyes were cruel, teasing yet laughing in a way that she wanted to share. His soft features were attractive, his high cheekbones and square mouth making his face hard, but the smoothness of the skin drawing her attention away from the sharp features.

He raised his hand to her hair again, and she jerked back once more, pulling her body away from his so rapidly that she lost her balance and fell back on the bed.

Chuckling once more, he jumped on top of her, pinning her small frame to the mattress while she struggled.

The thin body beneath his legs squirmed delightfully, her belly rubbing against the crotch of his pants and arousing him. It had been months since he had had a woman, and this one was a delight to look at as well as feel. He lowered his face towards hers to kiss her soft lips, but she pursed them tightly and pushed at his chest.

"Now, now," he chided, pulling her hands away from him. She struggled again, tugging against his grip and squirming against him violently, but his grip on her wrists was too strong for her. He held them firmly, his soft palms and fingers wrapped around her thin wrists, but didn't squeeze. The only pain she felt was a tingling in her stomach, but she didn't know if it was exactly pain.

Rosaline panted against her efforts to escape, but deep down didn't know if she really wanted to. His weight felt good on her body, weighing her down, separating her upper body from lower. Her legs were motionless, she kept them still, and she could feel the tingles spreading from her belly to the crux between her legs. The squirms became slighter, more playful than frantic, and her lips parted as she breathed deeply.

The pirate grinned, showing off a row of sparkling white teeth. His lips curled thickly across his face, and Rosaline took a deep breath. She looked into his eyes defiantly, daring him to make another move to kiss her. He responded to her challenge, lowering his face again.

Her wrists were pinned next to her head, her blond hair tangled in her own fingers, as the man descended upon her. His breath was heavy against her face, and she could smell his perspiration. His lips planted themselves upon hers roughly, pressing them hard against her teeth. He pried her mouth open with his own, and raped her soft insides with his tongue, plunging it deep inside her.

The thick muscle stroked the roof of her mouth, and her own responded by stroking it back. She opened her mouth wider, adjusting easily to the invader, and her body relaxed under his. Electricity seemed to be running up her spine, and she felt the tingling in her private areas become more frantic.

Between her legs, she felt a small flow, and became aware of a wetness coating her thighs. Her inner thighs felt as though they were on fire, and she spread her legs to cool the heat.

The pirate on top of her young body released her wrist only to capture it with his other hand, holding both of her arms with one of his own. He broke the kiss, his thick tongue licking his lips, while his hand moved down to the front of her nightgown. With one quick tear, he ripped open the front of the dress, exposing her small yet supple breasts to the cool night air.

Rosaline's tiny nipples tightened immediately, the nubs wrinkling and forming little buds at the tip of her round globes. The captain moved his soft hand around them, molding them into his palm and squeezing the nipples, causing Rosaline to shudder and whimper lightly. The captain smiled down at her, the corners of his mouth twisting into a cruel grin as he squeezed her breasts again.

Her chest rose to his hands, her back arching, her nipples pushing themselves into his palm. The captain continued to grin at her, squeezing her breast, holding her wrists a little tighter, as he lowered himself for another kiss.

This time Rosaline was ready for his hot mouth, and parted his lips. Before his tongue could gain entrance, she thrust her own into his open mouth, stroking the waiting tongue eagerly. A throaty laugh escaped his belly. Rosaline ignored it and pushed her lips against his, her hips thrusting against his body, grinding against his soft pants.

Between his legs, Rosaline could feel a hard bulge, a bump in the leather that pushed against her belly. He began to grind in return, his hips moving back and forth against her own hips, which pushed against him in a similar motion. Rosaline lost control of her body, her own feelings flooding her, drowning her common sense. She moaned loudly, surprised at the sound that escaped her own lips. The captain only smiled down at her, and then released her wrists.

Rosaline was too far gone in her passion to move her wrists at all, but only twisted and moaned with her wrists next to her head. She held them there as if they were bound, squirming back and forth, her body moving across the bed. Her hips thrust upward towards the captain, her lips parted and her eyes closed, as if she were intoxicated. She whimpered slightly, thrusting upwards and remaining that way, her hips in the air pushed against his.

The captain broke their kiss, and Rosaline moaned loudly as his lips pulled away from hers, leaving her mouth wide open. She panted as his lips made their way down her neck, sucking on her soft flesh there, and licked a trail down to her breasts. Rosaline gasped aloud as the captain's mouth locked around one of her taut nipples, sucking it hard into his mouth, and nibbling around the edge. She whimpered, it hurt a little bit, but it also excited her.

Thrusting frantically against him, Rosaline didn't know exactly what she wanted. She could feel the cool air brushing against her soft inner thighs; the flesh between her legs was parted wide and exposed. Her knees bent, spreading her further apart, and she hoisted her hips up violently. She squirmed, twisted, and moaned, her whole body alive with motion as the captain nibbled on her sensitive nubs.

Finally, his mouth broke its hold on Rosaline's breast. He sat up again, looking down at her gyrating form, and chuckled softly.

ÒI know what you want," he said softly.

Rosaline looked up at him with clouded eyes. She didn't know what she wanted, but she knew that she had to have it. All she could manage was to moan in response, and continue her movement underneath him.

"Please," she whispered. She moaned again and pushed her chest up, her back arching seductively.

Moving his hands down his own body, the captain began to unfasten the buttons on his pants. Rosaline watched with wide eyes as his member was exposed to her face. She had never seen a naked man, and looked up in wonder, as the hard red staff seemed to bob softly without the pants holding it down.

Chuckling again, his eyes locked on Rosaline's face, the captain moved his hands down to her nightgown and tore it the rest of the way, all the way to her feet. It lay beside her, a pool of useless fabric, her supple young form exposed to his desires. Large hands caressed her curves, reaching underneath her firm buttocks as she raised her hips in the air towards him.

His fingers dug into her backside, making her wince with the slight pain, but she continued to moan with desire as he moved his body down between her legs. She didn't struggle at all as he opened her legs wider, and the, once again gripping her firm cheeks, positioned himself to thrust.

The initial penetration caused Rosaline to shriek with alarm. The pain was sharp, but soon vanished, as the captain began to thrust in a steady rhythm.

Her body gripped his staff, her legs wrapping around his waist as he knelt in front of her, pulling her on and off the thick piece of flesh. Rosaline moaned, trying to control her own movements, but his grip was too frantic for her to fight against. She allowed herself to relax, her eyes shutting and lips separating to release her cries of passion. She felt her whole body fill with pleasure, the toes on her feet tingling up to the hair on her head.

Moans could be heard from the captain as well, and his thrusts became more violent and rapid. He was pumping into her so fast she could not concentrate on anything except the friction between the two of them. It seemed like no time at all before he was crying out, tensing, and his thrusts ended.

Attached at the waist, the two didn't move for a moment. Rosaline was too stunned to do anything, but watched the captain's face. His eyes were closed, but then opened to look at her again. They were slightly moist, and he blinked a couple of times to get his vision clear again. His lips were parted, the hot inside of his mouth exposed, and Rosaline could hear him panting.

The captain began to shift his hips, pulling his sticky member out from between her sweaty thighs, and Rosaline made one last thrust towards him, burying the softening member inside her hot body one more time before he pulled away.

"Clean yourself up," the captain said. He tossed one side of her nightgown back over her body, indicating that she use it. Taking the other side, he cleaned himself off, wiping the staff clean and then fastening his pants back up.

Rosaline pulled the dress out from under her. Her body still felt hot, unsatisfied. She licked her soft lips and looked up at the man through her passion darkened eyes. He recognized the look and smiled at her.

"Not satisfied, love?" he laughed. "We'll see what we can do about that."

Without waiting for Rosaline to clean herself, the captain pulled her up out of bed and into his arms. As if she weighed nothing, he hoisted her over his shoulder, her blond hair falling over her head and hitting his backside, her bottom next to his face. He patted her buttocks, smacking them playfully, and carried her up the stairs to the deck.

Rosaline squirmed, struggling to push her upper body away from his and to twist around to see where they were headed, but it was too exhausting. Lack of sleep and her passionate response earlier had drained her of energy, and she fell back down to his back.

The man carried her up the stairs, her nude body bouncing against him. The cool night air was chilly and Rosaline's skin erupted in tiny goose bumps, and then turned bright red as she heard the chuckles of men around her. The captain had carried her up to his crew, and she squirmed to get away and hide herself from their eyes.

"Nice catch, captain," one of the men laughed. The others laughed as well, and Rosaline could feel her body burning with humiliation.

Moving her hands around to her back, she tried to cover up as much of her nudity as possible, to save some of her modesty. Unfortunately for her it was impossible, and the men just chuckled to see her struggle. The captain dumped her out of his arms and she fell to the deck with a soft thud, bruising her backside.

Rosaline sat in the midst of the men, one hand draped across her front to hide her naked breasts, the other in front of her legs. She pressed her knees together tightly, holding them against her chest, as she looked from one man to another.

They were big, dirty men, with wild hair and eyes. Some of them had beards, others stubble, but none were clean-shaven like their captain. A big man in front of her, one she recognized as the man who had broken down her door, advanced on her licking his thick lips. His eyes glittered with arousal, and she could see a bulge in his tight pants.

Abandoning her modest position, Rosaline shot to her feet, backing up away from the man while trying to cover herself at the same time. Stepping backwards, she encountered another large body, and rough hands looped themselves around her waist.

"Let me go!" Rosaline shrieked, frightened, struggling to get away.

"You heard her, men," the captain said. "Let her go."

The hands released their grip on her, and Rosaline took a couple of steps forward, directly between the two pirates.

The captain stepped in the middle of the throng, making his way towards Rosaline. The girl was frightened, but less scared of the handsome captain than the ugly men. She took a step close to him, pressing her body against his, trying to hide her beauty from them others.

"Now, little one," the captain whispered into her ears. "I want you to be good, so that no harm will come to you. These men, they're rough, you see?" Rosaline nodded slightly, her wide eyes making their way from one man to the next. "They want a reward for capturing this ship, and I want you to give it to them."

"No," Rosaline said, shocked. "I am not a whore!"

"Fooled me," the captain chuckled. Rosaline felt her cheeks growing hot and looked at the deck, ashamed of her earlier behavior.

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