tagNovels and NovellasPirate's Heart Ch. 04

Pirate's Heart Ch. 04


Several days later a crew member approached her as she stood on deck and informed her that the prisoner had asked to see her. She stared at him, surprised by the request.

"Thank you. I'll send for him later today, when I have some time." She was quite curious to know what he wished to see her about, but she wasn't going to jump at his request.

Several hours later she was in her cabin, when the guard knocked on her door, announcing Nathan's arrival. She let him in and sat back down again, looking up at him expectantly.

"May I sit down?" he asked, gesturing to a seat opposite hers.

"Certainly. Make yourself comfortable," she replied.

"I was wondering what your plans are for me," he said.

"What would you like them to be?" she asked him, knowing that he would most likely wish to be returned to England.

"I would like to be reunited with my crew and join them on the trip back to England."

"I thought you would say that, but I'm not so sure. I might like to keep you around for awhile," she said with a seductive smile.

"You would hold me against my will, keep me locked up just to satisfy your carnal desires?"

"Exactly," she said, still smiling.

He was so surprised that he couldn't think of a thing to say. He stared at her, sparks of fury shining silver in his gray eyes. She began to slowly unbutton her shirt. "There's really not much you can do about it, so why not enjoy it? Why not give in to it?" she said softly, letting the shirt slip back off her shoulders revealing herself to him. She immediately saw the effect she had hoped for as his chest began to rise and fall heavily. She stood and slowly approached him, pulling the shirt out of her trousers and letting it fall to the floor. She stood before him for a moment and as he looked up at her, she saw the anger melting to be replaced by passion.

Struggling for control, he replied, his voice thick with desire, "I won't enjoy it because I don't like you. I don't like anything about you."

Her hands rose to her breasts, lightly stroking them. "Nothing?" she asked teasing him.

He turned his head, looking away from her. "My body desires you, that is all."

She leaned forward and took his chin in her hand, forcing him to look at her. "That's all I need," she said with a small smile.

Quickly placing his hands on her shoulders, he pushed her away from him, causing her to stumble. She flung her hair back from her face and glared at him. That was the second time he had shoved her. He was truly trying her patience.

She raised her chin and slowly walked towards him. Softly she said to him, "You want to know what my plans are for you? I am going to lock you in a room in my mansion, naked, tied hand and foot to a bed, available to satisfy me whenever I desire."

He only glared at her, not daring to test her further, knowing that she just might make good on her threat. She picked the shirt up from the floor and pulled it on. She summoned the guard and ordered Nathan back to his cabin.

He sat in his cabin, furious with her and himself. He shouldn't have asked to see her. Staying away from her was his only salvation yet he couldn't do it. He hated her but also burned for her. He put his head in his hands with a groan of frustration.

Catherine threw herself into her work, doing more than she usually did. The next few days passed without them seeing each other and soon her island came into view and they slipped between the high cliff walls into the hidden harbor.

As she had suspected the Themis was not yet there so she had only to await its arrival. When a crew member asked what should be done with the prisoner she instructed that he be locked into a set of rooms in the house. She turned on the pier and looked up the hill.

Her house was hidden from view from where she was standing and she headed up the drive. She rounded the bend and a smile came across her face. She was always glad to be home. She would stay until the lure of the sea was too much, and then she would call her crew and the Perun would sail out again looking for adventure.

She opened the front door of the massive three story brick structure and saw the flurry of activity that always greeted her when she arrived home. Her ship had been spotted from the lookout earlier in the day and the servants that lived there were preparing for her and her crew's arrival. The head housekeeper greeted her warmly, informing her that her rooms were clean and ready for her.

"Thank you Maria. We will be having a guest in the house. Unfortunately he is an unwilling one so will be kept in the apartments in the east wing." She was heading to her rooms at a brisk pace and the housekeeper had to hurry to keep up with her. "He is to be shown the greatest respect and every convenience. However, do not give him anything that could be used as a weapon or could facilitate escape and he is never, under any circumstances whatsoever to be allowed out of his rooms unless I instruct otherwise." She turned and faced the flushed and breathless Maria. "Is that clear?" she asked sternly.

"Yes, miss. Perfectly clear," she replied.

"Good," Catherine replied, softening. "Could you please have a bath prepared for me?" she asked turning into her apartments.

"Miss?" the housekeeper asked. "What is the guest's name?"

"Captain Nathan Kincaid," she replied with a smile.

Nathan prowled through his rooms looking for a way to escape. Catherine had chosen well, there was no way he could get out of there and still walk. The windows opened enough to let in fresh air but even if he could get through the small opening he would face a three story drop onto treacherous rocks. It would be a miracle to not break a leg, if not both. He spun about as he heard a knock at the door before it opened and a middle aged Spanish woman entered. She was wearing a maid's uniform.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Kincaid. I am Maria, the head housekeeper. Miss Veleslav has instructed me to prepare you a bath and a meal. Which would you like first and what would you like to eat?" she said, smiling at him. He certainly is handsome she thought. No wonder she wishes to keep him here. Too bad it's against his will. The mistress had been alone for too long and needed a good man.

He stared at her with surprise. "What would I like to eat?" he asked her.

"Yes sir. Mistress gave instruction that you are to be served whatever you wish."

He ordered a sumptuous lunch to make up for the scant and repetitious food he had received for the past three weeks and asked for his bath to be after he ate. He also requested brandy and cigars and was told that they would be provided. He sat on the bed and tested it's firmness. Laying back, he thought, perhaps it won't be so bad to stay here for a little while. Until she shows up, that is, and he knew she would eventually.

Catherine sat back in her bath, smoking a thin cigar. She always missed luxurious baths in a large tub while at sea and she sighed deeply as she sank in up to her chin, blowing smoke up at the ceiling. She thought about Nathan and hoped that he was settling in alright. She wondered how long she should wait before visiting him. I'll give him a couple more days respite she thought. She placed her cigar in a nearby ashtray and dropped her hands below the water. She closed her eyes and thought about that evening with him in her bed as her hands slid up the insides of her thighs. Her fingers dipped into the nest of curls between her legs, her head tipped back against the edge of the tub and a soft moan escaped her lips, while images of Nathan laying beneath her floated through her mind.

Nathan paced restlessly through his rooms. It was sweltering on the Caribbean island and he had removed his boots and shirt seeking relief. For some reason he felt more closed in here than he had on the ship. He walked to the window and looked out. Across a sweep of lawn that lay beyond the rocks below his windows he saw Catherine walking slowly with another man, Simpson, her first mate. He stopped and watched her. He was mesmerized by the soft sway of her hips as she walked, her long auburn hair occasionally being caught up in the breeze, tendrils blowing about her beautiful face. He pressed his palms against the glass, unable to resist the urge to reach out and touch her.

It was a hot and humid day but Catherine looked cool and crisp as always, wearing a white shirt and tan trousers tucked into scuffed and worn brown leather boots. As if sensing his eyes on her she looked up and saw him standing at the window, his hands against the glass. She smiled at him and blew him a kiss. He started back from the window, angry that she had caught him staring at her.

He stood, his hands clenched into fists. He was going to go out of his mind if he stayed here. He inched closer to the window and looked down at her again. They had been on the island for three days and she had not yet come to see him. He was both happy and tormented by her absence. He had tried all sorts of distractions, books, alcohol, sleeping as much as possible, but the characters in the books all looked like her in his mind, the alcohol only made him want her more, and when he slept he dreamt of her. He was a man obsessed and there was only one way to satisfy his obsession, but he was determined to ride it out until she was out of his system.

She stood on the lawn beneath his windows knowing he was up there still watching her. She flicked her hair and laughed gaily at the funny story her first mate was telling her. His eyes on her made her decide that it was time to see him. She walked around to the front of the house with Simpson and leaving him at the door she ascended the stairs of the east wing. She felt apprehensive, a shiver racing up her spine as she approached the doors to Nathan's rooms. She greeted the guards outside the door and walked in without knocking. He was barefoot and shirtless, pacing when he looked up and saw her. She stared at him, her amethyst eyes caressing him, taking in his naked torso.

She sat in his sitting room without waiting to be asked and returned his gaze as he stood staring at her.

"Do you like your rooms?" she asked at last.

"I would still prefer to be with my crew," he replied in a quiet voice.

"In time, you shall. I'm sure I will eventually tire of these sulky moods of yours and you'll be released." She stood and approached him. "But until then, you might as well try and enjoy yourself."

He backed away from her, not trusting himself to be near her. He walked to where he had discarded his shirt, suddenly wanting the security of clothes. He began to put it on when she interrupted him. "I would prefer if you left it off. You're obviously not used to this hot climate and I would hate for you to overheat. And besides you look so much better undressed," her voice held an unmistakable invitation.

He knew he shouldn't look at her but couldn't resist. The desire burning in her eyes was his undoing and he quickly crossed the room to her, pulling her into his embrace. She sighed happily as his lips crushed hers, his kiss harsh and demanding. She wrapped her arms about him, pulling him close, pressing against him. His hand found her breast, gently kneading the soft flesh beneath the thin fabric. She sighed again and tipped her head back as Nathan's tongue trailed fire down her throat.

He suddenly scooped her up in his arms and carried her quickly to the bedroom, depositing her on the bed. Straddling her hips, he tore her shirt open, his eyes hungry for her naked flesh. He buried his face between her breasts, breathing in deeply the warm scent of her. He raised his head and stared into her eyes for a moment, his shining silver with passion, before capturing her mouth once more in a demanding kiss.

Catherine was lost in Nathan's arms. She surrendered herself to him completely, as he removed her clothes, letting him sweep her up to the heights of passion. Her mind was in a whirl, all thoughts swept aside except for him and how he was making her feel. She responded eagerly to his kiss and to his touch. Her only desire was to make him feel as she did. They explored each others bodies with their hands, their mouths and tongues, kissing and licking.

Nathan tensed in anticipation as she slid down his body, trailing wet kisses over his stomach. She reached his swollen organ and slid it into her mouth. He groaned with pleasure as she sucked on him, his hand tangling in her hair. He sank back against the pillows, wallowing in the pleasure she was providing. How could he possibly have thought of not having her, of being able to stay away when he knew she could make him feel this way? It soon became too much and he gently pulled on her hair, begging in a hoarse voice that she stop.

She sat up flinging her hair back and looked at him, licking her lips. He grabbed her hips and rolled them over and it was his turn to show her the pleasures his mouth could give her. She threw her head back as he trailed kisses over her breasts and across her abdomen. She parted her legs and he dipped his head between them.

She gasped and arched her back as she felt his tongue on her, delving between the folds of flesh, finding her pleasure center. He sucked it and swirled his tongue around as she writhed on the sheets, her hand grabbing his hair and pressing him to her. He pulled her thighs to his shoulders and rose onto his knees, pulling her hips high in the air, still keeping his mouth on her. He nibbled and nipped, sucked and licked, driving her to the edge and finally over it as she cried out loudly, her body tensing and then shuddering as she crested the peak of ecstasy. He released her and she sank back onto the bed, breathing heavily, her eyes half closed.

He gently rolled her over, and lifting her hips slightly, and slowly slid into her. He pushed in deeply as she made a soft sound beneath him. She pressed her hips against him, taking all of him into her. He began to gently pump in and out of her, gradually increasing his speed and intensity. She bucked against him, meeting each thrust, her mounting urgency and need for him matching his pace. His body was slick with sweat as he thrust deeply into her, his orgasm right at the edge and he tumbled over it, free-falling into an all consuming wave of pleasure, as she also cried out her own climax.

He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily, struggling to stay awake. He rolled off of her onto his back and lay panting. She lay on her stomach, hair trailing across her face and stared at his profile. His eyes were closed, his mouth open and she reached out and trailed her fingers across his lips. His tongue darted out and licked her finger tips. His arm lazily reached out and drew her to him and as she snuggled close, a contentment enveloping her of the kind that she hadn't felt for many years.

Nathan awoke and looked down at Catherine sleeping at his side. A sweep of her auburn hair lay across his chest along with her arm. She had a leg curled around his and her head lay on his shoulder. He closed his eyes and lay back, enjoying the feeling of her wrapped around him. What had she done to him? He still didn't agree with what she did, or many of the thing she believed in but a feeling was building in him, a feeling he was afraid to explore, afraid that it would cause his whole world to come undone.

...to be continued...

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