tagCelebritiesPirates of the Caribbean Ch. 05

Pirates of the Caribbean Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Storm Warning

Jack pressed his lips against the lush and kiss swollen lips of his beautiful young lover. He relished the soft moan of pleasure breathed into his own mouth as his tongue plundered the warm, wet cavern opened for his delectation. Jack had his weight balanced on his left arm in the relatively narrow bunk and he trailed his right down to the thick pubic pelt and rubbed seductively, earning a groan as his lover broke their kiss and arched into the caress. He slid his hand lower, caressing heavy, velvety flesh and the groan turned into whimpers of need. Teasing, Jack moved his hand upwards to play with twin dark nipples that begged silently to be gently tortured with pinches and tugs.

"Please, Jack," a voice hoarse with need softly pleaded. Jack could and would not deny such a plea from the heart. Shifting between wantonly spread, smooth golden legs; Jack engulfed his lover's straining erection.

Will wailed Jack's name as he felt suction and heat envelop his engorged flesh. His hands wrapped in Jack's hair, simply holding, touching, as Jack worked Will's shaft.

Angling his head, Jack ensured he could see his younger lover as Will's head thrashed from side to side in unrestrained pleasure, dark curls fanning their pillows. He smiled around his precious mouthful and teased Will's secret opening with a saliva-slick calloused finger. As he pressed into Will's nether port, he sucked hard and Will's essence exploded into his mouth.

Will screamed Jack's name as the older man unerringly found his hidden jewel and climaxed hard, convulsing beneath his sturdier mate.

When Jack was certain he had swallowed all his love could offer, he cradled the slighter man to his chest while Will recovered. Jack amazed himself that he enjoyed post-coital cuddling so much, but then he enjoyed a great many more things now he had the other half of his soul in his arms. The greatest treasure the pirate could ever have wished to find: Will Turner.

"Love you," Will murmured nuzzling into Jack's dark dreadlocks.

"Love ye, Treasure," Jack replied tightening his grip a little. "So happy, my sweet. So happy." He smiled down at the flushed face that gazed in open adoration up at him.

"Me too," Will breathed. "Make love with me?"

"Aye, luv, that I will," Jack's smile widened. "But when I come inside your beautiful body I intend for ye to be spending with me." He reached for their oil, an almond flavoured oil that Will had shown preference for.

Jack coated a single digit and worked it between Will's taut cheeks into the precious portal. Will canted his hips to show his eagerness and Jack smiled again. As he used his fingers of one hand to prepare the delicate channel, he used mouth, lips and his other hand to touch and caress Will, gradually reawakening the younger man's spent sex. Finally Jack rubbed three fingers insistently across Will's sweet spot, and the writhing young man begged to be filled, his flesh fully aroused. Jack draped the long limbs over his shoulders as he lined his aching shaft against Will's glistening portal.

"Love you, Will," he groaned as tight, slick heat enveloped him. "So tight, so good."

Jack leant to capture Will's lips as he began to thrust.

Will's hands roamed over the muscular back and shoulders, his lips seeking any flesh he could reach.

"Take me, my Captain," Will husked. "Make me yours."

Jack growled at the submissive words, so at odds with the confident, independent young man who was the 'Pearl's' first mate and onship blacksmith. Only Jack saw Will needy, begging, and submissive; just as only Will saw the real Jack Sparrow. Jack began to thrust hard and deep wanting to give Will the pleasure the younger man wanted; the pleasure only Jack had or would ever give him.

"Want your essence in me, Jack," Will moaned.

"Don't worry, my lovely," Jack crooned. "Ol' Jack knows what you need and he'll give it to ye." Will's hands caressed the pirate's nipples and Jack felt liquid fire in his loins. He reached between them, pulling at Will's hard shaft in time with the strokes to Will's hidden jewel and the boy erupted beneath him screaming his joy. His roar, just seconds later heralded Jack's own joy as his seed pulsed deep into the beloved body. He leant down, sucking hard at a succulent morsel of Will's throat to leave his boy marked outside as well as inside.

For long minutes they lay entwined, enjoying the comfortable, close contact. They mourned the loss of Jack's softening flesh from Will's safe harbour. Will peppered kisses across Jack's face until the older pirate's stomach rumbled. Will laughed as Jack swatted the pert, naked bottom.

"Breakfast, whelp," he growled, the twinkle in his eye belying the words. "Come on, lovely," he added pulling Will to his feet. Laughing, the two men dressed and moved from the cabin to face the new day.

The day progressed as normal, Will spending time in the ship's forge repairing some weaponry before banking down the fire and seeking out his Captain on deck. He frowned at the dark clouds that had gathered and the spots of rain that heralded the onslaught of a storm. He strode to Jack's side at the wheel.

"Storm, Captain?" he asked.

"Aye, luv," Jack growled, kissing his love quickly, briefly pulling him to his side. He then pushed Will between his body and the wheel pf the 'Pearl', moulding himself possessively to the lithe body. Storms were something of an aphrodisiac to the seasoned pirate.

"Will you tend to me if I fall prey to sea-sickness, my Captain," Will whispered seductively leaning his head back on Jack's shoulder.

"Aye, luv" Jack leered. "I have an unfailing cure for mal de mer," Jack pressed a noticeable bulge against Will's taut backside. Will ground back earning himself a muttered "Teasing whelp." Jack's hands left the wheel in Will's care as they gripped the boy's slender hips. "I'll take real good care of ye below decks," he added, nipping at the nape of Will's neck. "Wait here a minute."

Jack moved away from the wheel to make his final orders as lightening and thunder rolled around the ship. Light and noise almost simultaneous.

Will smiled despite the rain. Jack was even more beautiful to Will's eyes when so in command. He felt his breeches tighten in anticipation. An inner sense made him glance upwards at another flash and bang and the young man saw part of the rigging snap free, falling to where Jack and Gibbs stood oblivious. Will's voice was lost in the sounds of the storm and so he hurtled himself towards the two men, shouting for them to get clear.

Jack and Gibbs turned to see Will racing panic-stricken towards them, but couldn't make out his warning. Will pushed Jack into Gibbs sending the older men to the floor as the rigging swung down. Will felt a searing pain in his shoulder seconds before a blow so hard to the back of his head he was unconscious before falling face first onto the deck of the 'Pearl'.

"Will!" Jack screamed the younger man's name. He pulled the broken wood from Will's back, wincing as he saw the broken edge had speared Will's left shoulder. He delicately felt the back of Will's head and felt the stickiness that heralded a cut there. Gently he scooped the unconscious form into his arms and carried him to his cabin.

Gibbs brought water and helped as Jack stripped the unconscious young man before going to man the wheel of the 'Pearl'. Before he reached the door, he heard Jack's voice.

"Why?" Jack asked harshly, eyes bright with unshed tears.

"Because he loves ye, Jack," Gibbs replied softly. "Because you would do no different loving him."

"Take care of 'Pearl'," Jack said to the older man. "She'll feel it too. She wouldn't have meant harm to me boy."

Gibbs nodded, leaving the two men.

Will murmured and shifted restlessly in unconsciousness. Jack crooned lullabies as he cleaned and tended the wounds. They were lucky, they could have been so much worse.

"Jack?" a small voice came from his pale-faced lover. "Sorry, feel sick."

Without hesitation, Jack held his beautiful boy while Will vomited, rubbing his back and soothing him gently. When all was left were dry heaves, Jack lowered Will carefully. He wiped the too pale face tenderly.

"Sleep,luv," he ordered. "I'll keep watch."

Jack permitted a small smile as Will clasped his hand and slid into a healing sleep.

By morning, a sore, but recovering blacksmith-cum-pirate gently kissed his protective mate. Jack had fallen asleep on Will's chest. Their hands were still clasped and the tenderness of the gesture touched Will deeply.

"Morning, Captain," he said huskily.

"Will, luv," Jack muttered sleepily, then the evening's events came into his mind and his head shot up. "How're you feeling?" He handed Will some water who swallowed it gratefully.

"A little sore, but much better. Thank you for taking care of me." Will smiled as Jack traced the bruised cheek.

"That wasn't how I planned on taking care o'ye," Jack muttered before he could stop the words, disappointment warring with the concern in his eyes.

"Then come here," purred Will.

"Yer hurt," Jack hesitated.

"I'll be more hurt if don't come and take care of me, love," Will said sincerely.

With a whimper, Jack stripped and slid into their bunk, his hands roaming over as much of Will's warm silky flesh as he could touch, whilst his mouth kissed feverishly.

"Gently, love," Will gasped. "I'm here, I'm safe. I want you to love me, but you need to be gentle."

"Sorry, Treasure," Jack breathed. "I was so scare o'losing ye."

"You didn't. 'Pearl' looked out for me."

At that comment, Jack couldn't prevent the sob breaking free and for a few moments the two men held each other whispering promises of love and devotion.

Finally, Jack recovered enough for his caresses to become arousing rather than comforting and for warmth to become heat. Jack's hand found Will's half-hard shaft and pumped it to full arousal, his own rock hard and needing no further stimulation.

Jack manoeuvred around Will so the young man lay on his good side and Jack licked and nipped his neck and shoulders and his fingers traced the cleft of smooth buttocks before caressing the tiny rosebud. Slicking his fingers, Jack prepared Will as quickly as he could, desperate to be inside his young lover and assure himself Will really was unharmed and still with him.

As he pressed his oiled flesh at Will's entrance, the younger man pushed back to meet the welcome invasion and the two men moaned aloud their pleasure at their delayed joining. Jack held Will still as he thrust deep inside the willing body. Will moaned his pleasure as Jack struck his sweet spot with every thrust into Will's slick heat. He reached around Will's hip, pulling him closer and fisting firm, hot flesh.

All too quickly Jack felt his climax gather and he increased the speed of his hand to bring his young mate with him.

With a joint cry of each other's names, the two men climaxed, Jack's seed going deep inside Will and the young man's seed fountaining over Jack's hand. As Will panted, regaining his breath, Jack licked his hand clean, then came around Will's boneless body to clean the lissom form.

Snuggling together in each other's arms, Will felt warm, safe and secure and Jack felt the cold at the pit of his stomach, that he had barely acknowledged, dissipate. Deciding Gibbs could look after 'Pearl' for a little longer, Jack carefully tucked Will's bruised head under his chin and allowed Will's soft breaths and warmth to lull him into joining the young man in sleep.

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