tagFetishPiss City Ch. 01

Piss City Ch. 01


The monorail wound its way through the neon lit city like a coiled serpent. Down in district 13 a lone carriage was making its way along the track. Inside its well lit interior were four occupants. The three college girls who sat on the back seat were well and truly intoxicated. An open bag beside them lay half filled with empty beer cans. They were giggling and laughing amongst themselves ignoring the sole remaining passenger who sat a safe distance away at the front of the carriage.

"I need a piss," suddenly whispered the first girl conspiratorially to the others. Her long red hair fell down her creamy back which was exposed by her low cut top which just hid her small but perfectly formed breasts from sight.

"Me too," said the second. She was a long legged blond with large silicon enhanced breasts which sat proudly underneath her half buttoned blouse.

"And me," continued the third girl. She was a short Latino with lightly browned skin and a body just built for sin. Her firm cleavage was on display, semi-hardened nipples poking out through the fabric of her white top.

"Lets piss here," suggested the red head.

"What about her?" enquired the Latino college girl, nodding in the direction of the woman sitting at the front.

"She'll not notice," said the blond, already lifting her wide bum cheeks off her seat. Questing fingers vanished up her skirt to emerge only seconds later with a slim white thong sliding down her legs. This only served to trigger another burst of giggling from the other girls who quickly mirrored her actions. Within mere moments all three college girls were naked underneath their short skirts.

The blond girl, who was obviously the leader of their trio, went first. Spreading her legs wide apart and sitting back on her seat, her delicious pussy slid into view. She was hairless; her pussy slit a deep groove in perfectly waxed skin, her little clit poking proudly out at the top. The Latino girl gasped in delight as immediately the blond started to piss. A strong squirting stream of clear coloured pee shot from the base of her vagina and flew through the air towards the back of the opposing seat. The strength of her piss was so great that her urine stream had only begun to form an arch in the air downwards, before it impacted messily over the plastic wall of the chair back.

Hot, wet piss streamed down the back of the chair as the blond girl continued her pee shower. Beside her the other two girls were getting ready to follow her lead. The pretty Latino had her own legs spread, her flesh touching the blond girl's outspread legs. This girl had shaved but had left a short fuzzy triangle of jet black hairs around her pussy slit. Suddenly from the base of her womanhood started to squirt a similar torrent of piss. Her pee stream was slightly more yellow in colour than the blonds' urine spray. It was also fatter and lacked the strength to reach the distance to the opposite chair wall. Instead, her hot pee arched downwards and began to patter noisily over the metal floor.

By now the red head had joined in. Her legs were spread, her full unshaved mass of bright red pubic hairs hiding her pussy lips from sight. This didn't however pose any obstacle to the jetting stream of piss which had now burst forth from her pee hole. She had deliberately leant back further in her chair aiming her pussy towards the ceiling. This meant that her fully golden piss shower was now squirting almost vertically upwards like in an impromptu water feature. Her pee stream rose upwards before forming a short flowing arch of urine and then crashing back down to land in a second piss puddle all over the metal floor of the carriage.

The noise of the three college girls relieving themselves at the back of the monorail was easily discernable to the carriages' other sole occupant. Naturally she was more than imitated by the three loud teenagers and their actions. She didn't dare turn round or give any indication that she was aware of their actions. However, listening to somebody else having a pee was having a somewhat adverse affect on her own bladder. She could feel the painful need inside her crying out for release. In her mind she was already fantasying about moving to the back of the carriage and asking if she could join in with a toilet of her own. She could already feel in her mind the cold carriage air against her bare skin as she slid down her tight jeans and white panties down her legs. She would then sit next to the three pissing girls and join in with her own flowing golden shower as she peed for all she was worth over the inviting carriage floor.

The woman's name was Lisa and she was a secretary by trade. Normally she was a very reserved person and the very fact she was having such outrageous thoughts was coming as quite a shock. Maybe it was the sheer lack of restraint the drunken college girls at the back were showing that was making her think this way? She could feel the butterflies dancing in her stomach as she changed her fantasy to that of one of sliding down her jeans and having a pee in her own seat. The press against her bladder was even worse now, her need to pee desperate. The girls at the back were obviously reaching the end of their own toilets. The pattering sound of their piss raining down on the metal floor was rapidly diminishing now.

Obviously if Lisa wanted a pee of her own over the floor then she was probably too late now. The sound her own piss stream would make as it hit the metal would alert the girls at the back to her actions. She dreaded the thought of them coming along and catching her with her pissing pussy on display. What was she going to do?

The answer to Lisa's dilemma arrived just then. Around her crotch suddenly formed a very warm and very wet sensation and she realised with horror that she had inadvertently lost control of her bladder. The warmness started to spread as the pressure in her bladder started to ease. By now Lisa had lost all control and sat in her seat with her hot piss squirting from her pussy lips and filling into her panties. The initial shock of realising she was pissing in her pants was now being replaced with a new feeling. She was actually enjoying the sensation going on around her crotch.

Her hot pee felt incredibly delicious as it flowed into her underwear which were now a sodden mess. Gazing down at the top of her jeans Lisa marvelled to the slowly spreading damp stain that was radiating outwards. Underneath its protective fabric she could clearly feel her pee as she squirted her piss out of her pussy hole. The inside of her thighs were now covered with hot pee as were her buttocks. The warmness continued to spread, absolutely wonderful as its magic touch crawled along more and more of her waiting flesh. Small trickles of spent urine were now running down her legs and escaping at her ankles. To her wonder she realised she now had a small pee puddle of her own sitting around her feet. She was in absolute heaven!

At the back of carriage with college girls had switched to a more traditional form of entertainment. The blond was locked in a passionate kiss with the red head. The Latino meanwhile had uncovered her perfect tits and was having them massage by the blonds' roaming hands whilst their owner carried out a suckling on the read head's exposed left nipple. The floor and opposing wall were covered in cooling piss which the girls had squirted out of their delicious pussies. It was these objects of passion which were now becoming the object of attention as the girls passions rose. Exploring fingers probed into the waiting warm wetness of another's vagina fuelling the desire of the girl in question. Before long fingers were replaced by long tongues seeking to explore every millimetre of their friends' womanhood. One thing led to another, every passing minute revealing more and supple skin as clothing came undone and was shed. Each girl was by now fully topples, their precious breasts on full display. Once again their legs were spread, their pussies exposed to the open world. This time however, it was not for pissing that they were parted.

Back at the front of the carriage, the attractive young secretary had finished her wonderful piss into her pants. The sounds coming from the back of the carriage as the college girls fucked one another were now enticing Lisa into another form of pleasure. Slowly she unzipped her jeans enjoying immensely the feel of the wet denim against her fingers. Staring down at the sight of her yellow soiled panties she pushed her right hand under their sealing elastic and probed downwards. Her fingers traced over her clit with playful attention before sliding onwards and into the incredibly warm wetness of her pussy hole. It felt so incredibly good, her emotions and sensations drowning her conscious mind as she fingered herself to a thundering climax.

In district 13, the monorail continued to slip through the neon parted darkness. The city for the most part, slept below. Inside the protective shell of the carriage now resided four deeply satisfied individuals, the stains of their spent pleasures now violating the once clean interior. Unrelenting, the monorail continued on its way, along its track and through the darkness.

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