tagFetishPiss City Ch. 02

Piss City Ch. 02


Piss City is a nameless place which could exist in so many different places. In the daytime it is a featureless grey concrete jungle home to the business man and woman. By night it is a teeming metropolis of gleaming neon lights and loose morality. From above falls the almost continual assault of the endless rain almost as if heaven is trying to wash away the many sins of the city. On that particular subject, this is a city of many sins and it is the night time when those who sin the most come out to play. On this particular evening we follow the events unfolding with several specific individuals with a particular fetish that needs exercising.

Natasha Wellingfield was a wealthy model who by her twenty third birthday had amassed a sizeable fortune of her own to compound the millions waiting in her trust fund when she turned twenty-five. Tall with a lithe although not skinny figure, she was an immediate eye catcher. Short cropped brunette hair, cut to the latest ultra extreme fashion highlighted her heart shaped face, petite nose and the green orbs of her hypnotic eyes. Naturally Natasha could have anybody she wanted with either her killer looks or endless supply of money. It was this ease of finding willing partners that bored her. There was no challenge, no thrill. Male, female, bi-sexual she had tried it all. What she wanted more than anything was the thrill of being naughty, like a schoolgirl all over again. Her youth had been a wonderful time when there had been so many taboos to break. One such particular thrill had been with her school mates when they would piss in all manner of naughty places. Since growing up, Natasha had forgotten the thrill of peeing where she shouldn't. That was at least until now.

The restaurant was an exclusive and very established place where only the very rich could wine and dine. No stranger to the establishment Natasha had reserved a table for herself that particular evening. Nobody questioned her desire to dine alone it being a privilege of those who needed privacy. A special table in one corner of the large room had been set aside for her needs. Imported exotic flowers created a partial barrier between Natasha's table and the rest of the large spacious dining area. Her chair was pulled back for her as she arrived and the waiter had enough sense to avert his eyes from the tempting display of her long slender legs as she sat down. The short skirt and lack of any panties didn't help but the waiter could only guess at the latter whilst admiring the former.

It took only a minute for Natasha to choose her meal selection and then was left in peace as the waiter departed. She had a few moments to herself before her expensive champagne was delivered. Settling down she allowed her legs to part under the table. The white tablecloth hung over on each side creating a nice border to help hide her planned activities. The carpet on the floor was as expensive as all the other decorations; plush and red. For Natasha this was perfect. What else could be better served to catch her golden pee as she sprinkled it all over the floor?

Natasha was still contemplating her coming toilet over the carpet when the waiter arrived. After placing the ice bucket in the centre of the large table he proceeded to pour Natasha a glass. She was extremely tempted to let out a little squirt of her golden shower as he did so, knowing full well that he would never be able to see her hidden pussy as her pee lips parted to let out her hot golden piss spray. It was an effort to resist but she really wanted to let her toilet out with full forth, revelling in the sensation as her piss hole opened to its fullest allowing her golden piss to squirt out at its maximum stream.

The waiter departed leaving Natasha alone with her naughty thoughts of peeing under the table. The air around her exposed shaved pussy made her feel so free and liberal. Over the gentle music from the piano being played near the entrance doors which was out of sight behind a set of potted ferns, Natasha could hear the quiet sounds of mixed conversations drifting in the air. It was a wonderful experience to be alone and yet in the company of others. It made was she was about to do even more pleasurable.

Picking up her champagne glass she examined its sparkling contents whilst testing the readiness of her bladder. She was definitely quite full which would certainly guarantee a fantastically long piss when she was ready to begin. The sparkling wine suddenly made her recall a champagne fountain she had seen performed at a recent party. How Natasha longed to have all those glasses stacked up beneath her bare pussy lips just waiting to be peed into. In her mind she visualised the sight and sensation that would accompany such a spectacle. She would of course be completely naked, her guests able to fantasise about fucking her even as she started to urinate. From her pussy lips would squirt a thick flowing stream of hot piss, jetting from her pee hole and immediately filling up the top glass. As her wonderful pee continued the volume of piss in the top glass would reach the rim before immediately running over and flowing into the two glasses below. Her golden stream would continue to squirt from her pussy lips entertaining her guests with a show like no other. In her mind Natasha imagined the applause and gasps of admiration at her skill in making her own pee filled glass fountain.

The arrival of her appetiser banished Natasha's thoughts of peeing in front of a crowd of her friends. She thanked the waitress who was a pretty young thing just out of her teenage years. The rich model watched the retreating form of the woman who had just served her with her thoughts and eyes focused on the extremely tight and well formed bum cheeks clearly visible in the tight cut of her black skirt. Now Natasha was horny as well as desperate to pee. It was all she could do to refrain from slipping one hand down past the elastic waistline of her own tight skirt to slip a finger into the moist wetness between her legs. Natasha decided there and then that after she had eaten and peed she would be inviting the waitress to accompany her back to her five star hotel room she kept permanently reserved in the centre of town for just such occasions.

That of course left Natasha with the task of getting on with her naughty toilet. She had waited long enough. Under the table she parted her legs even further apart. Her skirt was so extremely short cut that the bottom part of the fabric just reached the end of her bare posterior. This meant that her pussy lips had a completely unrestricted aim to the carpet she was about to soil with her pent up piss.

Closing her eyes Natasha focused on the need in her bladder. Slowly the burning urge started to move, tracing its way down her body to its waiting point of release at her pussy lips. The magical moment arrived. Sudden warmth between her thighs accompanied the start of her toilet. 'She was doing it, peeing under the table whilst sitting in one of the top eating establishments in town!' she told herself with the deepest of thrills. The feeling was ecstatic, that of desperate bladder relief coupled with the raw thrill of doing something so incredibly naughty and sexually liberating.

The softest of pattering sounds coming from the only table was her clue to the fact that her golden pussy shower was now raining over the expensive carpet and soaking into the thick material. In her mind she imagined the view under the table as her strong flowing piss stream sprayed downwards between her long legs. Still in the act of pissing over the restaurant floor, she picked up her fork and played with a piece of lettuce on her plate. The feeling of pissing like this was truly earth shattering! More than ever she just wanted to play with herself once her toilet was done.

Natasha's eyes settled on the ice bucket containing the champagne bottle. The naughtiest of ideas floated into her head. It was no longer enough to simply pee over the carpet, she wanted to urinate into the bucket as well. After a quick look around to see if anybody was on their way to her particular shielded part of the restaurant, Natasha reached over to the large silver bucket on the tablecloth. Between her legs her golden piss shower had already reduced itself to just a trickle in preparation for her next spot of relief.

The bucket moved off the table and downwards. Pushing her chair backwards Natasha gasped at the delicious sight of the dark stain on the plush red carpet where her hot shower of pee had landed. Her shaved pussy looked incredibly gorgeous as she lined it up to the ice bucket she was moving into the open air between her legs. It looked even better when she started to pee again. From the deep groove in her pussy started to spray a lightly coloured yellow stream of shooting urine as Natasha started to take a piss over the ice contained inside the bucket. The champagne bottle had stayed on the table as she had no desire just yet to dilute the expensive liquid with her pussy urine.

Staring at the sight of her toilet, she watched as her pee squirted over the rim of the bucket before pattering over the ice which was already beginning to melt as Natasha's hot urine raised its temperature. Wanting to get as big a thrill as possible Natasha allowed her squirting pee shower to wander over the rim of the bucket so she could witness herself pissing over the floor. Seeing the long flowing stream flowing downwards before pattering over a new spot on the carpet was almost too much! Natasha felt herself on the verge of an orgasm, so intense was the sexual arousal from her disgustingly naughty and perverse act. Stifling a groan of desire she focused on doing the remainder of her pee into the ice bucket before quickly replacing it on the table. Her toilet was now done but she was as horny as ever. Desperately she wanted to pee again. Part of her mind hungered with a burning desire. She was already fantasising about clambering up onto the table before squatting down so that her bare buttocks hovered over the tablecloth. Then she would subject it to a deluge of her pussy pee. Another part of her wanted to call back the pretty waitress and play piss games with her. How intoxicating it would be to squirt her toilet over the woman's waitress uniform and then pee into her open mouth as she knelt in submission to Natasha's every whim. With Natasha's extreme wealth she was pretty certain that she could get anybody to do anything for money!

In the end it was too much. After pushing her chair back under the table to try and hide the sight of the mess she had made, she fled to the toilets. Once in the privacy of one of the cubicles she wasted no time and quickly brought herself off with one probing digit in and out of her moist love tunnel. The sounds of her animalistic groaning threatened to draw the most unwelcome of attention but in the end she reached her climax without interruption. Afterwards she returned sheepishly to her table hoping against hope that none of the waiting staff had discovered her activities. Fortunately the damp stain on the carpet was hidden by the overhang of the tablecloth and it was unlikely that anybody had peered into the bucket to discover the telltale yellow coloured ice where Natasha's pee had flowed.

She enjoyed an exquisite meal, slowly filling her bladder with champagne ready to be peed out over the floor. By the time her desert had arrived Natasha was more than ready for another piss. This time she tried to hold back with the force of her pee as she released the hold on her bladder, allowing her hot yellow pee to leak slowly from her pussy crack. It was a lot harder to relieve her pee in this way but the wonderful sensation certainly lasted a lot longer. She was approaching the end of her latest piss over the restaurant carpet when she had a wonderful idea. The champagne had all been consumed during the course of the evening and her glass was now empty. As she slipped it between her legs so she could enjoy the sensation of pissing into it, she wondered if any of the staff would be tempted to drink from her glass after she had departed. After all if they believed she had left behind some of the extremely expensive vintage they just try a sip. Natasha smiled to herself as she formed a mental image of one of the waiters drinking from her glass only to discover that he was drinking Natasha's piss!

On the way out Natasha ensured she left a rather generous tip. If nothing else it would help pay for any lasting damage her two toilets had made to the carpet. Also as the rich model had suspected, the lovely young waitress was more than happy to quit her nightshift prematurely for a large wad of cash and the promise of a most enjoyable evening spent fucking in a five star hotel. Natasha hadn't mentioned her golden shower fetish but felt that it would pose little inhibition to her new found conquest once the drugs had put in an appearance!

So it goes! Another sinner goes off to sin some more corrupting another individual along the way. The details of the events that occurred in that hotel room are a tale for later. The night in Piss City is still young and there are many other individuals out there, satisfying their secret longings and desires. Contain your imagination with thoughts of golden relief and find out more in the next pending instalment...

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